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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 23 June 2015; 10(12)

June 2015

Examining occupational anxiety level of Mathematics teachers for some variables

The research aims to examine the occupational anxiety level of Mathematics teacher candidates according to some variables. The research sample included a total of 132 prospective teachers studying in Mathematics Teaching at Siirt University, Faculty of Education in the spring term of 2104-2015 academic year. The “Teacher Concern Checklist” adapted by Åžaban et al. from Borich and the personal information...

Author(s): Cahit TAÅžDEMÄ°R

June 2015

Educational managers’ opinions regarding the in-service training in Turkey: A case study of the Agri Province

In this study, research was carried out in order to find out whether the certificate system which  requires attendants of in-service training is adequate; whether their achievements  are sufficiently evaluated in the appointment and ranking processes; whether in-service training is accepted as both a right and a responsibility of the  institutions; whether the units responsible for the coordination of...

Author(s): Ihsan Nuri DEMÄ°REL

June 2015

Diaries as a reflective tool in pre-service language teacher education

This study presents and analyzes the positive and negative reflections of ten pre-service English teachers who kept diaries on their own learning and teaching processes and daily lives. The participants were students in an English Language Teacher Education Program who took an on-campus methodology course and voluntarily agreed to keep diaries. These student teachers were asked to write for one month, outside of class...

Author(s): Åževki Kömür and  Hazal Çepik

June 2015

Are the skills really integrated in coursebooks? A sample case- Yes You Can A1.2

This study aims to investigate whether there is any one of the skills that is developed more than the other skills after using the coursebook Yes You Can A1.2 published by Ministry of National Education (MONE). Differing from the previous studies on integrated skills, this study tries to find out whether there is integrated skill bias in the coursebooks although they are prepared with the claim that they are integrating...

Author(s): DoÄŸan Demirci and Zekiye Müge Tavil

June 2015

The mediation effect of school satisfaction in the relationship between teacher support, positive affect and life satisfaction in adolescents

The aim of this study is to examine the relationships among teacher support, positive emotions, school satisfaction and life satisfaction in adolescences. The study had the participation of 344 adolescents from different socio-economic levels studying in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades of three public middle schools in the province of Çanakkale. The study population consisted of 173 (50.3%) girls and 171...

Author(s): Bülent Baki Telef, Gökmen Arslan, Abdullah Mert and Sezai Kalafat

June 2015

Developing strategic leadership for administrators: Private vocational college study

The purpose of this study is to study and define a number of factors measuring quality and efficiency in administrators of private vocational college, and to test and evaluate the efficiency of the strategic leadership program. Twelve factors and 83 indicators were identified as vital for strategic leadership for private vocational college administrators. These factors and indicators were employed to develop strategic...

Author(s): Areeya Jumnongya, Chaiyuth Sirisuthi and Pacharawit Chansirisira

June 2015

The development of knowledge and awareness of environmental laws and participation in environmental conservation of probationers

This research aimed to develop knowledge and awareness about environmental laws and participation in environmental conservation of probationers in MahaSarakham Province, Thailand. This study was divided into 3 stages. State 1 was the development of a training manual and construction of training evaluation instruments which consisted of a questionnaire on environmental laws, a questionnaire on awareness about...

Author(s): Somchai Wanlu, Adisak Singseewo  and Paitool Suksringarm

June 2015

Curriculum development for enhancing the art aesthetic in art learning substance for grade 7 students: Pilot study

The objective of this research and development was to develop a curriculum for enhancing grade 7 students’ aesthetic sense and substantial art learning. There were 2 phases of the study consisting of: (i) the study of basic information about art aesthetics, including the attributes, approaches, theories, problems, and needs, (ii) the development of a tentative curriculum including 1) Rationale, 2) Objective, 3)...

Author(s): Dheerayut Wisedsang, Chowwalit Chookhampaeng and Pitak Noiwangklang

June 2015

Teacher behaviours observed by teacher candidates throughout their primary and secondary school years

The aim of this study is to determine the positive/negative teacher behaviours which teacher candidates observed during their primary and secondary school years and the effects of these behaviours on themselves. The research was conducted in the spring term of 2012-2013 academic year with 88 teacher candidates (52 females and 36 males), studying in Gazi University. In the study, qualitative research method was used....

Author(s): Semra Güven

June 2015

Factors affecting the Mathematics achievement of Turkish students in PISA 2012

This study aims to analyze the effect of variables determining mathematics interest, mathematics self- concept, mathematics anxiety, teacher-student relation, classroom management and sense of belonging on the Mathematics achievement of Turkish students in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2012. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was employed in this research study. The research population is...

Author(s): Åžengül Uysal

June 2015

Development of an effective school-based financial management profile in Malaysia: The Delphi method application

The agenda for national development requires a persistent improvement in education as a tool for creating knowledgeable human capital, highly skilled labour, a high technology society and ultimately a highly civilized nation for the future challenging world. It requires considerable financial and technical investment as well as effective and efficient public administration to realize these aims. The persistent actions...

Author(s): Norfariza Mohd Radzi, Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani and Saedah Siraj

June 2015

An investigation of ninth grade students' attitudes toward daily life chemistry

The purpose of this study is to examine the attitudes towards chemistry of everyday life of high school ninth grade students according to sex/gender, learning/educational level of mother and father, father’s profession, and income level of as variables. Survey method has been utilized in research. The sample of the study is composed of a total of 159 ninth grade students from 2012-2013 academic year second term in...

Author(s): Ismail KENAR, Ali Rıza SEKERCI, Ali Rıza ERDEM, Gürkan GECGEL and Halil Ibrahim DEMIR

June 2015

Investigation of primary class teachers’ conflict approaches by gender

The objective of this study is to identify the relationships between disagreements and conflicts that surface with respect to gender in educational institutions and the reasons behind them; to expose the relationship between personal variables and conflict management strategies; to determine how individuals adopt a particular attitude in regard to conflict results; and, by using the obtained results, to reveal...

Author(s): Ibrahim Habacı

June 2015

Problem solving skills of people doing sporty recreation activities in Karaman Province

The aim of the study is to examine the problem solving skills of people who are doing sporty recreation activities in Karaman Province. A total of 143 people participated in this study (51 females and 92 males) Their age mean was 1.2168±0.41350. Problem Solving Inventory, developed by Heppner and Peterson, was used to measure the problem solving skill level of an individual. The Turkish version of the problem...

Author(s): Sefa Åžahan BÄ°ROL

June 2015

Curriculum development for enhancing grade nine students’ systems thinking

The objectives of this research were to study the development of a curriculum for enhancing grade 9 students’ cognitive skills using a curriculum based on Systems Thinking Process. There were 3 phases: 1) studying of the problem; 2) development of tentative curriculum; and 3) implementation of the curriculum in a pilot study. The samples were 32 students studying in Ban Phon Kroke School. The statistics used for...

Author(s): Preeyanan Hernthaisong, Somsong Sitti and Kanyarat Sonsupap

June 2015

Metasynthesis of in-service professional development research: Features associated with positive educator and student outcomes

Findings from a metasynthesis of 15 research reviews of in service professional development to improve or change teacher content knowledge and practice and student/child knowledge and behavior are described. The research reviews included 550 studies of more than 50,000 early intervention, preschool, elementary, and secondary education teachers, educators, and practitioners. The goal of metasynthesis is to identify the...

Author(s): Carl J. Dunst, Mary Beth Bruder and Deborah W. Hamby

June 2015

An analysis of articles about Turkish primary and secondary school curriculum changes between 2005-2013

This study examined the articles about primary and secondary curriculum changes in Turkey, published between 2005-2013 Turkish education journals indexed in SSCI and National Academic Network Information Center (ULAKBIM) databases. Its purpose was to determine the tendencies regarding the following characteristics of the studies: distribution across different journals, year of publication, language of publication, the...

Author(s): Gönül GüneÅŸ

June 2015

Developing competency of teachers in basic education schools

This study aims to develop competency of teachers in basic education schools. The research instruments included the semi-structured in-depth interview form, questionnaire, program developing competency, and evaluation competency form. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The research found that factors of competency were: 1) the persistence in learning management and work...

Author(s): Rerngrit Yuayai, Pacharawit Chansirisira and Kochaporn Numnaphol

June 2015

Friendly and hostility perception of 8th grade students about countries

The course contents taught in social sciences, revolution history and Kemalism at  different stages of primary schools in Turkey form in learners  political, social and economical behavioural patterm towards their neighbouring countries.  The students try to form friendly or hostile behaviour against other countries. [W1] The study aims to determine what are the factors that influence  the 8th...

Author(s): Beytullah KAYA