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AJMM Articles

Impact of service marketing on healthcare management in Nigeria

November 2014

The paper examined the impacts of service marketing on health care management in Nigeria. For this paper, simple random technique was used in selecting 200 patients from General Hospital, Ogbomoso. Data were collected with the use of both primary and secondary data and were subsequently analyzed by regression analysis through statistical package for board sciences. The results showed that service marketing has...

Author(s): Adedeji, Elijah Adeyinka

Millenium development goals and combating agricultural child labour in Nigeria

October 2014

A simmering crisis in the Nigerian agriculture today involves labour and the crisis manifests itself in the degree of labour availability, labour demand and labour productivity. One of the major products of this crisis is the increased participation of children in paid, non-familiar agricultural jobs. They are frequently employed as farm labourers, bird scarers, food crop harvesters, processors and hawkers. More than...

Author(s): Ben-Chendo, G.N., J.I. Lemchi, F.O. Nwosu and N.C. Ehirim

The impact of emotional intelligence on communication effectiveness: Focus on strategic alignment

October 2014

In today's complex communication environment, emotional intelligence, communication effectiveness, and strategic alignment remain a key topic of concern among managers and employees worldwide. Communication effectiveness is a key for organization’s performance and progress. The interrelationship between emotional intelligence, communication effectiveness, and strategic alignment plays a vital role in the...

Author(s): Hassan Jorfi, Saeid Jorfi, Hashim Fauzy Bin Yaccob and Khalil Md Nor

Globalization, technology transformation and economic growth (A case study of Pakistan)

September 2014

How Economic Growth can be stimulated? This question has called the attention of every policy maker and economist to find the answer. What factors can affect the economic growth? The answer of this question is unclear so far. After the endogenous growth theory as given by Romer (1986, 1990), Lucas (1988) and Grossman and Helpman (1991) Knowledge is being considered as an important and endogenous determinant of Economic...

Author(s): Bushra Mushtaq, Syeda Azra Batool and Muhammad Afzal

Fashion marketing: Strategies in the garment-making micro and small enterprises in Nakuru, Kenya

September 2014

Fashion is very dynamic and way of life for humans in many consumer products, clothing included. In Kenya, the clothing industry is characterized by a dynamic environment and intense competition caused mainly by enlarged globalization, trade liberalization and importation of second-hand (mitumba) clothes. In this kind of environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for an enterprise to maintain long-term success....

Author(s): Lydia N. Kinuthia, Keren G. Mburugu and MilcahMulu-Mutuku

Finding the impact of foreign debt servicing on per capita income growth rate: A case study of Pakistan

August 2014

  Among the wide array of macroeconomic problems confronted by Pakistan, foreign debt servicing, has occupied a substantial place. Persistent fiscal deficit since the independence, turned out to be the ground for various governments to rely on the internal or external borrowings. The acquisition of more external debt instead of internal resource mobilization results in higher level of debt stock. Due to soaring...

Author(s): Atif Khan Jadoon, Syeda Azra Batool, and Tahir Mehmood

Factors influencing consumers’ preference for local rice in Nigeria

August 2014

  This study applied a multinomial logistic regression in examining factors driving consumer preference for locally produced rice in Nigeria. The data for the study were collected in Niger and Ekiti states in 2008 under the post harvest study programme of Africa Rice (EX-WARDA). Results of the various analyses underscored the significance of socio-economic factors as major drivers of consumer preference for...

Author(s): Olorunfemi Ogundele

The role of Agricultural market reform in enhancing farmers’ income in Nigeria

July 2014

Agricultural market reforms are imperative, given the yearly experiences of small scale farmers in marketing their produce. The outcome of farmers’ efforts has not translated into commensurate income overtime. However, reformative efforts at improving value chain, productivity and market access have culminated into a wide range of technological solutions in the recent times. Efforts should therefore be...

Author(s): Nwauwa Linus Onyeka Ezealaji and Kemisola O. Adenegan   

Information technology in Indian retailing, issues and challenges (A case study on the rise and fall of Subhiksha Retail Chains)

July 2014

Organized retailing in India has reached a point of transformation after witnessing unprecedented growth over the last few years. It has lot of potential for further growth and for penetrating into semi urban and rural markets. Opportunities for retailing are increasing day by day due to changing customer behaviour, technological developments and modified regularities by allowing more than 51% FDI’s in retail...

Author(s): Ponduri, S. B. and V. Sailaja

Patients’ perception of reputation and image - Private and public hospitals

June 2014

The aim of this study is to compare patients’ corporate reputation and image perceptions towards private and public hospitals. In order to understand patients corporate reputation and image perceptions towards private and public hospitals, questionnaire is applied to 400 patients taking health services from 20 different  hospitals located in the metropolitan area of the city of Ankara between  January to...

Author(s): Songul Cinaroglu

Brand preference and buying decision –A study with reference to organized Indian edible oil brands

June 2014

Consumers around the world vary greatly in age, income, education level, and tastes and understanding how these differences affect consumer buying decision is never easy. However, marketing success largely depends on the ability to anticipate what buyers will do and what they prefer from available products. Today, the highly fragmented Indian edible oil industry with large number of players both from the organized and...

Author(s): M. P. Shiva Kumar

Sensitivity of Cameronian consumers to brands: An application in body lotions

May 2014

This article seeks to contribute to a better knowledge of sensitivity of consumers to brands. The results of the survey carried out with 361 women aged fifteen and above on the beauty lotions market in the towns of Douala, Yaounde, Ngaoundere and Bafoussam validate the fact that enduring involvement, perceived differences and perceived risks in a category of products influence sensitivity to brands. The study also...

Author(s): B. N. Ngono Eteme Melingui and V. Tsapi

Beyond market orientation: An operationalisation of stakeholder orientation in higher education

July 2013

This paper aims at developing a set of items attempting to operationalize the stakeholder orientation for higher education institutions. Stakeholder orientation is viewed as a more relevant framework for understanding and managing the external pressures exerted on universities. We hence break off with the market orientation framework which has been suggested in previous literature. The paper is based on a literature...

Author(s): Deogratias BUGANDWA MUNGU AKONKWA

How Lorestans’ stone exporters can play an international role in the world market?

July 2013

  This study examined how Lorestans` decorative stone exporters can play an international role in the world market. The study is a field study and the population consists of all of the Lorestan`s stone firms. Lorestan is one of the biggest stone exporter provinces of Iran. For this reason, a simple random sampling technique was used to select the respondents surveyed for this study, a total of 101...

Author(s): Shirzad Farhikhteh, Fatemeh Farhikhteh, Jaffar Sajadi and Firooz Baharvand

Evaluation of customer satisfaction with services of a micro-finance institution: Empirical evidence from Women Association for Social and Economic Gain customers’ in Togo

February 2013

Nowadays, Microfinance industry is affected by competition leading to customers’ switching across MFIs (Microfinance Institution). Thus, MFIs are concerned about customer satisfaction and have to pay attention to understand their customers’ preferences to survive in a competitive environment. Using data from 353 Women Association for Social and Economic Gain customers in Togo, this study aimed to: (1)...

Author(s): Eddy BALEMBA Kanyurhi

A hybrid method for improving forecasting accuracy utilizing genetic algorithm and its application to J-REIT (office type) stock market price data

February 2013

We proposed earlier that the equation of the exponential smoothing method (ESM) is equivalent to (1,1) ARMA model equation, a new method of estimating the smoothing constant in the exponential smoothing method which satisfied the minimum variance of forecasting error. Generally, the smoothing constant is selected arbitrarily, but in this paper, we utilize the above theoretical solution. Firstly, we estimate the ARMA...

Author(s): Yasuo Ishii, Keiko Nagata and Kazuhiro Takeyasu

The recruitment market practices of travel agencies in the Gauteng province of South Africa: What is the status quo?

January 2013

Most research on relationship marketing focuses on the building of relationships between a business and its customers. Little research considers the application of relationship marketing principles to the recruitment market of a business. The purpose of this article is therefore to indicate what the current status is of the relationships which travel agencies in the Gauteng Province of South Africa: (hereafter...

Author(s): Mornay Roberts-Lombard

Function of projective techniques in improving brand personality

January 2013

The purpose of this paper is to examine four finest perfume brands. Two metaphor based personification methods-mood-boards and job-sorting are employed to study the association that the participants have with the brands. Both methods use open ended assignments to decipher how participants think or feel about the research object in question. The study analyses the congruent validity of the two methods and...

Author(s): Makarand Upadhyaya

Value’s association and their influence on price and share of orders

October 2012

  This paper investigates the influence of values on price and share of orders based on a multiple case study involving four global buyers and their global suppliers of premium industrial components (bearings, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics). The following value drivers were considered: product, service and supply. Results showed ranges of prices and share of order not described in the literature, as...

Author(s): Fabio Benevite, Giancarlo Medeiros Pereira, Miriam Borchardt and Miguel Afonso Sellitto

Customer satisfaction and innovative service science by marketing programs: A case study of Cliven products

October 2012

  To meet the needs of modern society, each part of the world has its own different popular products and seasonal merchandise. Variety is necessary in order to achieve marketing aims to not only meet the needs of customers but also lead to the development of successful marketing programs tailored for the company. The customer also has some understanding of commodities, such as product features. These...

Author(s): Cheng-Wu Chen,

Service quality, satisfaction, perceived value and loyalty among customers in commercial banking in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya

October 2012

  Service firms have increasingly recognized the role of customer loyalty in the creation and maintenance of competitive advantage. Customer loyalty positively influences firm performance. Keeping loyal customers is beneficial to organizational performance despite there being little agreement as the determinants of customer loyalty in commercial banks. Therefore, this paper examines the extent to which service...

Author(s): Daniel Onwonga Auka

The procedures for strategic management of new products for small, medium and large firms in Cameroon: An exploratory study

April 2012

  The aim of this study is to contribute to the understanding of the relationships between the activities of product innovation and business performance. In those relationships, the importance given to forms of action necessary for the new product strategic management for small, medium and large enterprises...

Author(s): N. I. Gouanlong and V. Tsapi

Analysis of consumer attitudes towards integrated circuit (IC) cards

April 2012

  This paper analyzes the attitudes of consumers towards integrated circuit (IC) cards, which has a big influence on the buying behavior of consumers. For this purpose, we created a questionnaire survey of using IC card on purchasing, and we utilized the text mining method. In reviewing past researches, some related researches were used, but the analyses were based on simple accumulation, though there...

Author(s): Yasuo Ishii, Yuki Higuchi, and Kazuhiro Takeyasu

Customer relationship management (CRM) in a South African service environment: An exploratory study

April 2012

  The primary objective of the study was to investigate the influence of trust, commitment, two-way communication and conflict handling on customer loyalty through customer relationship management (CRM) as a mediating variable at a South African long-term insurance organization. Both a qualitative and quantitative research approach was followed in the study. The population included all the...

Author(s): Mornay Roberts-Lombard and Leon du Plessis

An analysis on the economic effectiveness of municipalities in Turkey

March 2012

  In the present study, efficiency of municipalities and the factors affecting it are evaluated theoretically and then empirical analysis about the efficiency made. In the application part, 27 municipalities, 7 of which are metropolitan municipality, are covered. Data related to the inputs and outputs that reflect the financial, fiscal, social and demographic situation of these municipalities are taken from...

Author(s):   Aziz KUTLAR, Fehim Bakirci and Fatih Yüksel

A new methodology for suppliers selection and order allocation

March 2012

  One of the main factors in competitive environment is to reduce production costs. Selecting the right suppliers significantly reduces the purchasing costs and improves corporate competitiveness. That is why the cost of raw materials and components part constitutes the main cost of a product and most of the firms have to spend considerable amount of their sales revenue on purchasing. The aim of this research...

Author(s): Kambiz Shahroudi and Hajar Rouydel

Modelling telecom customer attrition using logistic regression

March 2012

  The Nigeria telecom sector has experienced a major transformation in terms of growth, technological content, and market structure over the last decade as a result of policy and institutional reforms culminating to the liberalization of the sector and consequently, resulting in significant rise in competition. With the industry’s experience of an average of 41% annual churn rate and couple with the view...

Author(s): B. E. A. Oghojafor, G. C. Mesike, C. I. Omoera and R. D. Bakare

Investigating factors affecting festival quality: A case study of Neimen Song Jiang Jhen Battle Array, Taiwan

February 2012

  Neimen Song-Jiang Jhen Battle Array is one of the largest-scale folk cultural festivals held annually in Taiwan during March. While the number of visitors to the Neimen Song-Jiang Jhen Battle Array festival has increased steadily, how to promote high quality standards for all aspects of the festival is the top priority for the regional destination marketing/management organizations. The purpose of...

Author(s): Wen-Chiang Chen, Cheng-Fei Lee and Ling-Zhong Lin

Network structure and network effects and consumer interaction in mobile telecommunications among students

February 2012

  This study estimates the importance of network effects and the impact of a consumer’s social network on her choice of mobile phone provider. The study uses network data obtained from surveys of students in four different classes in the Kurdistan University and Azad University of Sanandaj, Iran. We use the quadratic assignment procedure (QAP), a non-parametric arrangement test to adjust the particular...

Author(s): Fakhraddin Maroofi

The effect of sponsorship on marketing communication performance: A case study of Airtel Ghana

February 2012

  The purpose of this study is to have a clear understanding of how sponsorship contributes positively to marketing communications performance. The methodology is based on social survey technique, which examines opinions, behaviors, and perceptions by asking people questions. Questionnaires were used to collect quantitative data to ensure a structured approach. An increase in brand awareness, brand preferences,...

Author(s): George K. Amoako, Kwasi Dartey-Baah , Robert K. Dzogbenuku and Samuel Kwesie Junior

A study on time series data mining based on the concepts and principles of Chinese I-Ching

January 2012

  This paper proposes a novel time series data mining and analysis framework inspired by ancient Chinese culture I-Ching. The proposed method converts the time series into symbol spaces by employing the concepts and principles of I-Ching. Algorithms are addressed to explore and identify temporal patterns in the resulting symbol spaces. Using the analysis framework, major topics of time series data mining...

Author(s): Shu-Chuan Chen and Chi-Ming Tsou

The impact of effective customer relationship management (CRM) on repurchase: A case study of (GOLDEN TULIP) hotel (ACCRA-GHANA)

January 2012

  The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on customer loyalty in the hotel industry. The study was conducted at the Golden Tulip hotel, Accra.  The objectives of the study were to determine if (CRM) has an impact on customer loyalty, to determine if the practice of effective CRM in organisations leads to a long or short term financial impact, to find...

Author(s): George K. Amoako, Emmanuel Arthur, Christiana Bandoh and Rachel Kafui Katah

Identifying important service quality parameters for major Indian food retailers- A case study

January 2012

  This study attempts to codify the service quality dimensions within the scope of the Organized Retailing Sector in India. It is a known fact that organized retailing is making a strong impact in many parts of India’s growing economy. This research article studied the services quality of major food retailers by taking important services quality dimensions like physical aspects, reliability, personal...

Author(s): G. S. David Sam Jayakumar and K. Abdus Samad

Established correlation between marketing skills of ethnic SME owners and business failure

December 2011

  SMEs comprise over 90% of African business operations and contribute to over 50% of African employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). SMEs sector has shown positive signs in South Africa, Mauritius and North Africa. In South Africa, SMEs constitute 55% of all jobs. Research such as Bowler et al. (2007) and Guler (2005, 2009) reveal that 40% of new business ventures fail in their first year, 60% in their...

Author(s): van Scheers Louise

Effective marketing strategies and the Nigerian construction professionals

December 2011

All the economic sectors are facing keen competition for survival and sustenance; and the construction industry is not an exception. Many construction professionals face difficulties in selling their services due to failure to embrace marketing concept. Effective marketing strategies had been established to improve the growth of professional services in the competitive environment; therefore this paper examined the...

Author(s): Grace K. Ojo

The effects of entrepreneurs and strategic management toward the business success of SMEs in northern region of Thailand

December 2011

The purposes of the research were to study the level of importance of leadership, characteristics, negotiation, entrepreneur, teamwork, innovation, strategic management and the business success of Small and Medium Enterprises, including the effect of entrepreneur and strategic management toward the business success of SMEs in northern region of Thailand. The sampling group was 588 entrepreneurs from 7 provinces in SMEs...

Author(s): LERTPACHIN, Chaiyutha and WINGWON, Boonthawan

Fostering and developing the industry cluster vigorously in China in order to improve the technology-innovative capability of enterprises

November 2011

  As a form of an organization, enterprises play the fundamental role in the economic development around the world. Nowadays, many middle and small enterprises are with small market coverage, backwardness technology, low-level management, week innovative capability as well as the slow rate of innovation. All of the above seriously hinders the improvement of the innovative capability. Thus, it is a strategic...

Author(s): Wang Zhi-Xin, and Liang Cui

Fostering and developing the industry cluster vigorously in China in order to improve the technology-innovative capability of enterprises

November 2011

  As a form of an organization, enterprises play the fundamental role in the economic development around the world. Nowadays, many middle and small enterprises are with small market coverage, backwardness technology, low-level management, week innovative capability as well as the slow rate of innovation. All of the above seriously hinders the improvement of the innovative capability. Thus, it is a strategic...

Author(s): Wang Zhi-Xin, and Liang Cui

An empirical competitive strategy on Taiwanese business

November 2011

In this research, we take two different types of business areas as sample to investigate visitors’ demand with external environmental change. Through this research, we can re-arrange business areas’ service position, improve weakness, increase service quality, and adjust resource allotment. Therefore, first of all, we reduce difference between visitors’ pre-expectation and satisfaction perception as a...

Author(s): Tina C. Chiao and Chin-Chuan Chen

The relationship between customer focused service and customer satisfaction in the Nigerian insurance industry

November 2011

  The main objective of this study is to find out if there is any relationship between customer focused services and customer satisfaction in the Nigerian insurance industry. Relevant literature was reviewed and a model consisting of four variables was conceptualized and tested by means of empirical data collected through a questionnaire survey. A total of one hundred and eighty (180) copies of questionnaires...

Author(s): Olowokudejo F. F. and Adeleke I. A.

Macroeconomic dynamics and financial crisis in Nigeria

October 2011

  This work as an empirical economics assessment examined the role of Nigerian domestic macroeconomic policies with emphasis on the management of the impact of macroeconomic variables on the global financial crisis in Nigeria. It applies VAR framework on annual time series data from 1969 to 2009. The paper opines that the Nigerian economy is far from converging towards a sustainable equilibrium in the short...

Author(s): Olowe, Olusegun

Economics of palm oil storage and marketing in Imo State, Nigeria

October 2011

  The major objective of the study is to determine the profitability or otherwise of palm oil storage and marketing among the people of Imo state of Nigeria. Data for the study were collected by the use of questionnaire purposively distributed among the respondents who processed palm oil stored and marketed by themselves and those who do not process the same. These data were analyzed using descriptive...

Author(s): Nwauwa Linus Onyeka Ezealaji

Internet banking, consumer adoption and customer satisfaction

October 2011

  Despite the importance of Internet banking in many financial institutions, fewer studies have focused on consumer adoption and customer satisfaction especially in the African setting. With technology implementation, a new phenomenon in Uganda’s banking sector and many customers has not yet embraced it, this study was conducted to determine the factors that influence consumer adoption of Internet banking...

Author(s): Andrew Musiime and Malinga Ramadhan

Psychographic measure of service quality of fastfood chain in Davao city

September 2011

  Consumer behavior and consumer preference are two different but related areas in marketing. This study was conducted to develop a construct of service quality in the fastfood chains. Demographic characteristics of the respondents were interacted to simulate effects on the perceived quality of service. A total of 417 respondents participated in the study. Most of the respondents were in their teens or early...

Author(s): Adrian M. Tamayo

Factors critical to the success of small-medium sized business marketing: A view from the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia

September 2011

Small-medium sized enterprises have acquired increasing importance in recent years within the Middle Eastern states of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain where they are regarded as a significant component of the economy and creator of jobs. However, their marketing has often been deficient and this paper examines factors which are critical to success within the context of the countries’ tourism industries. Particular...

Author(s): Muhammad Asad Sadi and Qamar Iftikhar

Evaluating web marketing of luxury lodges in South Africa

September 2011

  The information-intensive nature of the tourism industry suggests that the Internet is important in marketing tourism destinations. This article evaluates the marketing related aspects of luxury lodge websites in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Through systematic sampling, 20 luxury lodge websites were selected from a population of 40 rated as four and five star lodges by the Tourism Grading Council of South...

Author(s): Corne Meintjes, Ilse Niemann-Struweg and Danie Petzer

The role of the emotion felt towards a brand in the development of the behaviour of loyalty: An application in the sector of mobile phones in Tunisia

August 2011

  This work aims at highlighting the contribution of the role of emotions in the formation and preservation of the relationship between the consumer and the brand. In fact, now, a firm that wants to conquer and keep its customers’ base is expected to invest at the level of the emotional value that it has to give to its brand. Thus, the fact of eliciting the emotions of consumers has become a challenge to...

Author(s): Ghali  Zohra

Organizational marketing planning by management educated managers

August 2011

  This paper proposes a relation of Organizational Marketing Planning (OMP) by Management Educated Managers (MEM) and reviews the Marketing Strategies and Plans (MSP) and performance measurement literature to develop a conceptual model and research propositions. In fact, Business and Industrial Organizations (BIO) influence whether or not those organizations engage in MSP. In this field, the focus is on the...

Author(s): Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

The influence of privacy and security of internet technology on quality information exchange between businesses to business (B2B) in Malaysian Industry

August 2011

  The growing importance of using internet technology has led companies to make their applications highly commercial and widely accepted for all sorts of customers and suppliers relations such as advertising, brand building and information sharing. Unfortunately, empirical studies on information quality delivery over the internet application particularly in the Malaysian manufacturing companies have been less...

Author(s): Samsudin Wahab and Abdullah Yahia Moqbile Ahmad

Unorganised manufacturing industries in India: A regional perspective

August 2011

  Notwithstanding various policies to address regional disparities in industrial development, the issue of balanced regional industrial development still remains in India. Studies dealing with the issue mainly focused on the organised industries. In spite of the fact that the unorganised manufacturing sector occupies a dominant position compared to the organised sector and recognized as the most potential...

Author(s): Dilip Saikia

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