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  • ISSN: 1996-0786
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJEST
  • Start Year: 2007

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Concentration of heavy metals (Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Cd, Pb and Hg) in two vegetables (cabbage and potatoes) were determined and the potential health risks due to the consumption of the vegetables were estimated. Mean concentrations of Zn (134.0+5.62 mg/kg), As (0.12+0.01 mg/kg) and Cd (0.32+0.01 mg/kg) in cabbage from Biological Lagoon area and Zn (103.0+8.34 mg/kg), As (0.14+0.01 mg/kg) and Cd (0.31+0.01 mg/kg) in cabbage...

Author(s):Samuel Bekele Gujo, Solomon Sorsa Sota, Daniel Fitamo Arficho, Zinabu Gebremariam Weldesenbet and Gunnhild Riise

Variability and Time Series Trend Analysis of Climate and Local People’s Perception in Janamora Woreda, Northwest Ethiopia

Article in Press

Climate variability and change is the significant environmental and global threat of the current century. This study analyzed variability and time series trend analysis of climate from 1981-2018 and local people’s perception towards climate change in Janamora Woreda, Northwest Ethiopia. Primary data was collected through a household survey from 138 respondents selected by multi-stage sampling method. Secondary data was...

Author(s):Adamsew Marelign

Evaluation of outdoor human thermal comfort conditions in selected streets of Nairobi City's Centre

Article in Press

This paper evaluated the outdoor human thermal comfort conditions for urban heat island management in Nairobi city. Environmental parameters were measured at microclimatic and instantaneous scales on a typical summer day in Nairobi City's Centre's selected streets. The RayMan software package and ENVI-met v4.0 BETA model were used to evaluate both measured and simulated physiologically equivalent temperature (PET) to...

Author(s):Emmanuel Ochola Matsaba, Ines Langer, Aggrey Ochieng Adimo, John Bosco Mukundi and John Mwibanda Wesonga

Assessment of toxic and essential trace metals in Unwana borehole water in Afikpo North, Ebonyi State

Article in Press

Water samples labeled A, B, C, D and E from five different boreholes in Unwana were analyzed to assess the level of toxicity and essential trace elements present. The results obtained showed slight variation in temperature for all the samples, having sample B, recording the highest values of 28 oC. As for pH, sample B recorded a pH of 6.58 which lies within the limits recommended by WHO. For the trace metals, Cd(II),...

Author(s):Ndukwe, M. K., Igara C. E. And Idara,A.E

Effectiveness of the Implementation of Plastic Bags Ban: Empirical Evidence from Kenya

Article in Press

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of plastic bags ban in Nakuru town, Kenya. Design/methodology/approach – Descriptive cross-sectional research design was adopted for the study. The target population comprised of 500 traders in Nakuru retail market located in Central Business District. Stratified sampling techniques were used to pick a sample size of 167...

Author(s):Wahinya M.K. Paul and Mironga J.M.

Adverse Impact of Climate change on Mambioko Community dependent Forest and Local Perception on vulnerabilities and Responses-Centre Region of Cameroon

Article in Press

This study was undertaken to identify and assess climate change vulnerabilities and impacts on the livelihoods of forest dependent communities in Mambioko community forest in the Centre Region of Cameroon. Primary data was collected from 120 households; key informants, focus group discussions and was supplemented with secondary data from desk review of relevant literature. Forest resources were generally perceived by...

Author(s):Tieminie Robinson Nghogekeh and Chia Eugene Loh

Analysis of Urban Solid Waste Management Practices and Determinants Using Contingent Valuation Method

Article in Press

This research was conducted aiming at addressing environmental quality by assessing the waste discharging practices of households, identifying the most significant variables affecting willingness to pay for urban solid waste management and the cost that can be saved because of the improvement in waste management techniques in Mizan-Aman town. Contingent valuation coupled with logistic regression method of analysis was...

Author(s):Tesfaye Yirssaw Bizuneh

Socio-economic and health status of rag pickers in the dump site of Mekelle city, Northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Rag pickers are people who collect recyclable and reusable materials from mixed wastes in cities. A cross sectional survey on socio economic and health status among randomly selected rag pickers in the dump site of Mekelle city, Ethiopia was done during 2019. The study showed that all rag pickers were males with age of 19 to 25 years and 60% of them were educated up to secondary level. They worked continuously for 12...

Author(s):Mulu Gebreslassie and Prakasam Vadakkedath Raman


Article in Press

Jatropha curcas is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, which is native to the American tropics, most likely Mexico and Central America. It is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, becoming naturalized in some areas. Jatropha curcas is a non-edible oil crop predominantly used to produce bio-diesel. The seeds contain 27-40% oil (average: 34.4%) that can be processed to...

Author(s):James M. Onchieku, Tracey Cheptoo, Eucharia Kenya, Fathiya Khamis, Richard Okoth Oduor

Consequences of crude oil pollution on the Niger Delta Environment

Article in Press

The consequence of crude oil pollution on the sediments in the mangrove rhizosphere in the Niger Delta environment was examined in this study. Propagules of Rhizophora racemosa name of the author of species (red mangrove) were sown in plastic buckets containing 10 kg sediment, polluted with different concentrations (0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) of Bonny light crude oil, on weight/volume basis. Sediment samples from these...

Author(s):Emuedo, O.A., Ubani, S.E., Uwumarongie, A.M.D., Chukwuka, A.N., Omorogbe, J.A., Ugiagbe-Ekue, U., Omoruyi, J.I

Spectral predictions of rainfall extreme event in Eastern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Ethiopia is one of the countries whose economy is highly dependent on rain-fed agriculture and is also facing recurring cycles of flood and drought. Climate variability imposes a significant challenge in the country. Consequently, this paper intends to predict the frequency of extreme rainfall in Eastern Ethiopia. Descriptive statistics, and spectrum analysis were used for analyzing 71 year annual rainfall data obtained...

Author(s):Rediat Takele Figa, Takele Geta and Solomon Geberetsedik

Distribution of Nutrient Salts and Chlorophyll-a in Surface Water along Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea Coast, Yemen

Article in Press

The distribution of inorganic nutrient salts (NH4, NO2, NO3, PO4 and SiO4) and phytoplankton chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) were investigated in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea coast, Yemen. Seventy tw72o surface water samples were collected during cruises in August 2014 and January 2015. The sampled area extends from As suqayyah in the west of Gulf of Aden to Hawf in the east. The study showed that the average values of nutrient...

Author(s):Ibrahim A. Al-Akhaly, Nabil A. Al-Shwafi and Shehab A. Al-Kabsh

Assessment of the effect of solid waste dump site on surrounding soil and river water quality in Teppi town, Southwest Ethiopia

Article in Press

Background: An increase in the urban population and the rising demand for food and other essentials perpetuate a rise in the amount of waste being generated daily by each household. In Ethiopia, this waste is eventually thrown into open dump sites. It can causes severe impact on soil and surface water quality. As a result, it can be the probable source of human health risk through food chain. Therefore, this study was...

Author(s):Besufekad Mekonnen, Alemayehu Haddis, Wuhib Zeine

Securing Land Rights: Geomatics Approach

Article in Press

Most lands in Africa are claimed and managed by indigenous peoples and local communities. But it is disheartening that most African governments do not seem to recognize the rights of these customary land owners. This will give room for the proliferation of poverty, rights abuses, land grabs and land disputes. Securing land rights has been a priority of the international development sector for decades, Nigeria not being an...

Author(s):Adewara M. Babalola & Odeyemi K. Abilodun

Soil Nutrient Variations Between Soil Depths (0-20cm & 20-40cm) Around Cement Factories, Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study was conducted with an aim to analyze the spatial variability of soil properties with depth under cement dust pollution areas. In soil there is nutrient variation in different depths, the variations can also affected by the anthropogenic factors. In this study, the nutrient variation between soil depths (0-20cm & 20-40cm) in cement dust pollution fields has been assessed. A total of 72 soil samples from 0-20cm &...

Author(s):Yohannse Habteyesus Yitagesu, Kebede Dinkecha

Examining the reduction of oil pollutants in the soil by biological methods

Article in Press

The increase in the use of fossil fuels to meet the energy needs by the industries has led to pollution and tensions in the environment. By entering to water, oil, and weather ecosystems, pollution from the use of Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHC) has led to irreparable damage to the health of humans, living organisms and the environment. Thus, the reduction of pollutants from the entry of these compounds into the environment...

Author(s):Morteza Kashefi Asl

Dumpsite Waste Picker’s Occupational Risk Factors and their impacts, awareness and its relationship to waste recovery practices in Thika and Nakuru towns of Kenya

Article in Press

Dumpsite waste pickers face stigma, harassment and exposure to occupational health and safety risk factors despite their important role in waste materials recycling. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the risk factors that the pickers were exposed to and their impacts, level of awareness on occupational health and safety and its relationship with waste recovery practices. The population of the study comprised the...

Author(s):Joseph Maina Kariuki, Margaret Bates and Adiel Magana

Climate Change Effect on Crops Performance with a focus on Cereals: a Review

Article in Press

As climate change has demonstrated a variable effect in different part of the world, its effect is severe in the developing world. Climate change, the ambient weather factors are becoming beyond the suitability ranges, is imposing a negative effect on the adaptation and production of the crops. This is because of variability and change in precipitation, solar radiation, temperature, CO2 concentration, thereby, leading to...

Author(s):Tewodros Ayalew and Walelign Worku

Designing a semi-dry cyclonic channel scrubber for the simultaneous removal of suspended particles and SO2

Article in Press

The aim of this research was to evaluate the efficiency of a cyclonic scrubber in a simultaneous removal of suspended particles and SO2 from the warm airflow in factories extracting lead. At first, the sampling from the suspended particles and SO2 gases exhausted from the chimneys was carried out before applying the filtration system. Then, the cyclone scrubber system was designed based on the pressure, velocity and...

Author(s):Mahmood Tabrizi, Faramarz Moattar and Nabiollah Mansuri

An Assessment of Weather and Climate Change impact on Human Health in the Case of Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia

Article in Press

It is well known that weather conditions could aggravate factors for climate-sensitive disease. This paper assesses on the effects of extreme temperature and rainfall events on human health in Addis Ababa City. Health statistics of different seasons were utilized for the assessment of health impact on urban population in Addis Ababa. Surface temperatures pattern were analyzed to investigate the urban warming effect....

Author(s):Ethiopian Civil Service University, College of Urban Development and Study

Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practice in Wolkite Town, Central Ethiopia

Article in Press

Solid Waste is unwanted materials generated from different sources. The objective of the study was exploring major solid waste and management in Wolkite town. The data was collecting using primary data through questionnaires, structure and semi-structured interviews, and field observations. The analysis of this work was carried out using quantitative description. Data on frequency distribution of solid waste in Wolkite...

Author(s):Belachew Garedew

Quantitative analysis of meteorological factors: evapotranspiration, relative humidity, precipitation, temperature, NAO and ONI atmospheric index for 2017, Managua, Nicaragua

Article in Press

The purpose of this paper is to synthesize the analysis of the relationship that occurs between the occurrence of disasters, the level of development and the need for a sustainable development style as a framework strategy for comprehensive risk management. The so-called natural disasters are not in essence natural, but only triggered by natural events such as floods or earthquakes; the disaster itself is a social...

Author(s):Victor Rogelio Tirado Picado


Article in Press

This study focused on the comparative evaluation of the potentials of exotic and indigenous breed hen eggshell powder as an adsorbent for the removal of Chromium (VI) ion from textile wastewater. The effects of adsorbent dosage, contact time, solution pH and solution temperature were investigated in a batch process and evaluated. The results showed that the optimum conditions were adsorbent dose of 6g, contact time of 3 h,...

Author(s):Folami, N.A., Oyebola, M.O., Dare, B.T. and Edafeshebure, O.


Article in Press

Laboratory study was carried out to investigate the effect of acidic and alkaline characteristics of groundwater medium on three tracers (rhodamine B, eosin and potassium dichromate) commonly used for groundwater investigations. This is with the view of improving the criterion used in the selection of tracers for groundwater investigations. The factors considered are: the maximum tracer concentration, Cmax, which could be...

Author(s):J.O. Jeje

Evaluation of a poultry litter pelleting machine

Article in Press

In this study a designed and fabricated single screw pelleting machine was evaluated for the production of poultry litter pellets. The design of the components (hopper, barrel, screw auger, dies) of the poultry litter pelleter was done using standard engineering procedures. The poultry litter obtained from a local farm was air-dried, milled and rewetted to the moisture content required for the experiment. Performance...

Author(s):M.O. Kolade, B.A. Adewumi, O.U. Dairo, O.A. Adejumo

The pedobotanical significance of Colophospermum mopane on granitic soils found in Mushandike Wildlife Sanctuary within Tokwe Mukorsi basin in Zimbabwe

Article in Press

An analysis of the vegetation and soil relations in a mixed Tree Bush Savannah (TBS) of Mushandike Wildlife Sanctuary within Tokwe Mukorsi dam basin of Zimbabwe is presented. The objective of this study was to ascertain some perceptible Colophospermun mopane species found in low lying arid or semi arid areas on granite to confirm its indicator value for sodic soils in Zimbabwe. Enumeration and measurements of species along...

Author(s):Zhou N.M.

Public Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities: A Sustainable Domestic Water Management Strategy in Tanzania

Article in Press

Water supply is a mandatory service for Tanzanians from respective legal public water utilities, and their sustainability reflects implementations of best management strategies at local level. The objective of this study was to assess current approaches used in water quality and quantity managements in Tanzania. This was achieved through secondary water data tends, on-site water quality assessments, visits of respective...

Author(s):Mesia Lufingo

Determination of indoor neutral air temperature for occupants in naturally ventilated residential buildings of the warm climate zone in Ethiopia

Article in Press

Neutral temperature determination study conducted in naturally ventilated residential buildings of Jimma town, south-west Ethiopia. 98 residential buildings were systematically selected and the questionnaire was administrated to adult residents in each of selected buildings. They were asked about their thermal sensation for consecutive seven days at living rooms in the morning, afternoon, evening and night times and their...

Author(s):Chali Yadeta, Gudina Terefe Tucho and Esayas Alemayehu

Sustainability Management in the Mining Industry - A Case Study of AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi Mine

Article in Press

In recent times, there has been growing concerns about natural resource depletion and pollution related problems across mining areas in Ghana. This research presents a study on sustainability management of large-scale mining concessions, using AngloGold Ashanti as a case study. A top down approach (looking into arguments from different stakeholders) and qualitative interviews were adopted to gather information. Conclusions...

Author(s):Francis Atta Kuranchie, Wisdom Kanda, Prosper Naah Angnunavuri and Richard Atta Kuranchie

The Impact of Urban Expansion on Physical Environment in Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study aims to investigate the major consequence of urban expansion in urban areas particularly in Debre Markos town with review of relevant literatures. The finding of the paper was presented by using charts, table, graphs, and figures. This study shows that Debre Markos town is one of Ethiopian urban settings experiencing unique rate of urbanization through expansion. The findings of the study showed that the trend...

Author(s):urbanization, urban expansion, environmental degradation, environment


Article in Press

The study was carried out in Vamanapuram River, Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India to assess the water quality for domestic purposes between February and July, 2017. Fifteen physico-chemical parameters of water were estimated and qualitative and quantitative studies of algae were made. Low values of DO (3.0 - 3.97 mg/l) and high BOD (12.0 - 15.0 mg/l) indicate high level of organic pollution in the river. The...

Author(s):Aiswarya, S., Bindu, L. and Shaji, C.

Functionality and sustainability assessment of small scale water supply schemes in Afar Region, Ethiopia

Article in Press

It is very precious to get clean and enough potable water supply in many parts of the Afar region in Ethiopia. Most of the Afar population living condition is nomadic and cattle based agriculture, hence move from place to place to search hay and food for their cattle. They settle, most of the time, along the periphery of the rivers. Lots of governmental and non-governmental organizations, like Kelem Ethiopia, are...

Author(s):Melese Chanie Shumie

Biomonitoring of dust pollution of road side of Kathmandu valley using Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI)

Article in Press

Biological monitoring and assessment studies due to urban--road pollutants were carried out using Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) of plants. Four plant (leaf) parameters--namely ascorbic acid, total chlorophyll, relative water content and leaf extract pH were combined together in a formulation signifying the APTI of plants. APTI was calculated for five different shrub species viz. Bougainvillea glabra, Duranta...

Author(s):Shobha Dhyani, Anjana Devkota, Sushila Devi Shrestha, Pramod Kumar Jha


Article in Press

Concentrations of Pb, Zn, Cd, and Cu, were determined in topsoil collected from Gosa, Sabon-Lugbe, Aco and Lugbe Auto mechanic workshops along airport road, Abuja, Nigeria, using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry method with a view to determining the level of contamination of the areas with the heavy metals. Average values of the heavy metals in (ppm) for all sample locations ( Gosa, Lugbe, Aco and Sabon-Lugbe)...

Author(s):Jibrin, N.A, and Abdullahi, K


Article in Press

Conventional production of platform chemicals from fossil fuel has two major disadvantages. It exerts pressure on the depleting world fossil-fuel resources and posses enormous environmental threat. Lignocellulosic materials such as wood wastes are potential resources for the production of chemicals and biofuels. Forest/Agricultural wastes are cheap, renewable and their conversion to bio-based chemicals contributes to green...

Author(s):Adekunle E A, Ayodele O O, Olorode M. E, Akala A O, Agbejinmi B. D

Removing iron ions contaminants from groundwater using modified nano-Hydroxyapatite by nano manganese oxide

Article in Press

In this article, we study modified nano-hydroxyapatite (HAp) by nano manganese oxide (Mn3O4) as adsorbent material to remove iron ions from groundwater. Different parameters were studied to option optimum conditions of removing such as contact time, pH, initial concentration, a dosage of adsorbent, agitation speed and temperature. Kinetics studies included first order (R2= 0.915), pseudo-first order (R2 = 0.936), second...

Author(s):Mohammed Abd-El-Aal Ahmed Ayash , Tarek Ahmed Seaf Elnasr, Madiha Hassan Soliman

Comparative study of combustible briquettes based on municipal solid waste and residual biomass produced by different processes

Article in Press

A good knowledge of fuel characteristics is a major asset for their acceptability and their diffusion. The present research is intended to be a contribution to a comparative study of the combustible briquettes locally produced using Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The physicochemical characterization of the briquettes was carried out by the determination of the moisture content, dry matter, volatile organic matter, fixed...

Author(s):Norbert MANIRAKIZA , Théophile NDIKUMANA and C. Gisèle JUNG

Impact of climate variability and change on crop production and farmers’ adaptation strategies in Lokka Abaya District, Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

The rain fed crop production is inherently sensitive to climate variability and change. This research aimed to investigate the trend of climate variability and change and examine its impact on rain fed crop production in the Lokka Abaya District. For this purpose, 190 respondents were selected using purposive sampling technique from four villages. To collect data, interview schedule, key informant interview and focus group...

Author(s):Buni Lalego, Tewodros Ayalew and Deribe Kaske

Linking Spatial and Temporal Scales to Socio-economic Drivers of Land Use Land Cover Change

Article in Press

Urban land cover changes represent a response to socioeconomic, political, demographic, and environmental conditions. The aim of the study is to develop a methodology that will integrate socio-economic factors on driving forces generated by residents’ and experts’ opinions in order to provide scientific basis and a broader input for establishing Transition Probability matrix than spatio-temporal input than relying only...

Author(s):Tasiu Yusuf Idi, Bashir Adamu and Shittu J. Whanda

Estimation of carbon dioxide emissions from rice field of Muvumba P-8 marshland in Rwanda

Article in Press

Globally wetlands appear as a significant source of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission. Rwanda is facing a new challenge of emission of CO2 gases from the rice fields and there is lack of sufficient data showing how it affects the environment. The objective of this paper is to estimate the CO2 gas emissions in different time of the day to determine maximum and minimum CO2 gas emissions from the rice field. An experiment was...

Author(s):Muthiah Sankaranarayanan, Ave Maria Therese, Ingrid Wesström, Suresh Kumar Pande


Article in Press

BACKGROUND: The study determined the concentrations of lead, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and copper in domestic water samples in four Local Government Areas of Osun State, Nigeria. This was with a view of providing information on the quality and safety of domestic waters from wells and boreholes in the study areas. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Two hundred water samples were collected from wells and boreholes in four Local...

Author(s):Happiness Ihechi NJOKU and Omowunmi Sola AGBOOLA


Article in Press

ABSTRACT This study shows the effect of adsorbent dosage and contact time of activated carbon produced from palm kernel for adsorption of lead. Investigation shows that adsorption of lead by the activated palm kernel reached a maximum after 132 minutes where 67% of lead in the solution was adsorbed. This occurred at an activated carbon concentration of 0.5g/l. Generally, adsorption rate was shown to increase with increase...

Author(s):Otaraku, I. J. and Undiandeye, J. A.

Solid Waste Management Practices and Challenges: The Case of Halaba Town in Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Solid waste, which is a consequence of day-to-day activity of human kind, needs to be managed properly. Due to rapid increase in urbanization and population, the generation rate of municipal solid waste in Halaba town is also increasing due to which the town is facing several difficulties in providing proper solid waste management services to its population. Accordingly, the objective of this particular study was to assess...

Author(s):Alamudin Kufa Kedir, Temesgen Eliku and Getachew Demie Gebre


Article in Press

Iglas and Beswan are the towns in Aligarh district in of Uttar Pradesh, India. These are located along Aligarh- Mathura high way at 24 kms from Aligarh. These are located at 27°43’ N 77°56’ E. It has an average elevation of 178 meters. The town area extends from Karban River (towards Mathura) to old Canal (towards Aligarh).In the present study Groundwater samples were collected from Iglas and Beswan town. The samples...

Author(s):Harit Priyadarshi, Sarv Priya, Shabber Habib Alvi, Ashish Jain , Sangharsh Rao and Rituraj Singh

Assessment of the Vulnerability of Biophysical and Socio-economic Systems to the Impacts of Climate Change and Variability in Mau Forest Complex, Narok County

Article in Press

This study assessed the vulnerability of biophysical and socio-economic systems to the impacts of climate change and variability with particular emphasis on gender, age and marginalized groups using household survey. The study was carried out within the Mau Forest Complex, Narok County in Kenya where the sample size was calculated based on probability proportional to estimated size. Proportionate stratified multistage...

Author(s):Simeon Oruko Oyieko, Samson Okongo Mabwoga, Simon Ole Seno,Vincent Otieno Owanda

Analysis of Regional Flood frequency and its Socio-economic impact in Ethiopia

Article in Press

Flood is the major catastrophic phenomena that induce a significant impact on human life and property. As seminal papers indicated that it is a common problem in Ethiopia; however, its frequency and magnitude had increased rapidly in the last half century. Methods were developed like Flood frequency curves in order relate magnitude of peak flow with return period. The conventional way of flood frequency analysis was...

Author(s):Berhanu Geremew Sinshaw , Mamaru Ayalew Moges, Agumase kinde Tefera , , Simir Birhan Atanaw , Habtamu Muchie Fenta , Haimanot Atinkut Bazezew , , Daniel Geletaw Eshete , Kassaye Gurebiyaw Legese


Article in Press

Ikere forest reserve is a State owned forest estate and has experienced changes in its landscape pattern. Therefore, this study is set to assess the dynamic characteristics of the forest reserve landscape between 1985 and 2017 using remote sensing data and spatial metrics. Landscape of the study area maintained complex patterns of spatial heterogeneity over throughout the years. Forest cover loss to other land cover types...


Bacteriological Contamination of Groundwater in Relation to Septic Tanks Location in Ashanti Region, Ghana

Article in Press

Water is an indispensable resource to mankind and life in general. Over the world, issues of water scarcity and quality are becoming pronounced with increasing global population, industrialization and urbanization. Developmental activities of man can lead to the deterioration of surface and groundwater. As a result, groundwater has become an important source of water supply throughout the world. This research is very...

Author(s):Jeremiah Kasalku Takal and Jonathan Arthur Quaye-Ballard

Solid waste sorting and storage practices in the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria: How environment-friendly?

Article in Press

The study investigated solid waste sorting and storage practices in the different activity areas of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. The hospital was stratified into eight major groups. The groups consisted of 101 units, out of which 42 units were areas, where mixture of medical and non-medical waste were produced. The remaining 59 units were areas where only non-medical waste was generated. Using...

Author(s):AFON Abel Omoniyi and AKINPELU Olusegun Peter

Status and implementing strategies of Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Millennium City of Cuttack (Odisha, India)

Article in Press

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has become an issue of the contemporary times especially a concern in the urban environments of developing countries. Modernization and changing life style is contributing to this issue at large. Various aspects of MSW management in the Millennium City i.e. Cuttack, one of the commercial hubs of Orissa were assessed in order to formulate strategies so that effective management can be done. The...

Author(s):Subhani Rath

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