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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJEST
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Table of Content: January 2012; 6(1)

January 2012

The Super Urgency of Rio+20: A World Environment Organization

Author(s): Oladele A. Ogunseitan

January 2012

Observed urban heat island characteristics in Akure, Nigeria

  A climatological analysis of the differences in air temperature between rural and urban areas (ΔTu-r) corroborates the existence of an urban heat island (UHI) in Akure (7º 25’ N, 5º 20’ E), a tropical city in the south western part of Nigeria. The investigations which have been conducted out of a year-long experiment from fixed point observations focuses on the description of the...

Author(s): Ifeoluwa A. Balogun, Ahmed A. Balogun and Zachariah D. Adeyewa

January 2012

Effects of ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation on two cryptogamic plants pigments growing at high altitude of central Himalayan region, India

  Chlorofluorocarbons are mainly responsible for the depletion of stratospheric ozone layer which results in increase of UV-B radiation on earth’s environment and causing adverse effects on flora. In the present study we have investigated the effect of ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation on two cryptogamic plants (Xanthoria elegans and Bryum argenteum) growing at high altitude of central...

Author(s): Jaswant Singh, Rudra P. Singh and Anand K. Dubey

January 2012

Valuing the cost of environmental degradation in the face of changing climate: Emphasis on flood and erosion in Benin City, Nigeria

  There are numerous environmental problems that plague different parts of the world in the face of climate change. These range from pollution, deforestation, indiscriminate bush burning and natural wild fire, desertification, climate change, rain and windstorms, flood, earthquake, volcanicity, drought and erosion among others. Of these environmental problems, Nigeria is affected by all except natural wildfire,...

Author(s): Odjugo, Peter Akpodiogaga-a Ovuyovwiroye

January 2012

Palynostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental characterization and evidence of Oligocene in the terrestrial sedimentary basin, Bingerville area, Southern Côte d'Ivoire, Northern Gulf of Guinea

  A palynological investigation of two shallow boreholes in Anna, Bingerville area, at 13 km Northwest Abidjan, Southern Côte d’Ivoire, yielded rich and relatively well-preserved dinoflagellate cyst’s assemblages that allowed recognition of Oligocene age. This recognition was based on global dinoflagellate cyst events, including mainly Lejeunecystaspecies represented by...

Author(s): Bruno Zeli Digbehi, Mamery Doukoure, Juliette Tea-Yassi,  Raphael Konan Yao, Jean-Paul N’goran Yao, David Kouakou Kangah and Ignace TAHI

January 2012

Effect of the standard clearing limit of forest road right-of-way on stand stock growth: Case study of Vaston forests, Hyrcanian zone

  Forest roads must be constructed according to the technical standards and guidelines published by the scientific organizations. The main aims of this research was to compare the standard clearing limit with existence status and assess the effects of the application of improper clearing limit on forest stock growth. In this research the standard design of clearing limit was determined based on soil texture and...

Author(s): Ali Sorkhi, Seyed Ataollah, Hoseini, Majid Lotfalian and Aidin Parsakhoo

January 2012

Food security and health in the southern highlands of Tanzania: A multidisciplinary approach to evaluate the impact of climate change and other stress factors

  Tanzania like many African countries is highly vulnerable to global environmental change, particularly climate change. The impacts of particular concern are related to food production, human health and water resources. Agricultural production, which is essential to ensure food security, is weather-dependent, which has occasionally subjected the country to food shortage and insecurity in years with low...

Author(s): Richard Y. M. Kangalawe

January 2012

Effect of time of application of spent oil on the growth and performance of maize (Zea mays)

  The effect of spent oil pollution on the growth and performance of Zea mays at different stages of growth was investigated in this study. It involved addition of different quantities of spent oil to soils where Zea mays plants at different stages of growth were growing on. The plants showed differential response to quantities of spent oil added to the soils and the times of application....

Author(s): Kelechi L. Njoku, Modupe O. Akinola and Temitope O. Busari

January 2012

Implications of ecological and social characteristics to community livelihoods in the coastal areas of Tanzania

  This study explored the implications of both ecological and social economic characteristics on community livelihoods and environment in distinct villages namely Mwanambaya and Kwala in Mkuranga and Kibaha districts respectively. Both districts located in coastal areas of Tanzania experienced pressure on natural resources appearing in different ecological settings. Data were collected using different tools and...

Author(s): Majule A. E.