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Table of Content: September 2009; 4(9)

September 2009

Cut flower production and marketing in Turkey

  Turkey is among the popular cut flower producing countries because of its suitable ecological advantages. Cut flower production in Turkey started during 1940’s in Istanbul and its surroundings and then spread to other provinces. The study examine current status, marketing structure and policies pursued in the Turkish cut flower industry; which can be classified according to the...

Author(s):   Mehmet Emin Baris and Aysel Uslu    

September 2009

Production of bioethanol from sweet sorghum: A review

  The consumption of bioethanol as biofule may reduce greenhouse gases, gasoline imports. Also it can be replaced with lead or MTBE (Methyl tert-butyl ether) that are air and underground water pollutants, respectively. Plants are the best choice for meeting the projected bioethanol demands. For this scope, a comparative analysis of the technological options using different feedstocks should be performed. Our...

Author(s):   A. Almodares and M. R. Hadi    

September 2009

Agricultural sustainability: Implications for extension systems

  Extension could play a key role in fostering sustainability through its educational programs but there has been a growing realization that traditional extension models have not been sufficiently effective in promoting adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. Since sustainable agriculture is a knowledge-intensive system, it requires a new kind of knowledge, which differs from other forms on the basis of...

Author(s):   Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari  

September 2009

Epizootological analysis of PPR spread on African continent and in Asian countries

  The paper presents the results of the study of the PPR spread over the territory of African and Asian countries and contains the overall estimate of its invasion to new territories on the globe via affection of more resistant breeds of small ruminants. Moreover the data reflect wide spread of PPR in the Republic of Tajikistan (Central Asia) among goats at the end of the 20th century.   Key...

Author(s):   Koshemetov Zhumagaly Kaukarbayevich    

September 2009

The contribution of trees and green spaces to the urban climate: The case of Ankara

  Urban development changes the climate of the city and its environs to a great extent. Buildings, roads and other similar hard surfaces in big cities have made up an artificial ecosystem with the intensive use of vehicles. Trees and open areas can contribute very well to the arrangement of the artificial urban climate. No matter being of what scale, any park located within the urban structure can well regulate...

Author(s):   Mehmet Emin Baris, Sükran Sahin and Murat E. Yazgan        

September 2009

Accessibility for the disabled people to the built environment in Ankara, Turkey

  This research has been made to investigate the accessibility of the disabled people living in Ankara to the built environment and their problems and priorities with respect to participation to urban life and to what extent they can share urban life. The study made on the basis of a survey covers visually-impaired and walking-impaired people as well as those dependent on wheelchairs. The evaluations have...

Author(s):   Mehmet Emin Baris and Aysel Uslu  

September 2009

Lepidoptera fauna in Bartin province, in western black sea region of Turkey

This research was performed in the field and laboratory between the years 2007 and 2008 with the aim of identifying species of the order Lepidoptera in Bartin region. The butterfly species that were existing in Bartin centrum, Amasra, Ulus, Kurucasile and in nearby regions like Inkum, Mugada, Kumluca, Kozcagiz, Cakraz etc and plus in the campus of Bartin Faculty of Forestry were brought to the laboratory after having...

Author(s):   Azize Toper Kaygin, Yafes Yildiz and Mustafa Avci    

September 2009

Seed size effect on grain weight and agronomic performance of tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter]

  Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter], the indigenous Ethiopian cereal, has a very minute seed size, yet it has a strong bearing both on the preferences of farmers for planting material and consumers as quality measure. The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of sieve-graded seeds on the grain weight of tef, and to investigate whether large seed size offers yield and agronomic...

Author(s):   G. Belay, A. Zemede, K. Assefa, G. Metaferia and H. Tefera  

September 2009

Weed/corn seedling recognition by support vector machine using texture features

  This study investigated the effect of a new approach, the support vector machine, as a classifier tool to identify the weeds in corn fields at early growth stage. Image segmentation was done by transforming original color images to gray level images according to the statistical values of red, green, blue components. The Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) and statistical properties of the histogram from...

Author(s):   Lanlan Wu and Youxian Wen    

September 2009

Mapping soil drainage classes of Amik Plain using Landsat images

  Soil drainage is one of the important soil properties affecting plant growth, water transfer and solute transport in soils. Soil drainage is also an environmental component affecting irrigation and soil reclamation, land capability for agriculture, flood control systems, engineering, health and infectious diseases. The objective of this study was to map soil drainage classes by using Landsat image...

Author(s):   Åžeref Kiliç    

September 2009

Productivity of timber extraction by Urus MIII cable crane from selective spruce forests

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the productivity of the Urus MIII cable crane during yarding of spruce timber from spruce stands in North Eastern Turkey.  Cable crane productivity is determined by using the methods of work and time study. The research concludes that some working characteristics of the Urus MIII cable crane such as transportation speed of the carriage (loaded and unloaded),...

Author(s):   Tolga Ozturk    

September 2009

Nsukka yellow pepper processing and preservation techniques among women farmers in Enugu State

  Pepper belongs to the group of crops commonly referred to as perishables. In their fresh form under hot tropical conditions, they suffer extensive deterioration within a short time after harvest. Thus, a great % is lost through spoilage. A palatability test was carried out on Nsukka yellow pepper after processing, preserving and storing for 3 months by women farmers in the 3 agricultural zones of Enugu State....

Author(s):   E. A. Onwubuya, E. O. Okporie  and M. G. Nenna    

September 2009

Domestic resource cost approach for international competitiveness of Turkish horticultural products

  The purposes of this paper can be translated into two main areas. Firstly, what are the main horticultural crops that can be produced and exported?  Secondly, are these crops utilizing efficiently the limited resources available, and how much competitive is Turkey in relation to other producers within the region? This paper deals only with competitiveness in regards to price and not quality. Comparisons...

Author(s):   Murat Yercan and Emin Isikli    

September 2009

Carbon and nitrogen mineralization from selected organic resources available to smallholder farmers for soil fertility improvement in Zimbabwe

  A study was conducted to assess the N release dynamics of three organic resources widely used by smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to improve soil fertility. Addition of cattle manure, miombo and mango (Mangifera indica) litter to soil increased (p < 0.05) CO2-C evolution compared to unamended soil. Cumulative CO2-C evolution in all the three organic amendments followed first order kinetics...

Author(s):   J. Nyamangara, F. Mtambanengwe and C. Musvoto    

September 2009

Seasonal temperature-based models for reference evapotranspiration estimation under semi-arid condition of Malawi

  The importance of evapotranspiration in agricultural water management has been widely reported without doubt. The FAO Penman Monteith (FPM) equation is the sole recommended estimation method of reference evapotranspiration (ETo), but its application is limited due to large number of meteorological data required. In such circumstance, Hargreaves (HGR) and Blaney-Criddle (BCR) temperature-based empirical models...

Author(s):   Yu-Min Wang, Willy Namaona, Seydou Traore and Zhao-Cheng Zhang    

September 2009

Proximate composition and micronutrient potentials of three locally available wild fruits in Nigeria

  Spondias mombin, Dialium guineense and Mordii whytii which grow wild and are consumed raw in the South-west and Middle belt of Nigeria were analysed for their nutrition potential in meeting some or all of micronutrients needs of consumers. Nutrient composition and antinutrional factors of the fresh fruit pulps were determined using standard methods of AOAC. Results of proximate analyses showed...

Author(s):   Oladejo Thomas Adepoju  

September 2009

Effect of salt stress on growth, stomatal resistance, proline and chlorophyll concentrations on maize plant

  In this study, effect of applied NaCl on growth and stomatal resistance, proline and total chlorophyll concentrations of maize plant (Zea mays L. cv: RX 947) was investigated. The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design with four replications under the greenhouse condition. The experimental soil was salinized with NaCl at the rates of 0 and 100 mM NaCl. Growth of the maize plants was...

Author(s):   Murat Ali Turan, Abdelkarim Hassan Awad Elkarim, Nilgun Taban and Suleyman Taban    

September 2009

Flavonoids from mulberry leaves by microwave-assisted extract and anti-fatigue activity

  Flavonoids from mulberry leaves (FML) were extracted using microwave-assisted extraction method (MAE). Several correlation factors were studied to optimise conditions at laboratory scale. The research results indicated that the optimal extraction parameters are as follows: ethanol concentration is 60%, material/solvent ratio is 1:15, microwave irradiation power is 560 W and irradiation time is 5 min. FML were...

Author(s):   Wei Li , Tao Li and Keji Tang