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Table of Content: 23 March, 2016; 11(6)

March 2016

Methods of nurturing creativity during preschool term: An integrative study

Today our society needs intelligent and creative people more than ever and in the current situation, the matter of the creativity is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed, therefore the present study was conducted with the aim of investigating the ways of fostering creativity among 3-6-years-old preschool children. The context of this research includes all of the available written and digital...

Author(s): Saeideh Aminolroaya, Mohammad H. Yarmohammadian, and Narges Keshtiaray

March 2016

"Debate" learning method and its implications for the formal education system

Regarding the importance of enhancement in learner's social skills, especially in learning process, this study tries to introduce one of the group learning programs entitled "debate" as a teaching method in Iran religious universities. It also considers the concept and the history of this method by qualitative and descriptive - analytical approach. Making a comparison between this and other similar...

Author(s): Mohammad Najafi, Zohre Motaghi, Hassanali Bakhtiyar Nasrabadi and Kamal Nosrati Heshi

March 2016

Foreign language anxiety of students studying English Language and Literature: A Sample from Turkey

A considerable number of foreign language learners experience a feeling of anxiety in language learning process. The purpose of this research was to find out foreign language anxiety levels of students studying in the Faculty of English Language and Literature at Cumhuriyet University, Sivas, Turkey when they were in preparatory class and when they were in fourth grade. Furthermore, it was aimed to examine whether...

Author(s): Şenel Elaldı

March 2016

An evaluation of the empathy levels of pre-service social studies teachers

This study was conducted to determine the factors that affect the empathy levels of pre-service teachers studying in the Department of Social Studies Teaching. The research questions developed in this context aimed to determine the roles of gender, age and being a member of a school club in the empathy levels of pre-service teachers. The study group consisted of pre-service social studies teachers (n=149), including 87...

Author(s): Barış KAYA 

March 2016

Developing reflective thinking instructional model for enhancing students’ desirable learning outcomes

This work aims to investigate the reflective thinking instructional model for enhancing empowerment of pre-service and in-service educational students in Roi-Et Rajabhat University, Thailand. In this research, qualitative methods, observation, interview, short note, and group discussion were used to indicate students’ desirable learning outcomes, teaching and learning targets, social system relationships, indirect...

Author(s): Satjatam Porntaweekul, Sarintip Raksasataya and Teerachai Nethanomsak

March 2016

The use of personalized texts for teaching Turkish as a second language

This study attempted to identify the advantages of using personalized texts for teaching Turkish grammar rules to foreigners. The sample comprised two homogenous groups, one experimental and one control, who studied at TÖMER (Turkish Language Learning Research and Application Center) at Gazi University. The students in the experimental group were taught grammar classes using personalized texts based on information...

Author(s): Demet KardaÅŸ 

March 2016

Development of democratic teacher behavior scale (DTBS)

This study aims to develop an instrument that could be used to measure democratic teacher behavior in a valid and reliable manner. The research was carried out in fall semester 2014 to 2015 with a total of 500 high school students recruited from four different schools. Expert opinions were obtained to determine the scale’s content validity and face validity. Additionally, exploratory factor analysis and...

Author(s): Gülsen Özcan

March 2016

Facebook connection styles among PhysicaL Education teacher candidates

The purpose of this study is to determine the Facebook connection styles of physical education (PE) teacher candidates. The participants were composed of 626 (age = 21.21± 2.024) physical education teacher candidates from the departments of Physical Education and Sports. They teach in five different universities. It was done in 2014-2015 academic year. Research data were collected using Facebook Connection Styles...

Author(s): Murat  ERDOGDU 

March 2016

Using menelaus’ theorem and dynamic mathematics software to convey the meanings of indeterminate forms to students

This study investigates the effectiveness of a teaching activity that aimed to convey the meaning of indeterminate forms to a group of undergraduate students who were enrolled in an elementary mathematics education programme. The study reports the implementation sequence of the activity and students’ experiences in the classroom. To assess the effectiveness of the adopted approach, an individual homework...

Author(s): Erdem Çekmez 

March 2016

Application of trait anger and anger expression styles scale new modelling on university students from various social and cultural environments

The purpose of this study is to investigate the differences in anger traits of university students and teacher candidates studying in various social and cultural regions, of Batman and Denizli, Turkey.  Modelling anger and anger expression style scale according to some variables such as age, gender, education level, number of siblings, parents’ education level was used. The study was carried out in the...

Author(s): Fethi Arslan

March 2016

Investigation of global citizenship levels of pre-service Physical Education teachers

The purpose of the present research is to define global citizenship levels of pre-service physical education teachers and investigate whether their global citizenship levels vary by various variables. A total of 485 pre-service teachers, studying at 3rd and 4th grades of undergraduate programs of physical education teaching at thirteen different universities participated in the present research. The research is a...

Author(s): Numan Bahadır Kayışoğlu

March 2016

Competency level of geography students of the faculty of arts and science

The present study aimed to determine the competency levels of geography students in their fields of study and reveal the relationship between their levels and some variables. Totally, 650 senior geography students studying in the faculties of arts and science in 10 different universities in 2013-2014 school term participated in the research. The results of the study suggested that sufficient level of knowledge in this...

Author(s): Nadire Karademir