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Table of Content: 23 January 2015; 10(2)

January 2015

Development of a scale for evaluating the pedagogical formation program implemented with Turkish prospective teachers

The current study aims to develop a scale to evaluate the Pedagogical Formation Program implemented at a Turkish state university. Participants were 221 prospective teachers enrolled in the Pedagogical Formation Program in the 2010-2011 academic year. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was conducted on the scale items which revealed four factors sheltering 26 items. The scale was administered again to 215 participants at...

Author(s): Oktay Cem ADIGUZEL

January 2015

Internal validity: A must in research designs

In experimental research, internal validity refers to what extent researchers can conclude that changes in the dependent variable (that is, outcome) are caused by manipulations to the independent variable. This causal inference permits researchers to meaningfully interpret research results. This article discusses internal validity threats in social and educational research using examples from the contemporary...

Author(s): Cahit KAYA

January 2015

Evaluating secondary school students’ levels of five mind areas in terms of some variables

Gardner’s “Five Minds for the Future” approach is focused on disciplined, synthesizing, creative, respectful, and ethical minds. Based on this approach, the purpose of this research is to determine senior secondary school students’ levels of five mind areas, and investigate the relationship between these mind areas and the students’ socioeconomic status, gender, professions they wish to...

Author(s): Ismail Gelen

January 2015

A comparison of levels of quality of life, depression and loneliness among athletes with different levels of training

The purpose of this study is to compare the levels of life quality, depression and loneliness among the students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences (FSS), national wrestlers and non national wrestlers in terms of some demographic variables. The participants of the study included 37 students from the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Ondokuz Mayıs University, 40 wrestlers in national team and 36 wrestlers who are not in the...

Author(s): Saban UNVER, Tulın ATAN, Gul CAVUSOGLU, Vedat ERIM, Bade YAMAK

January 2015

The high school students' views on the necessity of private courses for accessing higher education (Siirt sample)

The aim of this research is to determine high school students’ opinions regarding the necessity of private courses in the transition to higher education. For this purpose, the descriptive research method has been applied. As a data collection tool, an interview which has both quantitative and qualitative structure in other words a hybrid structure was used. The population of the research included all high and...

Author(s): Epcacan Cevdet

January 2015

Adaptation of the boundary violations scale developed based on structural family therapy to the Turkish context: A study of validity and reliability

The purpose of this study was to adapt “The Boundary Violations Scale” (Madden et al., 2002), which was created to measure the intergenerational boundary violations in families from the perspective of children, to Turkish and to test the validity and reliability of the Turkish version of this instrument. This instrument was developed based on structural family therapy and aimed at measuring boundary...

Author(s): RaÅŸit Avcı, OÄŸuzhan ÇolakkadıoÄŸlu, AyÅŸegül Åžükran Öz and Turan AkbaÅŸ

January 2015

An investigation into the relationship between academic risk taking and chemistry laboratory anxiety in Turkey

This study evaluates the relationship between academic risk taking and chemistry laboratory anxiety using a relational scanning model. The research sample consisted of 127 undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) in the Chemistry Teaching Department at Dicle University. This research was done in the spring semester of the 2012 to 2013 academic year. The Chemistry Laboratory Anxiety Scale, developed by...

Author(s): Meral ÖNER SÜNKÜR

January 2015

Prospective teachers’ metaphorical perceptions on the concept of science

The aim of this study is to reveal prospective teachers’ perceptions of the concept of science by asking them to use metaphors to describe it. A metaphor elicitation method was employed in this study. The data obtained from the study were considered with both quantitative and qualitative (Content Analysis) analyses. The study determined the metaphors used to express the concept of science by prospective teachers,...

Author(s): Derman Aysegul and Derman Serdar

January 2015

Applying athletic identity measurement scale on physical Educators: Turkish version of AIMS

In sports research, defining athletic identity of individuals is an important study subject. The subject owes its significance to the fact that an individual’s athletic identity affects his other identities throughout his life span. The aim of this study is to test the reliability and validity of the Turkish version of Athletic Identity Measurement Scale (AIMS). The sample of the study was selected among 501...

Author(s): H. Mehmet TUNÇKOL

January 2015

Social Emotional Learning and Educational Stress: A Predictive Model

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between social emotional learning and educational stress. Participants were 321 elementary students. Social emotional learning and educational stress scale were used as measures. The relationships between social emotional learning and educational stress were examined using correlation analysis and stepwise regression analysis. Correlation analysis showed that sub...

Author(s): Serhat Arslan

January 2015

Classroom management and students’ self-esteem: Creating positive classrooms

Middle school students experience substantial changes in their emotion and cognition while they grow. They have mixed feelings, which may negatively affect their motivation, self-esteem, and academic success due to different classroom management strategies of their teachers. There is available research about motivation of middle school students and classroom management approaches of middle school teachers. However,...

Author(s): Seyithan Demirdag

January 2015

Determining positions and desired applicant characteristics in sports job ads

The purpose of this study is to determine the diversity of positions occurring in sports job ads and reveal the characteristics requested from applicants for each position. This study examined 103 sports-related job ads obtained from four human resources websites. Using content analysis, job ads were examined in terms of job titles, and the characteristics obtained from each job description were expressed by tabulating...

Author(s): Levent Atali

January 2015

An adaptation, validity and reliability of the lifespan sibling relationship scale to the Turkish adolescents

The purpose of this study is to adapt the Lifespan Sibling Relationship Scale (LSRS) developed by Riggio (2000) to Turkish. The scale with its original form in English consists of 48 items in total. The original scale was translated into Turkish by three instructors who are proficient both in the field and the language.  Later, the original and Turkish form of the scale was submitted to expert opinion and the final...

Author(s): F. Selda Öz

January 2015

An analysis on the pattern generalizations of the Turkish pre-service Mathematics teachers that are presented in a different structure and presentation

The pattern, which is a key concept in understanding the mathematical information and concepts, is the basis in comprehending mathematical relations and in understanding mathematical order and logic. The fact that students discover the relationships contained within the patterns and generalize them helps them develop their skills to better perceive the world around them. The major factors in the development of these...

Author(s): Sefa Dundar

January 2015

Critical thinking dispositions of pre-service teachers

This study investigated the critical thinking dispositions of pre-service teachers in terms of various variables. The study included 1106 participants and used the survey model and the Turkish version (CCTDI-T) of the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI). The reliability of the scale for this study was found to be .82. The significance level of the study was set at .01. The study identified...

Author(s): Selda BAKIR

January 2015

A comparative study on power point presentation and traditional lecture method in material understandability, effectiveness and attitude

The aim of this study was to compare PPT and traditional lecture method in material understandability, effectiveness and attitude among university students. Comparative descriptive survey research design was employed to answer the research questions raised. Four hundred and twenty nine participants were selected randomly using stratified sampling followed by lottery method. Questionnaire was used to get data from the...

Author(s): Daniel Sewasew, Missaye Mengestie and Gebeyehu Abate