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Table of Content: May 2013; 5(5)

May 2013

A very rare and aggressive lung tumor

Rhabdoid phenotype is an uncommon histopatholtogic malignancy found in <1% of pulmonary large cell carcinomas and is associated with an extremely poor prognosis. To our knowledge, merely forty-six cases have been reported in the literature with reasonable immunohistochemical discoveries allowing differentiation from other rhabdoid-like neoplasms though none acknowledged effective treatment of this exceedingly...

Author(s): Claudia Cordoba-Carrillo⊃, José Nieves-Nieves⊃, Viridiana Salinas-González⊃, María Christina Betancourt-Quiles⊃, Rosángela Fernández-Medero⊃, Ricardo Fernández-González⊃, José Lozada-Costas⊃, Melissa Sepúlveda-Ramos, Román Vélez-Rosario

May 2013

Occupational xylene exposure and respiratory impairment of paint manufacturing workers

A cross-sectional study was conducted among paint workers to determine the association between xylene exposures with respiratory health. Sixty-four exposed workers working with xylene and 47 unexposed administrative workers were selected. Air xylene (AX) were analyzed using the Gas Chromatography while urinary methyl hippuric acid (MHA) were analyzed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Lung functions were...

Author(s): Zailina, H., Mohd Hafiz Syazwan, T., Naing, L., Jamal, H. H. and Rusli, N.

May 2013

Sonographic quantification of basal gastric antral area, gastric motility and gastric emptying time of a liquid meal in healthy subjects: A pilot study

This study was designed to sonographically measure the basal gastric antral area, gastric motility and gastric emptying time of a standardized meal in healthy Nigerian subjects. The gastric antral area was measured pre-prandially using the antero-posterior and the longitudinal diameters in 24 healthy subjects. These measurements were repeated every 5 min after the ingestion of liquid meals for 30 min. The gastric basal...

Author(s): Ugwu Anthony Chukwuka, Erondu Okechukwu Felix and Shu Elvis Nepa

May 2013

Effectiveness of dry Moringa oleifera leaf powder in treatment of anaemia

This study evaluated the effectiveness of dry Moringa oleifera leaf powder in the management of anaemia in adult albino rats. The proximate, mineral, vitamin and phytochemical composition of dry M. oleifera leaf powder were analysed. Twelve adult albino rats grouped into three were used. Cyclophosphamide was used to induce anaemia into them. The percentage proximate values were protein (26.28%), ash...

Author(s): Madukwe E. U. Ugwuoke A. L. and Ezeugwu J. O.

May 2013

Evaluation of the incidences of dermatophillic infection in Rajastahan: Case studies from Rajasthan, India

Dermatophytosis accounts for the majority of fungal skin diseases. Sixty (60) case studies (45 males and 16 females) of dermatophyte infection were carried out. Out of the 60 cases, 13% cases were healthy and 87% cases were found infected with one or more fungi. In 95% of cases, the fungal species recovered were from the infected symptomatic area like inflammatory lesions redness, dry patches itching, flaky rings, and...

Author(s): Sarika Gupta and B. Lal Gupta,

May 2013

Analyzing long-term mortality among female alcoholics and matched controls: Accounting for age and follow-up time

  Studies focusing on mortality data use a wide variation of strategies for data analyses, making comparison between studies difficult. The research problems focus upon different statistical analyses of mortality among patients and matched controls regarding clustered data and relations over different levels of age and follow-up time. Four hundred and twenty (420) treated female alcoholics were compared to...

Author(s): Rolf Gjestad, Johan Franck and Brit Haver,

May 2013

Maternal and neonatal seroprevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen in a hospital based population in South-South, Nigeria

Despite the existence of a safe and effective vaccine, Nigeria has remained a hyper-endemic area for hepatitis B virus infection, with estimated 12% of the total population being chronic carriers. Vertical transmission is an important route of transmission for hepatitis B virus infection. Neonates who contact hepatitis B virus infection will have an almost 90% risk of developing chronic hepatitis B surface antigen...

Author(s): J. O. Alegbeleye, T. K. Nyengidiki and J. I. Ikimal