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Table of Content: 10 September, 2016; 11(17)

September 2016

Primary school teachers’ perceptions about character education

The aim of this study is to determine the perceptions of primary school teachers about character education. In this descriptive study, data were collected by using a survey questionnaire which required descriptive analysis. Based on the findings, it was revealed that primary school teachers (n=60) defined the character education as moral values necessary to be taught to individuals and behaviors for their personality...

Author(s): Melek Demirel, Demet Özmat and Imgehan Özkan Elgün

September 2016

Investigating the opinions of physical education teacher candidates on the school experience course

The purpose of this study is to examine the opinions of physical education teacher candidates on the school experience course. The qualitative case study design was adopted for this study. The research group was composed of 67 teacher candidates. A semi-structured questionnaire was used in the study. The collected questionnaires were analyzed with Content Analysis Method. The concepts were evaluated in four main themes....

Author(s): Mehmet Gullu and Cenk Temel

September 2016

Attitude scale towards web-based examination system (MOODLE) - Validity and reliability study

Today, the spread of Internet use has accelerated the development of educational technologies and increased the quality of education by encouraging teachers’ cooperation and participation. As a result, examinations executed via the Internet have become common, and a number of universities have started using distant education management system. Eventually, today, more people have a chance to take education....

Author(s): Basaran Bulent, Yalman Murat and Gonen Selahattin

September 2016

The explanatory and predictive relationship pattern between university students’ goal orientation behaviours and their academic achievement

The purpose of this study is to determine the explanatory and predictive relationship pattern between university students’ goal orientation behaviours and their academic achievement. The study group consisted of 259 university students. A ‘2x2 Achievement Goal Orientations Scale’ was used to determine the students’ goal orientation behaviours. The average grades that the students got during a...

Author(s): UÄŸur Akpur

September 2016

Application of context input process and product model in curriculum evaluation: Case study of a call centre

The goal of this research which was carried out in reputable dedicated call centres within the Turkish telecommunication sector aims is to evaluate competence-based curriculums designed by means of internal funding through Stufflebeam’s context, input, process, product (CIPP) model. In the research, a general scanning pattern in the scope of descriptive research is used. The data collection instrument consists of...

Author(s): Derya KavgaoÄŸlu and Bülent Alcı

September 2016

The effect of brightness of lamps teaching based on the 5E model on students’ academic achievement and attitudes

The purpose of this research was to examine and compare the effect of teaching the brightness of lamps, which is a topic for grade 11 physics lesson, on student achievement and attitude according to the 5E model belonging to the constructivist learning theory and the traditional teaching method. The research was conducted on 62 11th grade students in Ä°dil High School during the spring semester of 2009/2010 academic...

Author(s): Hatice Guzel

September 2016

Comparative analysis of teacher trainee students’ e-learning technology (ELT) readiness towards promoting global curriculum best practice

This study compares teacher trainee students (TTSs), electronic learning technology (ELT) readiness, competence as well as their constraints to ELT readiness using 373 University education students’ from Botswana and Nigeria that are randomly selected. Data was descriptively analysed based on the research objectives and hypotheses using mean analysis, frequency counts, independent t-test and Pearson correlation...

Author(s): Edna N. Ogwu

September 2016

A study of global citizenship levels of Turkish university students according to different variables (youth camp leaders sample)

The aim of this study was to investigate different variables of university students’ (Youth Camp Leaders) global citizenship levels from different universities, who participated in the youth camp leadership meeting organized in March 2016, by the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. The present research is a descriptive study based on the survey model. The study group consisted of a total of 408 participants...

Author(s): Cenk Temel

September 2016

The construction of deductive warrant derived from inductive warrant in preservice-teacher mathematical argumentations

This study discusses the construction of deductive warrant derived from inductive warrant in mathematical argumentations expressed by pre-service teacher. In completing a mathematics task, a problem solver needs argumentation to determine, reveal, and support a reasonable solution. A mathematical argumentation can be analyzed by Toulmin scheme consisting of data, claim, warrant, backing, refutation and qualifier. This...

Author(s): Lia Budi Tristanti, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Abdur Rahman As’ari and Makbul Muksar

September 2016

Status of biology laboratory and practical activities in some selected secondary and preparatory schools of Borena zone, South Ethiopia

Science laboratory is a very important resource input for teaching science. Learning science is enhanced and the understanding level is improved when students are engaged in science laboratory for practical experiments. The current study aimed to assess the status of Biology laboratory and practical activities in some selected secondary and Preparatory schools of Borena Zone. A random sampling technique was employed to...

Author(s): Tolessa Muleta Daba, Baressa Anbassa, Bula Kere Oda and Itefa Degefa

September 2016

Intercultural sensitivity levels of Turkish pre-service foreign language teachers: Examples from education faculties of two universities in Turkey

The aim of this study is to determine whether intercultural sensitivity levels vary among foreign language teacher candidates in terms of variables such as target language, year of study (grade), and gender in both intra and inters programs. Research sample consists of 1,049 Turkish freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior foreign language teacher candidates who are studying German, English and French Languages at two...

Author(s): Veda Aslim YetiÅŸ and ÇiÄŸdem Kurt