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JMCS Articles

Context problem in news and ideological presentation of custom killings in newspapers: An example in Hürriyet and Sabah daily newspapers

April 2010

  This paper aims to discuss the reproduction of ideology in news discourse caused by the lack of context information. The discourse analysis focuses on news presentation in Turkish daily newspapers (Hürriyet and Sabah) about a young girl, Güldünya Tören, who was killed in the name of honor. In the frame of this paper, approaches on cultural studies are reviewed to help clarifying some...

Author(s): Ömer Özer and Neda Üçer Saraçer

The science of telling stories: Evaluating science communication via narratives (RIRC method)

April 2010

  It is quite reasonable to claim that narratives can include, explain and recreate science and that this means of science communication is generally popular. This idea seems to be supported by the fact that many contemporary authors who include science as a theme in their work receive a good reception among the public (at least in Britain). Novels like Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh, Longitude by...

Author(s): Aquiles Negrete and Cecilia Lartigue

New approach to eliminate the latency in handoff schema for mobile node

March 2010

  An important and challenging issue in the next-generation wireless systems (NGWS) is to support seamless handoff while moving between different integrated networks. This paper presents a location aided fast handoff protocol which is an improvement over the pre-registration low latency handoff proposed by the IETF. Pre-registration requires layer 2 information that might not be present in the access technology...

Author(s): Hatem Hamad and Souhir Elkourd

Manpower planning in Agricultural Science University Libraries in India

March 2010

  Manpower is an important resource in every organization. Inadequate manpower in organizations affects the functions and services in libraries adversely. As such, manpower planning is needed to know about the staff pattern, functions of the organizations, job analysis, effective providing of library services, etc. The present study identified the manpower working and manpower requirements in the Agricultural...

Author(s): B. U. Kannappanavar and Praveenkumar Kumbargoudar

Data encryption using the dynamic location and speed of mobile node

March 2010

  Due to the fast development in electronic technology, some mobile devices are designed for new services in important applications in life. In this paper, we propose a new method of message security by using the coordinates in GPS service, where it can specify the path of movement by taking some coordinates during travel of mobile node MN and estimate the following situation of MN in a constant time...

Author(s): Hatem Hamad and Souhir Elkourd

Patriotic advertising and the creation of the citizen-consumer

March 2010

  As the United States confronts political and economic turmoil, corporate marketers and political leaders encourage citizen-consumers to shop to keep the economy growing. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between consumption and citizenship in American culture and to understand how consumers make sense of buy-domestic advocacy and advertising appeals to patriotism. The study...

Author(s): Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai

Limited effects on patient awareness with nurse training in interpersonal communication during antenatal care visits - An explorative study from Cameroon

February 2010

  The objective of this study was to improve by a two day training on interpersonal communication (IPC), the professional communication skills of nurses during antenatal care (ANC), and to obtain higher levels of knowledge among the pregnant women after the visit. The head-nurses of 22 health facilities in 3 rural health districts in Cameroon were randomly assigned to either the intervention group A or the...

Author(s): Niklaus D. Labhardt, Bernard Cerutti, Kaspar Fischer, Engelbert Mangaand Beat Stoll

2006 elections in Israel: Marking the end of an era for the controlled televised election campaign broadcast

February 2010

  This article examines the influence of the new ratings culture and multi-channelled reality on the 2006 Knesset elections in Israel. Prior to 2006, the tightly controlled one hour prime time campaign commercial on major television stations was one of the most important factors in Israeli national elections, if not the most important one. The 2006 campaign demonstrated that these commercials no longer have...

Author(s): Yuval Karniel and Amit Lavie-Dinur

Trends in first page priorities of Indian print media reporting - A content analysis of four English Language newspapers

February 2010

  A critical analysis of the first page reporting priorities of the four leading news papers-The Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, The Times of India (all being published from New Delhi and Lucknow) and The Hindu (Only from New Delhi and Southern States) reveals a number of interesting shifts in the paradigms of news reporting and values. The analysis, which involves the first page news...

Author(s): C. S. H. N. Murthy, Challa Ramakrishna and Srinivas R. Melkote

Reporting of the ACT heroin trials

January 2010

  The aim of this research is to analyse the reports of the proposed heroin maintenance trials in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.), in Melbourne print media during 1997. The proposal for trials of heroin-prescription to long-term users in the A.C.T. was based on extensive scientific research. The rejection of this proposal by Prime Minister Howard raised many questions. This study was designed to help...

Author(s): Peter Miller

Information sources to cocoa farmers on cocoa rehabilitation techniques (CRTs) in selected states of Nigeria

January 2010

  The aim of this research is to analyse the reports of the proposed heroin maintenance trials in the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T.), in Melbourne print media during 1997. The proposal for trials of heroin-prescription to long-term users in the A.C.T. was based on extensive scientific research. The rejection of this proposal by Prime Minister Howard raised many questions. This study was designed to help...

Author(s): S.O. Adeogun, J.E. Olawoye and L.A. Akinbile

Semantic excess or new canons? Exploring the print media

January 2010

        The English print media in India has taken up the growing challenge of subscribing to a postcolonial, deviant use of language and preparing a linguistic model of Indian English. This paper tries to establish the above fact with data from certain national dailies during the late 1990’s when actually the print media went through a well perceived change in the use of language. The...

Author(s): Asima Ranjan Parhi

The print media coverage of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks: A study on the coverage of leading Indian newspapers and its impact on people

December 2009

  Since its independence in 1947, India has been facing the problem of terrorism in different parts of the country. This research is an analysis of the media coverage of terrorists’ attack on Mumbai (one of the busy metros of India and the business capital of the country) on 26 November 2008 (now the attack is popularly known as 26/11). The research is carried out to know the people’s opinion about...

Author(s): M. Neelamalar, P. Chitra and Arun Darwin

Department of Media Sciences, Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

December 2009

  Design of electrooptic modulators in the applications of radio-over-fiber (ROF) has been studied and investigated in the present paper. Integrated optic design is handled to build a tank circuit to obtain the maximum output power. The modulated bandwidth is deeply and parametrically studied over wide ranges of the affecting sets of parameters via specially designed software which processes the interaction of...

Author(s): Abd El-Naser A. Mohammed, M. A. Metawe&#;e, Abd El-Fattah A. Saad and Mohammed S. F. Tabbour

“Public perceptions of HIV prevalence trends in a municipality in Western Uganda”

November 2009

  In order to assess the public’s perception of the declining HIV prevalence in a township in western Uganda and its causes, a cross-sectional household survey of 252 randomly selected citizens was conducted in 2005. Survey questions related to the declining HIV prevalence documented in this location and its interpretation, as well as to trends in AIDS-related deaths and stigma. Forty-five percent of all...

Author(s): Elizabeth Chapman, Walter Kipp, Gian S. Jhangri, Paul Veugelers and Tom Rubaale

Using multimedia in teaching Islamic studies

November 2009

  The sophistication of multimedia technologies nowadays gives a great challenge to educators in order to continuously play significant roles in the borderless globalisation of information era. This challenge should not be regarded as a threat but should be accepted as a great reward to education world, which is able to produce an amazing result if the tools are used correctly and wisely. Thus, the main purpose...

Author(s): Wan Noor Hazlina Wan Jusoh and Kamaruzaman Jusoff

Ultra wide band (UWB) of optical fiber Raman amplifiers in advanced optical communication networks

October 2009

  In the present paper, we have analyzed numerically the ultra wide band (UWB) optical fiber Raman amplifiers in advanced optical communication networks. Moreover, we have developed the numerical transmission and propagation techniques based on mathematical laboratory programming to solve the coupled optical wave equations to obtain design parameters, operational characteristics, and its implementation in the...

Author(s): Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed and Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed

Assessing Uganda’s public communications campaigns strategy for effective national health policy awareness

October 2009

  Uganda government’s national health policy communication campaign strategy has been done in a socio-economic, legal and environmental context dominated by chronic poverty, ignorance, disease and official corruption. Deficiencies in the national health policy awareness, knowledge, risky behaviour and superstitions have increased the incidents of illnesses, diseases, deaths and poverty in Uganda....

Author(s): Wilson Okaka

Critical analysis of press freedom in Pakistan

August 2009

  Press freedom has never been consistent in Pakistan. Different regimes used legal and constitutional means to control the press from public debate and criticism. In it sixty years of history, Pakistan has been ruled by military more than the civilian. Press in Pakistan usually faces threats, violence, economic pressure, etc. The country's law on blasphemy has been used against journalists. Poor literacy,...

Author(s): Syed Abdul Siraj

Pedagogical process management: Case study by applying the reinforcement learning

August 2009

  The introduction of the intelligence in teaching software is the object of this paper. In software elaboration process, one uses some learning techniques in order to adapt the teaching software to characteristics of student. Generally, one uses the artificial intelligence techniques like reinforcement learning, Bayesian network  in order to adapt the system to the environment...

Author(s): Abdellah Bennane, Theo D’hondt, Bernard Manderick and Ann Nowé

Consensus building through role playing from the perspective of self persuasion

July 2009

  Engineering public consensus based on voluntary participation in public discussion is a useful, albeit difficult, method to resolve social conflicts. Active participation such as group discussions, public hearings, task force teams and committees for conflict resolution, is more effective in changing attitudes and behaviors than are negative strategies. Even with its importance, the effects and efficiency of...

Author(s): Hyun Soon Park

Does globalization affect media role in a democratic country? Bangladesh perspective

July 2009

  Based on reviews of secondary literature, the present paper intends to analyze the effect of globalization in determining the role of media in a democracy from the theoretical points of view. It is established through the findings that media can play a prominent role for the establishment of democracy and can act as a bridge between people and the government. However, in the globalized era, the role of the...

Author(s):   Pradip Kumar Panday

Culture and characteristics of cellular phone communication in South Korea

June 2009

  This study investigates the characteristics of cellular phone communication and analyzes the relatIonship between the Korean culture and the characteristics of cellular phone communication in South Korea.  In order to examine the uses and functions of cellular phone communication, this paper reviews several communication theories such as the uncertainty reduction theory, the uses and gratifications...

Author(s): Jinbong Choi

Framing the “Clash of civilization” in Europe: Interaction between political and media frames

June 2009

  The present study reviews the foci, symbols and interpretations that the European media use to formulate and spread the political message about the “clash of civilizations”. This means observing how this cultural clash is articulated in political discourse and how this is then reflected in the leading European media. To carry out this study, we compared the frames found in several...

Author(s): Teresa La Porte and Mª Luisa Azpiroz

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