African Journal of
Biochemistry Research

  • Abbreviation: Afr. J. Biochem. Res.
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  • ISSN: 1996-0778
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJBR
  • Start Year: 2007
  • Published Articles: 421

Table of Content: August 2010; 4(8)

August 2010

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of free radical scavenging potential of ethanolic extract of Podophyllum hexandrum

The study was aimed at evaluating the antioxidant activity of ethanolic extract of rhizome of Podophyllum hexandrum under in vitro and in vivo situations. The extract was found to contain a large amount of polyphenols and also exhibit an immense reducing ability. At a concentration of 250 µg/ml, 48% of H2O2 radicals could be scavenged by the extract. The extract also inhibited...

Author(s): Showkat Ahmad Ganie, Mohmmad Afzal Zargar, Akbar Masood and Ehtishamul Haq

August 2010

Expression of chitosanase gene from Aspergillus fumigatus JXSD-97 in Pichia pastoris

In this study, the plasmid pPIC9K-CSN was transformed into Pichia pastorisstrain GS115 by electroporation and the high expression transformants with G418 resistance were obtained. The expression conditions for CSN in P. pastoris, such as the expression time, pH value and methanol concentration in the BMMY were optimized. The maximum activity of CSN is about 100 mg/L under optimized condition (96 h of 0.5%...

Author(s): Yang Li, Yang Ping and Wang Manying

August 2010

Corncob is the optimum carbon resource for the growth of Tremella aurantialba

The minimum medium without carbon source was used to investigate the effects of five kinds of hexoses, four kinds of pentose, four kinds of bi-saccharide and three kinds of polysaccharides on Tremella aurantialba growth. The result demonstrated that (1) The fittest carbon source of T. aurantialba was the five-carbon aldose in all the tested monosaccharides; (2) Polysaccharides linked with...

Author(s): Zhi-Cai Zhang, Mingxia Chen, Xin Li and Wangli Shen

August 2010

Metabolic engineering of an ethanol-tolerant Escherichia coli MG1655 for enhanced ethanol production from xylose and glucose

Efficient ethanol production will require a recombinant to able to ferment a variety of sugars (pentoses, and hexoses), less formation of by-products, as well as to tolerate high ethanol stress. In this study, a mutant (MGE) that can grow in 60 g ethanol/l was selected from Escherichia coli MG1655 by enrichment method with increasing concentrations of ethanol. The ethanol-tolerant mutant was used as the host...

Author(s): Ruiqiang Ma, Ying Zhang, Haozhou Hong, Wei Lu, Wei Zhang Min Lin and Ming Chen