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AJMM Articles

A conceptual framework proposition for customer loyalty in the short-term insurance industry - A South African perspective

August 2011

  The purpose of the study was to investigate CRM and its influence on customer loyalty at selected short-term insurance providers in Gauteng. The target population included all South Africans who currently have a policy with at least one of the selected short-term insurance providers, namely: Outsurance, Santam, Telesure and Hollard. The convenience sampling method was applied and samples of 500...

Author(s): Lauren Strachan and Mornay Roberts-Lombard

In quest for a theory of production: An organizational approach

July 2011

Author(s): Kalyan Chakrobarty

An empirical assessment of the relationship between organizational culture and contemporary marketing practices in organizations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

July 2011

  This paper assesses the relationship between organisational culture and contemporary marketing practices of a sample of organisations in Peshawar and Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The survey questionnaire which received 136 responses related to organisational culture and contemporary marketing practices. Statistical package is used to examine the goodness of the...

Author(s): Bakhtiar Khan, Sher Kamal, Jamshed Raza and Shakeel Ahmad

Quality of human resources as a key factor of success in tourism market-survey conducted in hotels in Novi Sad

July 2011

  In a concise way, the paper deals with current issues in tourism business, one of which is quality of human resources in hotel offer, as a key factor for successful business and survival in the tourism market, this paper will result in a synthesis of the theory on the quality of human capital in tourism, success factors or achieving competitiveness and, of course certain methods and measures based on which...

Author(s): amara Gajić, Nina Durica and Dragica Tomić

Gender differences in organizational strategy execution: A comparative study between female and male managers in obstacle management

July 2011

This paper investigates the differences faced by women and men regarding their abilities to manage obstacles inherent in the organizational strategy execution. A survey questionnaire was administered to 282 managers in order to study the five dimensions of the obstacles inherent in organizational strategy execution identified through a previous research which was designed to validate the set of obstacles faced by...

Author(s): Ayandé Alpha and Sabourin Vincent

Brand perception in the function of strong brand formation

June 2011

  The paper represents a part of the research regarding the consumers’ perception of the brands’ attributes. In the research, two test specimens were used. The selection of 35 attributes capable for describing the brands was made using the first, smaller specimen, and the second specimen, which included 1180 examinees, was used to determine the perception intensity of the attributes when the...

Author(s): Milan Stamatović, Danko Damjanović and Nebojša Zakić

Testing weak form market efficiency of Indian capital market: A case of national stock exchange (NSE) and Bombay stock exchange (BSE)

June 2011

Testing the efficiency of the market is an important concept for the investors, stock brokers, financial institutions, government etc. In order to develop an understanding of the stock behaviour various models are employed. The opening up of our economy has integrated our stock market with the world economy. The study is more important in the present era of globalised economies. This paper tests the market efficiency of...

Author(s): A. Q. Khan, Sana Ikram and Mariyam Mehtab

Changing face of entrepreneurship in India through innovation

May 2011

  Entrepreneurship is the risk taking by innovators called entrepreneurs in an economy. Typically, entrepreneurship involves the creation of new products, new ways to produce products, or new businesses. Innovation is the intrinsic characteristic of every developed nation. Innovation fuels a nation’s growth, and a highly innovative country has the potential to reach pinnacle of prosperity.  The...

Author(s): Yograj Singh, Charu Agarwal and Ankur Bhatnagar

International marketing planning and research practices of agribusiness firms in Zimbabwe

May 2011

  According to the International Finance Corporation-World Bank Group (2010), “agriculture is still the single most important economic sector and source of employment in emerging markets. Seventy percent of the world's poor live in rural areas. IFC has made agribusiness a priority because of its potential for broad development impact and especially strong role in poverty reduction”....

Author(s): Gabriel O. Ogunmokun and Tafadzwa E. L. Nyanzunda

“The art of war Sun Tzu” foreword by James Clavell

April 2011

Author(s): M. S. Rao

Lack of peripheral vision – How Starbucks failed in Israel

April 2011

  This study was conducted to discuss the unsuccessful experience of Starbucks in Israel and to show that it was primarily a result of lack of peripheral vision in addition to other factors, including a weak management performance. Relevant information published in Israel and abroad were gathered using the concept of peripheral vision, supported by other concepts, to analyze and offer insight into this case...

Author(s): Avner Barnea

The word of mouth communication and management services

April 2011

    Communication by word of mouth (WOM) has been considered as a fundamental approach to managing the relationships that different stakeholders used to interact with the organization. The same is seen as non-burdensome for business and a source of information considered safe for customers. Thus, the main objective of this paper is to show how customer satisfaction affects the communication process....

Author(s):   Braga, Claudomilson Fernandes, Nascimento, Adriane Geralda do and Pereira, Luciano Alves

Producing innovation: Comments on Lee and Yu (2010)

March 2011

Author(s):   Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira , and João José Pinto Ferreira 

Strategy risk research on Chinese aviation market: Based on Analytic Network Process (ANP) and the Fuzzy assessment method

March 2011

  At present, Chinese aviation market is a bloody competition market, to compete from the strategy management point is a new thinking. Based on a review of related concepts, this article identifies the strategy risks in Chinese aviation market through WBS-RBS and interview methods. The Analytic Network Process (ANP) method is used to assess strategy risk and to rank strategy risk factor within Chinese aviation...

Author(s): Wang Yong

The impact of technology on competitive marketing by banks: A case study approach

March 2011

  Traditionally banks were not expected to struggle with strategies for attaining profitability, since enough profits would be made from the then readily available customers. Today, banking customers are now global tyrants; they represent and possess the power of international connectivity as they are increasingly anticipated to foster business with firms in other countries resulting in them seldom acquiring...

Author(s): Reginald Masocha, Norman Chiliya and Stanislous Zindiye

The impact of road accessibility of rural villages on recognition of poverty reduction opportunities

February 2011

  This study was carried out in four villages of Gairo Division, Kilo a district, Morogoro Region-Tanzania. The overall objective of this study was to assess the impact of road accessibility on recognition of poverty reduction opportunities. Questionnaire and focus group discussions were used to collect data. Statistical package for social science (SPSS), version 6.0.1 computer software was used to analyze the...

Author(s):   Edith Kwigizile, Jaffu Chilongola and John Msuya

Turn over issues in the textile industry in Ethiopia: A case of ArbaMinch Textile Company

February 2011

  This study aims to identify the causes of turnover of employees in ArbaMinch Textile Company, Ethiopia. It focuses on the gender, age, experience and departmental analysis to find out the factors that induces employees for turnover.  A sample of 138 employees is taken for the study. The study shows that the turnover of employees is mainly due to low salary. There is also a lack of good relationship...

Author(s): R. Renjith Kumar

Understanding the marketing strategies of microfinance institutions within the Accra metropolis of Ghana: Case of selected institutions

February 2011

  This study focused on identifying whether micro finance institutions (MFIs) within the Accra metropolis use marketing approaches and strategies in savings mobilization and credit delivery. The basic source of data for this study is primary data. The data was elicited from the credit officers and in some cases management team of the microfinance institutions. A descriptive statistics was employed for the...

Author(s): William Gabriel Brafu-Insaidoo and Ferdinand Ahiakpor

An analysis on the customer loyalty in telecom sector: Special reference to Bharath Sanchar Nigam limited, India

January 2011

  The rationale of this paper is to explore the factors that influence customer loyalty of BSNL mobile customers. The samples were collected from 100 consumers who have BSNL mobile services in Jaipur city. BSNL being the pioneer in mobile sector still have a strong customer base, but over the past few years a steady thinning is happening in the customer base. The paper investigates the reasons behind the hard...

Author(s): Jessy John

Impediments to barter trading: Analysis of practitioners and non-practitioners perceptions

January 2011

  This paper imperially investigates impediments to barter trading in domestic market environment using a sample of firms from the media industry in South Africa. Data was collected from a total of 70 firms, 61 of whom indicated that they practiced barter trade while 9 were non-practitioners. A structured questionnaire was the main instrument used to collect the data. The questionnaire was designed after a...

Author(s): Mercy Mpinganjira and Portia Oliver

Do Botswana‘s restaurants meet customers ‘expectations?

January 2011

  The purpose of this paper is to assess perceptions of service quality in Botswana’s restaurants. The methodology used was a survey employing modified SERVQUAL instrument to suit the Botswana environment. Perceptions of 166 diners on the quality of service were solicited. The major findings of the study were that Botswana‘s restaurants only meet customers’ expectations in the tangible areas;...

Author(s): Haretsebe Manwa

The influence of predictors on travel web site adoption among Malaysian travellers

December 2010

  A research framework of travel web site acceptance was developed based ontechnology acceptance model and theory of reasoned action. This study examined the influences of web site effectiveness characteristics, social factors and Internet self-efficacy on future intention to use travel web sites. From a multistage cluster sampling among employees in selected organizations in the Malaysian...

Author(s): Norzalita Abd Aziz Ghazali Musa and Ainin Sulaiman

Antecedents of PLS path model for competitive advantage and financial performance of SMEs in Thailand

December 2010

  This research study focused on the antecedents of path model for competitive advantage and financial performance of SME’s with the key objective to view the level of effect of antecedents together with the mediation role of logistics, operation and marketing performances as the connected link of the entrepreneurship and leadership toward the competitive advantage and financial performance....

Author(s): Boonthawan Wingwon and Montree Piriyakul

Market orientation and new product performance: The mediating role of product advantage

August 2010

This study examines the relationship between market orientation and new product performance in Malaysian property industry. The study also investigates whether the mediating factor of product advantage strengthens the relationship between market orientation and new product performance. 88 new products from 22 property companies (14.87%) out of 148 companies in Sabah Malaysia participated in the study. The findings show...

Author(s): Azaze-Azizi Abdul Adis and Evelyn Jublee

Content analysis of selected television commercials to children in Lagos State Nigeria

August 2010

Advertising normally provides information to consumers about product or service, basically to assist consumers make decisions whether or not to buy the product or service. It is sometimes directed to children who are vulnerable to this commercial message and cannot effectively grasp the meaning because it may be biased and does not give true picture of the product or service. Therefore, it become necessary to understand...

Author(s): R. A. Gbadeyan

Foreign exchange reserves in India and China

April 2010

  Professor Irma Glicman Adelman, an Irish Economist working in California University at Berkely, in her research work on ‘Development Over Two Centuries’, which is published in the Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 1995, has identified that India, along with China, would be one of the largest economies in this 21st Century. She has stated that the period 1700 - 1820 is the period of Netherlands,...

Author(s): P. Arunachalam

Real exchange rate misalignment in West African monetary zone (WAMZ) countries

April 2010

  This paper investigates the potential costs of membership in a monetary union. We quantify the cost by examining the degree of exchange rate variability of WAMZα member countries. We took a closer look at exchange rate variability since 2000 (the run-up period). To put it differently, we examined whether member countries exchange rate variability has increased as they prepare to enter into a...

Author(s): Tamsir Cham

Towards a successful customer relationship management: A conceptual framework

March 2010

  As the world economy becomes globalized, competition has intensified and the differences in products have faded. Consequently, businesses have become fixated on customer relationship management (CRM) as it has become a central orienting point in academia and business environment with organizations increasingly focusing on managing customer relationships as a strategic capability to achieve market leadership...

Author(s): Benjamin Appiah - Kubi and Andrews Kingsley Doku

An investigation of the global economic and financial crisis: A review

March 2010

  Poor countries have been affected by the crisis in various ways and more than previously thought. This study, based on research by developing country researchers, sheds some light on what is really happening at the country level, and goes beyond vulnerability studies or global forecasts. We need to continue to monitor the effects of the crisis to stimulate the policy responses that are needed as a matter of...

Author(s): Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar

Market-focused strategic flexibility among Nigerian banks

February 2010

  The Nigerian banking environment has been tense with the advent of global financial crisis and its attendant impact on service delivery and evolving environmental forces. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between market-focused strategic flexibility and sales growth and evaluate the effect of environmental factors on this relationship. A research instrument was administered on the...

Author(s): Olalekan Asikhia

Brand management in a transforming economy: An examination of the South African petroleum industry

January 2010

  When a nation is establishing a new identity and making recompense for exclusively regulated economy of recent history, the corporate marketing function must respond. A new paradigm is required if the communities that comprise future markets are to favour businesses whose success is based on the economic exclusivity of the past. As the economy deregulate – inclusive of the previously disadvantaged...

Author(s): Darlington Onojaefe and Andy Bytheway

A study of the impact of orthodox Christians’ fasting on demand for biscuits in Ethiopia

January 2010

  This paper attempts to assess the impact of Orthodox Christians’ fasting on the demand for biscuits in Ethiopia, reviewing the fact that ‘Culture’, particularly religion, plays a crucial role in determining consumption patterns in developing countries. The first stage of research involved a review of literature which was conducted using desk research. The second stage include analysis of...

Author(s): Rakesh Belwal and Yifru Tafesse

Emerging issues and strategies to enhance M-banking services

January 2010

  In present day banking, total automation of banking operations is an imperative need for all banks to attract more customers, provide efficient services, and survive in the emerging new competition, apart from the profit motive which is the primary objective of the business. In order to achieve these goals of business, various channels have been developed through technology. ‘Mobile Banking’ is...

Author(s): R. K. Uppal

Modified stage-gate: A conceptual model of virtual product development process

December 2009

  In today’s dynamic marketplace, manufacturing companies are under strong pressure to introduce new products for long-term survival with their competitors. Nevertheless, every company cannot cope up progressively or immediately with the market requirements due to knowledge dynamics being experienced in the competitive milieu. Increased competition and reduced product life cycles put force upon companies...

Author(s): Nader Ale Ebrahim, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Zahari Taha

Per pill price differences across therapeutic categories: A study of the essential drug brands marketed by multinational and local pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh

December 2009

  The objective of this study was to comprehend the pricing differentiation of essential drugs between the local pharmaceutical companies (LPC) and multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNC) of Bangladesh. Thirty five (35) essential drug prices were collected from a local drug directory, namely Bangladesh National Formulary 2006. The mean and standard deviation of the prices of drugs belonging to all...

Author(s): Nishat Chowdhury and Eva Rahman Kabir

Global financial crisis - with special reference to insurance industry

November 2009

  The World economy is facing the worst financial crisis. The financial crisis that started from mortgage home loan left no industry untouched by its effects. Manufacturing, Banks, Travels and Tourism and even the Insurance Industry was affected by the financial crisis. Insurance industry is considered to be the backbone of an economy. Its strategic importance is incomparable. The financial crisis led the...

Author(s): S. K. Sinha and Zaid Ahmad

Aspect of internet advertising in relation to cross-cultural issues (Iran vs. USA)

November 2009

  Information Technology has brought about a change in the ways people carry out various activities whether at workplace or at home. The new generation is net savvy and prefers working on Internet much more as compared to any outdoor activities. This has affected business operations. The advertisement industry is also influenced by such a change and global marketers need to understand the influence of culture...

Author(s): Reza Gharoie Ahangar

Spiritual psychology: A way to effective management

October 2009

  Since yesteryears, human believe in supernatural power. People from all different class, religion, and region take first steps to start auspicious venture with sacred name of God. It is very difficult to compute that many incarnations and personification in all religion had taken birth and gave invaluable belief, thought and answer of queries of mass. It is said human ought to believe in God and move...

Author(s): Mr. Pranav Desai

A theoretical and practical model for global business, entrepreneurship and education

October 2009

  Among the numerous technological developments of the 21st century in this age of globalization and the one that seems to have remarkably revolutionized and transformed the manager’s agenda is that of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Telecommunication has made countries borderless and distance non relevant. Through ICT, opportunities have been created for both small and large...

Author(s): Charles J. Mambula and Israel Chidi Agwamba

Leadership styles and organizational commitment: a test on Malaysia manufacturing industry

September 2009

  It has become clear that organizational commitment (OC) has important implications for employees and organizations as confirmed by past researchers. This study examines leadership styles and employees’ organizational commitment in the Malaysia context. Two types of leadership styles namely transformational and transactional leadership styles have been chosen as focus of research to investigate the...

Author(s): May-Chiun Lo, T. Ramayah and Hii Wei Min

Industrial policy, institutions and foreign direct investment: The Kenyan context

September 2009

  The importance of industrial policy, institutions and FDI in industrialisation is one of the most widely debated issues in the economic discourse. As a contribution to the debate, this paper examines the importance of industrial policy and institutions in Kenya’s industrial development. The paper also examines FDI focusing on positive spillovers, capability development and performance. FDI had a...

Author(s): Geoffrey Gachino

Financial crisis and its remedies

September 2009

Global financial markets are showing strains on a scale and scope not witnessed in the past three-quarters of a century. What started with elevated losses on U.S. subprime mortgages has spread beyond the borders of the United States and the confines of the mortgage market. Many risk spreads have ballooned, liquidity in some market segments has dried up, and large complex financial institutions have admitted significant...

Author(s): Zia ul Haq

Marketing system of wild and hatchery reared fry of Penaeus monodon and its value chain in Bangladesh

August 2009

  A study was conducted between January - August, 2006 concerning the Penaeus monodon fry marketing systems in Bangladesh based on the existing one and economic evaluation of marketing activities. In Bangladesh, P. monodon fry marketing of the wild and hatchery reared ones is almost exclusively handled by private entrepreneurs. The Government of Bangladesh has no command on this issue except...

Author(s): Sheikh Aftabuddin, Mohammad Zafar and Md. Abdul Kader

Economics of banana marketing in Jalgaon district: An analysis across alternative channels

August 2009

  Banana (Musa paradisiaca) is a popular and important commercial fruit crop grown in tropical and sub tropical part of world. Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra, India is one of the largest producers of banana which contributes about 44% of banana production in the state. Hence, Jalgon district was selected for this study. The cultivation of banana is mainly concentrated in Raver and Chopda sub...

Author(s): S. C. Sarode

In-store shopping environment and impulsive buying

July 2009

  The objective of the study was to investigate the influence of in-store shopping environment on impulsive buying among consumers. The impulsive decision making theory and the consumer decision making model were used to substantiate the study (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007). A total of 320 shoppers conveniently sampled at a selected shopping mall served as the sample. A 5% test of significance showed that in-store...

Author(s): Mariri Tendai and Chipunza Crispen

Determinants of brand equity - A blue print for building strong brand: A study of automobile segment in India

July 2009

  This study explores the relationship between marketing mix elements as also elements not directly related to marketing mix and brand equity in situations where there are uncertainties of brand attributes. The authors explore multiple times automobile buyers in India. Direct marketing mix variables like price, distribution intensity, store image, advertising frequency, price promotion were considered, while...

Author(s): Tanmay Chattopadhyay, Shradha Shivani and Mahesh Krishnan

Crop storage efficiency and market competitiveness: Case of groundnut and cowpea in Ghana

June 2009

  Using groundnut (Arachis hypogea) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata), this study empirically demonstrated the correlation between crop storage and economic competitiveness of producers, captured from the degree of market integration and producer shares of the prices paid by consumers, among others. Secondary data covering 1963–1997 were used and complemented with primary data. Results from analysis of...

Author(s): Bediako J. A, Chianu J. N and Dadson J. A

Product development and organizational performance

June 2009

  Product development is an important element of the marketing arsenal of any organization. Unfortunately many firms do not seem to realize it. Consequently, they develop strong arteries to innovation which rubs their performance really rough. This study, therefore, examined product development and corporate performance in the Nigerian brewing industry. Data were gathered from 32 officials drawn from marketing,...

Author(s): N. Gladson Nwokah, Elizabeth I. Ugoji and Joyce N. Ofoegbu

Oscillation theory of international economic integration

May 2009

  An article provides a new insight to the modelling of the dynamics of international economic integration using qualitative properties of an oscillation theory. Proposed method of computing the GDP after economic integration enables to compute the benefits of economic integration for member states on the union: one needs to know the rates of domestic savings, amplitudes and frequencies of the cycles of the...

Author(s): Dalimov R. T.

Advertiser perception of the internet as a marketing communication vehicle: Case study

May 2009

  For most established businesses, the web's main role is either to reduce costs or to add value for existing customers, but it also has a potential role in customer acquisition and in the case of a web start up. It is a critical role. The aim of this research is to find out how the internet is impacting advertising. The study was carried out through a questionnaire of the top executives of 200 firms in the...

Author(s): Khalid Alrawi and Walid Alrawi

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