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Table of Content: 23 June 2013; 8(12)

June 2013

The professional learning community in special education schools: The principal's role

  The concept of a professional learning community is characterized by the networks of learning processes which exist among its members, where teachers continuously deliberate with one another on how to solve problems that relate to teaching and learning. Interestingly, whereas a growing number of studies have focused on how to promote collective thinking and learning networks among general public...

Author(s): Chen Schechter and Niv Feldman

June 2013

Untied efforts: The challenges for improved research, extension and education linkages

  Ethiopian agriculture is characterized by smallholders farming whose access to modern technology and basic education is very limited. Research, extension, education and farmers are the main pillars of agricultural knowledge systems and their effectiveness largely depends on strong linkage among each other. However, the existing research-extension-education linkage has not been effective. This very weak...

Author(s): Adugna Eneyew

June 2013

Promoting peace and culture in Nigerian higher institutions through the use of music education

  Tracing the history of education in Nigerian higher Institutions presents series of student’s unrest, riots, cultism, and violence, vandalisation of school’s properties in reaction to inadequacies and neglect of certain vital elements needed for the smooth running of educational programmes. Music as an art that attracts students of all ages and levels is a cultural ingredient that can be used to...

Author(s): L. U. Ekwueme, A. F. Odunuga and D. O. A. Ogunrinade

June 2013

Functional grammar in the context of linguistic applications in Turkish language teaching

  In  the  last  century,  language  researches  adopted  the  scientific  method  and  linguistics  became  an  autonomous discipline.  Linguistics is a framework concept  that  analyzes  all  languages  in  the world in  various  contexts  according  to  its own  rules ...

Author(s): Cahit EPÇAÇAN

June 2013

Investigating organizational culture perception of students studying in School of Physical Education and Sports in Turkey

  The aim of this study is to determine organisational culture of the students studying in School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES) in Turkey. The study group of the research is composed of 216 students studying in the third and fourth year of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Sports Administration, Coaching Education and Recreation departments in MuÄŸla Sıtkı Koçman University...

Author(s): T. Osman MUTLU

June 2013

The effect of activity based lexis teaching on vocabulary development process

  “Teaching word” as a complimentary process of teaching Turkish is a crucial field of study. However, studies on this area are insufficient. The only aim of the designed activities that get under way with the constructivist approach on which new education programs are based is to provide students with vocabulary elements of Turkish. In the study, we determine the efficiency of the activities aimed...

Author(s): Esra Lüle MERT

June 2013

The relationship of resilience with attitude toward grief in university students

  The purpose of this study is to reveal whether university students' level of resilience differ by gender and attitude toward grief, and to identify to what extent resilience predicts attitude toward grief. 259 students studying at Ondokuz Mayis University participated in the study. The average age of the participants was 20.27 ±1.19. Two scales were used for data collection. 'The Attitude to...

Author(s): Seher Balci Celik

June 2013

The examination of sport's effects over high school students' resiliency levels

  The aim of this study was to examine the resiliency of high school education students and to compare it by athletic or non-athletic factors. A sample of 728 (284 girls, 444 boys) high school students who were chosen randomly among pupils studying in Gaziantep provided responses. High School Version of California Resiliency Rating Scale which was developed in 1999 by WestEd and Duerr Evaluation Resources, and...

Author(s): Mustafa YaÅŸar Åžahin

June 2013

Comparison of total antioxidant capacity oxidative stress and blood lipoprotein parameters in volleyball players and sedentary

  This study aims to measure, then compare sedentary blood lipoproteins, oxidant- antioxidant state and oxidative stress index in volleyball players. The experimental group of the research consists of regularly practising 20 boys between the ages of 12 and 17, and the control group comprises 32 children practising no particular sports branch, 12 of which are the same age and gender. In order to measure blood...

Author(s): Ismail GOKHAN

June 2013

Survival and success at secondary school stage: Looking beyond the explanation of socio-cultural deprivation

  A wide spectrum of research literature pointed out socio-cultural deprivation as the dominant explanation for student survival and success in schools. This paper, contending socio-cultural deprivation as inadequate explanation for dropout and detention at secondary level, probed into the role of pupils’ foundation knowledge in their survival and success at secondary school stage. A sample of 3581 pupils...

Author(s): Dibakar Sarangi and Smita Rani Panda

June 2013

Application of internal factors of urbanite female learner’s participation in mass literacy programme for community based learning and outreach models

  Community based learning and outreach is a strategy through which academic institutions worldwide including University of Ghana have successfully stayed relevant to less privileged communities; they exist in bringing benefits of education to their (less privileged communities) doorstep. Learner’s participation has been an objective that any adult functional literacy program seeks to encourage for...

Author(s): Albert Amoah SAAH and Joseph Adia MENSAH

June 2013

Effect of streaming on students’ achievement in vocational training of pharmaceutical technology

  We present the findings of a study carried out to determine the effect of streaming on students’ preferences and their academic results in pharmaceutical technology.  In the study we analyzed achievement scores on examination results in the two semesters of the academic year 2005/2006 of a sample of 85 students in the first year of a Higher Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology in the...

Author(s): Christopher Man Kit Leung and Ho Leung Au

June 2013

Biology student teachers’ cognitive structure about “Living thing"

  The current study aims to determine biology student teachers’ cognitive structure on the concept of "living thing" through revealing their conceptual framework. Qualitative research method was applied in this study. The data were collected from 44 biology student teachers. A free word association test was used as a data collection instrument. The data collected were subject to content...

Author(s): Hakan KURT

June 2013

A comparative assessment of computer literacy of private and public secondary school students in Lagos State, Nigeria

  The aim of this study was to conduct a comparative assessment of computer literacy of private and public secondary school students. Although the definition of computer literacy varies widely, this study treated computer literacy in terms of access to, and use of, computers and the internet, basic knowledge and skills required to use computers and the internet, and the patterns of use of computers and the...

Author(s):   Osunwusi, Adeyinka Olumuyiwa and Abifarin, Michael Segun

June 2013

A comparision between gifted students and non-gifted students’ learning styles and their motivation styles towards science learning

  This study compared the gifted students and nongifted students’ learning styles and their motivation styles toward science learning. In accordance with this purpose, this research was based upon thirty gifted students, who were selected by a specially-designed exam throughout Turkey and have been educated in ASTC (Art and Science Training Center for Gifted Students), and two hundred fifty nongifted...

Author(s): Kahyaoglu, Mustafa

June 2013

An investigation of music teaching self-efficacy levels of prospective preschool teachers*

  The aim of the study is to investigate music teaching self-efficacy levels of prospective preschool teachers. The study used survey model. Participants of the study consisted of a total of 120 prospective teachers studying at Mersin University, Faculty of Education, Department of Primary Education Preschool Teaching Program in Mersin, a City in Turkey. Two data collection instruments were used for the...

Author(s): Åžehriban KOCA

June 2013

Learning difficulties experienced by students and their misconceptions of the inverse function concept

  The aim of this study is to determine students’ learning difficulties and misconceptions related to the “inverse function”. The study group was composed of 137 first-grade students enrolled in the elementary mathematics teaching program of an Eastern Anatolia University in Turkey during the fall term of the academic year 2010–2011. The case study method was employed in the study. Three...

Author(s): Muzaffer OKUR