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Table of Content: August 2008; 3(8)

August 2008

Critical period of weed control in winter lentil under non-irrigated conditions in Turkey

  This study was conducted during the growing seasons of 1998 - 1999 and 2003-2004 to determine the critical period of weed control (CPWC) in winter-lentil (cv. Sazak-91). The experiments were laid out in a randomised block design with four replications. The beginning and end of CPWC were based on 5% acceptable yield loss levels which were determined by fitting logistic and Gompertz equations to relative yield...

Author(s): Murat Erman, Işık Tepe, Bekir Bükün, Reyyan Yergin and Mehtap TaÅŸkesen

August 2008

On-farm evaluation of promising groundnut varieties for adaptation and adoption in Tanzania

  On-station and on-farm groundnut research was carried out in Sikonge district, Tanzania, to evaluate groundnut varieties for yield under researcher and farmer managed conditions and assess farmer preferences.  On-station trial was laid in a randomized complete block design with three replications.  Five varieties Johari, Pendo, Nyota, Sawia and Mamboleo were planted on 25...

Author(s): Tulole Lugendo Bucheyeki, Erasto. M. Shenkalwa, Theofora X. Mapundaand Leah W. Matata

August 2008

The effect of processing method of cassava chips on the development of Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

  Susceptibility of processed cassava chips to infestation by the Larger Grain Borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) was investigated in the laboratory (25 - 34oC, 61 - 92% r. h and 12 h: 12 h light: dark regime). Chips of two varieties were variously processed by fermentation, parboiling and sun-drying and stored for different periods. About 150, 200 and 300 g of processed cassava chips in Kilner jars...

Author(s): E. N. Chijindu, B. A. Boateng, J. N Ayertey, A. R.Cudjoe and N. J. Okonkwo

August 2008

Lifestyle and herding practices of Bahima pastoralists in Uganda

  The Bahima in South Western Uganda used to move with their Ankole cattle, but nowadays most of them are settled. The Ankole cattle with its huge and white horns play a keyrole in the livelihoods of these families. This importance is reflected in the status of the cattle. These animals are multi-purpose animals, kept for milk and meat production, as a saving or are given away as dowry. Nowadays cattle keepers...

Author(s): M. Wurzinger, D. Ndumu,, A. M. Okeyo, J. Sölkner

August 2008

Effect of carbon sources, substrates, leachates, and water grades on germinability of Phomopsis vexans

  The five isolates of the pathogen Phomopsis vexans formed both types of conidia i.e. a and b conidia. Both the conidia were exposed to plant parts, plant leachates, and different grades of water as well as to different carbon sources. Among the substrates, leaf promoted maximum germination of a conidia. Among leachates, leaf leachate was found best and glucose among the...

Author(s): Jameel Akhtar Abdul Khalid and Bijendra Kumar

August 2008

Utilization of farm management risk strategies at the rural/urban fringe

  Government policy-intervention programs offer U.S. farmers protection from a variety of risk sources.  However, the utilization of farm-management risk strategies to address those risks might differ because of location or the crop-mix patterns.  This paper utilizes principal component analysis (PCA) and regression analysis to examine the utilization of risk management strategies at the rural/urban...

Author(s):   Edmund M. Tavernier and Benjamin M. Onyango

August 2008

Increasing agricultural household incomes through rural-urban linkages in Nigeria

  A major policy omission in Nigeria is the absence of policies deliberately targeted at fostering rural-urban linkage with a view to improving the income earning potentials of the rural areas through increased output to satisfy the urban market. This study thus examined the impact of rural-urban linkage on the incomes of rural farming households in Ile-Ife area of Osun State, Nigeria. Descriptive statistics...

Author(s): Oluwasola O., Idowu, E. O. and Osuntogun D. A.

August 2008

Comparative utilization of two sources of expeller-extruded soybean meal as a replacement for on-farm processed soybean in diets of growing-finishing pigs

  Thirty pigs averaging 30 ± 1.1 kg were randomly assigned by origin and weight to one of three dietary treatments in a randomized complete block to determine the comparative utilization of two sources of expeller-extruded soybean meal as a replacement for on-farm processed soybean in diets of growing-finishing pigs. The result revealed that pigs fed diets containing the expelled soybean meal (ESM) had...

Author(s): Adesehinwa A. O. K.

August 2008

Predicting post-broken traits using the pre-broken traits as regressors in the eggs of helmeted guinea fowl

  Data on egg weight (g), egg length (mm) and egg width (mm) were taken and recorded on three hundred eggs (300) selected at random before they were broken to obtain data on shell weight (g), shell thickness (mm), shell ratio (%), shape index (%), egg surface area (cm2), unit surface shell weight (cm2/mg), yolk weight (g), yolk diameter (mm), yolk height (mm), yolk index (%), yolk ratio (%), haugh unit (%),...

Author(s): S. O. K. Fajemilehin