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  • Start Year: 2007
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AJPAC Articles

Chemical constituents and biological activities of the genus Zanthoxylum: A review

October 2011

Zanthoxylum known as “Timoor” is used as mouth fresh, tooth care, spice and in intoxicating of the fishes. The present study deals with documentation of isolated chemical constituents and biological activities of the genus Zanthoxylum. The chemical constituents and essential oil have been isolated and characterized by several analytical methods. Alkaloids and cumarins are the main constituents...

Author(s): J. S. Negi, V. K. Bisht, A. K. Bhandari, P. Singh and R. C. Sundriyal

Synthesis of benzothiazoyl salicylate moieties

October 2011

Aminosalicylates are derivatives of the highly functionalized compound aminosalicylic acid. Benzothiazoyl salicylates were obtained in this work from the highly functionalized aminosalicylic acid by reacting ammonium thioureas as a nucleophile to aminosalicylates that were derived from aminosalicylic acid and bromine was used as the cyclising agent. Results obtained indicated that it was the brominated cyclised product...

Author(s): Diepreye Ere and Allen T. Ekubo

Facile green synthesis of 2, 4-substituted -2, 3- dihydro -1, 5 Benzothiazepine derivatives as novel anticonvulsant and central nervous system (CNS) depressant agents

October 2011

The present work reports eco friendly synthesis of 2, 4-substituted -2, 3- dihydro -1,5-benzothiazepine derivatives as novel anticonvulsant and central nervous system (CNS)depressant agents having lesser side effects. Facile, one pot efficient, solvent free microwave-assisted green synthesis of 1, 5-benzothiazepine derivatives by cyclo- condensation of 2-aminothiophenol with 1, 3-substituted-prop-2-en-1-one (2a-h)...

Author(s): Anna Pratima Nikalje and Deepika Vyawahare

Sodium nano-particle effects on montmorillinite structure

October 2011

The main aim of the work is to study the expansion of the inter-layers clay to see what will happen to the mechanical properties of clays. The expansion of clay layers with sodium nano- particles makes for the exfoliation and dispersion of the crystal in fine particles in the clay positions. Patterns obtained by X-ray diffraction (XRD) of nano montmorillinite (MMT) illustrate that its shape is irregular and the range of...

Author(s): A. Bahari, M. Asgharzadeh and M. Najafikhah

Structural study of complex lipids present in soils: Characterization of monocarboxylic acids resulting from polar lipids fraction alkaline hydrolysis

October 2011

In acid soils such as turf, the biological activity is reduced, so lipids tend to accumulate. Those lipids are made of two fractions: one fraction, named “simple lipids”, directly analyzable, and the other, named “polar lipids” or “complex lipids”. The structure and origin of these “polar lipids” had been investigated using chemical degradation methods. The degradation...

Author(s): Okome Mintsa Madeleine, Nguele Jean-Calvin, Eba François, Amblès Andréand  Joffre Janie

Reverse-flow-injection analysis (FIA) for the determination of Vitamin C in pharmaceutical formulation with chemiluminescence detection

October 2011

A reverse flow injection chemiluminescence (CL) method for the fast and simple determination of vitamin C has been developed. The CL light observed after luminal-H2O2 aqueous solution was added to the on-line formed Br2 solution from mixing of HBr and KBrO3 solutions was inhibited in the presence of Vitamin C. Based on these facts, a determination method of Vitamin c was developed. In order to...

Author(s): Rebwar O. Hassan and Azad T. Faizullah

Potential of nano crystalline hydroxyapatite for lead (II) removal from aqueous solutions: Thermodynamic and adsorption isotherm study

October 2011

The potential of the synthesized nano hydroxyapatite to remove Pb (II) from aqueous solutions was investigated in batch reactor under different experimental conditions. The study also investigates the effects of process parameters such as initial concentration of Pb (II) ion, temperature and adsorbent mass. Various thermodynamic parameters, such as G°, H° and S° have been calculated. The...

Author(s): I. Mobasherpour, E. Salahi and M. Pazouki

Effects of solvent on the UV-visible absorption spectra of acenaphtho(1,2-b) quinoxaline and acenaphtho(1,2-b)benzo(g)quinoxaline

October 2011

The effects of solvent on the electronic absorption spectra has been used to investigate the structural and molecular properties of acenaphtho(1,2-b)quinoxaline and acenaphtho(1,2-b) benzo(g)quinoxaline. The structures of the compounds have been established by UV-visible spectrophotometer. The spectra behaviours in terms of dipole moments in the ground and excited states have been interpreted and related to the...

Author(s): S. A. Ahmed, N. O. Obi-Egbedi, N. W. Odozi, I. Iweibo and M. D. Adeoye

Comparing the conducting properties of benzobispyrrole-derived and benzobisthiazoles-derived squaraines

October 2011

Smaller or vanishing value of semiconductor energy band-gap (Eg ) is a good factor that determines the conductivity of semiconductor polymers and it has high correlation with the intrinsic electronic, optical and magnetic properties of materials. Squaraine dyes because of their unique optical properties have been shown to be an ideal candidate as one of the building blocks organic dyes with physical property of low HOMO...

Author(s): I. A. ADEJORO and Adebayo A. ADENIYI

“Photochemical synthesis and spectroscopic studies of 3, 5-alkyl/aryl substituted-tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione and their complexes with M(CO)4(η2:2- NBD) [M = Cr, Mo and W] as M(CO)4 transfer reagent”

October 2011

Fifteen new complexes, [M(CO)4(L)2] [M=Cr;  Mo; W]; [L= met-DTTT; et-DTTT; n-pr-DTTT; ph-DTTT and benz-DTTT] have been synthesized by the photochemical exchange reaction of [(η2:2- NBD)M(CO)4] (M= Cr, Mo and W) with 3,5-dimethyl-tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (met-DTTT),  3,5-diethyl-tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (eth-DTTT), 3,5-di-n-propyl-tetrahydro-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione...

Author(s): Ayodhya Singh, Munesh Kumar, Manish Kaushik, Anjali Singh and Seema Singh

Hydrogenation of 2H-azirine by aluminium lithium hydride over palladium catalyst

September 2011

The hydrogenation of 2H-azirine by the aluminium lithium hydride (AlLiH4) in the presence of palladium used like catalyst, was studied by Hartree Fock method. For the modelling of reaction, the catalyst was represented by one atom of palladium; we took one molecule of 2H-azirine for two molecules of aluminium lithium hydride. The reaction gave a saturated derivative of 2H-azirine (C2H3N) called aziridine (C2H5N). On the...

Author(s): Kuevi U. A., Atohoun Y. G. S. and Mensah J. B.

Comparison of low temperature coal tar solvent extractible and bound biomarker distribution for correlation studies

September 2011

Solvent extractible and bound biomarker profile for low temperature coal tar were compared using the biomarker ratios obtained from the selective ion resolution for pristane, phytane, n-C17 and hopanesratios of GC-MS results, with a view to ascertaining whether or not the data for asphaltene-derived biomarker can be used for effective correlation studies, and if serious alterations arising from biodegradation and...

Author(s): Ivwurie, W., Snape, C. E. and Sun, C.

Comparison of aromatics released via hydropyrolysis with their solvent extractable counterpart for biodegraded Nigeria crude oil

September 2011

The molecular profiles of aromatics generated through hydropyrolysis with the free (maltene) counterpart were compared, with a view to assessing the effectiveness of using molecular information for the aromatics bound in asphaltene matrix for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon source apportionment studies. The results obtained from gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) total and selected ion molecular profiles of...

Author(s): Ivwurie, W, Snape, C. E and Sun, C

Effect of beta irradiation on plasticized polyvinyl chloride

September 2011

Various polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulations were compounded with two types of plasticizers- diocthylphthalate (DOP) and epoxidized rubber seed oil (ERSO). The samples were subjected to beta irradiation at a rate of 2.4 mGy/h to total dose of 14.4mGy. The mechanical properties and the plasticizer permanence such as leaching and migration of plasticizers from the various samples were evaluated. The tensile strength...

Author(s): Ikhuoria E. U., Ogundele K. T. and Osinkolu G. A.

The textural property of chromium pillared clay

September 2011

Hydroxy-chromium beidellite is of interest for use in catalysis and as adsorbents. The micro porosity of the materials differing in pillar density has been explored. Nitrogen adsorption data obtained at very low relative pressures were used. This paper determines the influence of the OH-Cr species on the structure and texture of modified dioctahedral smectites (beidellite). Minerals varying in cation exchange capacity...

Author(s): S. Arfaoui-Rhouma, N. Frini-Srasra, and E. Srasra

Thermal degradation of poly(vinyl chloride) in the presence of Ximenia americana and Balanites aegyptiaca seed oils

September 2011

Ximenia americana seed oil (XSO) and Balanites aegyptiaca seed oil (BSO) were soxhlet extracted and characterized. The iodine values were 158.3 and 102.6 gI2 100 g-1 for XSO and BSO, respectively. The oxirane content for the epoxidized oil derivatives, EXSO and EBSO, were 4.9 and 4.1%, respectively. Kinetic studies of thermal degradation of poly (vinyl chloride), (PVC) in the...

Author(s): Olujinmi Moses Folarin, Ighodalo Clement Eromosele and Catherine Oluyemisi Eromosele

Anthocyanidin 3-galactosides from flowers of Abrus canescens Bak

September 2011

Three anthocyanins, the 3-galactoside of delphinidin (1) (8.5 %), petunidin (2) (9.2 %) and malvidin (3) (73.8 %) were isolated from the deep red-purple flowers of Abrus canescensby a combination of chromatographic techniques. Their structures were elucidated by on-line diode array detection chromatography and homo- and hetero-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques.   Key words: Abrus...

Author(s): Robert Byamukama, George Ogweng, Monica Jordheim, Øyvind M. Andersen and Bernard T. Kiremire

Thermodynamics of the adsorption of palmitate and laurate soaps onto some metal ore surfaces in aqueous media

September 2011

The thermodynamics of the adsorption of sodium-palmitate and sodium-laurate onto galena, hematite and cassiterite surfaces in aqueous media has been studied. The adsorption capacities of the soaps (adsorbates) were determined and the Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherm models were used to fit the experimental data. The Langmuir isotherm model was the best to describe the adsorption process with the highest...

Author(s): Millicent U. Ibezim-Ezeani and Alphonso C. I. Anusiem

Induced autocatalytic preparation of gold nanostructure

September 2011

The present study found that gold nanoparticles with nanosizes below 100 nm can be synthesized by a wet-chemical route, carried out by induced autocatalytic method. The successive liking of the neighboring nanoparticles seeds by benzenedimethanethiol (BDMT) followed by the induced reduction of Au (III) ions leads to the formation of well defined nanostructure assembly. The size and shape of gold nanoparticles were...

Author(s): Sameh H. Othman

Ab-initio study of the ground state structure and properties of Fe+2 (thymine)2 (H2O)2 complex

September 2011

Hartree-Fock calculations with 6-31G (d) basis set have been done in the gas phase on Fe+2 (thymine)2 (H2O)2 complex with complete geometry optimization. Stable structure for the complex has been found. Single point water phase calculation (PCM) has also been done which shows that the complex is more stable in water implying its physiological action for the removal of excess hazardous Fe+2 from the...

Author(s): D. De, S. Dalai and B. R. De

Inhibitive action of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (HDTAB) on aluminium alloy (AA3003) corrosion in hydrochloric acid medium

September 2011

The inhibitive effect of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (HDTAB) on the corrosion of aluminium alloy (AA3003) in 1 M hydrochloric acid medium was studied by weight loss method in relation to the temperature (25 to 55°C) and inhibitor concentration range 5.10-4 to 10-2 M. This study showed that the inhibitor adsorbs on aluminium alloy (AA 3003) according to the modified Langmuir adsorption isotherm; the...

Author(s): P. M. Niamien, D. Ossonon, A. Trokourey, H. A. Kouassi and Y. Bokra

Catalyzed pyrolysis of plastics: A thermogravimetric study

September 2011

Thermal or catalytic pyrolysis processes have attracted much attention for the conversion of plastic wastes to a mixture of their basic hydrocarbons, which can be valuable either as fuels or as raw chemicals. The effect of different catalysts on the thermal degradation of propylene (PP) has been studied by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). TGA experiments were used to compare the activity of different catalysts towards...

Author(s): Mohammad Farhat Ali and Muhammad Salman Qureshi

Effect of acid hydrolysis on the physicochemical properties of cola starch

September 2011

Cola starch from Cola nitida (rubra) was isolated using 1% (w/v) sodium metabisulphite solution and was treated with 0.1 and 0.2 M HCl solution differently at 80 and 100°C, pH (6 to 7.9) and reaction time (30 min to 3 h). The physicochemical and functional properties of the hydrolyzed starch were studied. The hydrolysis reaction presented important changes in the pasting, thermal transition and morphology...

Author(s): Omojola M. O., Manu N. and Thomas S. A.

The corrosion behavior of sputter-deposited ternary W–Zr–(15–18)Cr alloys in 12 M HCl

August 2011

New series of amorphous or/and nanocrystalline W–Zr–(15–18)Cr alloys are successfully prepared by direct current (DC) magnetron sputtering. The role of alloy-constituting elements on the corrosion behavior of the W–Zr–(15–18)Cr alloys is studied by corrosion tests and electrochemical measurements in 12 M HCl solution open to air at 30°C. All the examined sputter-deposited...

Author(s): Jagadeesh Bhattarai

Monitoring metals pollution using water and sediments collected from Ebute Ogbo river catchments, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

August 2011

The levels of Cu, Pb, Cd, Zn and Ca in water and sediments collected from the Ebute Ogbo River catchments, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The samples were collected in year 2008 and 2009. The results obtained showed a decrease in the Cd, Pb and Ca levels in water samples for 2009 compared to year 2008. However, Cu and Zn levels were in the increase. Nevertheless, metals...

Author(s): A. A. Adeniyi, O. J. Owoade, I. O. Shotonwa, O. O. Okedeyi, A. A. Ajibade, A. R. Sallu, M. A. Olawore and K. A. Ope

Some hydrazone derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for iron in 3.5% H3PO4 solution

August 2011

The inhibition of corrosion of pure iron in 3.5% H3PO4 by some hydrazone derivatives has been investigated by weight loss and galvanostatic polarization techniques. The inhibition efficiency was increased by increasing inhibitor concentration and decreased by rise in temperature. Polarization studied revealed that these compounds behave as mixed-type inhibitors. The inhibition action of hydrazone derivatives was...

Author(s): A. S. Fouda, M. Abdallah and Z. El-Badrawy

Tannins and other phytochemical of the Samanaea saman pods and their antimicrobial activities

August 2011

Preliminary phytochemical screening of n-hexane extract of Samanea saman(Mimosaceae) pods revealed a moderate presence of the major secondary metabolites. Extraction and concentration of the S. saman pods with 70% aqueous acetone yielded the characteristic reddish brown solid tannins. Qualitative and quantitative analysis showed that the tannins were of condensed (catechol) type and about 7.9% (0.079...

Author(s): Pius O. Ukoha , Egbuonu A. C. Cemaluk, Obasi L. Nnamdi and Ejikeme P. Madus

Removal of Pb (II) in aqueous solution using acid activated carbons prepared from cola edulis shell (Alocaceae), pentaclethra macrophylla husk (Mimosaceae) and aucoumea klaineana sawdust (Burseraceae)

August 2011

The present research was undertaken to study the potential efficiency as adsorbents of three  acid activated carbons, prepared from plant biomass of colas edulis shell (CAH), pentaclethra macrophylla husk (GAH) and aucoumea klainenea sawdust (QAH), for the  removal of Pb (II) ions from aqueous solution, by the means of batch technique. The study was managed using pH, concentration of lead solution, adsorption...

Author(s): F. Eba, J. Ndong Nlo, R. Kouya Biboutou, R. Menye Biyogo, P. Edou Engonga, H. Reonignaud, B. S. Oboyo, B. C. Ognenguet and J. Mouity Bounda

Spectrophotometric and thermodynamic studies of the charge transfer complexation of nitroimidazoles with chloranilic acid following metal hydride reduction

August 2011

The spectrophotometric and thermodynamic properties of the charge-transfer (CT) complexation formed between reduced nitroimidazoles and chloranilic acid has been carried out. The possibility of room temperature reduction of metronidazole and tinidazole via hydride transfer using LiBH4 and NaBH4 was examined and the physicochemical properties of the resulting complex of the reduced nitroimidazoles...

Author(s): Olajire A. Adegoke

Comparative study of corrosion inhibition of aluminium alloy of type AA3003 in acidic and alkaline media by Euphorbia hirta extract

August 2011

The inhibitive effect of leaf extract of Euphorbia hirta on aluminium corrosion in HCl and NaOH solutions were studied using gravimetric technique at 30 and 60°C. Results obtained showed that the leaf extract functioned as effective and excellent inhibitors in the acidic and alkaline media. Also, the leaf extract suppressed the corrosion reaction in both media. Inhibition efficiency of the extract was...

Author(s): L. A. Nnanna, I. U. Anozie, A. G. I. Avoaja, C. S. Akoma and E. P. Eti

Excess parameters of binary and ternary mixtures of {1-Butanol + hexylamine + n-heptane} at different temperatures and comparison with the Flory theory

July 2011

In this work, we calculated (thermal expansion coefficients),  (excess thermal expansion coefficients) and (isothermal coefficient of pressure excess molar enthalpy) for the binary and ternary mixtures of {1-butanol + hexylamine + n-heptane} from experimental densities (Djordjevic et al., 2010) at (288.15, 293.15, 298.15, 303.15, 308.15, 313.15, 318.15 and 323.15) K. The trends...

Author(s): M. Rezaei-Sameti and M. Rakhshi   

A high yield synthesis of phenytoin and related compounds using microwave activation

July 2011

A reaction system is described to synthesize phenytoin, a major antiepileptic drug, and structurally related compounds using a two-step approach. The first step involves the treatment of a benzil derivative by thiourea in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) in aqueous KOH under microwave activation. The resulting 2-thiohydantoin was then oxidized to the corresponding hydantoin using perhydrol in dimethylformamide (DMF) in acetic...

Author(s): Fernand A. Gbaguidi, Salomé S. D. KPOVIESSI, Coco N. Kapanda, Giulio G. Muccioli, Didier M. Lambert, Géorges C. Accrombessi, Moudachirou Mansourou and Jacques H. Poupaert

Stabilization of manganese (Mn)-induced peroxide decomposition

July 2011

Various ways were explored to reduce Mn-induced peroxide decomposition under conditions similar to industrial bleaching of mechanical pulps. It was found that hydrogen peroxide is more stable if Mn (II) or (III) are stabilized prior to peroxide addition. Sodium silicate/magnesium sulfate solution stabilized hydrogen peroxide in the presence of both Mn(II) and Mn(III), while diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA)...

Author(s): M. Wekesa, A. Habtewold and J. Mirdaniali

Identification of 3- deoxyanthocyanins from red sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) bran and its biological properties

July 2011

Anthocyanins known as potent antioxidant provides attractive colours and used as an ingredient in food systems. This study aims to evaluate a potential anthocyanin extraction method from red sorghum bran and to investigate its antioxidant and cytotoxic properties. The anthocyanin content was found to be higher in acidified methanol and on separation was identified as apigeninidin and leuteolinidin, which obviously could...

Author(s): P.Suganya Devi , M.Saravanakumar and S.Mohandas

Classification of lubricants using neutron slowing-down technique

July 2011

The neutron slowing down technique employing a facility based on a 1 Ci 241Am-Be neutron source base and 3He neutron detector has been used to classify lubricants. The facility utilizes the fast neutron slowing down technique in which the intensity of reflected thermalized neutrons is proportional to the hydrogen content of the sample exposed to it. A popular market product of different grades was analyzed in...

Author(s): K. F. Akpan, M. Y. Onimisi and S. A. Jonah

Effect of presence of free fatty acids on the drying of oil/drying catalysts mixtures

July 2011

Free fatty acids are usually generated spontaneously in oils either by action of enzymes inadvertently entrained during storage or mineral acids inherited from the refining process. The study investigated the effect of the presence of excess fatty acids on the drying/curing behaviour of drying oil admixed with drying catalysts. The oxygen absorption behaviours of Linseed oil (LSO) and rubber seed oil (RSO) on one hand,...

Author(s): Stephen Shaibu Ochigbo and Ajai Alexander Ikechukwu

Copolymerization of methylol urea with ethylol urea resin for emulsion paint formulation

July 2011

In this work, copolymerization of urea formaldehyde (UF) and urea acetaldehyde (UA) was successfully carried out. Some physical properties such as gel time, viscosity, density, melting point, moisture uptake, refractive index and formaldehyde emission level were evaluated. The IR analysis of spectra from the pure amino resins and their copolymer (UF + UA) showed chemical interaction between urea formaldehyde and urea...

Author(s): Osemeahon, S. A.

Convergent preparation of 2-phenylethanol

June 2011

The convergent synthesis of 2-phenylethanol was executed with bromination of benzene in the presence of pyridine to give bromobenzene which was reacted with magnesium metal to give phenylmagnesium bromide. Ethene was generated from ethanol and converted to 1,2-dibromoethane which in turn was reacted with the Grignard in an inverse manner to give 2-phenylbromoethane. Reaction of 2-phenylbromoethane and aqueous sodium...

Author(s): Alofoje Unuigboje and Bright Emenike

Fatty acid profiles of the eggs and juvenile muscle of Nile perch (Lates niloticus, L. 1758) caught from Lake Victoria, Uganda

June 2011

Fatty acid profiling of the eggs and muscle of Lates niloticus juveniles was carried out, revealing the presence of two types of cholesterol and over twenty fatty acids. The total saturated fatty acid, total monounsaturated acid and the total polyunsaturated fatty acid compositions in the various samples lay in the ranges 13.39 to 41.81, 19.41 to 42.98 and 22.17 to 43.63%, respectively. There was a detection of an...

Author(s): V. T. Namulawa, Jolocam Mbabazi and J. Kwetegyeka

NMR and fluororescence enhancement effect studies of ternary inclusion complexes among naphthalenediamines-triethylene tetramine modified -cyclodextrin-lanthanide metal ions

June 2011

The 6-OH group of b-cyclodextrin (b-CD) was modified by triethylene tetramine. The modified host molecule successfully complexes 1,5-naphthalenediamine and 1,8-naphthalenediamine, respectively, in the presence of lanthanide metal ions (Y3+, Yb3+, Nd3+, Sm3+). As a result, eight ternary inclusion complexes (host-guest-metal) were formed, which were characterized via 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique. The...

Author(s): Huiming Jiang, Shufen Zhang, YingZhi Cui, Yu Xie and Qi Shi

Synthesis and characterization of three new benzylidene acetohydrazide copper (ІІ) complexes

June 2011

The synthesis and characterization of three complexes with copper (II) are described. The reaction between Cu(NO3)2.3H2O with bis[(E)-N'-(3-nitrobenzylidene) acetohydrazide], (NBAH) and bis[(E)-N'(4-methylbenzylidene) acetohydrazide], (MBAH) and bis[(E)-N'-(2,4-dichlorobenzylidene)acetohydrazide], (DBAH)  produced three new ionic complexes. One of them is bis[(E)-N'-(3-nitrobenzylidene)...

Author(s): S. Ghammamy, R. Shakeri, B. Shaabani, K. Mehrani and S. Rajaei

A study on the solid phase extraction of CO(II)-IIDE chelate with C18 disk and its application to the determination of trace cobalt

June 2011

A sensitive, selective and rapid method has been developed for the determination of µg l-1 level of cobalt based on the rapid reaction of cobalt(II) with isopropyl  2-[(isopropoxy carbothioyl) disulfanyl] ethanethioate chelate (IIDE) and the solid phase extraction (SPE) of the colored chelate with Waters Porapak Sep-Park C18 disk. The isopropyl 2-[(isopropoxy carbothioyl) disulfanyl]ethanethioate chelate can...

Author(s): Ali Moghimi, Shahriar Ghammamy and Reza Ghiasi

Analysis of gas-chromatographic method for the determination of ethanol in an 18-F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG-18) solution

June 2011

A gas chromatographic method for determination of ethanol in an fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG)-18 solution was developed. The pre-validation tests were made to test some parameters. Three samples in the concentration of 400, 4000 and 7200 ppm, respectively were analyzed using the novel methodology. The results of the technique were not good. Although the method seems to be capable to identify ethanol in solution, the...

Author(s): Santos-Oliveira Ralph, Custódio, Cintia de Andrade, Fusco, Alessandra Silva and Fernades, Ricardo Ribeiro Alves

Antimicrobial and phytochemical activity of methanolic extract and its fractions of Jatropha curcas Linn. (Eurphorbiaceae) stem bark

May 2011

The stem bark of Jatropha curcas Linn (Euphorbiaceae) widely used in ethno medicine was studied. The methanolic extract (ME) and methanolic extract fractions (MEF) namely: chloroform fraction (CF), ethyl acetate fraction (EAF) and methanol fraction (MF) of J. curcas were subjected to antimicrobial evaluation and phytochemical screening. Results showed that saponins and steroids were present...

Author(s): Nnamdi L. Obasi, Madus P. Ejikeme and Cemaluk A. C. Egbuonu

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of metal complexes of barbituric acid

May 2011

Cobalt (II), copper (II), iron (III), manganese (II) and nickel (II) complexes of barbituric acid were synthesized and characterized by infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopy. The ligand and the complexes have been screened for in vitro antibacterial activity against a range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (Bacillus authracis, Bacillus cereus, Bacillus stearothemophilus, Bacilis subtilis,...

Author(s): Ikotun A. A., Ojo Y., Obafemi C. A. and Egharevba G. O

Simultaneous assay of codeine phosphate and diphenhydramine hydrochloride in cough mixtures by zero-order derivative UV spectrophotometry

May 2011

This study evaluated a zero-order derivative UV spectrophotometric method for the simultaneous determination of binary components, codeine phosphate and diphenyhydramine HCl in cough mixtures. The method was based on the measurement of zero-order derivative amplitudes at isosbestic points, 258 and 264 nm, for the assay of codeine phosphate and diphenylhydramine HCl (0.05 to 0.15 mg/ml). The method does not...

Author(s): Vaikosen N. Edebi, Benjamin U. Ebeshi and Ebi Anganabiri

Study on the properties of copolymer hydrogel obtained from acrylamide/2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate by the application of gamma radiation

May 2011

Synthesis of copolymer hydrogels from aqueous solution of acrylamide/2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) has been performed with radiation processing technology using Co-60 gamma source. The influence of radiation dose and concentration of HEMA on gel content, swelling properties and thermal stability of copolymer hydrogel has been investigated. Gel content of prepared hydrogel obtained maximum at the radiation dose of...

Author(s): N. C. Dafader, M. N. Adnan, M. E. Haque, D. Huq and F. Akhtar

Antimicrobial effect of coastal medicinal plant – Citrullus colocynthis against pathogenic microorganisms

May 2011

Citrullus colocynthis showed broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against 16 clinical microorganisms isolated from HIV positive patients, including bacteria Viz., Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Klebseilla pneumoniae, Proteus mirabilis, Proteus vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus faecalis, Streptococcus pyogenes, Salmonella typhi and Vibrio cholerae; and six fungal...

Author(s): Gurudeeban S, Ramanathan T, Satyavani K and Dhinesh T

Chemical composition and biological activity of the volatile oils of Hyptis spicigera against Trypanosoma brucei brucei, (Tbb) found in Northern Nigeria

April 2011

The hydrodistillation of the fresh leaves of Hyptis spicigera gave a colourless volatile oil with yield of 0.65%.The volatile oil gave forty compounds on the basis of  gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) with low composition of cineole(4.11%) and caryophyllene (2.61%) while α-pinene (12.16%) β-pinene(9.47%) and α-phellandrene (10.19%) were predominant compounds. The...

Author(s): Z. Ladan, J. O. Amupitan, O. A. Oyewale, E. M. Okonkwo, E. O. Ladan, B. Odjobo and N. Habila

Synthesis, characterization and trypanocidal activity of some aromatic thiosemicarbazones and their 1,3,4-thiadiazolines derivatives

April 2011

The thiosemicarbazones of six aromatic ketones were synthesized as well as their 1,3,4-thiadiazolines derivatives obtained by cyclization under acetylating condition with yields going from 40 to 90%. The products purity was confirmed by mass spectrometry coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography (LC/MS) and there were characterized using spectrometry IR, NMR 1H and 13C (nuclear magnetic...

Author(s): Houssou Raymond Fatondji, Fernand Gbaguidi, Salomé Kpoviessi, Joanne Bero, Veronique Hannaert, Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq, Jacques Poupaert, Mansourou Moudachirou and Georges Coffi Accrombessi

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