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Table of Content: 23 June, 2016; 11(12)

June 2016

Determination of perception of community of inquiry

Community of inquiry (CoI) is the conceptual framework which describes critical prerequisite factors for deep and meaningful learning in online learning environments. Based on the literature concerning the CoI framework, it can be observed that studies in which three factors in the model (cognitive, social and teaching presence) were investigated have been increased as scales to determine perception towards CoI have...

Author(s): Yusuf Ziya Olpak, Mustafa YaÄŸci and UÄŸur BaÅŸarmak

June 2016

Perceptions of education faculty students on teaching methods and materials

Individual differences have an influence on a wide range of education fields. These differences can range from organizing teaching environments to the techniques and strategies that the teacher uses. This study focused on individual differences of pre-service teachers and aimed to investigate the perceptions of Education Faculty students on teaching methods and education materials. A descriptive method was utilized for...

Author(s): Elif Esmer, Gülçin Güven, Oktay Aydın, Bülent Özden, Kadriye Efe and Nurcan Åžener

June 2016

Metaphors of teacher candıdates’ regardıng the concept of “non-governmental organızatıons” (NGOs)

In this study, a learning area in social studies curriculum called “Groups, institutions and social organizations” was used. It can be seen that an important role for teachers in a social studies programme is to benefit from non-governmental organizations. The aim of this study is to investigate primary school teacher candidates’ social metaphors to describe the concept of non-governmental...

Author(s): TuÄŸba SELANÄ°K-AY

June 2016

University students’ metacognitive failures in mathematical proving investigated based on the framework of assimilation and accommodation

This study aimed to determine students’ metacognitive failure in Mathematics Education Program of FKIP in Jambi University investigated based on assimilation and accommodation Mathematical framework. There were 35 students, five students did not answer the question, three students completed the questions correctly and 27 students tried to solve problems but unfortunately made the same mistake. Out of 27 students...

Author(s): Nizlel Huda, Subanji, Toto Nusantara, Susiswo, Akbar Sutawidjaja and Swasono Rahardjo

June 2016

Principal’s perceived leadership effectiveness and its relationship with academic achievement among students in secondary school: The Ethiopian experience

The school principal’s role in determining the academic achievement of students has been an agenda of controversy among scholars in the field of educational leadership. Several studies, have been carried out, over the years, to resolve this controversy. However, the findings so far have not produced consistent outcomes pointing to the need for further research in differing socio-cultural settings. The main...

Author(s): Dessalegn Feyisa, Bekalu Ferede and Frew Amsale

June 2016

Psychological skills development and maintenance in professional soccer players: An experimental design with follow up measures

Psychological skills training and Psychological well-being (PWB) are two essential concepts not only for general mental health but also for athletic performance in sport settings. However, the effects of problems in Sport Training Scale (PSTS) on sport performance and general psychological well-being have not been systematically examined through experimental designs, especially in professional soccer teams....

Author(s): Buent Okan Micoogullari

June 2016

Analyzing parental involvement dimensions in early childhood education

The importance of parental involvement in children’s academic and social development has been widely accepted. For children’s later school success, the first years are crucial. Majority of the research focuses on enhancing and supporting parental involvement in educational settings. The purpose of this study was to analyze dimensions of parental involvement in early childhood education. It was seen that...

Author(s): Zeynep Kurtulmus

June 2016

Philosophy for children: Capacity evaluation of humorous stories in Masnavi based on “Lipman's views on philosophical thinking components”

The aim of this research is to study humorous tales in Masnavi according to Lipman's views on “Philosophical thinking components”. To achieve this goal, first, Lipman's components of philosophical thinking were identified and divided into three dimensions of critical, creative and caring thinking components. In the second part, using deductive analysis method and based on the theoretical framework...

Author(s): Fateme Azamat madar Fard, Hassan Ali Bakhtiyar Nasrabadi and Mohammad Hossein Heidari

June 2016

Teachers’ loyalty to their supervisors and organizational commitment

A numbers of studies on teachers’ organizational commitment based some findings of western context in Turkey. But some of the characteristics prove that organizational issues cannot be resulted with the terms in Western World. One of the new concepts in organizational issues for Eastern culture is loyalty to supervisor (in school context supervisor means principals). That new term focus on employees’...

Author(s): Nurhayat ÇELEBÄ° and Mithat KORUMAZ

June 2016

Influence of cooperative integrated reading and composition technique on foreign students’ reading and writing skills in Turkish

The purpose of this study was to reveal whether the technique of Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) in Turkish Language teaching had influence on students’ skills in reading and writing. In the study, the mixed method, which included quantitative and qualitative dimensions together, was used. The study group was made up of 16 students learning Turkish language in Estonia. In the study, the...

Author(s): Behice Varışoğlu