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Table of Content: December 2013; 4(10)

December 2013

Representation of postcolonial identity in Naipaul's works

This paper attempts to explore representation of postcolonial identity in V. S. Naipaul’s three works A House for Mr. Biswas, A Bend in the River and An Enigma of Arrival. This paper attempts  to relate  how these three works are replete with the theme of identity as the chief protagonists of all these three novels hanker after to find a place for them in the world to assert their identities. Their minds...

Author(s): Bijender Singh

December 2013

Subjugation: A study of the women characters in Khalid Hosseini’s and Arundhati Roy’s novels

This paper is a serious attempt to portray the exploitation and discrimination of women in the patriarchal social systems of the Afghan society and the Indian subcontinent as delineated in the novels of Khalid Hosseini and Arundhati Roy. In both the novels: A Thousand Splendid Suns and The God of Small Things, the women share the common plight of suffering, where the male folk treat them as mere objects and subject them...

Author(s): Nanda Silima

December 2013

“I come to bury Shakespeare, not to praise him”. Glocalizing drama as reclamation of the African academy in Raisedon Baya’s Tomorrow’s People.

The paper argues that Baya’s play, Tomorrow’s People, advocates the transformation and localisation of the African theatrical industries as a part of the educational system that aims at liberating the mind and promoting an Afro-centric worldview within a global framework. It explored the dramatisation of the school system and showed that the reclamation of the African academy requires the enactment of an...

Author(s): Amos Mushati

December 2013

Admixture of socio-personal history in the biographies of The Black Panthers

The paper is an endeavour to study the revolution brought about by the Black Panther Party through a detailed study of the two autobiographies: ‘Revolutionary Suicide’ by Huey P. Newton and ‘Seize the Time’ by Bobby Seale. Formed in 1966, in the United States of America, The Black Panther Party for self-defence was a revolutionary organisation that served the community. The Black Panther Party...

Author(s): Sehgal Srishti

December 2013

The real feminists in Indian English writing: Kamala Das and Imtiyaz Dharkar

Kamala Das belongs to the first generation of modern English poets who evolved a new poetics for themselves and made a new start both in theme and technique around the 1960s. The first phase of Indo-Anglican poetry ended in the 1950s. To the poets of this period the spirit of modernism was almost alien. Their main preoccupation was the spirit of nationalism and the war of independence, partition of country. It was only...

Author(s): Kanak Lata Tiwari  

December 2013

The influence of ideological state apparatuses in identity formation: Althusserian reading of Amiri Baraka’s “In Memory of Radio”

The present research with the help of Louis Althusser’s definition of “Ideology” and “Ideological State Apparatuses” (ISAs) attempts to study Amiri Baraka’s well-known poem “In Memory of Radio”. Althusser is important in modern literary theory and criticism because of his redefinition of the Marxist term ideology. According to him, ideology is “a representation of...

Author(s): Seyyed Shahabeddin Sadati

December 2013

Some reflections on Simone Weil’s Mystical Response to Beckett’s Absurdism

Nihilism as appropriated in existentialist-absurdist thought appears as a stubborn problem and consequent absurdism of such writers as Beckett follows which is a very unsatisfactory position from a philosophical or metaphysical viewpoint. Mysticism as articulated in such writers as Simone Weil offers an alternative approach to tackle the problem of nihilism and critique existentialist thought and its appropriation for...

Author(s): Mohammad Maroof Shah

December 2013

Pronunciation problems: Acoustic analysis of the English vowels produced by Sudanese learners of English

The purpose of this study is to provide experimental evidence for certain linguistic causes of production errors of English spoken with Sudanese Arabic accent. The subjects of the study were expected to have problems with the production of English vowels in both individual words and real communication. Participants were ten Sudanese University learners of English who primarily speak Arabic. English vowel data are the...

Author(s): Ezzeldin Mahmoud Tajeldin Ali

December 2013

Temperamental incompatibility in Anita Desai’s novel Cry the Peacock

The aim of this article is to reveal the temperamental incompatibility in Anita Desai’s “Cry the Peacock” with reference to temperamental and emotional incompatibility between Maya and Gautama. Anita Desai presents the theme of marital dissonance resulting from lack of love, and incompatibility, emotional instability in this novel. This is the main reason for this novel. One of the greatest threats to...

Author(s): Rumita Sharma

December 2013

Unsung, ignored or underrated? A look at Solomon Skuza’s songs in the context of contemporary Zimbabwe’s socio-political and economic environment

All good art transcends the limitations of time. In other words, good art is timeless and not mediated by the shifty circumstances of the period in which it is produced. This research sets out to analyze the timelessness, visionary and futuristic nature of Solomon Skuza’s selected songs. The research is spurred by the realization that long after his death, an analysis of his music album “Love and...

Author(s): Thamsanqa Moyo

December 2013

Christians’ perception of the concepts of death and judgment: A multimodal discourse analytical study of selected editions of Christian Women Mirror Magazine

In this paper, there were critical analyses of some selected editions of Christian Women Mirror magazine using the theoretical framework of Multimodal Discourse Analysis. The study is an exposé of Christians’ perception of the two concepts of death and judgement.  We have carried out a Multimodal Discourse Analytical study of selected editions of Christian Women Mirror magazine that discuss the...

Author(s): Olowu Ayodeji

December 2013

Language, communication on wheels and national development: The inscriptions on tricycle (Keke) example

Commercial transportation is strategic in national economy. It facilitates the mobility of material and human resources. In Nigeria, a significant number of commercial vehicles have inscriptions on different parts; an indicator that the labour force engaged in this sub sector has messages for the public. This study therefore examines language use, forms, popular themes and objectives of the writings,...

Author(s): Judith Mgbemena

December 2013

Need that throbs at the heart: Solidarity in Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah

Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah has often been called a ’political novel’ and directly linked to the experience of military rule in Nigeria, even though that country is not mentioned in the story. It leaves open the question what might be Achebe’s purpose in such an undertaking. Would he be trying to tell the people what they already know about their experience under military rule, or to...

Author(s): Amechi Nicholas Akwanya

December 2013

Authors' perceptions of author’s gender: A myth or a truth?

Gender plays a crucial role in the lives of human beings. From the moment of birth, the two genders are taught to follow different codes of behaviour that are compatible with the societal roles stipulated for each gender. Many linguists and sociolinguistics believe that because male and female have different life experiences, the way the two genders speak and write will differ. The question of identifying...

Author(s): Sameer M. Hamdan and Jihad M. Hamdan

December 2013

Enhancing the effectiveness of English Language teaching for engineers in India

India is today witnessing a major boost in the “demand for English language”. With its firepower of engineers, chartered accountants, doctors, MBAs, lawyers, research analysts, India is well positioned to address the global Knowledge Process Outsourcing / Business Process Outsourcing need. With a ready access to a large intellectual pool and domain expertise in specialized areas, India has been in the...

Author(s): Walia Divya

December 2013

Identity, culture, and sexuality in Githa Hariharan’s ‘The Thousand Faces of Night’

Human beings have a complex network of power relations and there are various models of submission and domination in this power struggle. Dualistic thinking based on the binary oppositions such as ‘culture/nature’, ‘head/ heart’, ‘form/ matter’ is related to the opposition between man and woman. Inequality between women and men can appear in many different forms- it has many faces and...

Author(s): Bhasha Shukla Sharma

December 2013

Faiz and Neruda: The East meets the West

The paper attempts to study the similarity between the thought and poetry of two greater ever poets, one belonging to the east and other to the west: Faiz Ahmad Faiz, a Pakistan Urdu poet and Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet. They not only became famous in their respective motherlands but their works won global recognition. Just as the poetry of Pablo Neruda was massively popular with ordinary Chilean...

Author(s): Bilquees Dar

December 2013

An appraisal of students’ errors in English compositions: Implications for the Open and Distance Learning classroom

This paper reports the findings of an investigation of lexical errors in the Open and Distance Learning students’ essays at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). The study made use of tagged sample essays to find out the frequency and types of lexical errors in different registers of guided writing administered to randomly selected 300 and 400 level students undergoing the B.A English programme in the...

Author(s): Iyere Theodore

December 2013

The concept of racial superiority in Malgonkar’s Combat of Shadows

This research paper is a study of the pride and prejudice of the ruling Britishers against the Indians and the glimpses of Indian politicians who are detrimental to the progress and prosperity of India due to their opportunistic nationalism. It projects the story of the British men who stayed in India for a long time left no stone unturned for vulgarizing the Indians through different means. The story of...

Author(s): Ramesh Pettela