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Table of Content: 23 May 2013; 8(10)

May 2013

The effects of short-term ski trainings on dynamic balance performance and vertical jump in adolescents

  Skiing is a sport where balance and strength are critical and which can be practiced actively especially from early years to old age. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of a 5-day training of skiing skills on dynamic balance performance and development of vertical jump strength in adolescents. Sixteen adolescent volunteers who do not regularly exercise enrolled in the study (age 13.8±.5...

Author(s): Asiye Filiz Camliguney

May 2013

Non-intentional passive participation in team based learning

  The purpose of this study is to examine the factors that affect learners' active participation in team based learning. The study was conducted at a government university in Turkey during 2011-2012 school year with a total of 54 early childhood teacher candidates. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected through a questionnaire and an open-ended question. According to the results, the number...

Author(s): Filiz Varol

May 2013

Art instructor’s attitude towards the art curriculum for undergraduate degree in Tehran Universities

  The present research aims to investigate lecturer’s feedback over the art curriculum in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and introduce the applicability of Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE), as a new way of teaching art, and its implication of art instruction in studio-based fields of study for undergraduate degree. This study is carried out based on a survey in which fifty art lecturers contributed....

Author(s):   Mina Hedayat, Mostafa Goodarzi, Sabzali Musa Kahn, and Sharulnizam bin Ramli

May 2013

Instructors’ application of the theory of planned behavior in teaching undergraduate physical education courses

  The purpose of this study was to analyze adapted physical education instructors’ views about the application of the theory of planned behavior (TpB) in teaching physical education undergraduate courses. Participants (n = 17) were instructors of adapted physical activity courses from twelve randomly selected institutions of higher education in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The research paradigm...

Author(s): Paulo José Barbosa Gutierres Filho, Maria Dolores Alves Ferreira Monteiro, Rudney da Silva and Samuel R. Hodge

May 2013

The relationship between school principals’ leadership styles and collective teacher efficacy

  This study aims to determine the relationship between school administrators’ leadership styles and the collective teacher efficacy based on teachers’ perceptions. In line with this objective, the multifactor leadership style scale and the collective teacher efficacy scale were applied on 223 teachers who were working in the province of Erzurum. Pearson’s Moment Correlation Analysis and...

Author(s): DurdaÄŸi AKAN

May 2013

Waqf and madrasas in late medieval Syria

  The madrasa began to spread in Syria (Bilad al-Sham) as a higher institution for religious education since the Zangid rule (521H./1127 to 569H./ 1173). During the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods, main cities of Syria were characterized by manymadrasas, especially the major cities that served the political rule like, Damascus, Aleppo, Jerusalem and others. By the late Mamluk period, various factors...

Author(s): Hatim Mahamid

May 2013

Perceptions of Turkish pre-service science teachers concerning constructivist perspectives to teach

Author(s): Bilge TaÅŸkin-Can

May 2013

The evaluation of the studies related to the new curriculum of physics course: The case of Turkey

  The aim of this study is to state the points when choosing a method in studies concerning physics course new curriculum by evaluating researches whose topics are secondary physics course curriculum (in Turkey) in terms of subject, objective, method and consequences. 24 researches conducted within the lines of secondary physics course curriculum have been analyzed for this purpose. The data are collected by...

Author(s): Ä°smet ERGÄ°N

May 2013

The effect of sport on decision making strategies

  The decisions people make in the face of circumstances they encounter influence their life in favourable or unfavourable ways. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between sporting habits and decision making strategies among university students. The research involved 1298 students (526 women and 772 men) studying during 2011-2012 academic years in various universities in Turkey. Decision...

Author(s): ErdoÄŸan TozoÄŸlu

May 2013

Geography teachers' metaphors concerning the concept of “Geography”

  The purpose of the present study is to reveal geography teachers' perception on the concept of "Geography", by means of the metaphors they use. The study was participated by 116 geography teachers working in several high-schools in Istanbul City center within the 2012-2013 academic year. Answers to the following questions were sought in the study: (1) Which metaphors are use to explain...

Author(s): Mustafa SAGDIC

May 2013

Investigating university students’ attitudes towards physics lesson, their self-efficacy beliefs and burnout levels for the prediction of their academic success in physics lessons

  The purpose of this study is to find out whether university students' attitudes towards physics lesson, their self-efficacy beliefs and burnout levels predict their academic success in physics lessons. The research group consists of 641 university students of which 307 are girls (47.1%) and 334 boys (52.9%). The research data were collected using "Physics Attitude Scale" developed by...

Author(s): Burhan Çapri