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Table of Content: July 2013; 4(5)

July 2013

Representations of Kenyan history in oral literature: 1948-2002

  This paper discusses the representation of Kenyan history in oral literature between 1948 and 2002. The paper relied on library and ethnographic data. The ethnographic data included audio recordings of renditions of well known Mau Mau folksongs, popular and topical songs and a narrative. The play, Ngahika Ndeenda, by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Ngugi Wa Mirii was treated as an oral drama. The texts were...

Author(s): Njogu Waita

July 2013

Exhausting the poet: a study of Chenjerai Hove’s poetry across historical periods

  This paper explores Chenjerai Hove’s poetry stretching over different historical periods. First, the colonial era poetry is analysed that operates at the critical realist level, which registers discontent with different levels of segregation, especially in Red Hills of Home and some poems in And now the Poets Speak. It then moves on to the analysis of conflict in the Rhodesian socially stratified...

Author(s): Muvindi Israel

July 2013

Mother or monster: A postcolonial study of two pathological women in postcolonial literature

  The loveliness and selflessness of the relation between a mother and a child do not need any explanation to be proved as it is universally known and established. Motherhood is a universal concept, but in Ngugi’s Petals of Blood and in Morrison’sBeloved this concept has been damaged. Both of these novels have shown motherhood with monstrosity. Monstrosity is a concept like beauty...

Author(s): Sharif Chowdhury Omar and Tanusri Dutta

July 2013

Pronunciation challenges of open and distance learning students in the B.A English programme at the National Open University of Nigeria

  This paper analyzes some pronunciation challenges of English learners newly admitted into the B.A English programme at the National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos. It was discovered that factors leading to these problems are interference of the students’ mother tongue, their ages, attitudes and their insufficient knowledge of sounds and the sound system of English. From this study, we could reiterate...

Author(s): Theodore Iyere

July 2013

The motherhood in Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt’s selected poems

  Sarah Piatt wrote immense poems on all position, in spite of other themes which would also bring name and fame to her; themes such as civil war, slavery, political subversion, north and south identification and socialist concepts and religious themes etc. Domestic nature, civil war, slavery system, political issues, the impact of reading news, being between belief and faith in basic sense of Godliness in...

Author(s): V. Selvam and S. Jeyachandra

July 2013

Some factors influencing the academic performance of junior high school pupils in English Language: The case of Assin North Municipality, Ghana

  Academic achievements, like any attainable goal in life, do not come by chance. Men, money and materials (resources) must be combined in an ideal manner to ensure its success. A total number of thirty (30) pupils; eighteen (18) boys and twelve (12) girls, with an average age of 12 years, sampled from the Junior High School two class of Amoakrom, Nyame-bekyere and Ningo basic schools, and eight (8) teachers...

Author(s): D. Oppong-Sekyere, F. Oppong-Sekyere and MM Akpalu

July 2013

Folktale as material resources for movie production in selected Nollywood movies

  The study examines the role of folktale employed in the making of Hausa movies (Nollywood). The research analyses the plots of some selected Hausa movies with a view to examine the significance of folktale in movie production. The study was carried out through field work (interview). A textual analysis of aspects of folktales in the selected movies was also carried out. The study discovers that folktale in...

Author(s): Usman Joshua, Ohwovoriole Felicia, Owoicho I. Odihi, Dik Ali Joshua and Torutein Richaard Walson

July 2013

Enhancing students’ writing skills through the genre approach

  In Ethiopia, the role English language plays in education and industries is indubitable although the language is considered largely as a foreign language. Paradoxically, studies indicate that the English language proficiency of Ethiopian students is plummeting. This article reports on a study conducted to examine the extent to which EFL students who majored in English at Bahir Dar University improved their...

Author(s): Dawit Amogne

July 2013

Learners of English as foreign language preference for grammar strategies in learning grammar

  This study explores the needs analysis of grammar skills of learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in a private institution. The objective of this study is to investigate EFL learner’s preferences for selected grammar strategies. The sample size consists of 20 EFL students from the intermediate level. The learners were given four-point Likert scale questionnaire which consists of 11 items in...

Author(s): Marshal Briewin, Bharathi Naidu and Mohamed Amin Embi