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Table of Content: 10 July 2013; 8(13)

July 2013

GRAHAM P. McDONOUGH, Beyond Obedience and Abandonment: Towards a theory of dissent in catholic education. McGill-Queen’s University Press 2012, 307 pages, £18.99

Author(s): Rev. Fr. Imad Twal 

July 2013

Test anxiety and neurotizm

  The present study examined the association of the personality trait neuroticism and test anxiety (encoded as worry and emotionality) as well as social relationships (teacher-student and student-student relationship) as possible mediators for girls and boys. Participants were 8th grade students (N = 512) attending schools in Konya. Using cross-sectional data in a self-report study the association between...

Author(s): Sayime ERBEN KEÇICI

July 2013

Correlation among high school senior students’ test anxiety, academic performance and points of university entrance exam

  Test anxiety seems like a benign problem to some people, but it can be potentially serious when it leads to high levels of distress and academic failure. The aim of this study is to define the correlation among high school senior students’ test anxiety, academic performance (GPA) and points of university entrance exam (UEE). The study group of the research was composed of 194 high school senior...

Author(s): Hakan Karatas, Bulent Alci and Hasan Aydin

July 2013

An evaluation of factors that affect performance of primary schools in Kenya: A case study of Gatanga district

  Recently, the Kenyan government reaffirmed its commitment to enabling majority of its citizen’s access to education through establishment of free primary education program and subsidizing secondary education. However, despite all these efforts, the education sector continues to face myriads of problems, major one being skewed performance in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya...

Author(s): Roselyn W. Gakure, Patrick Mukuria and Peter Paul Kithae

July 2013

Examination of the relation between the values of adolescents and virtual sensitiveness

  The aim of this study is to examine the relation between the values adolescents have and virtual sensitiveness. The study is carried out on 447 adolescents, 160 of whom are female, 287 males. The Humanistic Values Scale and Virtual Sensitiveness scale were used. Pearson Product Moment Coefficient and multiple regression analysis techniques were used as statistical analyses. As a result of the study, it was...

Author(s): Hasan Yılmaz

July 2013

Ergonomically adjustable school furniture for male students

  The need for adjustability in school furniture, in order to accommodate the variation in anthropometric measures of different genders, cultures and ages is becoming increasingly important. Four chair-table combinations, different in dimensions, with adjustable chair seating heights and table heights were designed, manufactured and distributed to schools in Riyadh city. The number of the student participants...

Author(s): Khalid S. Al-Saleh, Mohamed Z. Ramadan and Riyad A. Al-Ashaikh

July 2013

Adult learners’ demographic variable as predictor of access and participation in literacy programmes in Oyo and Ondo States, Nigeria

  Literacy is an indispensable foundation that enables young people and adults to engage in learning opportunities at all stages of the learning continuum. Literacy is a prerequisite for the development of personal, social, economic and political empowerment. In Nigeria, attempt to increase access to literacy education for the enhancement of learners’ daily living include establishing State Agencies for...

Author(s): OLOJEDE, Adeshina Abideen and OLADITAN, Idowu Oladiran

July 2013

Academic freedom in Al al-Bayt University and the level of practicing it from the view point of the faculty members based on some variables

  The purpose of this study is to identify the level of practicing academic freedom by the faculty members of Al al-Bayt University. The study population included all the faculty members (297) of Al al-Bayt University, during the academic year, 2010/2011. The study sample was randomly selected and included 250 faculty members. To achieve the aims of this study, the study tool was constructed in its final form...

Author(s): Bayan Al-Madi

July 2013

Students’ learning environment and education quality in Faculty of Education of University of Tehran

  The main aim of this article is to review between students’ learning environment and education quality. A non-experimental, quantitative, SPSS 17.0 research design was used to explore the relationship between background demographic characteristics, transformational, and transactional leadership styles, learning environment, and education quality. The data collection includes 292 returned surveys from...

Author(s): Mohsen Keshavarz, Seyed Ali Vaziri, Ahmad Jafari and Hadi Alizadeh

July 2013

The methods applied by pre-school teachers to raise the curiosity of children and their views

  The purpose of this study is to determine the strategies used by pre-school teachers in order to raise curiosity in children. Based on this aim, sample is composed of 52 pre-school teachers working in kindergartens affiliated to Ministry of National Education. Study data were collected via qualitative research methods. Research data were gathered in face to face manner by asking questions to teachers in a...

Author(s): Sema BüyüktaÅŸkapu Soydan and Filiz Erbay

July 2013

Development of a computerized adaptive testing for diagnosing the cognitive process of grade 7 students in learning algebra, using multidimensional item response theory

  The purpose of this research is to develop a multidimensional computerized adaptive test for diagnosing the cognitive process of grade 7 students in learning algebra by applying multidimensional item response theory. The research is divided into 4 steps: 1) the development of item bank of algebra, 2) the development of the multidimensional computerized adaptive testing program and a handbook for using the...

Author(s): Somprasong Senarat, Sombat Tayraukham, Chatsiri Piyapimonsit and Sakesan Tongkhambanjong

July 2013

Managerial problems in the use of educational technology in primary education schools

  Rapid progress in science and technology also changes understanding, wishes and expectations, processes, operations and organisational structures. Such developments positively affect the structure of educational systems as well as learning-teaching activities in instructional environments. The problem of this research is to define managerial problems regarding the use of educational technology in schools on...

Author(s): Vural HOÅžGÖRÜR

July 2013

From storyboard to story: Animation content development

  This research focused on a new method in the development of animation story content, which could shorten the creation process and arouse new ideas. Two phases of experiments were conducted to explore this reversed model. The first phase is a pretest of participants' creativity, which was a base for further examination the relationship between personal creativity and good story design. Torrance Tests of...

Author(s): Tsai-Yun Mou, Tay-Sheng Jeng and Chien-Hsu Chen

July 2013

Emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility and psychological symptoms in pre-service teachers

  The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility and psychological symptoms in pre-service teachers. The study included 414 pre-service teachers at the Faculty of Education, Mersin University, Turkey.  Pearson product-moment correlation and multiple regression analyses were used to analyze the data. The results indicated that emotional...

Author(s): Bülent GÜNDÜZ

July 2013

Students and teachers’ perceptions on technology-enhanced Turkish language learning environment in Turkey

  The purpose of this study is to determine learners’ and instructors’ perceptions about technology-enhanced learning environment. This study uses both quantitative and qualitative methods. A Likert-scale survey was developed and administered to 48 Turkish language learners in various language courses in Istanbul to investigate their perceptions of using technology. Additionally, qualitative...

Author(s): HASAN AYDIN