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Table of Content: 28 September, 2017; 12(39)

September 2017

Challenges to the efficacy of forestry and wildlife policies in Ghana for environmental protection: A review

Despite the promulgation of various forest and wildlife policies aimed at ensuring the sustainability and conservation of the environment since 1874, Ghana continues to trail in issues regarding environmental control, especially in mitigating the upfront menace of deforestation and pollution of the environment. The desk review study, driven by qualitative research approach with document analysis, was undertaken to...

Author(s): Dickson Adom

September 2017

Influence of Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) infestation on sweet sorghum productivity and juice quality

Ethanol production from sweet sorghum depends on the quality of the biomass and sugars in the juice extracted from the plant. However, quality may be compromised by Diatraea saccharalis (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) or sugarcane borer infestation. This study evaluated the effects of infestation by the pest on sweet sorghum juice productivity and quality. Sorghum variety BRS506 was planted in an experimental area...

Author(s): Michelle Vilela, Adriano Jorge Nunes dos Santos, Maria Lúcia Ferreira Simeone, Rafael Augusto da Costa Parrella, Dagma Dionisia da Silva, Douglas Ferreira Parreira, Fabiano Okumura, Robert Eugene Schaffert and Simone Martins Mendes

September 2017

Effect of deprivation of selected single nutrients on biometric parameters of cedar seedlings (Acrocarpus fraxinifolius) grown in nutritive solution

The purpose of this work was to assess biometric parameters of cedar seedlings (Acrocarpus fraxinifolius) associated with visual symptomatology of macronutrients deficiency, growth rate, and content and accumulation of nutrients in aerial parts of seedlings grown in nutritive solution. The trial was established in completely randomized design with seven treatments, four replications, and one plant per pot. Treatments...

Author(s): João Faustino Munguambe, Nelson Venturin, Maria Ligia de Souza Silva, Leandro Carlos, Diana Suzete Nunes da silva, Elias de Sá Farias, Lucas Amaral de Melo, Renato Luiz Grisi Macedo and Mateus José Comé

September 2017

Oil palm Fusarium wilt distribution and incidence in Southern Region of Ivory Coast

Fusarium wilt of oil palm is caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. elaeidis (Foe) and is particularly prevalent in Africa. This work shows prospect in the industrial and village oil palm plantations in the Southern region of Ivory Coast, used to assess the incidence and distribution of this disease. The method used entailed taking an inventory of all the plants in a given plot, noting the presence or absence of symptoms...

Author(s): GOGBE Balé Françoise Epse Dibi, DIABATE Sékou, KONAN Jean Noel,  KABLAN Kan Aurore Bel Martine, and DOGBO Denézon Odette

September 2017

Phosphorus, copper and zinc leached in lysimeters with red-yellow latosol subjected to different rates of reused swine water and irrigation water

This study evaluates some micro- elements, phosphorus, copper and zinc leached in lysimeters with red-yellow Latosol under different rates of reused water and irrigation water. This was done for a period of 40 days (August to October 2014) at the initial cycle of cauliflower cultivar ‘Verona CMS’, in Sinop/Mato Grosso. Reused swine water (0, 50 and 150 m3 ha-1) was applied in one portion before...

Author(s): Talita Dantas Pedrosa, Henrique Takyiuki Ozima, Roselene Maria Schneider, Adilson Pacheco de Souza, Ednaldo Antonio de Andrade and Luciana Vieira Mattos

September 2017

Detection and identification of bacterial soft rot of potato Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum using specific PCR primers in Jordan

Potato soft rot is one of the major destructive diseases affecting potato plants throughout the world. In a survey of different potato growing seasons in different regions of Jordan, samples of rotten potato tubers were collected and 131 isolates identified biochemically as Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum (Pcc). The PCR primer pair (EXPCCR/EXPCCF) was used to detect these Jordanian isolates. The primer set...

Author(s): Ibtihal Abu-Obeid, Hamed Khlaif and Nida Salem

September 2017

Vibration levels emitted by agricultural tractors

The objective of this study was to evaluate the vibration levels emitted by agricultural tractors with different capacities, comparing the results with the current norms in Brazil. The test was carried out with four tractors of different strengths - Massey Ferguson MF 4292 (engine power of 110 hp at 2,200 rpm, manufactured in 2011, and at the moment of the beginning of the tests has worked for 2,560 h), MF 4275 (engine...

Author(s): Murilo Mesquita Baesso, Alcir José Modolo, Guilherme Augusto Martins, Emerson Trogello and Clovis Fischer

September 2017

Substrates and indolebutyric acid (IBA) concentrations in air-layering rooting of Tamarind tree

Considering that tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.), an exotic fruit in Brazil, is appreciated in natura consumption and has been highlighted by its nutritional and pharmaceutical characteristics, its application in medicines available in the market due its long period of freshness has become an obstacle to the commercial cultivation of this fruit; therefore, the method of propagation by air-layering can solve this...

Author(s): Antonio Flávio Arruda Ferreira, Aparecida Conceição Boliani, Laís Naiara Honorato Monteiro, Marcela Sant’anna Cordeiro da Silva, Maria Gabriela Fontanetti Rodrigues, Glaucia Amorim Faria, Lucas Bernardo Pigari, Beatriz Garcia Lopes, Lucas Menezes Felizardo and Ana Patrícia Bastos Peixoto

September 2017

Growth, yield and fruit quality of ‘Chimarrita’ peach trees grafted on different rootstocks

Rootstocks influence the performance and characteristics of fruit trees. However, there is still insufficient information on the relation of rootstocks in mainly cultivars of peach trees grown in Brazil. Therefore, this study aims at evaluating the performance of eight rootstocks: Aldrighi, Capdeboscq, Flordaguard, Nemaguard, Okinawa, Umezeiro, Tsukuba and Seleção Viamão grafted by...

Author(s): Caroline Farias Barreto, Marines Batalha Moreno Kirinus, Pricila Santos da Silva, Suelen Braga Andrade, Cesar Valmor Rombaldi, Marcelo Barbosa Malgarim and José Carlos Fachinello

September 2017

Physical properties of soil and productivity of maize intercropped with different cover plants

The system of intercropping maize with other plant species has been a common practice for several years, but its use has been increasingly mainly to improve the quality of soil physical properties of no-tillage system. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of intercropping using different cover plants on the physical properties of soil and the productivity of maize. Field experiments were conducted...

Author(s): Seidel E. P., Anschau K. A., Achre D., Mottin M. C., Lerner K. L., Vengen A. P., Franscziskowski M. A. and Mattei E.

September 2017

Relative chlorophyll index on doses of nitrogen fertilization for cherry tomato culture

Tomato culture is very nitrogen demanding and periodical evaluation of the nutritional state of tomato plants can help in handling nitrogen fertilization. Determining the relative content of chlorophyll using a chlorophyll meter or soil plant analysis development (SPAD) has come up as an alternative method among the common methods. The aim of this study was to determine the relative chlorophyll index in the leaf blade...

Author(s): Maria Olívia Assis de Oliveira, Sueli Martins de Freitas Alves, Elaine de Fátima Miranda Freitas, Hiago Felipe Lopes de Faria and Cristiane Fernandes Lisboa

September 2017

Enhancing surface liming rate on a no-till cropping system in an oxisol of Southern Brazilian

The aim of the experiment is to evaluate the physical and chemical effects caused on the properties of red latosol containing high levels of organic matter in the aftermath of 40 months after surface liming and the effects on yield components of no-till maize.  The experiment was conducted in an area of 1000 m2 split into 40 plots of 25 m2, and the experimental design adopted was randomized complete blocks with...

Author(s): Elaine Damiani Conte, Marcelo Machado da Conceição, José Augusto Souza Bueno, Vilson Osmar Schenkel, Lucas de Ross Marchioretto and Luciano Gebler