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Table of Content: 18 April 2011; 6(8)

April 2011

Public health implications of wildlife associated tsetse flies in Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria

A survey of tsetse flies was carried out at the two sectors of Kainji Lake National Park. Gourtex fly traps, the drum shaped and biconical-shaped, were used.  The traps were set adjacently at the same location. Four traps were set in each vegetation zone. At Bourgu Sector 20 traps were set, while 24 were set at Zurgurma sector. Cattle and Pig urine (Mixture) were used as attractant. The traps were set in the...

Author(s): W. A. Ajibade and S. A. Agbede

April 2011

Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria associated with frozen mackerel fish (Scomber scombrus) in a humid tropical environment

Aquaculture products can harbour pathogenic bacteria, which are part of the natural micro-flora of the environment. An in-vitro assay was carried out to ascertain and identify major bacterial contaminants of frozen fish, which hitherto had constituted an important dietary intake of the people of Nsukka, Nigeria. Fish samples collected were identified and bacterial load of the samples determined using agar...

Author(s): Eze, E. I., Echezona, B. C. and Uzodinma, E. C.

April 2011

Combining ability studies amongst AREX and CIMMYT maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines under stress and non stress conditions

Maize (Zea mays L.) is the staple food crop in Zimbabwe with a per capita consumption of 93 kg. It is grown in a wide range of environments with 80% being produced by the smallholder farmers who occupying more than 90% of the marginal areas of the country. Marginal area production has seen a high hybrid turnover on the market hence the need to develop hybrids with stable yields under diverse environments. National...

Author(s): Xavier Mhike, Davies M. Lungu and Bindi Vivek

April 2011

Effects of the level of protein and energy on growth dynamics, feed conversion and quality of stern of growing breeding gilts

This paper examined the effect of two levels of energy and protein in the diet of growing breeding gilts on the dynamics of growth, feed conversion and quality of stern. The results showed that increasing levels of energy and protein lead to an increase in daily growth, more efficient exploitation of feed and a better quality of stern of gilts.   Key words: Protein, energy, gilts, quality of stern.

Author(s): Vidica Stanaćev, Stanimir Kovčin, Saša Dragin, Nikola Puvača, Vladislav Stanaćev, Nedeljka Nikolova and Sava Zarić

April 2011

Traditional knowledge of edible plants among the Temuan villagers in Kampung Guntor, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

A total of 62 species of edible plants were reported to be used by the villagers in Kampung Guntor. The edible parts were obtained from 17 species of wild plants, 23 species of cultivated plants and 22 species of plants that exist as both wild and planted. More species (26) were eaten cooked compared to the raw species (17). Fruits and seeds were the most common parts used with a total of 38 species followed by the...

Author(s): H. C. Ong, P. F. J. Mojiun and P. Milow

April 2011

Farmers’ brand perception toward agricultural machinery in China

With the development of agricultural machinery industry in the modern market economy, brand variety of agricultural machinery will face an increasing strong competition in China, so a consumer-based brand research on agricultural machinery will be necessary. A questionnaire survey was conducted in this paper focusing on Chinese farmers’ perception toward brands of agricultural machinery. The empirical study with...

Author(s): Feng Jianying, Lu Peng, Mu Weisong, Zhang Xiaoshuan and Fu Zetian

April 2011

Correlation of resistance to Nilaparvata lugens Stål with secondary metabolites of rice plants

It is very difficult and complex to distinguish and estimate rice varieties’ resistance. Thus, it is necessary to built up a simple, nicety, steady and speedy method of resistant appraisement. Secondary metabolite is the important basic substance of rice resistance.The correlation of rice plant resistance to brown planthopper (BPH), Nilaparvata lugens Stål, with 20 distinct secondary...

Author(s): Lang Yang, Guang-Wen Liang, Feng-Kuan Huang, Ling Zeng and Bing Lin

April 2011

Determination of protein quality and true metabolizable energy of high oil poultry by-product meal

The three high oil poultry by-product meal (PBPM) samples were obtained from three poultry slaughter-houses in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. For evaluating of protein quality, 126 male broiler chicks in a completely randomized design as factorial arrangement was used and fed experimental diets from 8 to 17 days of age. The experimental diets consisted of a nitrogen-free basal diet based on corn starch and glucose and...

Author(s): Kalvandi Omid, Janmohammadi Hossein and Sadeghi Ghorbanali

April 2011

The relationship between the senescence induced by water deficits and C remobilization during grain filling in two wheat cultivars differing in drought resistance

Remobilization and transfer of the stored food in vegetative tissues to the grains in monocarpic plants require the initiation of whole plant senescence. However, mechanisms by which plant senescence promotes remobilization of assimilates are rather obscure. This study examined the relationship between the senescence induced by water deficits and C remobilization during grain filling. Two wheat cultivars (Triticum...

Author(s): Saeed Saeedipour

April 2011

Transport of selenium and its modeling through one dimensional saturated soil columns

The selenium, an essential nutrient and potentially toxic element to human and animal health, is widely used in agriculture and medicine. Soil is the transitional zone through which selenium entered into groundwater. Therefore, the transport of selenium through porous soil is of great environment concern, which is not well understood. The transport of selenite in loessial soil columns was studied using a...

Author(s): Wei Cong , Xingchang Zhang, and Ye Feng

April 2011

Comparative photosynthesis and transpiration of three varieties of Hibiscus cannabinus L. (Kenaf)

Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) is one of the important fiber crops next to cotton which is cultivated for its core and bast fibres. For successful commercial cultivation of kenaf, we need to choose the proper variety with most growth rate and biomass content. As growth and biomass production of plant are strictly related to their physiology attribute, to meet this, we measured gas exchange characteristics...

Author(s): Yaghoob Tahery