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Microbiology Research

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  • ISSN: 1996-0808
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJMR
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: 28 February, 2017; 11(8)

February 2017

Microorganisms in functional food supplementation: A review

Use of microbial systems for functional foods supplementation can be defined into fermentative process by starter cultures, use of probiotics microorganisms and use of microbial biomass. Scientific and technical aspects as related to use of microorganisms in functional foods supplementation are highly diverse and complex, since they have to deal with the viability of probiotic strains as well as with the safe...

Author(s): Karina Teixeira Magalhães-Guedes, Camila Duarte Ferreira, Kassiana Teixeira Magalhães, Rosane Freitas Schwan, Jorge Alberto Vieira Costa and Itaciara Larroza Nunes

February 2017

Antimicrobial activity of some lactic acid bacteria isolated from local environment in Egypt

The aims of this study were to investigate antimicrobial activities of what so-called wild strains of LAB isolated from different sources of Egyptian environment including raw and fermented milk, cheeses, other dairy products, sausage and silage. Isolation of lactobacilli and lactococci were carried out onto plates of MRS and M17 agar, respectively, grouped to identification and the obtained treated supernatants were...

Author(s): El-Shenawy, M., Dawoud, E. I., Amin, G. A., El- Shafei, K., Fouad, M. T. and Soriano, J. M.,

February 2017

Antibiotic potentials and isolation of metabolomes from microorganisms of mesophilic soil of Rajasthan, India

The present of research work was focused on mesophilic soil samples from four different sites of Jaipur (The Pink City) in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a semi arid region and famous for its sandy soil, heat and temperature which reach up to 50°C in summers. Twenty nine colonies were isolated from the soil samples on nutrient agar media and three distinct isolates were selected and characterized after analyzing coloration...

Author(s): Abhishek Sharma and Ekta Menghani

February 2017

Activity of metabolites produced by new strains of Lactobacillus in modified de Man, Rogosa and Sharpe (MRS) medium against multidrug-resistant bacteria

The emergence of nearly untreatable infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria has led to a new public health concern in which a need for development of alternative non-antibiotic strategies has become urgent. The activity of metabolites produced by new strains of Lactobacillus against multidrug-resistant bacteria was investigated. The objective of this work was to isolate and identify lactobacilli from artisanal...

Author(s): Amanda Rafaela Carneiro de Mesquita, Cintia Renata Rocha Costa, Jessica Frutuoso, Irapuan Oliveira Pinheiro, Amanda Mota, Adelisa Anne Franchitti and Eulália Azevedo Ximenes

February 2017

Effect of nutritional parameters and NaCl concentration on phosphate solubilization potential of Penicillium purpurogenum Stoll isolated from paddy field

Phosphorus (P) is the major essential macronutrient of plants. But its availability in Indian soil is relatively low due to high rate of P fixation. The use of phosphate solubilizing microorganism (PSM) to solubilize the fixed form of P is economically reasonable and ecologically safe as compared to chemical phosphatic fertilizers. Fungi have been reported to possess greater ability to solubilize insoluble phosphate...

Author(s): Anju Verma and Amia Ekka

February 2017

Screening of biologically active constituents from leaves of Aloe elegans and their antimicrobial activities against clinical pathogens

The flourishing to the war b/n pathogens and antibiotics is contingent on the diligent trial to find effective antibiotics; so that to lessen the fear faced by resistant microbes. The screening carried out manifested the presence of saponins, glycosides, tannins, reduced sugars, terpenoids, flavonoids and phenols. Alkaloids and steroids were not traced from any of the extracts.  Aqueous and solvent extracts from...

Author(s): Mehari Habtemariam and Gebrehiwet Medhanie