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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJEL
  • Start Year: 2010
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Table of Content: September 2013; 4(7)

September 2013

Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Komol in Saratchandra’s Shesh Proshno: A comparative study from feminist perspective

  Andro-centric literature hardly focused on woman repression. Very few male writers could see woman sufferings in social phenomenon with woman eyes and thereby present their distresses in literary works. Saratchandra Chattaphadhyay and Henrik Ibsen are among the few celebrated writers who claimed overwhelming applause for presenting woman question in their works with a view to restructuring social construct...

Author(s): Md. Nesar Uddin

September 2013

A Reality Beyond Truth: A Lacanian Reading of Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck

  The Wild Duck, written by Henrik Ibsen in 1884, is singled out by many critics as his greatest dramatic work. The play presents a diverse array of characters, fascinating plot and a high emotional tendency. In fact, Ibsen in writing The Wild Duck, for the first time, undertook to launch on a dramatic work, which besides rendering typical of his principal themes aimed at approaching his characterization...

Author(s): Hemmati, Hadi S.

September 2013

Art and life: A propagandist reading of Festus Iyayi’s Violence

  Literature is an imaginative work of art conveyed through the medium of language. It is a medium of reflecting the contemporary issues of the society—be it class struggle, leadership problems, matters of security or issues on national development. In fact, literature serves as a mirror of society or a channel through which the social, political, cultural and economic issues that ravage a given society...

Author(s): Ujowundu, Cornel O.

September 2013

The relationship between bamasaaba oral narratives and cultural songs

  In this study, the researcher investigated how storytelling and singing of the songs of culture among BaMasaaba of Uganda affect each other, and why oral narratives disappear in that community, while the cultural songs prosper. An additional aim of the study is to find out how the obstacles in promoting oral narratives can be addressed.According to the findings of the study, culture is an important element in...

Author(s): Willy Wanyenya

September 2013

An expose of how the themes of violence, victimisation and brutality preoccupy the short stories in the collection: We Killed Mangy Dog and Other Mozambique Stories

  The study made an expose of the themes of violence, victimisation and brutality as they pervade the short story collection. Working essentially in the Marxist literary theory, Fanonian critical realism and Marxist criminological theories as the springboard for the expose, it has made ground in highlighting colonial brutality towards the colonised and its inevitable violent dehumanising effects to the...

Author(s): Zuvalinyenga Dorcas and Muvindi Israel

September 2013

Protest: A Biblical perspective of Bate Besong’s Beasts of No Nation

  This work ‘Protest: A Biblical Perspective of Bate Besong’s Beasts of No Nation’ seeks to show how the writer presents his case of protest in a derailed society using biblical passages. The study knits together context, use and subject matter to bring out those elements that   appeal for protest against oppression. The work also shows that the author turns...

Author(s): SEINO Evangeline Agwa Fomukong