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Table of Content: 4 March 2011; 6(5)

March 2011

Advances in root hairs in Gramineae and Triticum aestivum

  Relevant literatures in the past ten years showed that lots of research activities have been conducted in diverse aspects of root hairs, in particular, of the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. However, data on Gramineae root hairs are unsystematic. Much more research activities have been done theoretically than practically, and qualitatively than quantitatively. There are few studies relating active,...

Author(s):   Yin Wu and Dexian He        

March 2011

Detection and diagnosis of tomato leaf curl virus infecting tomato in Northern Karnataka

  Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) is an important and most widely grown vegetable crop in India. The begomo viruses’ affecting tomato in India is the most devastating and is a major limiting factor in the tomato production. The tomato leaf curl virus (ToLCV) was present in almost all fields of Belgaum, Dharwad and Haveri districts surveyed with the disease incidence ranged from 4-100% in rabi...

Author(s):   Reddy, A. B., Patti, M. S., Reddy, K. M. and Venkataravanappa, V.        

March 2011

In vitro antifungal activity of “Gobernadora” (Larrea tridentata (D.C.) Coville) against Phytophthora capsici Leo.

  In recent years, there has been an increased interest in using herbal extracts and their phytocomponents as an alternative to control plant pathogenic microorganisms, and promote alternative uses of plants from desertic environments. In the present study, the biofungicide activity from extracts of leaves of Larrea tridentata collected from different locations of the Chihuahuan Desert, was evaluated...

Author(s):   Virgilio Mojica-Marín, Hugo A. Luna-Olvera, Carlos Fco. Sandoval-Coronado, Lilia H. Morales-Ramos, Nancy A. González-Aguilar, Benito Pereyra-Alférez, Estela Ruiz-Baca and Myriam Elías-Santos        

March 2011

Morphological and virulence variation among isolates of Mycosphaerella pinodes the causal agent of pea leaf blight

  Mycosphaerella blight caused by Mycosphaerella pinodes (Berk. and Blox.) Vestergr. is an important disease, causing severe damage in peas. Variability of 20 Algerian isolates of M. pinodes representative of four agro climatic regions were investigated on the basis of cultural, morphological and pathogenicity. Culture and morphology showed variations in colony color, radial growth...

Author(s):   Benali Setti, Mohamed Bencheikh, Jamel Henni and Claire Neema        

March 2011

Two new records of powdery mildews with their effectiveness on three ornamentals in Turkey

  In this study, two new species of powdery mildews together with disease severities measured at four different growing stages were identified on three ornamental species in the Åžanliurfa district of Turkey. Observations and measurements were made on natural and experimental stands. On natural stands, 15, 85 and 100% disease rates were determined on Fuchsia regia, Calendula...

Author(s):   Hamit Kavak    

March 2011

Replacement of fishmeal with locally available ingredients in diet composition of Macrobrachium dayanum

  The effect of locally available low cost ingredients such as silk worm pupae (SWP), soyabean meal (SBM), earth worm meal (EWM) as a replacement of fish meal (FM) on growth, survival and biochemical composition, were investigated for Macrobrachiumdayanum (0.50 g). A significantly higher rate of growth, survival and food conversion ratio(FCR) were recorded for prawns fed EWM, as compared to SWP,...

Author(s):   Seema Langer, Yahya Bakhtiyar and Rewa Lakhnotra        

March 2011

Adoption and non-adoption of sprinkler irrigation technology in Ardabil Province of Iran

This survey study was carried out to identify the adoption, discontinuance and non adoption of sprinkler irrigation systems among farmers who were trained to apply those in Ardabil Province of Iran. Farmers were divided into 3 groups as: adopters, abandoners after adoption and non-adopters. A sample of 160 farmers, including 20 adopters, 80 abandoners and 60 non-adopters were randomly selected. Results show that no...

Author(s):   Asghar Bagheri and Ardavan Ghorbani        

March 2011

Use of models in assessing the impact of cropping system, land types and suitability on land degradation in Southwestern Nigeria

  Two sites (Apomu and Alabata) measuring 10 ha and representing rainforest and savannah agro-ecological zones, respectively in South Western Nigeria were chosen to evaluate the influences of cropping system, suitability and land types on the degree of land degradation. Multiple linear step-wise forward elimination regression was use to measure the interrelationships of the land parameters measured. The result...

Author(s):   Aruleba, J. Olusegun and Ajayi, A. Samuel        

March 2011

Influence of some cover leguminous plants on the infestation degree of cotton plant major weeds

  From phytosociological sampling carried out between 1999 and 2005 in cotton culture in the North of Ivory Coast, more than 230 weeds species were inventoried. Among those,Euphorbia heterophylla, Ageratum conizoides, Bidens pilosa Tridax procumbens, Boerhavia diffusa and Chromolaena odorata were the most abundant species causing weeding problems to farmers. A test that used herbaceous...

Author(s):   J. Ipou Ipou, A. Touré, L. M. D. Adou, Y. Touré and S. Aké        

March 2011

Spatial patterns of soil degradation in Mexico

The spatial pattern of soil degradation in México was evaluated to test the hypothesis of non-random correlation. For this purpose, data on the degree of soil degradation in the 16,040 ecological systems in which the country is divided was used to calculate the Moran coefficient. A graphical analysis, based on the dispersion diagram and the local indicator of spatial association, was also applied. Soil...

Author(s): Marín Pompa-García, Xanat Antonio-Nemiga, Jose Alberto Carrasco-Mejorado and Martín Alfonso Mendoza-Briseño      

March 2011

Effects of land use changes and hillslope position on soil quality attributes (A case study: Fereydoonshahr, Iran)

  A study was carried out to investigate the effects of land use changes and hillslope position on soil quality attributes in Fereydoonshahr area in the western of Isfahan province (center of Iran). Soil quality is a concept that integrates soil biological, chemical and physical factors into a framework for soil resource evaluation. Surface (0 to 30 cm) soil samples were taken from five slope positions (summit,...

Author(s):   Amin Mojiri, Zahra Kazemi and Zahra Amirossadat        

March 2011

Effect of decomposition intensity of incorporated chickpea manure on stability and saturated hydraulic conductivity of a clay loam and clay soil

  The role of organic matter (OM) in soil aggregation and saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat) has long been recognised but their depedence on the intensity of decay is less studied. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of decomposition intensity of incorporated chickpea manure on soil aggregate stability and Ksat. Samples of a clay loam and clay soil were collected from the top 15 cm...

Author(s):   I. I. C. Wakindiki and R.Yegon        

March 2011

Effects of row spacing and plant density on silage yield of corn (Zea mays in two plant pattern in North of Iran

  In order to investigate the effects of row spacing and plant density on silage yield corn in two plant pattern, an experimental design was a randomized complete block in a factorial, treatments arrangement with three replications in north of Iran in 2009. Row spacing was included 65, 75 and 85 cm that evaluated in plant density 70000 and 80000 plant in ha-1 and plant pattern were conventional row...

Author(s):   M. Ramezani, R. Rezaie Soukht Abandani, H. R. Mobasser and E. Amiri         

March 2011

Agronomic and morphologic analysis of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) under nitrogen fertilizer and plant density via factor analysis

  In order to study agronomic and morphological traits in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecumL.) under nitrogen fertilizer and plant density, a field experiment was conducted at Guilan region (North of Iran) during 2008 to 2009 using split plots based on randomized complete block design with 4 replications. Four levels of nitrogen (0, 25, 50 and 75 kg/ha) as the main factor and four levels of...

Author(s):   P. Zandi, A. H. Shirani– Rad, J. Daneshian and L. Bazrkar– Khatibani        

March 2011

Microdose and N and P fertilizer application rates for pearl millet in West Africa

  The objective of this study was to determine the grain and stover yield response of pearl millet to microdose fertilizer application alone, and microdose combined with N and P fertilizer application rates across years and locations in West Africa. Microdose fertilizer application increased pearl millet grain yields by 240 to 300 kg ha-1 on sandy soils across a broad range of climatic and soil conditions...

Author(s):   M. Bagayoko, N. Maman, S. Palé, S. Sirifi, S. J. B. Taonda, S. Traore and S. C. Mason        

March 2011

The effect of extreme water stress on leaf drying limits and possibilities of recovering in three grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars

  This study was conducted in three grapevine cultivars (cv. Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon) vines during the 2009 growing season in the ECOTRON of the campus of Montpellier SupAgro/France. The aim of this research was to analyze the effect of sudden and extreme water stress (EWS) to determine the limit of the leaf drying (depend on Ψleaf), possibilities of recovering,...

Author(s):   Elman Bahar, Alain Carbonneau and Ilknur Korkutal        

March 2011

Free endogenous growth regulators in Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)

  This research was carried out in order to observe seasonal changes of internal plant growth regulators in pistachio. This research was conducted during three years at a commercial pistachio orchard located in Fırat valley in Nizip, Gaziantep. ‘Kırmızı’ pistachio cultivar trees grafted on Pistacia vera L. were used as plant material. Changes in auxin (IAA), cytokinin (Zeatin), gibberellin (GA3)...

Author(s):   Yesim Okay, Nurdan Tuna GüneÅŸ and A. Ä°lhami Köksal  

March 2011

Phytotoxic effects of Stellera chamaejasme L. root extract

  Stellera chamaejasme is a traditional Chinese medicinal plant with a wide range of medicinal properties and biological activity. In order to evaluate the phytotoxity of S. chamaejasme, the effects of aqueous extracts (6.25, 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 g/L) prepared from roots was studied on the seed germination and seedling growth of rapeseed (Brassica napus), sesame (Sesamum indicum), wheat (Triticum...

Author(s):   Lin Ma, Hongli Wu, Ru Bai, Li Zhou, Xiaohong Yuan and Dabin Hou        

March 2011

Non-destructive detection of Sudan dye duck eggs based on computer vision and fuzzy cluster analysis

  A method of non-destructive detection of Sudan dye duck eggs was developed using image processing and fuzzy cluster analysis. Duck egg color images were obtained by using a computer vision device. Through the component analysis of RGB image, it was found that the yolk region could be viewed distinctly in the gray scale image of B-component, and this characteristic was used to separate the yolk region from the...

Author(s):   Tao Zhu and Qiaohua Wang        

March 2011

Effect of mixed cadmium, copper, nickel and zinc on seed germination and seedling growth of safflower

  Elevated levels of heavy metals in contaminated soils are widely spread and concerns have been raised over the potential risks to humans, animals and agricultural crops. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of mixed cadmium, copper, nickel and zinc on seed germination and seedling growth of safflower under controlled light and temperature conditions. Treatments were included 0...

Author(s):   Alireza Houshmandfar and Farhang Moraghebi        

March 2011

Impact of rice straw composts on microbial population, plant growth, nutrient uptake and root-knot nematode under greenhouse conditions

  The effect of adding various rice straw composts on the rhizosphere soil microorganisms, some physicochemical properties, plant growth and nutrient uptake as well as plant parasitic root-knot nematode was evaluated. All the five types of compost showed a high fertilizer value when applied at the rate of 5% (w/w) as indicated by ameliorating the soil microbial population, chemical properties, plant growth...

Author(s):   Ferial M. Rashad, Hosny H. Kesba, Waleed D. Saleh and Mohamed A. Moselhy          

March 2011

Effects of foliar micronutrient application on osmotic adjustments, grain yield and yield components in sunflower (Alstar cultivar) under water stress at three stages

  In order to study the effects of foliar micronutrient application under water stress, at three stages of growth, on prolinee and carbohydrate concentration, grain yield and yield components of sunflower (Alstar cultivar), a field experimental in split plot design with three replications was conducted in 2007. Alstar cultivar was comprised under water stress at three stages of growth (heading, flowering and...

Author(s):   Mahdi Babaeian, Abolfazl Tavassoli, Ahmad Ghanbari, Yasser Esmaeilian and Mohammad Fahimifard        

March 2011

Effects of water deficit stress on seed yield and antioxidants content in soybean (Glycine max L.) cultivars

The metabolic reasons associated with differential sensitivity of soybean cultivars to water deficit stress are not well understood. Therefore, field experiments were conducted in 2008 and 2009 to determine some agronomic traits and activity of antioxidants under different levels of irrigation. The experimental design was randomized complete block in a split plot arrangement with four replications at both years....

Author(s):   Hassan Masoumi, Farrokh Darvish, Jahanfar Daneshian, Ghorban Normohammadiand Davood Habibi        

March 2011

A Bayesian confirmatory factor analysis of precision agricultural challenges

  Precision agriculture (PA) is designed to provide data to assist farmers when making site-specific management decisions. By making more informed management decisions, farmers can become more efficient, spend less and make more profit. Such benefits may lead to a sustainable agriculture. In implementation of PA, farmers encountered several challenges; therefore it is necessary to identify such challenges. A...

Author(s): Maryam Omidi NajafabadiÙ­, Seyed Jamal Farajollah Hosseini and Somayeh Bahramnejad  

March 2011

Bulk density, chemical composition and in vitro gas production parameters of Iranian barley grain cultivars grown at different selected climates

  Barley grain varieties adapted to grow under different climates of Iran (16 cultivars named Bahman, Makoeei, CB-79-10, Sahand, Reyhan03, Reyhan45, Fajer, Nosrat, Valfajer, Kavir, MB-82-12, AB-23-14, Nimrooz, Jenob, Dasht and Sahra) were provided (10 samples per each cultivars). Samples were assessed for bulk density (BD), chemical composition including organic matter (OM), crude protein (CP), ether...

Author(s):   Einollah Abdi Ghezeljeh, Mohsen Danesh Mesgaran, Hassan Nassiri Moghaddam and Alireza Vakili        

March 2011

Effect of compost made with sludge from wastewater treatment plants on field of corn (Zea mays L.) and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi density

  In this study we evaluated four composts prepared with different proportion of sludge from two wastewater treatment plants, a soft drink and a paper industry, mixture with and without chili residues. They were tested over yield of corn and population of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. Sludge was composted producing a non phytotoxic material with good physical and chemical properties. Corn cultivated with...

Author(s):   Luna Zendejas Héctor Santos, López Wong Wenndy, Solís Oba Myrna and Vera Andrea        

March 2011

Bamboo species relations revealed by random amplified polymorphism chloroplast DNA

  The polymorphism, similarities and relationships among bamboo species were assessed with random amplified polymorphism chloroplast DNA (RAPD) analysis. The results showed distinct chloroplast DNA differences, present among the species. 175 bands were detected of which 94 were polymorphic (53.1%).3 to 15 bands generated by a single primer of variable lengths were detected, with an average of 7.2 polymorphic...

Author(s):   H. Y. Zhang, Y. M. Yang and X. Z. Liu        

March 2011

Influence of water deficit and genotype on protein, oil contents and some physical characteristics of sunflower seeds

  Water deficit stress and genotype effects on crude protein, oil content and some physical properties of sunflower seeds were investigated. The analyses indicated that, water deficit stress and varietal difference influenced the proximate composition of sunflower seeds. The seeds from Azargol and Hysun 33 cultivars were found to have the highest and lowest oil contents of 45 and 42% respectively, while the...

Author(s):   H. Oraki, I. Alahdadi and F. Parhizkar khajani        

March 2011

Risk and regulation of emerging price volatility of non-staple agricultural commodity in China

  The development of agriculture penetrated in China’s history but recently has to face emerging challenge of drastic price volatility caused by pernicious speculation. The year of 2010 saw drastic price volatility of non-staple agricultural commodities, such as green beans, garlic and ginger, in China’s agricultural market. The drastic price volatility brought immense adverse effect to Chinese...

Author(s):   Xin Miao, Bo Yu, Bao Xi and Yan-hong Tang      

March 2011

Evaluation of common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) as living mulch for ecological weed control in citrus orchards

  Weeds are one of the most important problems in newly established orchards. Especially in organic orcharding, the importance of weed management is much more than conventional orcharding. Therefore, importance of alternative methods to chemical control of weeds is increasing. This study was conducted to quantify the effects of common vetch (Vicia sativaL.) as living mulch on weeds and evaluate the availability...

Author(s):   Yasin Emre Kitis, Onur Koloren and F. Nezihi Uygur        

March 2011

Damage types, causes of damage and herd leaving ages in dairy cattle under the scope of livestock insurance and subject to compensation in some districts of Izmir Province of Turkey

  In this research, in some districts of Izmir province, damage types, causes of damage, ages at which the damage occured and hot carcass weights of Holstein cattle which are under the scope of state supported livestock insurance and which were slaughtered involuntarily due to various reasons, which died, aborted or whose calves died, were examined. The research data were obtained from the damage...

Author(s):   Erdal Yaylak, Ibrahim Kaya, Volkan Cundar and Ahmet Gevrek        

March 2011

A comparison of the survival and growth performance in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trout (Salmo trutta fario) fry

  The rainbow trout is an intensively cultured species because of its more cultivatable character than the brown trout. In this experiment, the brown trout culture did not expand due to low growth performance compared to that of the rainbow trout. This experiment was conducted in a commercial trout farm, Aegean Area (Turkey). Growth performances and survivals of rainbow and brown trouts from fry to fingerling...

Author(s):   Volkan Kizak, Yusuf Guner, Murat Turel, Erkan Can and Murathan Kayim