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Determination of Radon Concentration Levels in Kilembe Mines Limited and Hima Cement Quarry Kasese District, Uganda


  •  Received: 11 February 2021
  •  Accepted: 11 May 2022
The research was conducted to determine the radiological health risks of radon exposure which can trigger cancer in workers and the general public in Kilembe Mines and Hima Cement quarry in Kases District. The mean radon concentration levels in the mines were found in the range of 64 ± 40 Bqm-3 to 307 ± 28 Bq m-3.and the mean effective dose was 4.98 ± 0.5mSvy-1 ranging from 1.8 ± 0.2mSvy-1 - 6.84 ± 0.6 mSvy-1 while at Hima Cement Quarry, radon concentration levels varied from 17 ±3Bqm-3 - 46± 5Bqm-3 and mean concentration of 26± 5Bqm-3 and effective dose of ranging from 1.1±0.1mSvy-1 to 1.5±0.2 mSvy-1 and a mean effective dose of 1.3±0.15mSvy-1. Radon concentration levels and mean effective doses from KML were higher than 10mSvy-1, a magnitude that could pose a radiological health risk to workers and the general public since the values determined were higher than those recommended ones for the international radiation standards. The concentration levels and effective mean doses from Hima cement were insignificant in the study since they were below the international standards. . The radiological health risks of radiation can be minimized by provision and use of personal protective equipment, adequate maintenance of the air extract fans in the shafts, workers medical surveillance and monitoring, risk assessment and occupational health and safety audits. Further research is recommended on the concentration levels in the area on the naturally occurring radionuclides in soils and rocks in Kasese and surrounding districts due to their importance in health physics. The findings of this research will go a long way in minimizing occupational radiological health risks to mine workers and the general public and also improve the management radiation of by responsible agencies in the country.

Keywords: Concentration of Radon levels, Radon exposure, Radiological risks