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Table of Content: 23 April 2016; 11(8)

April 2016

Exploring prospective English Language teachers’ perceptions of the ‘Internet’ through metaphorical conceptualizations

This qualitative phenomenological study aims to explore prospective English language teachers’ perceptions of the ‘Internet’ through metaphors. The study has been conducted with the participation of 143 Grade 1 and Grade 2 students attending the English Language Teaching (ELT) Programme at Ondokuz Mayıs University. A form with a simple Internet-related metaphor question has been employed as the major...

Author(s): Ä°smail Yaman

April 2016

The use of cartoons in elementary classrooms: An analysis of teachers’ behavioral intention in terms of gender

Among multimedia researches, contribution of cartoons to teaching process and academic achievement has often been examined. However, these technologies may have a slower and less effect since acceptance of them by users is affected by many factors.  Therefore, it is extremely important to understand and reveal the factors which encourage teachers who are to choose the most appropriate tool and material for students...

Author(s): Emin Ibili and Sami Sahin 

April 2016

Improved creative thinkers in a class: A model of activity based tasks for improving university students’ creative thinking abilities

The main objective of this study was improving university students’ from different faculties creativity thinking through a creativity education process. The education process took twelve weeks’ time. As pretest, Torrance test of creative thinking (TTCT) figural form was used. Participants were 24 university students from different faculties who attended the course of “Fostering of Creativity and...

Author(s): Elif Celebi Oncu

April 2016

The impact of self-regulated learning on reading comprehension and attitude towards Turkish course and metacognitive thinking

The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of self-regulated learning on students' reading comprehension and attitude towards Turkish course and metacognitive thinking skills. For this purpose, the study was carried out with the 5th graders in Zonguldak Province. In this study, one of the classes was designated as the experimental group and the other class as the control group. While self-regulated learning...

Author(s): AyÅŸe Oruç and Ali Arslan

April 2016

Social gender in the pictures drawn by students about physical education class

The current study aimed to analyze the social gender perception in physical education classes in Turkey through the pictures drawn by students about the physical education class. The document analysis technique, which is a qualitative research method, was used in the study.  In the light of this aim, the pictures drawn by a total of 394 students (190 females and 204 males) aged 11 years, who were enrolled in 12...

Author(s): Cenk Temel and Mehmet Güllü 

April 2016

Cognitive levels regarding articulation marks among violin students in Department of Music Education in Gazi University

The purpose of this study is to determine violin students’ cognitive levels about articulation marks in Department of Music Education, Fine Arts Education, Gazi Faculty of Education, Gazi University (GUGEF), and to identify the variables on which the cognitive levels vary. It is a descriptive research considering the study purpose, method and nature of study data. In the study, Turkish and international literature...

Author(s): Gamze Elif TANINMIS

April 2016

Motivation levels of gifted students and their metaphorical perceptions of school

The aim of this study is to analyze the school motivation levels of gifted students and their metaphorical perception of school. For this purpose, quantitative and qualitative approach was used as the mixed method. The sample for both methods consisted of 96 gifted students at secondary school level. For quantitative data, School Motivation Scale was used and the students were also asked to form their metaphors about...

Author(s): Yavuz EriÅŸen, Mehmet Åžahin, Fazilet Y. Birben and Hatun S. Yalın 

April 2016

Comparison of the content of web sites of higher education institutions providing for sports management education: The case of Turkish and English universities

Considering various themes, this study aims to examine the content of web sites of universities that provide sports management education in higher education level in Turkey and in England. Within this framework, the websites of the higher education institutions that provide sports management education are analyzed by using the content analysis (categorical) method which is common in qualitative studies. Findings of the...

Author(s): Hakan Katirci 

April 2016

Teaching a concept with GeoGebra: Periodicity of trigonometric functions*

Being one of the major subjects in high school mathematics curriculum, trigonometry links algebraic, geometric and graphical reasoning. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of GeoGebra in the teaching of the concept of the periodicity of trigonometric functions.  In this study, it is investigated how effective is the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra being used in the teaching of the periodicity...

Author(s): Ibrahim KepceoÄŸlu and llyas Yavuz 

April 2016

Place of diversity in the current Ethiopian education and training policy: Analysis of Cardinal dimensions

The purpose of this paper was to investigate to what extent the diversity dimensions are addressed in the current Education and Training Policy. To that end, document analysis was employed. The major diversity dimensions were analyzed based on their cardinal features. The study demonstrated that there is an ambitious need to address issues of diversity into the Ethiopian Education and Training Policy. Nevertheless,...

Author(s): Tariku Simeand Gara Latchanna 

April 2016

Organizational deviance and multi-factor leadership

Organizational deviant behaviors can be defined as behaviors that have deviated from standards and uncongenial to organization's expectations. When such behaviors have been thought to damage the organization, it can be said that reducing the deviation behaviors at minimum level is necessary for a healthy organization. The aim of this research is to determine the level of teachers' organizational deviant...

Author(s): Ali Aksu 

April 2016

Educational demands to reduce avoidance of vocational education in Jordan

This study aims to identify the educational demands to reduce students’ avoidance of vocational education in Jordan. Results of a previous study addressing reasons for avoidance of vocational education, distributed these reasons into personal, social, economic, educational and vocational domains. Focus-groups method was used to identify the educational demands in order to reduce the effect of these reasons. Five...

Author(s): Monim Alsa’aideh 

April 2016

What are the teaching responsibilities of being a teacher?

The aim of this paper is to find out what kind of learning responsibility has been formed on the learner when a teacher performs his/her responsibility. The paper uses mixed-method research design. In mixed-method, more reliable and pluralist data can be obtained by using both qualitative and quantitative methods. For the qualitative aspect, one of the experimental research models, pre-test–post-test one...

Author(s): Mevlut Gunduz 

April 2016

Study of self-efficacy perceptions of Social Studies teacher candidates on educational internet usage

This study aimed at examining the self-efficacy perceptions of social studies teacher candidates with respect to educational internet use. This research was conducted on a sample of 174 social studies teacher candidates enrolled in Gaziantep University Nizip Faculty of Education. The “Educational Internet Self-Efficacy Scale”, developed by Sahin, was used as a data collection tool. The relational scanning...

Author(s): Özkan Akman 

April 2016

Effect of Jigsaw I technique on teaching Turkish grammar

The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of Jigsaw I technique on students’ academic success and attitude towards the course in teaching Turkish grammar. For that purpose, three grammar topics (spelling and punctuation marks rules) were determined and an experimental study conforming to “control group preliminary-testing final testing model” was conducted at a middle school located in Kars...

Author(s): Akif ARSLAN 

April 2016

Design process for online websites created for teaching Turkish as a foreign language in web based environments

In today’s world, where online learning environments have increased their efficiency in education and training, the design of the websites prepared for education and training purposes has become an important process. This study is about the teaching process of the online learning environments created to teach Turkish in web based environments, and how the preparation stages should be as per ADDIE design model....

Author(s): Fatih Mehmet Türker

April 2016

Constructive metacognitive activity shift in mathematical problem solving

This study aims to describe the constructive metacognitive activity shift OF eleventh graders in solving a mathematical problem. Subjects in this study were 10 students IN grade 11 of SMAN 1 Malang. They were divided into 4 groups. Three types of metacognitive activity undertaken by students when completing mathematical problem are awareness, regulation, and evaluation. This was a descriptive qualitative research with...

Author(s): Intan Dwi Hastuti, Toto Nusantara, Subanji, and Hery Susanto 

April 2016

Can we prepare effective writing teachers for academically diverse classrooms?

This study examines whether preservice teachers, who provide writing instruction in native language education, are ready to teach students with different learning needs effectively. This study used a survey research design and qualitative data collection tools. An interview form and writing samples from students in the same class with different writing learning needs were used for data collection. The data of the study,...

Author(s): Yusuf Uyar 

April 2016

Investigating stratification within higher education through examining the status of students in different academic majors in terms of cultural, social and economic capital

This study was carried out in order to explore the status of stratification within higher education through measuring cultural, economic and social capital of students in major academic disciplines across universities in Urmia, Northwestern Iran.  The findings indicate that there are stratification structures in the presence of students in humanities, engineering, agriculture, science, medicine and its related...

Author(s): Mohammad Hassani and Seyyed Jamal Mir Ghasemi 

April 2016

Code switching in English language teaching (ELT) teaching practice in Turkey: Student teacher practices, beliefs and identity

Code switching involves the interplay of two languages and as well as serving linguistic functions, it has social and psychological implications. In the context of English language teaching, these psychological implications reveal themselves as teachers’ thought processes. While the nature of code switching in language classrooms has been widely studied, as yet little if any attention has been paid to the...

Author(s): Sezen Seymen Bilgin 

April 2016

The Evaluation of Strength Training and Body Plyometric Effects on the Male Basketball Players

This research evaluated the effects of resistance training with upper body plyometric effects on the performance of male basketball players. Sixteen males in the physical education and sport science faculty of Ataturk University were randomly determined into two groups. The experimental group performed a combined strength and plyometric training twice a week for six weeks. Also, experimental group subjected basketball...

Author(s): Metin BAYRAM 

April 2016

Relationship between critical thinking levels and attitudes towards reading habits among pre-service physical education teachers

The purpose of the present research is to define the critical thinking levels and reading habits of students studying at the department of physical education and sports teaching and analysing the relationship between these. The participants of the present research are 136 pre-service physical education teachers studying at Mugla Sitki Kocman University Faculty of Sport Sciences and Marmara University School of Physical...

Author(s): Ahmet Nusret BULGURCUOGLU 

April 2016

Evaluation of metacognitive competence of pre-service music teachers in terms of some variables

The purpose of the present research is to define pre-service music teachers’ competence in using metacognitive activities in relation to academic achievement, gender, and class grade variables. The work-group consists of 131 pre-service music teachers, who study at Balıkesir University Necatibey Faculty of Education, Programme of Music Teaching. “Motivational, Cognitive, and Metacognitive Competence...

Author(s): Okay Hakan 

April 2016

An example of the use of personal analogy in teaching Geography: If I were a mineral

The objective of this study is to use personal analogy as a pre-organizer. The subject of the personal analogy is chosen as minerals. For this purpose, geography teacher candidates were asked the questions, ‘Which mineral would you like to be? Why?’  They explain the properties of the minerals by matching them with their own characteristics. It is considered that the study will increase their awareness...

Author(s): NeÅŸe Duman 

April 2016

Local conjecturing process in the solving of pattern generalization problem

This aim of this study is to describe the process of local conjecturing in generalizing patterns based on Action, Process, Object, Schema (APOS) theory. The subjects were 16 grade 8 students from a junior high school. Data collection used Pattern Generalization Problem (PGP) and interviews. In the first stage, students completed PGP; in the second stage, work-based interviews were conducted by the researchers to...

Author(s): Sutarto, Toto Nusantara, Subanji and Sisworo 

April 2016

How do the cognitive load, self-efficacy and attitude of pre-service teachers shift in the multimedia science learning process?

The aim of this study is to investigate pre-service teacher’s cognitive load types (intrinsic load-IL, extraneous load-EL, and germane load-GL), academic achievements, and affective characteristics (attitude and self-efficacy) at two stages of experimental learning processes. The first and the second groups used explanatory instructional multimedia science simulations (EImms-1 and EImms-2), and the third group...

Author(s): Akin EfendioÄŸlu and Tugba Yanpar Yelken

April 2016

An educational experience in the Conservatory of Bologna: The Italian students’ views on contemporary Turkish polyphonic choral music

It is known that many choirs in European countries perform different styles of traditional songs in different languages in their repertoire. However, Turkish contemporary polyphonic choral works which have specific harmony and timbres effected by makam may not be known as the others. In this context, the main aim of this study is to introduce these specific harmonies and timbres to the foreigners and to learn their...

Author(s): Köksal Apaydınlı 

April 2016

Use of jigsaw technique to teach the unit "science within time" in secondary 7th grade social sciences course and students’ views on this technique

The aim of this study is to apply the jigsaw technique in Social Sciences teaching and to unroll the effects of this technique on learning. The unit “Science within Time” in the secondary 7th grade Social Sciences text book was chosen for the research. It is aimed to compare the jigsaw technique with the traditional teaching method in teaching of the unit. The sampling of the research was conducted with...

Author(s): Hakkı Yapıcı 

April 2016

Study of the performance of faculty members according to talent management approach in higher education

Nowadays, the success of any organization depends on the shaping of policies tailored to the needs of human resources; otherwise, it will lose the ability to adapt to today's complex environment and the ability to use the effectiveness of human resources. For this reason, Talent Management can help to attract, nurture and develop the next generation of public leaders. This study was conducted with the aim of finding...

Author(s): Leila Moghtadaie and Maryam Taji

April 2016

Musical performance anxiety and the relationship between learning styles and the instrument and singing fields

The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between musical performance anxiety, learning styles, and the field of instrument and solo singing music teacher candidates. Musical performance anxiety has been investigated at various musical events, such as performance during exams, singing and playing on stage, or in front of judges for an audition. Many research studies have concluded that in any exam or...

Author(s): Onur Zahal

April 2016

An examination of vocational school students' self-efficacy beliefs in mathematics and of their achievement levels

The purpose of this study is to examine vocational school students' self-efficacy beliefs in mathematics and their achievement levels. As the data collection tool, “Self-Efficacy Perception of Mathematics Scale” developed by Umay (2001) was used in the study. The sample is composed of 178 students who were attending different programs of Tatvan Vocational School of Bitlis Eren University. The research...

Author(s): Cahit TAÅžDEMÄ°R

April 2016

Effect of popular music covers designed in different styles on acclaim of pre-service teachers

This research was performed with the purpose of examining the differences of acclaim, their causes, and acclaim status of original recordings of popular songs and their cover versions rearranged in different styles. The research was conducted using the qualitative research method. The participants were asked to listen to three songs with two different cover versions of each. The researcher then asked them to complete a...

Author(s): Murat Devrim Babacan

April 2016

Relationship of teachers’ readiness for change with their participation in decision making and school culture

The aim of this research is to study the relationship between primary school teachers’ level of participation in decision making, school culture and their level of readiness for change. The data in the study were collected from 597 primary school teachers (304 men and 293 women) in central districts of Mersin in 2014 spring semester. Participation in School Management Scale was used to measure teachers’...

Author(s): Yusuf Ä°NANDI and Fahrettin GILIÇ

April 2016

An analysis on the level of leisure satisfaction and the level of satisfaction with life of young people who attend sport education camps in nature

This study analyzes the influence of leisure satisfaction on young people who attended the sport education camp in Bolu city. Target group of the study are students who have participated in the activities called “Nature Camp for Youth” which is held annually by Youth and Sport Ministry. The age range of the target group is between 17 and 24. In these activities, participants are given orienteering, trekking,...

Author(s): Polat Ercan

April 2016

Determination of the colour preferences of 5th grade students in relation to gender

The purpose of this research is to determine the colour preferences of 5th grade students in relation to the concept of gender. The study was conducted with the 19 5th grade students studying at Central District of Bartın Province in 2015 to 2016 academic year. Throughout the research, quantitative research method had been used while survey had been used as the research method and a questionnaire prepared by the...

Author(s): Hüseyin Uysal

April 2016

Adaptation and validation of self-perceived employability scale: An analysis of sports department students and graduates

The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to adapt and test the construct validity of the Self-Perceived Employability Scale; and second, to analyze the employability perceptions of students and graduates of sports departments according to their gender, level of education, ability to communicate in a foreign language, and work experience. A data-collection procedure was conducted two times, and the scale was...

Author(s): Unal Karli

April 2016

Challenges of using audio-visual aids as warm-up activity in teaching aviation English

This study aims to find out the challenges encountered in the use of video as audio-visual material as a warm-up activity in aviation English course at high school level. This study is based on a qualitative study in which focus group interview is used as the data collection procedure. The participants of focus group are four instructors teaching Aviation English to 10th graders in a state high school in 2005 to 2006...

Author(s): Mehmet Åžahin and St. Åžule, Y. E. Seçer

April 2016

Comparison of critical thinking dispositions of prospective teachers

The purpose of this study is to compare the critical thinking dispositions of prospective teachers. In the study, survey model, which is a descriptive research method, was used. The sample of the research consisted of 1123 students studying at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teacher at the Schools of Physical Education and Sports and Departments of Turkish, Mathematics, Science, Classroom Teaching and...

Author(s): Hakan Turan

April 2016

Effect of the use of multimedia on students’ performance: A case study of social studies class

The rapidly changing technological developments have affected education as it does every other fields of human endeavor. The number of technology applications used in education increases every day. One of these tools is multimedia. In the studies about the use of multimedia in education, it has been reached that multimedia increases students’ success, affects students’ attitudes in the positive way and makes...

Author(s): Genç Osman Ilhan and Åžahin Oruç

April 2016

Scales and exercises with Aksak meters in flute education: A study with Turkish and Italian students

Musical scale and exercise studies in instrumental education are considered as a fundamental component of music education. During an analysis of methods prepared for instrumental education, it was detected that scale and exercise studies for Aksak meters generally did not exist. This study was conducted to identify the effects of scales and exercises prepared for Aksak meters on performance levels based on opinions from...

Author(s): Ajda Åženol Sakin and Ferda Gürgan Öztürk

April 2016

The implementation of schools’ policy in the development of the local content curriculum in primary schools in Pacitan, Indonesia

This study aims to describe the culture and local potential in Pacitan, East Java, as well as the implementation of local content in primary schools in the area, and some factors that support and hinder their implementation. This research is a qualitative case study. There were five primary schools used as samples obtained through purposive sampling. Every school brought five subjects used informants to obtain the...

Author(s): Maryono