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Bacteriocinogenic activity of Enterococcus faecalis strains from chouriço, traditional sausage produced in Southern Portugal

Andrea Lauková1*, Maria Joao Fraqueza2, Viola Strompfová1, Monika Pogány Simonová1, Miguel Elias3 and António Barreto2
  1Institute of Animal Physiology Slovak Academy of Sciences, Šoltésovej 4-6, 040  01 Košice, Slovakia, Portugal. 2Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, CIISA UTL Lisbon, Avenida da  Universidade   Técnica, Pólo Univeristário, Alto da Ajuda, 1300-477 Lisbon, Portugal. 3University of Évora, ADCA, Apartado 94, 7002-554, Évora, Portugal.
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  •  Accepted: 17 February 2011
  •  Published: 18 February 2011



Enterococcus faecalis isolates from chourico (traditional Portugal fermented sausage) were studied here with the main impact on bacteriocin production. In bacteriocin- producing strains phenotypic antibiotic profile was tested to check if they are sensitive or resistant. Lactic acid production ranged from 0.581 mmol/L up to 0.783 mmo/L. Enterococci grew sufficiently in the medium with 1% concentration of oxgall/bile. From 14E. faecalis, bacteriocin substances (Bs) by 8 strains were found to inhibit the growth at least 1 indicator of 27 (inhibitory zones-10 to 18 mm) by the qualitative method. The effect of Bs of 8 active Efaecalis strains was tested also by the quantitative method; Bs of 6 E.faecalis inhibited the growth at least of 1 indicator; E. faecalis P06/7, P06/13, P06/16 inhibited the growth of Enterococcus avium EA5, Listeria innocua LMG13568,Staphylococcus aureus SA5 (activity:100 to1600 AU/ml). The highest activity (1600 AU/ml) showed Bs produced by P06/16 against LMG13568. Taking into account the antibiotic sensitivity and activity in the strain itself, the most promising strains for detailed bacteriocin studies are E. faecalis P06/16, P06/7, P06/13 which are mostly antibiotic sensitive and bacteriocin active.


Key words: Enterococcus faecalis, bacteriocin, chourico,sensitivity, oxgall