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Agricultural Research

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  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 3 September 2015; 10(36)

September 2015

Application of poultry manure and the effect on growth and performance of potted Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam) plants raised for Urban dwellers’ use

The study was carried out in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria from 2010 to 2011 to assess the effect of poultry manure application on growth and performance of potted moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam) plants raised for urban dwellers’ use. Application of five and 10 tonnes/ha of poultry manure to the soil medium ensured consistent increase in the plant height, stem girth, internode length, number of leaves...

Author(s): Uchenna Mabel Ndubuaku, Amos Ejike Ede, Kayode Paul Baiyeri and Peter Ikemefuna Ezeaku

September 2015

Suitability of major agricultural land uses around Kibale National Park

The current agriculture land uses around Kibale National Park forest have been expanding towards the forest area threatening its conservation efforts and this has contributed to crop raiding and destruction to the neighbouring agricultural communities. This study was conducted to identify and assess the suitability of major agricultural land uses around Kibale National Park. The major agricultural land uses included;...

Author(s): J. G. M. Majaliwa, S. Ratemo, A. Zizinga, M. Mugarura, S. D. Wafula, I. Tunywane, P. Ababo, A. Achom, C. Tweyambe, K. Kyalisima and R. Kaahwa

September 2015

Rheological and physical properties of wormcast and termite mound soils in Nsukka subtropical area

The study investigated variability of rheological and physical properties of wormcast (Wc) and termite mound (Tm) soils in relation to surrounding soils (Ss) in Nsukka tropical and subtropical areas. Rheological and physical properties, shear strength and compaction at different moisture contents were obtained. Relationships between rheological and other physical attributes were established. Consistency limits of Wc and...

Author(s): Ezeaku P. I., Amanambu C. N. and Edeh I. G.

September 2015

Weed dry mass accumulation in response to the application of NPK fertilizers in cassava crop

Fertilizers can be used to change competition relationships between crop and weed  by promoting crop species growth, since rival species has a differentiated response to nutrients. We aimed to evaluate weed dry mass accumulation when or not  NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) fertilizers were applied to  cassava crop. Therefore, weed samples were collected every 35 days, from 35 to 525 days after...

Author(s): Maurício Robério Silva Soares, Aderson Costa Araujo Neto, Alcebíades Rebouças São José, Adriana Dias Cardoso, Otoniel Magalhães Morais, Raelly da Silva Lima, Eduardo de Souza Moreira and Thiago Reis Prado

September 2015

Characterization of rambutan plants by foliar aspects

The present study was conducted to verify the possible distinct genotypes and material sexes of rambutanusing foliar aspects, enabling the recognition of plants in the early stages of development. Ten productive plants and ten male plants were selected, and they were named according to their arrangement in the orchard. They were evaluated for leaf and leaflet size (length and width in cm), leaflet area (cm2), the number...

Author(s): Lívia Felicio Barreto, Renata Aparecida de Andrade, Lilian Felicio Barreto, Rinaldo Cesar de Paula, Lonjoré Leocádio de Lima and Antonio Baldo Geraldo Martins

September 2015

Growth performance and biochemical analysis of the genus Spirulina under different physical and chemical environmental factors

Spirulina is useful to man in many aspects of life including health, food and cosmetics. In the present study, we aimed at investigating the optimum physical and chemical conditions that promote Spirulina mass production by varying a set of physical and chemical parameters, namely pH levels; Mg2+ ion concentration; nitrogen, phosphorous and carbon sources; salinity and different growing media. Temperature, light...

Author(s): Dorothy Kemuma NYABUTO, Kewei CAO, Alfred Mugambi MARIGA, Grace Wanjiru KIBUE, , Meilin HE and Changhai WANG

September 2015

Farmers’ knowledge, perceptions and management practices of termites in the central rift valley of Ethiopia

A high density of epigeal termite mounds is common in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia (CRVE). A survey of farmers’ perceptions of termites was conducted in the CRVE using semi-structured questionnaires and in-depth interviews with farmers for documenting their knowledge about termites, identification of termite types, crops and crop growth stage susceptible to termites, perception of the role of termites,...

Author(s): Daniel Getahun Debelo and Emana Getu Degaga