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JGRP Articles

Land tenure and soil conservation practices on the slopes of Mt Elgon National Park, Eastern Uganda

September 2013

  Property rights have been noted to increasingly play a central role in the management of land resources. This paper examines the implications of land tenure on soil conservation on the slopes of Mt Elgon, Eastern Uganda. Primary data were obtained through household surveys and field observations conducted in Tsekululu Sub County, Bubulo County, Manafwa District, Eastern Uganda between September and...

Author(s):   F. Mugagga and M. Buyinza        

Water accessibility and women’s participation along the rural-urban gradient: A study in Lake Victoria Region, Kenya

September 2013

  Small towns and cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are emerging as hotspots of population growth. This paper considers the case of the small but rapidly growing town of Bondo in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya, and its surrounding peri-urban and rural settlements. The study objectives are to examine: a) alternative indicators of households’ accessibility to improved water sources along the urban-rural...

Author(s): Daniel M. Nzengya and Rimjhim Aggarwal          

The use of indigenous knowledge in weather and climate prediction in Mahenge and Ismani wards, Tanzania

September 2013

  This paper discusses the role of indigenous knowledge (IK) in weather and climate prediction in Mahenge and Ismani wards focusing on Safari Road and Mahenge Mjini villages in Mahenge; and Uhominyi and Ismani Tarafani villages in Ismani. The perception of local communities about climate change is assessed. Local environmental and astronomical indicators used by local communities in weather and climate...

Author(s):   Kijazi A. L., Chang’a L. B., Liwenga E. T. , Kanemba A. and Nindi S. J.,      

Farmer’s perception on the effect of climate change and variation on urban agriculture in Ibadan Metropolis, South-western Nigeria

August 2013

  Agricultural activities mostly food crop production are climate dependent, as change in the ideal plant requirement may affect the overall yield and productive capacity of the crop. The study examined farmers’ perception on the effect of climate change and variations on urban agriculture in Ibadan Metropolis. Data were obtained through the administration of 145 copies of structured questionnaire to...

Author(s):   Odewumi, S.G. , Awoyemi, O. K. , Iwara, A.I.  and Ogundele, F.O.        

Assessment of ecotourism resources: An applied methodology to Nameri National Park of Assam-India

August 2013

  Assam, comprising Eastern Himalaya, is one of the mega bio-diversity hot spots of the world. It also forms part of two endemic bird areas, viz. Eastern Himalaya and Assam plains. Nameri National Park is a part of NBL (north bank landscape of the Brahmaputra River) and also is a part of Eastern Himalayan mega biodiversity hotspot, which has immense potentialities for ecotourism venture. The present research is...

Author(s):   Niranjan Das    

Analysis of the socio-economic characteristics and housing condition in the core neighbourhood of Akure, Nigeria

August 2013

  The paper highlights survey on low – income settlements in the core area of Akure, the capital of Ondo State, Nigeria and examined the socio – economic characteristics of the respondent and the physical state of the building they occupy. It gathers field data with a structured questionnaire administered among residents of low income neighbourhoods of Akure using random sampling...

Author(s):   Bamidele M. Ogunleye      

Household water demand in the peri-urban communities of Awka, Capital of Anambra State, Nigeria

August 2013

  The aim of this paper is to determine relevant factors contributing to the water demand in the peri-urban communities of Awka capital city. Towards achieving this aim, questionnaire were developed and served on the households in various communities to collect relevant data on the 13 physical and socio-economic factors we earlier identified as influencing water demand in the area.  Water quality was...

Author(s):   E. E. Ezenwaji, P.O. Phil-Eze, V. I. Otti and B. M. Eduputa      

Health care problem and management in Nigeria

August 2013

  The study examined rural health care problem and management in Nigeria with a focus on Delta State. The study adopts literature search and a survey design; questionnaires were administered to fifty two health establishments, 2 to each local government area. 26 general hospitals are located in urban areas and another 26  medical health centres located in the rural communities, but with the...

Author(s):   S. I. Efe      

A survey of Tehran metropolis strategies as a creative city of Iran

August 2013

Journal of Geography and Regional Planning Vol. 6(5), pp. 149-158, July, 2013 DOI: 10.5897/JGRP11.085 ISSN 2070-1845 ©2013 Academic Journals     Full Length Research Paper     A survey of Tehran metropolis strategies as a creative city of Iran   Ali Rezaeian Gharagozlo   Geography and Urban Planning Faculty, Science and...

Author(s): Ali Rezaeian Gharagozlo

A survey of Tehran metropolis strategies as a creative city of Iran

July 2013

  Tehran metropolis, as the political, economic and cultural capital of Iran country and which also has huge training potential and specific status in science and culture along with welfare facilities, has a suitable background for elite attraction. Actually, Tehran is a place for gathering creative people according to Florida’s definitions. The existence of these specifications and ability to enhance the...

Author(s):   Ali Rezaeian Gharagozlo    

GIS based forest cover change and vulnerability analysis: A case study of the Nandi North forest zone

July 2013

  This study investigates the patterns of land use change, the reasons for those changes and the vulnerability of forests in Nandi North forest zone in Kenya between the years 1986 to 1995 and 1995 to 2006. Landsat TM images of 1986, 1995 and ETM+ of 2006 were used to create single image depicting the sequence of land use change for the period between 1986 and 2006. The spatial relationship between forest cover...

Author(s):   Sheila Aswani Wachiye, David Ndegwa Kuria and Douglas Musiega        

Chure forestry conservation and management plan: A case study of Arghakhanchi district, Nepal

July 2013

  Chure Region has a distinct geographical and bio-physical specificities lying on the foothill of Himalaya. It is the youngest mountain of the world, and suffers from mass erosion, landslides and other environmental externalities which make the region vulnerable. Resource depletion, for example deforestation, due to natural as well as human induced factors in the Chure Region has accelerated; and livelihood...

Author(s):   Kabi Prasad Pokhrel    

North west border cities of Iran and regional development: A case of Kurdistan Province

July 2013

  There are numerous Iranian provinces in the border area and Kurdistan is the most important regional settlement in North West border line of Iran country. In recent years many transformations have occurred in Kurdish society and its population and area has changed from 350000 people in 1860 to 1,589,222 persons in the year of 2013. Regional development in case study region has a special status and has...

Author(s):   Mohammad Rahim Rahnama and Akbar Heydari        

Land use and land cover changes and their implications for human-wildlife conflicts in the semi-arid rangelands of southern Kenya

July 2013

  Land use and land cover changes are important processes that influence the ecological integrity of wildlife dispersal areas and the dynamics of human-wildlife conflicts in rangelands around protected areas. This study investigated trends in both land use and land cover changes in Taveta District.   Remote Sensing imageries for Taveta District were analysed for the years 1987, 2001, and 2011....

Author(s):   Mbau Judith Syombua      

Rural-urban housing influencing changes in the physical-spaces of urban environment: A case of Hamidia City

July 2013

  Rural settlements as geographical landscape are considered as emerging through the interaction between human and environment. In recent years, the process is influenced by factors, and the changes in the physical-space texture are influenced by internal and external forces, developing problems and inadequacies of residents’ future living condition in rural settlements. In this regard, cities in...

Author(s):   Masoud Mahdavi and Mohammad Yarmand        

Planning conflicts at the border: Interrogating Umguza-Bulawayo peri-urban survival strategies by large and small plot-holder farmers in Zimbabwe

June 2013

  This paper explores and examines the different perceptions, attitudes and practices by the large and small plot-holder farmers in the Umguza-Bulawayo peri-urban. The study emanates from the fact that there is lack in the uniformitarian approach in increasing subdivisions of plots in the Umguza-Bulawayo boundary. Some plot-holders, who are commercial-biased, are ready to subdivide their pieces of land while...

Author(s):   Buhle Dube and Innocent Chirisa        

Urban spatial structure and work trip patterns in South-western Nigeria: The example of Ilesa

June 2013

  Many studies on urban work trips in Nigeria have focused on major urban centres like Lagos, Kano and Ibadan which are the main commercial and industrial centres. Studies of urban spatial structure and work trips patterns in medium sized cities and towns like Akure, Ilesa, Ondo and Osogbo in South-Western Nigeria have received little or no attention. The fewness of these studies has made it difficult to have...

Author(s):   Adetunji, M. A. and Aloba, O.        

House-form and day-lighting: A spatial evaluation of residents’ satisfaction in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

June 2013

  This study examines the adequacy of natural lighting in the different house forms across the residential zones of Ogbomoso, based on the satisfaction rating of residents. Households from sampled houses across the residential zones of the city were interviewed on their level of satisfaction with natural lighting in their apartments. Comparisons were made between the satisfaction levels in the indigenous, high...

Author(s):   Atolagbe A. M. O.      

Intensity of in-seeing disabled population in Maharashtra State of India –Census 2001

June 2013

  As per the census of India about 1.62% population of Maharashtra state is found disabled. In the total disabled population of the state, the proportion of in-seeing disabled persons is ranked first. In rural areas, proportion of in-seeing disabled population is near about two times more than the urban areas. The proportion of in-seeing disabled males is also significantly higher than that of the...

Author(s):   Misrilal Bhadu Chavan    

The role of urban agriculture in the development of middle-sized towns: Cases from East Africa

June 2013

  This paper argues that urban agriculture can be transformed from its present underdeveloped status to a thriving sector in African towns, thus contributing to employment creation, income generation and the provision of food. Using three examples from East Africa (Nakuru, Morogoro and Mbeya), first, the present situation is described from a town’s perspective, thereby focusing on resource allocation...

Author(s):   Dick Foeken    

Interpretation of surface water quality using principal components analysis and cluster analysis

June 2013

  Variety approaches are being used to interpret the concealed variables that determine the variance of observed water quality of various source points. A considerable proportion of these approaches are statistical methods, multivariate statistical techniques in particular. The use of multivariate statistical technique(s) is/are required when the number of variables is large and greater than two for easy and...

Author(s):   A. O. Ayeni and A. S. O. Soneye        

Exploring variations in income growth in Southeastern United States

June 2013

  The rise in gross incomes and the decline in poverty in rural areas are considered evidence of economic restructuring and technological development efforts in last three decades in the United States. However, these positive effects of transformations in rural areas still do not match the rate of economic growth enjoyed by urban areas. This paper examined income convergence in 875 counties of the 10-state...

Author(s):   Buddhi R. Gyawali, Anquinette Hill, Swagata “Ban” Banerjee, Duncun Chembezi,James Bukenya, Colmore Christian and Maifan Silitonga    

Road crashes trends and safety management in Nigeria

May 2013

  This paper is concerned with traffic accidents and safety management in Nigeria. It focuses on trends in road crashes and carries out a critical review of current road safety approaches with a view to identifying their defects and deficiencies in tackling the traffic accident problem in the country. Accident records and details of current safety measures obtained from such relevant agencies as the Federal...

Author(s):   Sumaila, AbdulGaniyu Femi    

Spatio-temporal changes of growth and production of sericulture in Asia: An analytical and comparative study

May 2013

  The sericulture industry is unique for many reasons; is a highly valued textile fibre of animal origin based on agricultural output including, cocoons and cottage based labour intensive in nature is used almost entirely for the production of high quality textiles. In this paper, the present status of the sericulture industry in India and sericulturally advanced countries in Asia, their pace of trends in...

Author(s):   Akhtar Hasinur Rahaman, Nizamuddin Khan and Shahid Ali Khan        

Quality of affordable housing projects by public and private developers in Indonesia: The case of Sarbagita Metropolitan Bali

May 2013

  Housing refers to both the physical product and the process of its attainment. Housing is perceived according to its performance and its usefulness varies with the level of comfort and hygiene it provides. The importance of people in housing is recognised not when housing complies with municipality by laws, but when people live in it and is acceptable in a community. Housing also means privacy and is an...

Author(s):   Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra      

Relationships between suspended sediment load discharge and the total number and length of stream segments

April 2013

  The discharge of suspended sediment load is an important indicator for estimating the intensity of erosional processes in drainage basins, but the laborious methodology required to establish it accounts for the small number of measurement stations. Therefore indirect evaluation methods, have been used, such as the number of stream segments and the sum of their lengths has been established by means of...

Author(s):   Ion Zăvoianu      

Assessment of poor resource farmers’ level of awareness on climate change and adaptation/mitigation strategies in selected rural areas in Oyo State, Southwest, Nigeria

April 2013

  Climate change is a phenomenon that is currently in dire need of a wide range of publicity and other measures in order to adapt and mitigate its effect on the society. This study examined the level of climate change awareness among the poor resource farmers in some selected local government areas of Oyo state. A structured questionnaire titled "Climate Change Awareness Questionnaire (CCAQ)" was...

Author(s):   Adetayo, Adewale. O. and Owolade, Esther. O.        

Recognition of the potentials for regional climate changes on effective precipitation oscillations for vegetables in Ghazvin City

April 2013

  The present research focuses on both past and future time scale in order to recognize the changes of effective precipitation trend in Ghazvin station. Therefore, in order to recognize the trend and behavior of past climate components, the components trend analysis have been done using Pierson and linear regression method. In order to study and analyze effective precipitation trend, the length of statistical...

Author(s):   Ali Shakoor, Ali shamsoddini, Mohaddeseh Hatami        

Indigenous knowledge in seasonal rainfall prediction in Tanzania: A case of the South-western Highland of Tanzania

April 2013

  This paper describes how farmers in the South-Western Highland of Tanzania predict rainfall using local environmental indicators and astronomical factors. The perceptions of the local communities on conventional weather and climate forecasts were also assessed. The study was conducted in Rungwe and Kilolo districts in Mbeya and Iringa regions respectively. Participatory rural appraisal methods, key informant...

Author(s):   Ladislaus B. Chang’a, Pius Z. Yanda and James Ngana  

The influence of land use on the spatial variation of begging in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

April 2013

  Following an observation that urban land use influences the incidence of begging, this paper examines the relationship between land use and begging with Ogbomoso as a case study. The study utilizes both the primary and secondary data. To determine the spatial variation, beggars were enumerated across the 20 political wards in Ogbomoso simultaneously for seven days. Structured questionnaires are also used to...

Author(s):   D. V. Ogunkan and M. O. Jelili  

Cities dealing with space structure analysis of Lorestan State (Iran) using entropy model at urban, province, township, district and national levels

February 2013

  The purpose of this article is to evaluate urban population distribution and number of cities distribution at the urban levels in one zone. By using this model, we can understand space balance rate of population settlement, and the number of cities at the urban system level, state, zone and country. By using entropy, coefficient model has been tried to understand the balance rate of population settlement and...

Author(s):   Mansoreh Mehrgan and Bijan Rahmani        

Role of socio-economic factors on imbalanced regional development in West Bengal, India

February 2013

  Regional imbalances caused by several factors due to misallocation and misutilazation of resources (Baskin, 1966). Imbalances may be defined as the disparities and uneven distribution of different socio-economic indicators within a particular geographical region. Uneven distribution may be natural as well as man made. Different government policies are responsible for irregular distribution of socio-cultural...

Author(s):   Bipul Chandra Sarkar    

A study on literacy and educational attainment of scheduled castes population in Maldah District of West Bengal, India

February 2013

  Literacy level and educational attainment are vital indicators of development of any society. In spite of many socio-economic securities provided to scheduled castes in the constitution and by the government, scheduled castes are still comparatively illiterates and less educated than general category. This could be attributed to a variety of reasons such as early age marriage, high female illiteracy due to...

Author(s):   Pradip Chouhan      

Urbanization, housing quality and environmental degeneration in Nigeria

December 2012

  This paper examines the housing quality in Nigeria cities and the impacts of urbanization on environmental degeneration of urban built environment. The paper identifies the problems that have aided the degeneration to: Inadequate basic infrastructural amenities, substandard housing, overcrowding, poor ventilation in homes and work places, and noncompliance with building bye-laws and regulations. In order to...

Author(s):   Amao Funmilayo Lanrewaju      

Research on sustainable tourism development of a Leisure City – The case of Changsha

December 2012

  Under the global trend of low-carbon economy, the sustainable development of tourism is very important for the adjustment of economic structure, regional economic development promotion, and improvement of city taste, community environment and conditions of public service facilities. More and more leisure cities consider their own tourism products as the best, which is becoming the comprehensive industrial...

Author(s):   Yong-gang An , Xiao-yan Ma, Ge Chen, Kai Huang, he-ping Zhang and Pei-tao Yang        

Characterization and evaluation for integrated development of Umtrew river basin in Meghalaya Plateau, North East India

December 2012

  A drainage basin in a mountainous region has a direct impact on its physical, environmental and ecological setup as it is the source of human beings fundamental needs. Umtrew river basin is spreading over the Indian states of Meghalaya and Assam, is located between 25°35’15’’ to 26°14’18’’N latitude and 91°35’17’’to...

Author(s):   Pranjit Kumar Sarma, Kalyanjit Sarma, Arup Kumar Das, Ankita Sarkar, Pradeep Kumar Manki and Prem Kumar Chetry        

The process of creation of the new cities in Tunisia: Case of the city of the Lake of Tunis

November 2012

  From 1987 up till now, the Northern Shoreline of the Lake has been almost urbanized. The importance of this space comes from the fact that it offers the urban areas aspects to look for by the different urban activities. Can we then say it is a space which has been able to escape the law of the land market matching activities of strong investment value on the most attractive places. However, by visiting the...

Author(s):   Hagui Abdelhamid    

Agrarian distress and indebtedness in rural India: Emerging perspectives and challenges ahead

November 2012

  This paper explores agrarian distress and indebtedness among farmers in India. The study is based on the state level data obtained from the 59th round survey of National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) conducted in agricultural year 2002 to 2003. The study aims to analyze the pattern of indebtedness and causal factors behind it. The research concludes that the major factors that lead to indebtedness are the...

Author(s):   Haroon Sajjad and Chetan Chauhan        

Spatial distribution of rainfall seasonality over East Africa

November 2012

  In this study, we have investigated the geographical variations of rainfall seasonality components over East Africa on the basis of pentad rainfall data at 36 stations during the period 1962-2006. Harmonic analysis was used to model the annual and semi-annual modes of rainfall seasonality at each station. The ratio of the modeled semi-annual range...

Author(s):   Zablone Owiti, and Weijun Zhu        

A geographical analysis of intra-urban traffic congestion in some selected local Government Areas of Lagos metropolis

October 2012

  Lagos metropolis and its transport system are intricately interdependent. The effect of transport on the city either at the intra urban level or at the level of the spatial evolution of the city is significant. It is in this vein that research work strives to geographically analysis intra urban traffic problems in Lagos metropolis with particular attention to which local government areas traffic congestion...

Author(s):   Osoba, Samson Babatunde    

The nature of big villages and small towns: Towards creating ideal small settlements

October 2012

  Iran is a country with over 1,013 big and small cities and 63,898 small, average and big villages. Complexities of life in big cities on one hand, and the shortcomings in basic facilities of small villages on the other, have raised many problems concerning living in them. However, a certain group of such settlements can be quite recognized, that is, some big villages and small towns with relative capacities...

Author(s):   Sartipipour Mohsen    

An assessment of the interrelationships among housing quality variable sets in Calabar metropolis

October 2012

  One of the most serious problems of urban housing provision in Nigeria, and in particular Calabar metropolis, is the issue of poor housing quality. The slum housing conditions in most houses of the low income socio-economic group in this area is dehumanising. This study therefore provides insight into the quality of housing in Calabar. The study used a combination of questionnaires, interview schedules,...

Author(s):   EKOP, Godwin    

Spatial analysis of the increasing urbanization trend in the Frascati wine designation of origin (DOC) area: A geostatistical approach

July 2012

  This work refers to the design, test and implementation of an estimation index useful to describe cultivated areas reduction in a sub-urban context. The index is based on the historical analysis of the interference between urban development and agricultural activities, and it uses geostatistical methods. The necessary data to implement the index has...

Author(s):   Emanuele Loret and Maria Ioannilli        

Processes and challenges of urban development in Côte d’Ivoire (Africa) with case study of Abidjan City

July 2012

  Underdeveloped countries are faced with serious urban issues such as social disorder, environmental pollution, flood, traffic jam and accidents. Most of these problems evolves and affects urban life by causing morbidity and mortality or creating unpleasant landscape. Otherwise when the process of urban creation is poorly managed, the upsurge of urban...

Author(s):   Konate Djibril, Qian Yun, Dembele Ousmane and Wang Xiangrong        

Demographic diversity in India: Evidence from the provisional results of 2011 population census

June 2012

  The present paper uses provisional figures available through the 2011 population census to analyse the demographic diversity across the districts of India. The demographic diversity is measured in terms of a diversity index that has been developed for the purpose. The analysis suggests that most of the demographic diversity across the districts of the country is confined to a few districts only, despite the...

Author(s):   Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia  

Drivers of housing technology adoption in South Africa

June 2012

  This study seeks to understand factors influencing the adoption of housing technology by home builders in South Africa. Builders that construct simplexes are more cautious in technology adoption. Those that construct simplexes and apartments are more likely to stick to tried and tested housing technologies. The most influential sources of new technology advice are sub-contractors, home buyers and National...

Author(s):   Oludele Akinloye Akinboade and Mandisa Putuma Mkowena    

A small house now or a big one later? Choice of housing units in phased upgrading of informal settlements in South Africa

June 2012

  The South African housing policy puts emphasis on broadening access to formal dwelling units for households living below a given monthly income as determined and approved by the government at any given time. The emphasis on a serviced dwelling unit within the housing policy assumes that the preference for a serviced dwelling unit is invariable and rigid among the intended beneficiaries of the upgrading...

Author(s):   Bishop U. G. Mughogho, Romano Del Mistro and Ishmael B. Mphangwe Kosamu  

Estimation of sediment production rate of the Umbaniun Micro-watershed, Meghalaya, India

June 2012

  Conservation of soil and water is essential to sustain any developmental activity carried out on a watershed. Analyzing shape parameters and drainage pattern parameters is known to be very important in watershed management. The Umbaniun micro-watershed with an area of 3951.18 ha located at 25°27’29’’ to 25°32’34’’ North latitude and 91°47’10’’...

Author(s):   P. N. Rymbai and L. K. Jha  

Towards sustainable financing of protected areas: A case study of the Swaziland National Trust Commission (SNTC)

June 2012

  Conservation of biological diversity is one of the main elements of sustainable development, given that biodiversity is the basis of life on earth. The current and potential role of protected areas in biodiversity conservation cannot be overemphasized. The objective of the study was to provide protected area managers with new innovations in protecting area financing on how to improve and diversify funding...

Author(s):   Cliff S. Dlamini and Mica Masuku  

Exploration and visualization of highway freight flow movements in the United States using Geographical Information System (GIS)

May 2012

  This paper begins with a concise national overview of the transported goods, classified by Standard Classification of Transport Goods, and their movements on the highway networks in the United States using TransCAD, a geographical information system with strong transportation planning capabilities and the freight analysis framework database version 2.2 orFAF2.2. Then, the paper constructs more national views...

Author(s):   Guoqiang Shen and S. Gizem Aydin  

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