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  • DOI: 10.5897/UNIJERPS
  • Start Year: 2020
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Distance learning (e-learning) in Obafemi Awolowo University during Covid-19 pandemic school lock-down in Nigeria: The prospects and challenges

April 2022

The advent of Covid-19 pandemic compelled the Nigerian education system, especially the university system that relied mostly on face-to-face instruction method, to migrate to distance learning through e-learning method. In order to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, the educational sector appears to be leaning toward e-learning globally. However, the adoption of this method in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) during...

Author(s): Ayotunde David Odewale, John Monday Etebom and Jonhson Oladimeji Edema  

Challenges for teachers during COVID-19

February 2022

The year 2020 has been noted in the history of education as the COVID-19 pandemic that spread all over the world compelled the authorities to close down all educational institutions indefinitely. Meanwhile, the governments have decided to start education in an online mode which has become an emergency need for the continuation of students’ education. The starting of online classes created new challenges for...

Author(s): V. Sindhya

Effect of gender on Basic Science students’ academic achievement in secondary schools in Enugu Education Zone, Enugu State, Nigeria

October 2021

Junior secondary schools’ achievement in Basic Science continues to fall below expectations, despite several interventions by multiple stakeholders. Hence, there is need to research more on gender effects on the delivery of Basic Science curricula content. This study, therefore, examined the effect of gender on Basic Science students’ academic achievement in secondary school. A pre-test, post-test,...

Author(s): Ani I. Mercy, Obodo C. Abigail, Ikwueze C. Chikodiri and Festus I. Tafi  

Quality of trainers at public technical, vocational, education and training institutions: The missing link in Kenya’s skill development

July 2021

Kenya’s development agenda is anchored on development of skill inventory of her human resource base with the onus placed on Technical and Training Institutions (TVET). However, at the Centre of skill formation, capacity of technical trainers is critical. This study examined capacity of technical trainers in Kenya terms of quantity and quality. Data were collected using questionnaires on 400 trainers randomly...

Author(s): Selina Chepkoech, Ibrahim Khatete and Genevieve Wanjala

Curriculum implementation challenges to the new social studies education teacher

June 2020

The success or failure of any educational programme depends on the effectiveness of its curriculum implementation by the teachers. Hence this paper focused on the curriculum implementation challenges to the new social studies education teacher. The issue of the unique nature of the social studies teacher and vile / uninterested students were first discussed. The paper exhaustively looked at the major challenges before...

Author(s): Ibeh Athanatius, Ifeanyi

  • Article Number: BD5641566497

Self-esteem and academic achievements in mathematics in Anambra State

June 2020

Students’ academic self-concept and self-esteem are strong indicators and facilitators for effective learning. Their relationship in determining academic achievement has been a debating issue in the educational field. The study examined the relationship among students’ academic self-concept, self-esteem, and academic achievement in mathematics in Anambra State. Four research questions and four null...

Author(s): Anyanwu Adeline Nne and Emesi Kingsley Ekene

  • Article Number: FC2626266523

Administrative effectiveness and systemic reform of universal basic education: A panacea for national transformation

June 2020

There is strong evidence that administrative effectiveness could act as a springboard for success of education system. This paper examined the issues of administrative effectiveness and systematic reform of universal Basic Education as a panacea for national transformation and development. The paper further discussed the concept of teaching, administrative effectiveness, UBE and its success, strategies for the provision...

Author(s): Offem, Odim Otu and Ekawon, Stella Ebokpo

  • Article Number: D35657C66521

Managing education for human resource development

June 2020

This paper dealt on managing education for human resource development. It discussed some conceptual viewpoint on management which is seen as is a process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives in an efficient and ethical manner. The paper also explained education as an instrument for national and individual development. Human resources which encompass all the experiences, skills,...

Author(s): Duru, Christian Chinedu

  • Article Number: 74902C366516

Factors responsible for mass failures in economics in Senior Secondary Schools (SSCE) Examination in Enugu educational zone

June 2020

The objective of this study is to determine the factors responsible for mass failure in economics secondary school examination among secondary students in Enugu Educational Zone. The research design for the study was survey. A close-ended questionnaire was used as the instrument of study. This instrument was validated by two experts. The test re-test method was used to test for the reliability of the instrument. The...

Author(s): Ononye Felicia Obioma and Obiakor Mariagoretti Ijeoma

  • Article Number: 600322C66507

School leadership as a correlate of teachers’ job satisfaction in public secondary schools in Awka education zone of Anambra State

June 2020

The purpose of this study was to ascertain the relationship between school leadership and teachers’ job involvement in the public secondary schools in Enugu State. One research question guided the study and one null hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted correlation research design. Population of the study comprised 10,112 teachers in the 291 public secondary schools in Enugu state....

Author(s): OKAFORCHA, Choice Chimaa and OKEKE, Ifediorah Nonyem

  • Article Number: B9F41F266465

Creative thinking as predictor of teachers’ job proficiency in public secondary schools in Ohaji, Imo State, Nigeria

June 2020

In this study, the researcher investigated the relationship between creative thinking and teachers’ proficiency in public secondary schools in Imo state, Nigeria. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. Two research questions and two null-hypotheses guided the study. The two null-hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The population of the study consisted of 420 teachers...

Author(s): Oparaji, Israel Chijiuka

  • Article Number: 2370F1166494

Relationship between staff training and development and teachers’ performance in secondary schools in Anambra State

June 2020

The purpose of the study was to determine how staff training and development relate to teachers’ performance secondary schools in Anambra State. It was a survey research. The population of the study comprised 11,921 respondents while the sample for this study is made up of 3,576 respondents made of 76 principals and 1,733 teachers in public secondary schools and 105 principals and 1,662 teachers in private...

Author(s): Florence Ukamaka Akudo

  • Article Number: FD7A89166491

Effects of instructional material on multiplicative thinking of primary school pupils in mathematics in Kaduna State, Nigeria

June 2020

This study assessed the Effect of Instructional Material on Multiplicative Thinking of Primary School pupils in mathematics in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The pre-test, post-test quasi experimental research design involving two groups (one experimental and the other control) was used. Ninety (90) pupils participated as sample for the study (48 male and 42 female). One instrument: Multiplicative Thinking Performance Test...

Author(s): Ayuba Istifanus, Timayi Joseph Majiyebo and Biong’ahu Danladi

  • Article Number: 69CB00F66489

Causes and implications abortion of teenage girl’s education in Onitsha south local government area of Anambra State

June 2020

This paper sought to determine the causes and implications of abortion on teenage girl’s education in Onitsha South local government area of Anambra State. Descriptive survey design was adopted for study and questionnaire was used for data collection. The population of the study was six thousand, nine hundred (6,900) pupils. Out of the above population, two hundred (200) subjects were randomly selected as sample...

Author(s): OBIAKOR, Mariagoretti Ijeoma and EZENWAGU, Stephen Abuchi

  • Article Number: DC77BFD66483

Teaching ethics and morality education in Nigerian schools for sustainable development.

June 2020

Over the years, there are incessant cases of antisocial vices in almost every nook and cranny of the country such as cultist attack, suicide, armed robbery, kidnapping, among others. The upsurge of immoral behaviours among Nigerian youth has posed a lot of hazards to the youths themselves, parents, the teachers and the society in general. The religious men and women that were hitherto seen as the fountain of moral...

Author(s): Uwaezuoke, Martha-Rose Ifeoma

  • Article Number: 5C82DD566479

Early marriage and its impact on girl’s education in Abakaliki education zone of Ebonyi State.

June 2020

This work sought to determine Early Marriage and its Impact on Girl’s Education in Abakaliki Education Zone of Ebonyi State. Four research questions were formulated to guide the study; a descriptive survey design was adopted. The population of the study was four hundred and forth eight (448) teachers. The researcher used simple random sampling technique to draw the sample for the study. Twenty eight (28)...

Author(s): Oguejioffor, Chidumebi Ngozi

  • Article Number: B8422FF66476

Personal-social guidance: a service for social transformation of youths for national development

June 2020

Youths are the strengths of any society. The future of any nation depends on the youths. Nigeria has in recent times witnessed and is witnessing a social breakdown especially among the youths. Counselling, on the other hand, is a helping profession that helps people to adjust properly to a well meaningful life. In this write up, the authors are of the view that personal-social guidance which is one of the components of...

Author(s): DANIEL Terhemen Tseuve, AISHATU Ismaila Haruna Mcasson and TSINSAT Ibrahim

  • Article Number: FB21E8D66471

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