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Table of Content: 4 April 2011; 6(7)

April 2011

A perspective on genetically modified food crops

  Genetic modification is the alteration of genetic material that would not occur naturally. It can be used as a tool to improve the quality of foods. Through genetic modification foods can be produced in larger quantities by increasing its resistance to pests and adverse weather conditions. Their protein and vitamin content may also be increased thus making them more nutritious. There are also claims of...

Author(s): Kamil Ekici and Yakup Can Sancak

April 2011

A review of the control of reproduction and hormonal manipulations in finfish species:

  Control of reproductive is essential for the sustainability of commercial aquaculture production. The reasons for breakage of ovulation and spawning is failure of the pituitary to release gonadotropin hormones. Gonadotropin hormones secretion is under a dual control, by gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), and inhibition by dopamine on the actions of GnRH. The inhibitory actions of dopamine on GTH secretion...

Author(s): Yousefian Mehdi and Mousavi, Seyed Ehsan

April 2011

Chemometric investigation of the effects of chemical properties and concentrations on the extractability of benzimidazoles with supported liquid membrane

  Principle component analysis (PCA) and a two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were employed in the study of factors affecting extractability of benzimidazole anthelmintics using supported liquid membrane (SLM) in liver, kidney, milk and urine at four concentration levels. The SLM extraction process was monitored by liquid chromatography - mass spectrometer (LC-MS). The results showed that the extractability...

Author(s): Titus A. M. Msagati, J. Catherine Ngila, Mathew M. Nindi and Bhekie B. Mamba

April 2011

Genetic control of different traits in maize inbred lines (Zea mays L.) using graphical analysis

  This study was carried out in order to investigate the genetic structure of the twenty-eight maize hybrids established from eight maize inbred lines. The seed of the F1 population along with their parents were planted in Iran in 2008, using RCBD with three replications. Estimation of gene effects and some of the genetic parameters and graphic plot drawing of Hayman-Jinks method were accomplished....

Author(s): Zahra Khodarahmpour

April 2011

An evaluation of safflower genotypes (Carthamus tinctorius L.), seed germination and seedling characters in salt stress conditions

  In order to study the effect of salinity stress on germination and early seedling growth of six safflower genotypes namely KM5, KM8, KM12, KM19, KM47 and Kose by using five concentrations of NaCl (0, -0.3, -0.5, -1 and -1.5 MPa) a factorial experiment was designed using Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with three replications in Biotechnology Laboratory, Islamic Azad University-Karaj Branch. Results of...

Author(s): Mostafavi Khodadad

April 2011

Physiological variability in cyanobacterium Phormidium sp. Kützing ISC31 (Oscillatoriales) as response to varied microwave intensities

  We investigated the influence of microwave radiation on physiological behaviors ofPhormidium sp. Kützing ISC31 (Oscillatoriales). The organism grown in BG-11 medium was microwave-treated at a frequency of 2450 MHz using a microwave oven. Fifteen (15) microwave pretreatments were established, combining five intensities (180, 360, 540, 720 and 900 W/cm2) and three periods of pretreatment [10, 20 and...

Author(s):   Akram Asadi, Ramazan-Ali Khavari-Nejad, Neda Soltani, Farzaneh Najafi and Ahmad Molaie-Rad

April 2011

Stability analysis for phenological characteristics in chickpea

  This study aimed at determining the influence of genotype x environment interactions on phenological characteristics of chickpea. Field experiments were carried out on four different locations, in semi-arid conditions, in complete randomized blocks design with four replications from 2001 to 2002. Eleven certified and 3 indigenous varieties were used. Emergency date, first flowering period, flowering period...

Author(s): Oral Duzdemir

April 2011

The cytological instability of neoallopolyploids suggesting a potent way for DNA introgression: The case of synthetic hexaploid wheat × Aegilops peregrina

  SHW-L1 is a newly synthetic hexaploid wheat, which has a genomic combination analogous to that of natural common wheat. In the present study, intergeneric F1 hybrids of SHW-L1 -Aegilops peregrina AS24 were produced without embryo rescue. Among the 31 F1 hybrid plants observed, 20 had the expected chromosome number 2n = 35 and were euploids (genome ABDUSl). The remainder 11 plants were...

Author(s): Youwei Yang, Lianquan Zhang, Zehong Yan, Youliang Zheng, and Dengcai Liu,

April 2011

Forage yields and qualities of some triticale (Xtriticosecale Wittmack) genotypes

  Eight lines obtained from CIMMYT and Presto and Tatlicak triticale cultivars (x TtriticosecaleWittmack) were compared in a randomized complete block design with three replications during the two seasons of 2008 to 2009 and 2009 to 2010 in Amasya and Bafra conditions of Northern Turkey. Results of the present investigation clearly showed significant differences among tested lines in most of the studied...

Author(s): Mustafa Sürmen, Tamer Yavuz, Necda Çankaya and Sebahattin Albayrak

April 2011

The assessment of lichens as bioindicator of heavy metal pollution from motor vehicles activites

  The contamination of heavy metals released by traffic activities on roadside soils and crops are important problems in developed and developing countries for decades. An assessment of the extent of pollution in roadside soils is a key procedure to protect their ecological function and sustainable agriculture. The objectives of this study were to...

Author(s): Ali Aslan, Arzu Çiçek, Kenan Yazici, Yalçın Karagöz, Metin Turan, Ferda AkkuÅŸand Omer Selim Yildirim

April 2011

Remote sensing-based temporal-spatial variability of desertification and driving forces in an agro-pastoral transitional zone of northern Shaanxi Province, China

Desertification has been widely treated as one of the major environmental hazards in the world by scientific communities and the public. In order to assess temporal-spatial variability of desertification from 1986 through 1993 to 2003 in an agro-pastoral transitional zone of Northern Shaanxi, China, satellite images were interpreted and analyzed along with meteorological and socio-economic data. During the intervening...

Author(s): Yanbing Qi, Qingrui Chang, Keli Jia, Mengyun Liu, Jing Liu and Tao Chen

April 2011

Water physical properties of eugley in a protected part of alluvial plains of the central Danube Basin

  This paper presents the results of the water physical properties of eugley in the area of the central current of Danube River, the part of the alluvial plain which is protected from flooding by an embankment. The aim of the research during vegetative period was to present the basic physical properties of this soil in the protected part of the alluvial plains, the depth of underground water, and...

Author(s): Saša Pekeč, Milivoj Belić, Ljiljana Nešić, Saša Orlović and Petar Ivanišević

April 2011

Shrub yield, forage quality in Mediterranean shrublands of West Turkey during a year

  Shrublands are important habitats for ruminants in the Mediterranean area. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the shrub yield, quality (between November 2006- November 2007) and preferences of goats for the six shrubs (Quercus coccifera L., Phillyrea latifoliaL., Juniperus oxycedrus, Cistus creticus L., Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.) Spach andThymus longicaulis C....

Author(s): Altıngül Ozaslan Parlak, Ahmet Gokkus, B. Hakan Hakyemez and Harun Baytekin

April 2011

Some soil parameters in Campanula species (sect. Quinqueloculares) from Mediterranean climate areas in Turkey

  Ten soil samples from the Mediterranean region of Turkey were analysed to evaluate the ecology of Campanula species. Most soils in the research area were alkaline and salt content was high. Degrees of saturation were considered normal in all the soil samples and, generally, total nitrogen values were low. For all samples, the total concentration of macro- and micro-elements were determined. There...

Author(s): Emine Alçitepe, AyÅŸe Everest and M. Ali Sungur

April 2011

Evaluation of mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) as green manure in Aegean conditions in terms of soil nutrition under different sowing dates

  The experiment was conducted in Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, Menemen Research, Application and Production Center during the years 2003 and 2004 to evaluate mung bean (variety ML-613) as a green manure under Randomized Complete Block Design considering three sowing times as three treatments in three replications. In this study, it was observed that the legume has a high biomass (2915 to 4405 kg/da)...

Author(s): Naci Algan and A. Esen Çelen

April 2011

Bulk density of Harran plain soils in relation to other soil properties

  Global warming is one of the most important problems of the present day. The increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases causes a great problem in the atmosphere. However, CO2 gas constituted the biggest threat at present, though the other gases increase, too. One of the primary precautions to take for this is the context of soil earth atmospheric CO2 through plants. Beside the...

Author(s): E. Sakin, A. Deliboran and E. Tutar

April 2011

Estimating soil specific surface area using the summation of the number of spherical particles and geometric mean particle-size diameter

  Soil specific surface area (SSA) is an important soil property. SSA can be estimated from soil textural data or soil particle-size distribution. In this study, 20 soils with appropriate combination of texture were selected from Fars province, south of Iran. For each soil sample the values of SSA and percentages of clay, silt and sand were measured. Also, soil particle-size distribution curve of each soil was...

Author(s): Hamid Reza Fooladmand

April 2011

Performance of semi-determinate and indeterminate cowpeas relay-cropped into maize in Northeast Nigeria

  Field trials were conducted in 2005 and 2006 in Tilla (northern Guinea savanna) and Sabon-Gari (Sudan savanna) in northeast Nigeria to determine the performance of two improved cowpea varieties when relay-intercropped with early and late maize, 6 and 8 weeks after planting the maize. Grain yield, number of branches and number of pods per plant were higher for the variety IT89KD-288 than for IT97K-499-35,...

Author(s):   A. Y. Kamara, L. O. Omoigui, S. U. Ewansiha, F. Ekeleme, D. Chikoye and H. Ajeigbe

April 2011

A comparison of aroma components of pineapple fruits ripened in different seasons

    Shenwan cultivar of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr.) is an important tropical fruit of Guangdong China which is excellent in quality with strong fragrance. The aim of this study was to compare the aroma components among pineapple fruits ripened in different seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) by GC-MS. The results showed that there was diversity among the aroma components of...

Author(s): Chuanhe Liu, Yan Liu, Ganjun Yi, Wenlong Li and Guiping Zhang

April 2011

Phenotypic and molecular analysis of M7 generation of soybean mutant lines through random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker and some morphological traits

  When genetic variability is diminished using traditional breeding methods, induced mutation is a good way to increase genetic diversity in soybean. Hence, genetic diversity amongst 33 M7 generation soybean mutant lines with high N2 fixation character and one non-irradiated cultivar (L17) was studied by using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers and some morphological traits. RAPDs established 104...

Author(s): Mehdi-Younessi Hamzekhanlu, Ali Izadi-Darbandi, Nejat Pirvali-Beiranvand, Mohammad Taher-Hallajian and Abbas Majdabadi

April 2011

Intercropping of maize (Zea mays.L) and faba bean (Vicia faba.L) at different plant population densities

  In order to determine the best combination and efficiency of resource utilization in intercropping of maize (Zea mays) and faba bean (Vicia faba), a field experiment was conducted as factorial on the bases of randomized complete block design with three replications. Treatments were intercropped combinations of maize densities (6, 7 and 8 plant/m2) and faba bean densities (30, 40 and 50 plant/m2) and 6...

Author(s): Esmaeil Rezaei-Chianeh, A. Dabbagh Mohammadi Nassab, M. R. Shakiba,  K. Ghassemi-Golezani, S. Aharizad  and F. Shekari

April 2011

The importance of forests in a sustainable supply of drinking water: Istanbul example

  Istanbul has administrative, social and economic, drinking water problems. The forest areas of Istanbul are more important to drinking water than any other of the forest’s activities, because most of the drinking water dams are located in forest areas. This study is aimed at determining the differences between past and present forestry applications concerning drinking water production in Istanbul...

Author(s): Sultan BekiroÄŸlu and Omer Eker

April 2011

Using DEA window analysis for performance evaluation of Iranian wood panels industry

  Wood panel manufacturing is one of the important sectors in Iranian wood industry. The sector faces serious limitations in production technology and raw materials. So the performance of 10 firms of Iranian wood panels industry was evaluated. A DEA window analyses with a free oriented slack-based measure model (SBM) were performed based on financial data collected for the period of 5 years (2002 to 2006). The...

Author(s): Hemmasi A., Talaeipour M., Khademi- Eslam H., Farzipoor Sean R. and Pourmousa S. H.

April 2011

Wastewater use in irrigation - Ankara case study

  Demand for water is increasing in the world parallel to increase in population and industrialization. Thus, efforts are geared toward finding ways of utilizing the previously unused sources of water and/or recycling wastewater. Sustainability and effective use are the vital issues for these new sources of water as well as the existing ones. This study examined the possible use of treated wastewater of Ankara...

Author(s): Zeki Gökalp, Ä°smail TaÅŸ, Fatma Özkay and Suat Akgül

April 2011

The effects of the air velocity on the performance of the pad evaporative cooling systems

  The aim of this study is to determine the relationship among velocity of the air passing through the pad, obtained decrease at the temperature of the air passing the pad and cooling efficiency at cellulose based evaporative cooling pad and to be helpful to the people who design and operate these systems. In the study, cellulose based evaporative cooling pad (CELdek R 7060-15, Munters AB, Kista,...

Author(s): Metin DaÄŸtekin, Cengiz Karaca, Yilmaz Yildiz, Ali BaÅŸçetinçelik and Ömer Paydak

April 2011

Technique on simulation for real time oil palm fruits maturity prediction

  This paper introduces the new method of procedure in studying the relationship of the mesocarp oil content with the skin colour  of oil palm fruit in respect to its maturity. The procedure started after collecting the fruitlets sample from fresh fruit bunches (FFB) during unripe, until overripe stage. The variety of oil palm is Pisifera (Dura X Tenera). The images on each three age...

Author(s): Mohd. Hudzari Razali, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail, Abd. Rahman Ramli, Md. Nasir Sulaiman and Mohd. Haniff B. Harun

April 2011

Prediction of carrot firmness based on water content and total soluble solids of carrot

  Carrot firmness (FIR) is often determined using difficult and time consuming laboratory tests, but it may be more appropriate and economical to develop a method which uses easily available and known quality characteristics of carrot such as water content (WC) and total soluble solids (TSS). In this study, typical two variables linear regression model for predicting FIR of Nantes carrot based on WC and TSS of...

Author(s): Majid Rashidi and Mohammad Gholami

April 2011

Migration and agricultural production in Burkina Faso

  This article analyzes the relationship between migration and agricultural production in Burkina Faso. It lies on the model of the New Economics of Labor Migration, and uses the 2003 to 2004 cropping season data collected in the Sudanese area. The results show that the majority of rural households in Burkina Faso are involved in migration, and migration is an important part of their income. The results...

Author(s): Pam Zahonogo

April 2011

Analysis of Turkey’s import demand of fishery products

  In this study, economic factors which are effective upon the import demand of fishery products in Turkey were studied. Import demand of fishery products in Turkey is affected by the world prices, agriculture programs and policies of the governments. Turkey’s import demand of fishery products was approached as a function of domestic prices, per capita income, lagged amount of import (t-1), exchange rate...

Author(s): Hulya Saygı and Bahar Bayhan

April 2011

Some body measurements and their correlations with live weight in the rock partridge (Alectoris graeca)

  The study was carried out to determine some body measurements of male and female rock partridges of varying age (hatching-14 weeks), and to demonstrate the correlations between these measurements and live weight. Body measurements increased with advancing age. The differences between live weights were significant at 6 and 14th weeks (P<0.05 to 0.01). Shank length and shank width (at the os...

Author(s): Tamer ÇaÄŸlayan, Kemal Kirikçi, Aytekin Günlü and Sema AlaÅŸahan

April 2011

The evaluation of the effectiveness of the agricultural module supported with worksheets on the students’ conceptual development

  The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the agricultural model supported with worksheets developed by the researchers based on the 5-E model of constructivist learning theory, taught as an elective course in the second grade of the primary school, on students’ conceptual developments. For this purpose, a semi-experimental research method was used. While the experimental group...

Author(s): Salih Çepni, Akif Haşıloglu, Sinan Kocaman and Süleyman Aydın

April 2011

Gifted students’ attitudes towards environment: A case study from Turkey

  The purpose of this research is to examine the attitudes of primary students that study at gifted students’ school (BÄ°LSEM). A total of 156 primary school students participated in the research in Ankara BÄ°LSEM schools in 2010-2011 academic year. As data gathering tool “Environment Attitude Scale” developed by Atasoy (2005) was used in the study in the form of survey model. In data analysis...

Author(s):   Fatih Aydin, Mücahit Coskun, Hüseyin Kaya and Ä°lker Erdönmez

April 2011

The effects of rootstock on the volatile flavor components of page mandarin [(Citrus reticulata var dancy × Citrus paradisi var dancan) × Citrus clemantina] flower and leaf

  The effects of rootstock on the volatile flavor components of page mandarin flower and leaf were investigated in this study. Flower flavor components were extracted by using ultrasound(US) water bath apparatus and eluted by n-pentane: diethylether(1:2) solvent and then analyzed by GC-FID and GC-MS. Leaf flavor components were extracted by using water distillation method and eluted by using n-hexane solvent...

Author(s): Behzad Babazadeh Darjazi

April 2011

Management of mango malformation through physical alteration and chemical spray

  Mango malformation is a serious disease causing severe economic losses every year. The aim of the present study was to assess the current disease position and devise an integrated strategy to control this malady in commercial orchards. The assessment of malformation was done at forty locations in eight mango growing districts of Pakistan. Malformation showed 100% prevalence in the surveyed orchards. Jhang was...

Author(s): Zafar Iqbal, Naeem Akhtar, Muhammad Usman Ghazanfar, Sher Muhammad Shehzad, Salman Ahmad, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Yasin, Muhammad Aslam Pervez

April 2011

Checklists for evaluating high value agricultural products projects: The experience of the pacific island developing countries

  This paper identifies and investigates high value agricultural products (HVAPs) related projects in the experiences of the Pacific islands developing countries (PIDCs). Based on analysis and evaluation of project reports, the paper identifies key factors and checklists which need to be evaluated in embarking on projects which affect the development of HVAPs related projects. The main elements of the proposed...

Author(s): Amos Gyau, Zac Tchoundjeu and Stelle Franzel

April 2011

Levels of copper in liver, muscle and gill tissues in Capoeta trutta (Heckel, 1843) from Munzur River, Turkey

  Heavy metal pollution of waters is a major environmental problem. Due to their toxicity, long persistence, bioaccumulative and nonbiodegradable properties in the food chain, heavy metals constitute a core group of aquatic pollutants. Capoeta trutta is an economically important fish and the object of significant commercial fishery in the Munzur River. Levels of Cu were measured in samples of the muscle,...

Author(s): D. Danabas, F. Benzer, O. Kaplan and N. C. Yildirim

April 2011

Survey, surveillance and cultural characteristics of chickpea wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporium f. sp. ciceri

  Survey and surveillance of chickpea wilt in the Latur district revealed average wilt complex to the tune of 12.26%. Tashilwise survey report indicated maximum wilt incidence in Tashil Ausa (15.4%) followed by Jalkot (14.8%) and Renapur (14.0%).  Further study indicated thatFusarium oxysporium f. sp. ciceri was associated with majority of the cases. The pathogen was isolated, purified and...

Author(s): Nikam PS,  Jagtap GP, and Sontakke PL

April 2011

Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria associated with frozen mackerel fish (Scomber scombrus) in a humid tropical environment

  Aquaculture products can harbour pathogenic bacteria which are part of the natural micro-flora of the environment. An in-vitro assay was carried out to ascertain and identify major bacterial contaminants of frozen fish, which hitherto had constituted an important dietary intake of the people of Nsukka, Nigeria. Fish samples collected were identified and bacterial load of the samples determined using...

Author(s): Eze, E. I., Echezona, B. C. and Uzodinma, E. C.

April 2011

Regeneration and transformation of a maize elite inbred line via immature embryo culture and enhanced tolerance to a fungal pathogen Exserohilum turcicum with a balsam pear class I chitinase gene

  Maize is one of the most important food crops worldwide and is subject to many diseases. Genetic engineering offers unique way to improve the current elite line via introduces single or multiple traits. In this report, we transformed an elite maize line, Jiao 51, with a balsam pear class I chitinase gene (Mcchit 1) driven by the maize ubiquitin-1 (ubi1) promoter. Conditions for callus induction from immature...

Author(s): Youyin Zhu, Fenglan Zhao,  and Degang Zhao,

April 2011

Effect of photosynthetic characteristic and dry matter accumulation of rice under high temperature at heading stage

  The dry matter of rice grain mainly originates from photosynthetic outcome. Therelationships between photosynthetic characteristic and dry matter accumulation were measured based on room experiments with two rice varieties (Yangdao6 and Nanjing43) under different high temperature stress of heading stage in 2007 and 2008. The results showed that grain yield, chlorophyll content, net...

Author(s): X.J. Xie, SH. H. Shen, Y.X. Li , X.Y. Zhao, B. B. Li, and D. F. Xu

April 2011

Seasonal effects on bunch components and fatty acid composition in Dura oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)

  Rainfall and temperature in the different seasons can affect yield and oil quality of oil palm. A study was carried out on bunch components and fatty acid content of oil samplesfrom Dura oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in the wet (July to October 2007) and dry (Januaryto April 2008) seasons. Experimental area was a farmer’s plantation in Pathio district, Chumphon province, the southern part of Thailand....

Author(s): Mhanhmad S., Leewanich P., Punsuvon V., Chanprame S. and Srinives P.