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January 2011

Analysis of sustainable water resources management (SWRM) in agriculture in Khuzestan Province, Iran

The purpose of this research was to analyze the supportive policies and dimensions of sustainable water resources management (SWRM) in agriculture of Khuzestan Province of Iran.The research method was a quantitative research. Total population of experts in the study included all agricultural extension experts (n = 96) of agricultural-Jihad organization of Khuzestan Province, Iran. Based on frequency of respondents...

Author(s): Ahmad Reza Ommani    

January 2011

Farmer’s perception on landslide occurrences in Bududa District, Eastern Uganda

This study assesses the farmer’s understanding and perception of the causes and impacts of landslides in Bududa district in Eastern Uganda. Open-ended questions were designed to guide farmers in providing their experiences, understanding and observations in relation to the scientific findings. Steep slopes, areas with concavities and those with flow of water from underground were identified as areas prone to...

Author(s): M. G. Kitutu A. Muwanga J. Poesen and J. A. Deckers        

January 2011

An application of different biotic and diversity indices for assessing water quality: A case study in the Rivers Çukurca and Isparta (Turkey)

A number of biotic indices (Biological Monitoring Working Party-BMWP, Average Score Per Taxa-ASPT, Belgian Biotic Index-BBI, Family Biotic Index-FBI, Saproby Index-SI, Extended Biotic Index-EBI, Biotic Index for Pampean Rivers and Streams-IBPAMP), diversity indices (Margalef-MDI, Simpson-SDI and Shannon and Weaver-SWDI Diversity indices) and EPT% (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera), EPT/Chironomus%, based on...

Author(s): Hasan Kalyoncu and Melek Zeybek        

January 2011

Growth and morphological responses to water level variations in two Carex species from Sanjiang Plain, China

Sanjiang Plain is the largest freshwater marsh wetland in China. Carex lasiocarpaand Carex limosa are two dominant species in the area. The niche of C. limosa is similar with C. lasiocarpa and both species always distribute in the same region. However, the distribution area of C. limosa is far smaller than that of C. lasiocarpa.The aim of the study is to determine...

Author(s): Yan LU      

January 2011

Application of a geographical information system (GIS) based hydrological model for flow prediction in Gorganrood river basin, Iran

In this paper a spatially distributed hydrologic model (WetSpa) is used to estimate daily river water discharge in Gorganrood river basin, Iran. The model combines topography, land use and soil maps, and observed daily meteorological time series to predict discharge hydrographs and the spatial distribution of hydrological parameters in the catchment. WetSpa model uses a modified rational method to calculate runoff and...

Author(s): A. Kabir, M. Mahdavi, A. Bahremand and N. Noora        

January 2011

Poultry manure enhances grass establishment at a quarry rehabilitation site in subtropical South Africa

The rehabilitation of a quarry was conducted with selected grass species in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The seed cocktail applied contained Chloris gayana,Cynodon dactylon, Digitaria eriantha, Eragrostis curvula, Panicum maximum andPaspalum distichum. Three treatments used were: No soil enhancement (control), poultry manure application, and commercial fertilizer application. Four...

Author(s): Bheki G. Maliba, Alpheus M. Zobolo and Stefan J. Siebert        

January 2011

The value of environmental management and green product design within sustainable development and competitive strategies of the companies: An examination of the energy industry

In this study, the conceptual background of environmental management and green product design was examined and based on this, the relative importance of these aspects within the competitiveness and sustainable development of the companies in the energy industry was investigated. The analysis of the value and competitive advantages of the green product design and environmental management issues were provided. Finally,...

Author(s): Asli Küçükaslan Ekmekçi    

January 2011

Field evaluation of selected NERICA rice cultivars in Western Kenya

Food shortage is a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa as population increases. NERICA (New Rice for Africa), the high yielding rice cultivars with short growth cycle were developed to solve the food crisis. The progeny has shown high potential to revolutionize rice farming, producing high yield with minimum inputs in stress-afflicted ecologies. However, information on their performance in Kenya has not been documented....

Author(s): E. A. Atera, , J. C. Onyango, T. Azuma, S. Asanuma and K. Itoh        

January 2011

The potential of four mite species (Acari: Phytoseiidae) as predators of sucking pests on protected cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) crop

Protected crop experiments were conducted to study the suitability and efficacy of Phytoseiid mite species as predators of western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande), carmine spider mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) and greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum(Westwood) in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) under greenhouse conditions. In this study,...

Author(s): Muhammad Sarwar, , Xu Xuenong, Wang Endong and Wu Kongming      

January 2011

Biological suppression of black pod lesion development on detached cocoa pods

The study sought to suppress black pod lesion development on detached cocoa pods using yam rhizobacteria. Eight yam rhizobacterial isolates were initially screened on agar plates with the zone of inhibition technique against Phytophthora palmivora, causal agent of black pod disease of cocoa. All eight bacteria were antagonistic to P. palmivora, so one of the most promising isolates (isolate ESI) was...

Author(s): S. L. Koranteng and R. T. Awuah      

January 2011

Crossability of selected progeny from interspecific crosses between Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima (NERICAs)

Some selected first and second generation upland NERICAs (New Rice for Africa, genetic interspecific materials derived from successful crossing of the two cultivated rice species Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima) were intercrossed to find out their level of cross-compatibility and the extent of sterility in the NERICAs. All hybrids were partially sterile and showed significant differences in their seed set (0.6 to...

Author(s): S. O. Abebrese, R. Akromah and P. K. A. Dartey        

January 2011

A community-based management model for the implementation sustainable development in rural areas of Iran

Community-based management is basically the involvement of the beneficiary communities in the management of sustainable rural development facilities. Community based management will become the pivotal instruments responsible for managing community development, which include the assessment of community/demands as well as the potential planning and implementing development programs. In this study, survey and...

Author(s): Loghman Rashidpour , Seyed Jamal Farajallah Hosseini , Mohammad Chizari and Seyed Mahdi Mirdamadi         

January 2011

A review of the cultural heritage of Anatolian civilizations for the purpose of nature conservation

This study focused on opportunities in cultural heritage related to the promotion of nature protection. People currently living in Anatolia are the inheritors of the many civilizations that lived there before them, traces and effects of these former civilizations may be observed in the present Turkish society. Turkey’s long history and rich cultural heritage cause conflicts and generate opportunities for present...

Author(s): Kenan Ok and Taner Okan    

January 2011

Phytochemical characterization of the extracts of Aframomum danielli flower, leaf, stem and root

Phytochemical screening of methanol extracts of the leaves, flowers, stems and roots of Aframomum danielli revealed the presence of alkaloids, cardenolides, flavonoids and polyphenols. Fractions from the extracts were tested for antioxidant activities and lipoxygenase enzyme inhibition. Flower fraction FF5 and leaf fraction LF4, which were the most potent fractions, gave antioxidant effectiveness values of...

Author(s): M. O. Afolabi, G. O. Adegoke and Mathooko, F. M.        

January 2011

Mineralization of nitrogen from 15N labeled crop residues at varying temperature and clay content

A laboratory incubation experiment was carried out for 85 days to monitor the N mineralization during the decomposition of 15N labeled wheat and rice straws incorporated at 5 g kg-1 soil at varying temperatures and with soils of varying clay content. Results have shown that N mineralization surpass immobilization 40th day onwards. Irrespective of temperature and clay content, mineralization of rice residue N...

Author(s): M. De. Roy, P. K. Chhonkar and A. Patra        

January 2011

Potential use of green manure legume cover crops in smallholder maize production systems in Limpopo province, South Africa

Much of the smallholder farming sector in Limpopo province of South Africa is located on infertile degraded soils, with nitrogen being one of the predominantly deficient nutrient. The use of green manure legume cover crops in combination with Nitrogen (N) fertilizers is one option for improving N inputs into such farming systems. The objectives of this study were to (1) screen a number of green manure legume cover crop...

Author(s): Jude J. O. Odhiambo    

January 2011

Nutritional efficiency of selected silkworm breeds of Bombyx mori L. reared on different varieties of mulberry under temperate climate of Kashmir

Three silkworm breeds namely, SK1, SH6 and NB4D2 were reared on three different mulberry varieties such as Ichinose, Kokuso-20 and Goshoerami under temperate climates of Kashmir to find out the combined effect of the leaf quality and rearing season. The nutritional parameters such as leaf ingested, leaf digested, efficiency of conversion of ingested food (ECI) and efficiency of conversion of digested food (ECD) into...

Author(s): Awquib Sabhat, M. A. Malik, Firdose Ahmad Malik, A. M. Sofi and M. R. Mir        

January 2011

An invasive alien weed giant sensitive plant (Mimosa diplotricha Sauvalle) invading Southwestern Ethiopia

An assessment was carried out on the highway from Jimma to Addis Ababa in November 2009 to investigate the incidence and distribution of Mimosa diplotricha. This assessment revealed the occurrence of the weed M. diplotricha on the road sides from Jimma to Wolisso town. The roadsides from Beda Buna, near Jimma town, to Assendabo were seriously invaded whereas patches were observed from Asendabo to Wolisso....

Author(s): Mulatu Wakjira    

January 2011

Influence of some chemical compounds as antitranspirant agents on vase life of Monstera deliciosa leaves

This study was designed to determine the influence of anti-transpiration agents, MgCO3, Na2CO3 and glycerol, at four concentrations (2, 4, 6 and 8 %) on prolonging vase life of Monstera deliciosa cut leaves. For this purpose, two experiments were performed, through seasons 2008 and 2009. Each treatment sprayed three times 2, 4 and 6 days after cutting leaves. The results significantly revealed that...

Author(s): Nermeen T. Shanan  and Emad A. Shalaby      

January 2011

Prevalence of bovine trypanosomosis in selected areas of Jabi Tehenan district, West Gojam of Amhara regional state, Northwestern Ethiopia

Cross sectional study was conducted in Jabi Tehenan district of West Gojjam administrative zone from October 2008 to April 2009 to determine the current prevalence rate of bovine trypanosomosis. In the parasitological survey, blood samples of 300 cattle were examined using a buffy coat technique. The PCV value of each animal was also measured using hematocrit reader. The overall prevalence of trypanosomosis was found to...

Author(s): Molalegne Bitew, Yeshitila Amedie, Asmamaw Abebe and Tadele Tolosa        

January 2011

Molecular genosystematic and physiological characteristics of fluorescent pseudomonads isolated from the rice rhizosphere of Iranian paddy fields

The great progress achieved in the use of molecular genosystematics permits the study to solve many problems of specificity in the relationship between plant and microbial population of the rhizosphere. In this study, the plant growth promoting properties (indolileacetic acid production, phosphate solubilization and siderophore production) and genetic diversity of isolated Pseudomonas strains were...

Author(s): Mahmoud Reza Ramezanpour, Yuri Popov, Kazem Khavazi and Hadi Asadi Rahmani        

January 2011

Estimation of correlation coefficients among seed yield and some quantitative traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Genetic variability of quantitative traits and their contribution towards seed yield that may be used as criteria for yield improvement in wheat was investigated. Generation means analysis technique was applied to identify correlation (phenotypic and genetic) coefficients for seven quantitative traits in two wheat crosses and their reciprocals. The estimates of genetic correlation coefficients were found greater than...

Author(s): Naeem Akhtar, Talat Mehmood, Muhammad Ahsan, Ahsan Aziz, MuhammadAshraf, Salman Ahmad, Muhammad Asif and Ehsan Safdar        

January 2011

Sensitivity of selected Alliaceae seedlings to crude extracts of Cucumis myriocarpus fruits

Crude extracts of wild cucumber (Cucumis myriocarpus) fruits have been successfully used as post-emergent bio-nematicide in suppression of the southern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita). Compatibility of this bio-nematicide with plant growth when used as a pre-emergent bio-nematicide was tested on onion (Allium cepa), leek (Allium ampeloprasum) and chive (Allium schoenoprasum) under greenhouse conditions....

Author(s): T. P. Mafeo, P. W. Mashela and M. S. Mphosi      

January 2011

The effects of market factors and government policies on the maize marketing in Iran

Maize plays a unique role in the agricultural economic of world. It is a key stable crop which is used in a wide range of food industries and as a customary livestock feed in Iran. Also, it is one of the most widely traded commodities in terms of absolute import value and the ratio of its amount to the total production value. Most of the traded maize in Iran is used for feed and smaller amounts are for industrial and...

Author(s): Amir H. Chizari and M. Hajiheidari        

January 2011

The roles of milk collection centers in milk distribution channels in Turkey: A case study of Antalya

The aim of this paper is to discuss the factors affecting the milk collection centers role in assuring safe distribution channel in Antalya, Turkey. The research was based on the original data obtained by face to face interviews in 2007 in Antalya province. Under random sampling method, 82 milk farms which sell milk to milk collection centers and 74 farms which do not sell to milk collection centers were selected. The...

Author(s): Cengiz Sayin, M. Nisa Mencet and Suleyman Karaman        

January 2011

Determinants of formal agricultural credit allocation to the farm sector by arable crop farmers in Benue State, Nigeria

The aim of this study was to determine the effects of socio-economic and demographic factors on the rate of credit allocation to the farm sector by arable crop farmers in Benue State, Nigeria. Cross-sectional data were obtained from 300 randomly selected loan beneficiaries. Obtained data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages, t-test and multiple regressions. Results showed a statistically significant gap (p...

Author(s): Victor Ugbem Oboh and Ineye Douglas Ekpebu        

January 2011

Intra-industry trade in the agriculture sector: The experience of United States

This study analyses the determinants of United State’s intra-industry trade (IIT) applied to the agriculture sector. The results indicate that IIT in this sector is a negative role of the difference in GDP per capita between U S. and its trade partners. This is according to the literature; that is, countries with similar demands will trade similar products. Statistically strong evidence is also found that this...

Author(s): Nuno Carlos Leitão    

January 2011

A mathematical programming approach to crop mix problem

Problems normally faced by farmers include what to plant, how much to plant and when to plant. In this study, a linear programming crop mix model for a finite-time planning horizon was proposed. Given limited available resources such as budget and land acreage, the crop-mix planning model was formulated and transformed into a multi-period linear programming problem. The objective was the maximization of the total...

Author(s): Nordin Hj. Mohamad and Fatimah Said        

January 2011

Computing the cost of the agricultural products: A case study

Agriculture constitutes a specific sector of the Romanian economy. It does not contribute significantly to the increase in the gross domestic product, however, it is expected to fulfil three important functions: economic, social and environmental. The cost computation for the agricultural products is different from other activity sectors. Most of the papers addressing managerial accounting issues refer to manufacturing...

Author(s): Mădălina Dumitru, Cătălina Gorgan, Valentin Florentin Dumitru and Vasile Gorgan        

January 2011

Evaluation of the territorial system of forest recreation by natural indicators: Belgrade forest example

The current study presents a method for establishing a complex recreation resource within a territorial system for forest recreation areas within the period of 1960 to 2008, using quantitative forest stand indicators. Use of the methodology for direct assessment of forest stands with recreational functions on the basis of natural indicators. The assessment is tied to performance of pre made "bioclimatical...

Author(s): Sinan Destan and Sultan BekiroÄŸlu        

January 2011

Iran’s registration of rural residential texture

There are lots of plans and policies through development and especially rural development. In Iran, “Registration of Rural Residential Texture” is one of those projects that are used to gain security and ownership in rural areas. Now, after three decades of its implementations some challenges still came up. This paper tries to review the history of Land Documentation in Iran, explains the process and...

Author(s): Karbalaee H. Fereshteh    

January 2011

Impacts of land use types on ant communities in a tropical forest margin (Oumé – Côte d’Ivoire)

Land use and particularly agriculture is a leading cause of below ground biodiversity loss. However this fauna is known to play a key role in soil fertility and to offer many other ecosystem services. In order to better understand the effects of land use on ants which are major component of the tropical soil fauna, these insects were surveyed in the eight main land use types in Oumé (Côte d’Ivoire)....

Author(s): Kolo Yeo, Souleymane Konate, Seydou Tiho and Simon K. Camara        

January 2011

Effect of nitrogen and split doses of potassium on quality aspects of Brassica species

Field experiments were conducted on three different Brassica spp. (Brassica juncea, Brassica carinata and Brassica nupus) with three levels of nitrogen (40, 80 and 120 kg of N ha-1) and 2 methods of time of potassium application at 80 kg ha-1 ((i) 100% basal and (ii) 50% basal + 50% at the time of 1st irrigation), during Rabi season of 2003 - 2004 and 2004 - 2005 showed that Brassica spp....

Author(s): Varsha Gupta, , Vikas Pratap Singh Bhadauria and R. L. Agarwal        

January 2011

Mature and origin as a marker of genetic diversity in early-mid broccoli (Brassica oleracea var.italica) based on SRAP analysis

The genetic diversity of 20 genotypes of early-mid broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) germplasm was evaluated using sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) technology. A total of 312 alleles were detected with 68.26% polymorphism by 28 SRAP markers. UPGMA cluster analysis showed broccoli cultivars could be distinguished with two-primer combinations. The sub-group A included 13 genotypes, further...

Author(s): Zange Jing, Zheng Tang, Xiaoling Zhang, Tiankuan Luo, Qing Liu, Shiyang Zhu, Zhen Ye, Yiqun Wang and Zhenzhen Li    

January 2011

Spray distribution uniformity of different types of nozzles and its spray deposition in potato plant

Spray distribution uniformity on sampling posts and spray deposition in potato plants were investigated with six different types of spray nozzles (standard flat fan, hollow cone, air induction and twin jet hydraulic nozzles, spinning disc nozzle and air assisted rotary atomizer). Spray pressures were 4 bar for the hydraulic nozzles and 1.5 bar for the spinning disc nozzle and air assisted rotary atomizer. All trials...

Author(s): Bahadır Sayinci and Saim Bastaban      

January 2011

Gender analysis in agricultural enterprises producing early potatoes in the Adana province of Turkey

Given gender, there exists an unequal social structure between women and men related to education, division of labour, occupation structure etc. This discrimination is rather sharp especially for women working in the agricultural sector and the agricultural enterprises in Turkey, which produce early potatoes, which can be taken as a good example for this paper. In this study, the gender structure in the enterprises in...

Author(s): Müge K. Davran and Naciye Tok