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  • ISSN: 1996-0808
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJMR
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: 18 March, 2015; 9(11)

March 2015

Ciliate ectoparasites (Ciliophora: Trichodinidae/Chilodonellidae) on gills of Pelteobagrus fluvidraco from the Yangtze River, China, with the description of Trichodina fluvidraco sp. n

This study aimed at investigating the parasitic ciliates on commercial fishes in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, China. Several ciliates were collected from gills of Pelteobagrus fluvidraco. Three trichodinids and one chilodonellid were collected from the gills of the Pelteobagrus fluvidraco. These are Trichodina fluvidraco sp. n., Tripartiella dactylodentata, Tripartieila nana and Chilodonella hexasticha. Descriptions...

Author(s): Yinheng Hu

March 2015

Microbiological quality of selected street-vended foods in Coimbatore, India

Quality analysis of street-vended food enterprises and street food vendors from the Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu, India was carried out. This research reveals that, handling and trading practices of street vendors are not hygienic enough to obtain a safe food. These street-vended foods are easily contaminated by food borne pathogens, due to the poor quality of water used and the poor sanitary procedures in preparation...

Author(s): Anandhi Narain, Janani and Krishnaveni Narayanaswamy

March 2015

Improving physico-chemical and microbiological quality of compost tea using different treatments during extraction

Compost tea is gaining much interest due to its nutritional, biostimulation and disease suppression benefits to the plants. Four experiments were carried out to determine the effect of incubation temperature, incubation periods, dilution rate and nutritional sources on the microbial populations, physico-chemical properties and indole acetic acid (IAA) levels. Incubation at 28°C showed the highest number of bacteria...

Author(s): Mohamed Ibrahim Hegazy, Emad Ibraheim Hussein and Ali Salama Ali

March 2015

Production of extra cellular enzymes by microbial strains in molasses and additives supplemented fermentation media

This work investigates the use of molasses (a cheap substrate) together with additives in fermentation medium to produce extra cellular protease, amylase and lipase, with the aid of Aspergillus oryzae and Bacillus subtilis. The concentration of molasses (0.1 – 1.0%) used for enzyme production by A. oryzae significantly influenced the extracellular lipase, amylase and protease biosynthesis/ secretion. The highest...

Author(s): Jenilarani, D., Parthasarathy, N., Dhasarathan, P. and Yuvashree, R.

March 2015

Antimicrobial resistance in extended spectrum β-lactamases (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli isolated from human urinary tract infections in Ndjamena, Chad

The prevalence of antibiotic resistance among extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli has increased markedly in recent years. The purpose of this work was to investigate the occurrence and the antibiotic susceptibility of ESBL-producing E. coli in the urinary tract of the patients in Chad. Clinical strains of E. coli were isolated onto CLED agar and tested for ESBL production by using the...

Author(s): Guelmbaye Ndoutamia, Fissou Henry Yandai and Bessimbaye Nadlaou

March 2015

Haemaglutination of Shigella dysenteriae subunit pili protein with anti-haemaglutination of S. dysenteriae subunit pili protein as a molecule adhesion in mouse enterocytes

Shigellosis is a global human health problem. Unfortunately, there has not been any effective vaccine available worldwide. Molecule adhesion of bacteria can be used as a component of vaccine as it facilitates attachment to a cell surface structure in which the adhesion molecule is located in the pili. The purpose of this study was to clarify whether the protein subunit pili Shigella dysenteriae has a molecule adhesin....

Author(s): R. P. Sumarno, A. S. Avanita, S. Winarsih, S. Hidayat and D. Y. Nurhidayati

March 2015

In vitro antimicrobial activity of ethanolic seeds extract of Nigella sativa (Linn) in Sudan

Nigella sativa Lin. (family- Ranunculaceae) is a widely used medicinal plant globally and popular in various Indigenous system of medicines. The seeds are used as astringent, stimulant, diuretics and anthelmintic traditionally. They are also useful for treating jaundice, intermittent fever, dyspepsia, paralysis, piles and skin disorders. The ethanolic extracts of N. sativa (seeds) were tested against four standard...

Author(s): Ahmed S. Kabbashi, Mohammed I. Garbi, El-badri E. Osman, Mahmoud M. Dahab, Waleed S. Koko and Nadir Abuzeid

March 2015

Screening of Trichoderma species for virulence efficacy on seven most predominant phytopathogens

In vitro studies on the efficacy of Trichoderma species against phytopathogens revealed the antagonistic potential of eight different species of Trichoderma isolated from the rhizosphere soils of varied locations of Uttar Pradesh and were evaluated in vitro against the most widely occurring soil inhabiting plant pathogens viz., Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri, Alternaria solani, Phytopathora infestans, Pythium...

Author(s): Vipul Kumar, Mohammad Shahid, Mukesh Srivastava, Anuradha Singh, Sonika Pandey and Manoj Kumar Maurya

March 2015

Molecular characterization and in vitro evaluation of endophytic bacteria against major pathogens of rice

Thirty one isolates of endophytic bacteria were collected from different plant sources together with Bacillus subtilis var. amyloliquefaciens (FZB24) that was obtained from Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd. to screen against major pathogens of rice. All the isolates were characterized on the basis of biochemical and phenotypic analysis. Therefore, following these tests, it can be concluded that 31 isolates exhibited...

Author(s): Nagendran Krishnan, Karthikeyan Gandhi, Mohammed Faisal Peeran, Prabakar Kuppusami and Raguchander Thiruvengadam

March 2015

Isolation of potential phototrophic purple non-sulphur bacteria in paddy and their effects on paddy seedlings in hydroponic culture

In order to promote the growth of photosynthetic bacteria (PB) use as biofertilizers in paddy fields, this study conducted during 2011 to 2012 at Department of Agricultural Microbiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. Twenty phototrophic purple non-sulphur bacterial (PPNSB) isolates were isolated from paddy rhizosphere soils of Northern Karnataka. Isolates were tested by morphologically,...

Author(s): Pavitra, B. V, Sreenivasa, M. N, V. P Savalgi and Geetha Shirnalli

March 2015

Biology and artificial inoculation of Ustilaginoidea virens (Cooke) Takahashi in rice

False smut of rice (Oryza sativa L.) caused by Ustilaginoidea virens (Cooke) Takahashi (teleomorph Villosiclava virens) is one of the most common fungal diseases of rice in China. The objectives of the research were: 1) to study the biology of Ustilaginoidea virens, 2) to develop suitable media for inoculum production of U. virens, and 3) to develop an artificial inoculation technique for the study of false smut...

Author(s): He Haiyong, Sopone Wongkaew, Yuan Jie, Yang Xuehui, Chen Xiaojun, Wu Shiping, Tai Qigqun, Wang Lishuang, Mathukorn Sompong and Natthiya Buensanteai