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Table of Content: 23 July, 2016; 11(14)

July 2016

Learning disabilities: Current policy and directions for community involvement among the Arab community in Israel

This article seeks to identify and review the basic characteristics of learning disability which are specifically mentioned in the literature. In addition, the article intends to conduct a brief analysis on learning disability policy in Israel and the differentiation problems at the level of awareness among the Arab society in Israel. Despite the fact that during the past twenty years this field earned a significant...

Author(s): Samaher Jabareen-Taha and Haitham Taha

July 2016

Analyzing musical self-esteem and performance-anxiety levels of students receiving professional music education at different ınstitutions in Turkey

The study was conducted to establish which variables cause the interrelations between musical self-esteem and performance-anxiety levels of students receiving professional music education at different institutions to vary. In relation to this framework, “musical self-esteem” and “performance anxiety” scores of students registered at the departments of music education, conservatories and music...

Author(s): Sena GürÅŸen OtacıoÄŸlu

July 2016

Numerical implementation of indicators and statistical control tools in monitoring and evaluating CACEI-ISO indicators of study program in industrial process by systematization

The research was conducted to determine if the study program of the career of industrial processes Technological University of Chihuahua, 1 year after that it was certified by CACEI, continues achieving the established indicators and ISO 9001: 2008, implementing quality tools, monitoring of essential indicators are determined, flow charts are developed and introduced to strengthen the quality management system, the...

Author(s): Gabriela Cota Ayala Francia Angélica Karlos Real and Ramirez Alvarado Edqar Ivan

July 2016

What changes education? An action research to overcome barriers

According to the National Disabled People Data Base within Ministry of Family and Social Policies (Özveri), there are 1.559.222 disabled people in Turkey. If this rate would be linked to the families of the disabled people, the number of people who spend time with disabled individuals would increase to 10 million. This number corresponds to 12.5% of the country’s population. This requires sensitiveness from...

Author(s): YeÅŸer EroÄŸlu EskicioÄŸlu

July 2016

The difficulties that the undergraduate students face about inner product space

In this qualitative research, we studied difficulties that undergraduate students face while learning the concept of inner product space. Participants were 35 first-year mathematics students from Yildiz Technical University in the 2011 and 2012 academic years. We asked participants to solve 5 inner product space questions. Data were jointly analyzed by researchers. After evaluating the results, we grouped...

Author(s): Hülya Burhanzade and Nilgün Aygör

July 2016

Multidisciplinary approach for curriculum design of professional master’s program with focusing on solidary economy in Oaxaca, Mex

The IPN Oaxaca CIIDIR has a mission to train human resources to postgraduate level that contribute to sustainable regional development in the South-East of Mexico. This is a vulnerable region that boasts an important source of natural resources and a great social, economic and technological backwardness that is directly related to the educational aspect. A master's degree has been designed with three lines of work,...

Author(s): Rasilla Cano Margarita and Juárez Ruiz Lidia Argelia

July 2016

The effect of sportive and cultural activities on the self-esteem and hope of the children who have tendency to ınvolve in a crime

This study aimed to investigate the effects of sportive and cultural recreative activities on the hope and self-esteem of children who have tendency to involve in a crime. The sample of the research consists of 41 students aged between 8 and 14. The data was collected during the project called ‘Our future is safe with sport.' Personal information form, scale of hope in children, and Cooper Smith self-esteem...

Author(s): Zekiye BASARAN 

July 2016

Investigating the awareness and knowledge of secondary school students about the effects of allergic pollen on human health: A case of Burdur Province

The overall objective of this study is to increase the awareness of secondary school students of the effects of pollen allergy on human health by mapping allergic pollens appearing in Burdur atmosphere. This study is a pre-test and post-test experimental design. Mix method is applied thus. Both qualitative and quantitative data are gathered. The sample of this study consists of students in 6th and 7th grades in Alpaslan...

Author(s): Kadir Tuzlak

July 2016

Metaphor perceptions of pre-service teachers towards mathematics and mathematics education in preschool education

The aim of this study was to identify the thoughts of pre-service teachers, who play an important role in the early preschool experience of children in mathematics, towards the concepts of mathematics and education of mathematics with the help of metaphors. The study group of the research consists of a total of 227 pre-service teachers at the Department of Preschool Education, Faculty of Education, Cukurova University...

Author(s): Oğuz Keleş, Işıl Taş and Durmuş Aslan

July 2016

Pre- and in-service preschool teachers’ science teaching efficacy beliefs

In this study, pre- and in-service preschool teachers’ science teaching efficacy beliefs were investigated. The sample included 100 pre-service (50 first grades and 50 last grades) and 73 in-service preschool teachers. As a data collection tool “Science Teaching Efficacy Belief Instrument” was used. Findings indicated that in-service teachers had higher science teaching efficacy belief score than...

Author(s): DurmuÅŸ Aslan, Işıl TaÅŸ and Ä°rem Gürgah OÄŸul