African Journal of
Pure and Applied Chemistry

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  • ISSN: 1996-0840
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJPAC
  • Start Year: 2007
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Table of Content: August, 2015; 9(8)

August 2015

Nutritional and anti-nutritional composition of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruits sold in major markets of Minna Niger State, Nigeria

This study investigated the nutritional, anti-nutritional factors, functional properties, mineral and amino acid contents of Phoenix dactylifera L. fruits using standard analytical methods. The results revealed that date palm (P. dactylifera L.) contain some percentage  crude protein (1.21 ± 0.02%), crude fat (1.73 ± 0.46%), crude fibre (2.26 ± 0.07%), ash (1.88± 0.03%), moisture...

Author(s): E. Y. Shaba, M. M. Ndamitso, J.  T. Mathew, M. B. Etsunyakpa, A. N. Tsado and S. S Muhammad

August 2015

Spectrophotometric study on the stability constants and thermodynamic parameters of Zn2+, Cd2+ and Hg2+ complexes with Imino Thiazolidinone

The heterocyclic ligand (L), 3-(2-hydroxy phenyl)-2-iminothiazolidin-4-one, was synthesized by the cyclocondensation of o-hydoxy phenyl chloroacetamide with potassium thiocyanate. The stoichiometries of the title complexes were first determined by spectrophotometric mole ratio method which gave rise to the M:L ratio of 1:4 in case of Zn(II) and Cd(II) and 1:2 in case of Hg(II) ions respectively. Using these...

Author(s): Zewdu B. Gemechu, Tesfahun Kebede, Ephrem G. Demissie, Girma W. Woyessa and Solomon B. Kassa

August 2015

Thermodynamic analysis of some volatile species at elevated pressure and temperature during combustion of Pakistani Lakhra and Thar lignite chars

Volatile species (e.g. Na-,K-,Cl-, and S) are released during thermal conversion of coal causing eventual problems such as fouling, slagging and corrosion, especially in gas turbines, on super heaters and in the colder part of heat recovery systems. Thermodynamic study of the released inorganic compounds is supportive before eventually launching experimental work. Therefore, thermodynamic equilibrium was calculated...

Author(s): Gul-e-Rana Jaffri, Syed Ali Rizwan shah Jaffri and Syed Ali Rehan Shah Jaffri