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Table of Content: 19 July 2012; 11(58)

July 2012

Chinese water policy for sustainable water resources: Options for the future

China has no option but to press on with the implementation of the National Water Initiative as stated by its government in ‘’Document No. 1". One might observe that it can be a bit heavy in political terms. Most hydrological means are pretty meaningless in reality. Though the nation is not sure if it can handle such a project effectively yet, it will certainly approach it with a degree of commitment....

Author(s): Zhang Xiuqin, Mu Xingmin, and Shao Hongbo,

July 2012

Differential expression of Forkhead box protein 2 between genders in chickens

Forkhead box protein 2 (FoxP2), acts as a key gene in vocalization development involving language learning of humans and songbirds. In the present study, expression pattern was analyzed in different breeds and genders of chickens. Transcriptional levels tested by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) showed that roosters had significantly higher mRNA expression than hens and capons, but the difference was not...

Author(s): Xi Wang , Hongxia Li , Mohammod Abdul Hamid  and Xingbo Zhao

July 2012

Evaluation of genetic diversity in Sulla coronaria from different geographical populations in Tunisia by inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR)

Five oligonucleotides generating 116 markers complementary to simple sequence repeats were used in order to characterize wild and cultivated ecotypes of Sullacoronaria and assess genetic diversity suitable in breeding programs. While analysing populations, a large genetic variability was revealed and supported by the preferentially allogamous mating system of the species. Moreover, the highest level...


July 2012

Detection of the introgression loci in Triticum aestivum transferred from Aegilops tauschii by simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers

Aegilops tauschii possesses many valuable traits or genes. The introgression loci transferred from A. tauschii in populations of 64 lines of BC1F2 and 147 advanced lines of BC1F2-F7 derived from the cross of Chinese Spring (CS; Triticum aestivum) /SQ-214 (A. tauschii) //SW3243 (T. aestivum) was characterized using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. 68 polymorphic loci covering the D...

Author(s): Yu-Min Yang, Qing-Yu Zhang, Jun Li, Hui-Ting Wei, Xiao-Rong Hu, Zheng-Song Peng, Wu-Yun Yang

July 2012

Phosphorus use efficiency in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as related to compatibility of association among arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobia

The tripartite symbiosis of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) recombinant inbred line (RIL) 147 with rhizobia and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) was assessed in sand culture by comparing the effects of three AMF species on the mycorrhizal root colonization, rhizobial nodulation, plant growth and phosphorus use efficiency for symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Although Glomus...

Author(s): Fatma Tajini, and Jean-Jacques Drevon

July 2012

Isolation and selection of Bradyrhizobium from the root nodules of indigo plants (Indigofera tinctoria L.)

This research was conducted from 2004 to 2005 to isolate and select Bradyrhizobiumfrom the root nodules of indigo plants (Indigofera tinctoria L.). For isolation ofBradyrhizobium, root nodules were collected from indigo plants. FourteenBradyrhizobium isolates were identified depending on colony, morphological and biochemical characteristics. Out of fourteen isolates, six (HSTU-IR2, HSTU-IR3,...

Author(s): A. K. M. Mosharof Hossain, Musharraf Hossain Mian, M. A. Hakim, M. M. Islam and Jannatul Ferdous

July 2012

Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and its antibacterial activity using seaweed Urospora sp.

Article retracted by the authors

Author(s): Suriya,  J., Bharathi Raja S, Sekar, V. and Rajasekaran. R.

July 2012

Effect of cellulase treatment of long fiber fraction on strength properties of recycled corrugated medium

It is a well-known fact that the physical strength properties of fibers decrease with recycling. The aim of this study was to investigate the positive effect of using commercial cellulase enzymes on the physical strength properties of corrugated medium. The long fiber fraction of pulp is the most appropriate application point of a cellulase enzyme. Therefore, the pulp used in this research has been obtained at...

Author(s): Y. Biricik and C. Atik

July 2012

Selection of culturable environmental microbial strains for cellular immobilization: Association of phenotypic adhesive characteristics and quantitative cellular retention

Environmental pollution by organic compounds is a global problem. Biological treatment methods are used to restore polluted environments. Microbial immobilization on abiotic surfaces is a recent strategy to improve the efficiency of these processes. In this technique, cell adhesion is a fundamental step for subsequent colonization and biofilm formation. Therefore, the use of strains with adhesive properties is a...

Author(s): Suzana Cláudia Silveira Martins, Claudia Miranda Martins, Ana Vitória de Oliveira, Larissa Maria Cidrão Guedes Fiúza, Sandra Tédde Santaella

July 2012

Overexpression and characterization of a thermophilic and hemolytic phospholipase of Vibrio vulnificus cloned in Escherichia coli (phospholipase of V. vulnificus)

A phospholipase (PLase) gene of Vibrio vulnificus was cloned in Escherichia coli and the properties of the gene product were investigated. The PLase structural gene was composed of 1,251 bp, encoding 417 amino acids for a protein with a predicted molecular mass of 47,187 Da including a putative signal sequence. The predicted protein sequence was 87 and 82% identical to those of hemolysins...

Author(s): Young-Sun Lim, Tianshi Wang, Wan-Seok Oh and Jung-Wan Kim

July 2012

Melatonin inhibits endothelin-1 and induces endothelial nitric oxide synthase genes expression throughout hepatic ischemia/reperfusion in rats

The production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and dysfunction of vasculature play a central role in the pathophysiology of hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury. The aim of this study was to evaluate the beneficial effects of melatonin on reducing liver I/R injury in rats. Four study groups were formed: (1) saline - administered, control group (Control), (2) melatonin-administered group...

Author(s): Abbas Khonakdar Tarsi, Mohammad Ansari, Mahmood Ghazi Khansari, Mohammad Keramatipour, Ahmad Ebrahimi, Solaleh Emamgholipour and Safora Vardasbi Joybari

July 2012

Cytotoxic activity of Agave lechuguilla Torr

The cytotoxic activity of extract and isolated saponin from leaves of Agave lechuguillawas investigated. Ethanol extract from leaves of A. lechuguilla exhibited cytotoxic activity against HeLa cells in vitro (50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) = 89 mg/ml). Bioassay-guided fractionation of this extract had led to the isolation of 5-b steroidal saponin with an...

Author(s): Florita Ramos Casillas, Azucena Oranday Cardenas, Catalina Rivas Morales,Ma. Julia Verde Star and Delia Elva Cruz-Vega

July 2012

Sequential method for rapid early diagnosis of white spot syndrome virus in crayfish

We developed a practical method to rapidly detect and diagnose latent white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in infected crayfish that were non-symptomatic for WSSV. This method included a simplified extraction of DNA template, optimized loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), and final visualization of the product by means of staining with SYBR green I. Using this method, WSSV was detected in crayfish that had...

Author(s): Renyu Xue, Qin Zhang, Yuhong Wei, Yuexiong Zhu, Xiaoyan Zhou, Guangli Cao and Chengliang Gong

July 2012

Antimicrobial resistance among commensal Escherichia coli from cattle faeces and beef in Ibadan, Nigeria

Commensal bacteria contribute to the distribution and persistence of antimicrobial resistance in the environment. This study monitored antimicrobial resistance in commensal Escherichia coli from the faeces of on-farm and slaughter cattle and beef. A total of 342 (89.5%) E. coli isolates were obtained from 382 samples. Isolation rate of E. coli was 90.0% in on-farm cattle, 87.1% in...

Author(s): Amosun, E. A., Ojo, O. E., Alao, I. K. and Ajuwape, A. T. P.

July 2012

Postnatal expression of myostain (MSTN) and myogenin (MYoG) genes in Hu sheep of China

The study of candidate genes is an important tool to identify genes associated with economic traits. Skeletal muscle development is an important physiological process in meat animals, and it directly affects meat production. The expression of myostain (MSTN) and myogenin (MYoG) genes in longissimus dorsi, during the early growth stage of Hu sheep, was studied by semi-quantitative Reverse transcription...

Author(s): W. Sun, , D. Li, P. Wang, H.H. Musa , J.T. Ding,  B.C. Li, Y.H. Ma, W.J. Guan, M.X. Chu, L. Chen,Y.-F. Zhang, W.Z. Wu and H. Zhou

July 2012

Determination of processed soybean meal degradability by Pinus eldarica methanol extract

Protected soybean meal is an important part of high producing dairy cow diet and many methods are used for its safe and economic processing. Pinus eldarica‌ contains xylose and resins and results show that these components could affect dry matter and crude protein degradability. This is the first time a study is being carried out to investigate the effect of this plant extract on protein source. This...

Author(s): R. Salamatdoust

July 2012

Snail abundance in freshwater canals in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia and acute toxicity studies of copper sulphate in Biomphalaria arabica and Lymnaea auricularia

The present study aimed to investigate the distribution of three species of freshwater snails, namely; Biomphalaria Arabica; Planorbidae, Lymnaea auricularia; Lymnaeidae and Melanoides tuberculatus; Thiaridae in two different parallel canals (the concrete irrigation and the earthen drainage canals) in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia and the effect of copper sulphate pentahydrate...

Author(s): Ali Suliman Al-Akel and El Amin Mohamed Suliman