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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJMCSR
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Table of Content: September 2010; 3(9)

September 2010

Some properties of upper fuzzy order

  In this paper we shall study some properties for upper fuzzy subgroups, some lemma and theorem for this subject.   Key words: Fuzzy set, upper fuzzy subgroups, upper normal fuzzy subgroups, upper fuzzy order.

Author(s):     Mourad Oqla Massa&#;deh

September 2010

Minimal strongly balanced changeover designs with first residuals

    Assuming the presence of first order residual effects, besides periods, experimental units and direct effects of treatments, a class of minimal strongly balanced changeover designs has been proposed. For v treatments, the designs require 2v experimental units for v/2 periods. It is seen that in terms of variances of estimated elementary contrasts in treatment effects, these designs are partially...

Author(s):   V. K. Sharma, Yogita Gharde and Cini Varghese

September 2010

On Monte Carlo forecast of production using nonlinear econometric models

    In this study, Monte Carlo (stochastic) and deterministic forecasts  have been carried out. The authors observe that there is reasonable gain in efficiency by Monte Carlo forecast over the deterministic procedure.   Key words:  Monte Carlo forecast, deterministic forecast, efficiency.

Author(s):     Isaac D. Essi, John .O. Olaomi and Joy .C. Nwabueze

September 2010

Calculation of the electron drift mobility in Cr2+:ZnS and Cr2+:ZnSe materials by rode iteration model

    The results of electron drift velocity in Cr2+:ZnS, and Cr2+:ZnSe are calculated for different temperature, free-electron concentrations and compositions. The two-mode nature of the polar optic phonons is considered jointly with deformation potential acoustic, piezoelectric, alloy and ionized-impurity scattering. Band non-parabolocity, admixture of p functions, arbitrary...

Author(s): H. Arabshahi

September 2010

Analytical model for I-V analysis of buried gate MESFET with modulation frequency characteristics

    The analysis of frequency-dependent characteristics of an ion-implanted buried-gate GaAs MESFET, with front side illumination has made achieving improved performance in I-V characteristics possible. When photo energy falls on the device, flow of charge carriers changes corresponding to the change in wave length and frequency of incident light. It has been observed that the...

Author(s):     T. Jaya and V. Kannan

September 2010

On discussion of the definition of probability

    Mathematicians and scientists generally come to know the meaning of probability at a much latter stage of learning and research instead of getting it within the first two years in college or university. This work involving some random experiments with coins and dice, is an attempt to give first or second year students in the university a classroom demonstration of the approaches to the definition...

Author(s):     Isaac Didi Essi, Joy C. Nwabueze and Zuonaki Ongodiebi