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Table of Content: 4 February, 2011; 5(3)

February 2011

Eco-friendly role of biodegradation against agricultural pesticides hazards

  This review aims to elaborate the potential applications of various biological agents in decontamination of agricultural soils, which have been polluted with continuous and higher doses of pesticides through process of biodegradation. Biodegradation is an eco friendly, cost effective, highly efficient approach and can be considered as a superior alternative to physical and chemical methods which are not only...

Author(s):   Khalid Nawaz, Khalid Hussain, Nazia Choudary, Abdul Majeed, Umbrin Ilyas, Abdul Ghani, Feng Lin, Kazim Ali, Shahid Afghan, Ghulam Raza and Muhammad Ismail Lashari

February 2011

Antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coli and other coliforms isolated from urine of asymptomatic students in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

  This study investigated the isolation rate and antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coliand other coliforms from asymptomatic male and female students of Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. E. coli and other coliforms from midstream clean-catch urine samples of asymptomatic male and female students were isolated and tested for their susceptibility to commonly used...

Author(s): Yakubu B. Ngwai, Mark O. Akpotu, Ruth E. Obidake, Adebukola A. Sounyo, Adebola Onanuga and Samuel O. Origbo

February 2011

Identification and quantitation of conjunctival aerobic bacterial flora from healthy residents at different ages in Southwest China

  To identify and quantitate conjunctival aerobic bacterial flora from healthy residents of three age groups in Chongqing city, Southwest China. Samples taken with moist swabs from the lower fornix of bilateral eyes of 33 children (9.85 ± 0.57 years old), 31 youths (21.23 ± 0.88 years old), and 30 elders (72.97 ± 4.94 years old) respectively were tested for bacterial cultures. Positive...

Author(s):   Jing Liu, Jing Li, Jian Huo and Hanping Xie

February 2011

Microbial quality, diversity and antibiotic susceptibility profiles of bacterial isolates from borehole water used by schools in Greater Giyani Municipality, Mopani District, South Africa

  In the present study, the microbial quality of several boreholes, used by rural schools in Greater Giyani Municipality, was assessed over a six months period to determine their safety for human consumption and to highlight the potential occurrence of water-borne diseases. The microbiological quality of the water sources was performed using the membrane filtration technique, while standard culture methods were...

Author(s):   A. Samie, T. E. Makonto, J. Odiyo, P. O. Ouaboi-Egbenni, P. Mojapelo and P. O. Bessong

February 2011

A novel vector for expression cloning of large numbers of polymerase chain reaction products in Pichia pastoris

  We described construction of a novel vector, pAOX-HT, for direct cloning of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplified fragments and expression in Pichia pastoris. The pAOX-HT serves both as a T-vector and expression vector and can be generated from a parent plasmid by digestion with restriction enzyme XcmI. To minimize the non-recombinant background, the parent vector pAOX-HT-BSK was designed to...

Author(s): Dongming Lan, Wenkai Wang, Lijuan Sun, Yonghua Wang and Bo Yang

February 2011

Identification of appropriate sample and culture method for isolation of new thermophilic bacteria from hot spring

  The purpose of this study was to identify appropriate samples and culture techniques on the isolation of thermophiles from local hot spring. Samples obtained from hot spring were used to assess the effects of sample type (water, biomat and sediment) and culture technique (on site or in laboratory after shipping in thermo flask) on thermopiles isolation rate. Overall, isolation rates were higher from...

Author(s): Hussin N. Akmar, I. Asma, B. Venugopal, L. Yoga Latha and S. Sasidharan

February 2011

Species composition and molecular analysis of symbiotic fungi in roots of Changnienia amoena (Orchidaceae)

  The diversity and population structure of symbiotic fungi in Changnienia amoena(Orchidaceae) were carried out. A total of 67 isolates were recovered from root samples, all isolates were identified based on morphological criteria and rDNA ITS phylogeny.Overall, 18 taxa were detected. Ascomycetes were the major fungal group, the remaining three isolates were genetically close...

Author(s): Weimei Jiang, Guanmei Yang, Chulong Zhang and Chenxin Fu

February 2011

The effect of soil water potential on survival of fecal coliforms in soil treated with organic wastes under laboratory conditions

  Pollution caused by animal wastes has become a great problem in many countries. The objective of this study was to test the effects of water potential on survival of fecal coliforms in a soil treated with 3 manures. A semiarid soil was treated with raw cow and poultry manures (CM and PM) and sewage sludge (SS) at a rate of 20 g kg-1 (dry weight basis). Three water potentials established for soil...

Author(s): Ali Akbar Safari Sinegani and Javad Maghsoudi

February 2011

Fibrolytic potential of spent compost of the mushroom Agaricus bisporus to degrade forages for ruminants

  To evaluate the fibrolytic potential to degrade forages, extracts from spent compost ofAgaricus bisporus (SCAB) were evaluated in vitro. Firstly, SCAB was cultivated for 50, 60 and 90 days (culture stage) and enzyme activity was evaluated. The highest cellulase activity was at 60 days; xylanase activity was not affected by culture stage and laccase activity increased as culture stage increased....

Author(s): M. Ayala, S. S. González-Muñoz J. M. Pinos-Rodríguez, C. Vázquez, M. Meneses, O. Loera and G. D. Mendoza

February 2011

Quantum mechanic studies on dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and dimyristoylphosphatidylcoline as nanoscales of membrane

  An understanding of static properties of membrane is an essential prelude to the study of movement of molecules within the membrane. In this investigation two molecules have been theoretically investigated through the quantum mechanical calculations. According to the obtained results of the structural optimization of the isolated DPPC (dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine) and DMPC (dimyristoylphosphatidylcoline)...

Author(s): M. Monajjemi, M. Movahedi and F. Mollaamin

January 2011

The effects of nutritional restriction on neutral lipid accumulation in Chlamydomonas and Chlorella

  Under nutrient starvation conditions, many microalgae are known to accumulate triacylglycerols (TAG) that can be used for biodiesel production. However, few studies have been performed to analyze the effect of deficiency in nutrient elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium on oil production, particularly in Chlamydomonas and Chlorella. In this study, we...

Author(s): Xiaodong Deng, Xiaowen Fei, and Yajun Li

February 2011

A novel male-specific DNA sequence for river buffaloes

  In this paper, we report identification of a novel male-specific DNA marker in Iranian river buffalo presenting the possibility of river buffalo gender determination using Random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCR (RAPD-PCR). Twenty eight random primers used for RAPD fingerprinting in order to isolation and characterization of microsatellite sequences using PIMA (PCR-based isolation of microsatellite array). All...

Author(s): Borhan Shokrollahi and Hassan Aryapour

February 2011

Distribution, antibiogram and multidrug resistance in Enterobacteriaceae from commercial poultry feeds in Nigeria

  The increasing incidence of enterobacteriosis in poultry birds in Nigeria lately necessitated the study which aimed at enumerating the Enterobacteriaceae in 58 commercially available poultry feeds, studying their antibiotic susceptibility pattern, confirming plasmid as the determinants of resistance and tracing the relationship between multidrug resistant (MDR) isolates in the feed and those in morbid birds....

Author(s): C. N. Ezekiel, A. O. Olarinmoye, J. M. A. Oyinloye Jnr , O. B. Olaoye and A. O. Edun

February 2011

In vitro creation of artificial nitrogen fixing Cyanobacterium (Nostoc muscorum) association with wheat

  Using sonication technique and addition of 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid to wheat roots, increasing colonization of Nostoc muscorum on roots and enhancement of nitrogen fixation as novel associations between nitrogen fixing Nostoc muscorum and nonlegume wheat, had been occurred. Sonication of roots (10 and 20 s) enhanced abundance of N. muscorum within / on the root...

Author(s): E. M. Fadl-Allah, H. M. El-komy, N. A. Al-Harbi, and E. N. Sholkamy

February 2011

In vitro effect of tigecycline against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and a review of the available drugs for tuberculosis

  The study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a novel antibiotic drug tigecycline on clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and, reviewing defined anti-tuberculosis effects of available agents. Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of tigecycline for 50 M. tuberculosisincluding multidrug-resistant (MDR) clinical isolates (20 MDR isolates) was determined by broth...

Author(s): Ahmet Yilmaz Coban, Aydin Deveci, Yeliz Tanriverdi Cayci, Meltem Uzun, Alper Akgunes and Belma Durupinar

February 2011

Degradation of purine ribonucleosides by extracts of Penicillium viridicatum

  Cell-free extracts of nitrate-grown Penicillium viridicatum could catalyze the hydrolytic cleavage of N-glycosidic bond of adenosine, guanosine and inosine to the corresponding base and ribose by a ribonucleoside hydrolase; however, there is no evidence for the degradation of these compounds through phosphorylation. The rate of hydrolysis of the three ribonucleosides was in the order inosine>...

Author(s): Ali M. Elshafei, Latifa A. Mohamed and Mohamed M. Hassan

February 2011

In vitro evaluation of anti-staphylococcal activity of Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma praelongum and Ganoderma resinaceum from Pune, India

  Antimicrobial activity of Ganoderma praelongum, Ganoderma resinaceum andGanoderma lucidum were evaluated against thirty strains of clinical isolates of methicillin resistant and methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) by the well agar diffusion and microtiter plate dilution. Chloroform, ethyl acetate, methanol, and water were used as extractive solvents. Standard antibiotic...

Author(s):   Abdulghani Ameri, Jitendra G. Vaidya and Subhash S. Deokule    

February 2011

Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of vic-dioxime derivatives containing benzaldehydehydrazone groups and their metal complexes

  In this study, three new vic-dioxime derivatives containing benzaldehydehydrazone groups (L1H2: 4-methoxybenzaldehydehydrazone glyoxime, L2H2: 4-methylbenzaldehydehydrazone glyoxime and L3H2: 3-methylbenzaldehydehydrazone glyoxime) and their Ni(II), Cu(II) and Co(II) complexes are used. The biological activity of these aromatic hydrazone-oxime derivatives has been determined in both prokaryotic and...

Author(s): Ilknur Babahan, Esin PoyrazoÄŸlu Çoban, Ali Özmen, Halil Biyik and Burcu IÅŸman