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Table of Content: 18 November 2010; 5(15)

November 2010

A biological model to improve PE malware detection: Review

Malwares control computer systems by infecting system files. They take advantage of system compatibilities to ensure their survival from one version to another. The structure of the windows portable executable (PE) files between available versions of the windows operating system (OS) makes these files an easy target for malwares. Fields and codes of clean PE files are modified and changed after infection. Checking both...

Author(s): Saman Mirza Abdulalla, Laiha Mat Kiah and Omar Zakaria

November 2010

Modified particle swarm optimization for probabilistic slope stability analysis

This paper develops an effective method for a probabilistic analysis of earthen slopes. Typically, the safety of a slope is assessed in terms of a factor of safety based on deterministic methods. However, these methods are unable to handle the uncertainties in the stability analysis. Therefore, the probabilistic approach is used for analyzing the safety of slopes, which is capable to take into account the uncertainties....

Author(s): Mohammad Khajehzadeh, Ahmed El-Shafie and Mohd. Raihan Taha

November 2010

Reinforcement in concrete piles embedded in sand

In this study, the necessity of reinforcement in concrete pile (bored or driven) is assessed. The soil was assumed to be unsaturated and homogeneous sandy soil. Throughout the study, a finite element computer program was used and the pile was modeled as a beam-on-elastic foundation. The soil is represented by discrete spring. The stiffness of each spring is considered to be linearly variable with depth. The moment...

Author(s): Firas A. Salman, Mohammed M. Mohammed, S. M. Shirazi and Mohammed Jameel

November 2010

Stimulatory effects of soybean isoflavones on exercise performance

The object of this study was to investigate stimulatory effects of soybean isoflavones (SI) on exercise performance based on swimming time to fatigue in mice. The mice were randomly divided into four groups: a control group and three treatment groups. The control group was administered with distilled water and the treatment groups were administered with SI of 50, 200 and 500 mg/kg body weight by gavage every day for 5...

Author(s): Ou Peng-fei and Zhang Lan,

November 2010

Simulation analysis for performance of artificial water fog screening based on infrared image recognition of amphibian armored vehicles

On the basis of analyzing exposed signature of amphibian armored vehicles, anti-jamming principle of dual infrared guidance and influence of water fog to infrared detection distance, the artificial water fog screening technique is put forward; and the relationship between spray quantity, water fog radius and extinction characteristics have been analyzed with Mie scattering theory which is used to choose the prime water...

Author(s): Jun Zhi, Jianyong Liu and Junping Shen

November 2010

Mixed convection in an inclined lid-driven enclosure with a constant flux heater using differential quadrature (dq) method

Mixed convection heat transfer and fluid flow in an inclined square lid-driven enclosure is studied using differential quadrature (DQ) technique. Two parallel walls of the enclosure are adiabatic while one fixed wall is heated with a constant heat flux heater and moving lid is isothermal. The calculations are performed in the range of the Richardson number from 0.1 to 100. The effects of inclination angle on heat...

Author(s): Elif Büyük ÖÄŸüt

November 2010

Stress-strain model of PVC-FRP confined concrete column subjected to axial compression

The design of PVC-FRP confined concrete members requires accurate evaluation of the performance enhancement due to the confinement provided by PVC-FRP tube. Based on the static equilibrium condition and the yield criteria of concrete and PVC-FRP tube, this paper presents a calculating model of the load-carrying capacity of PVC-FRP confined concrete column, the influences of the hoop spacing of FRP strips and equivalent...

Author(s): Feng Yuand Ditao Niu

November 2010

The importance and development of national geodetic networks in map production: A Turkish case study

Maps are a fundamental requirement for all kinds of infrastructure and engineering projects. Maps are produced by various institutions and organizations for different purposes. The important issue is that these maps from different sources are combined, archived, and stored in way that facilitates the economic use of a country’s resources and promotes effective data exchange. For the combining and storing of maps...

Author(s): Ekrem TuÅŸat

November 2010

A study on measurement of building wall thickness from 3D object model

Technological developments provide new methods for the measurement of 3D point data and information extraction from them. Terrestrial laser scanning is the latest method to 3D surveying and modeling. All geometric information belonging to the object or scene can be extracted from terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) data. The aim of this work is measurement of wall thickness of a building, which was built to protect the...

Author(s): Cihan Altuntas, Ferruh Yildiz, Ayhan Goktepe and Hakan Karabork

November 2010

Comparison of experimental internal forces with full and partial interaction theories in steel-concrete-steel sandwich beams

Steel-concrete-steel sandwich beam (double skin composite beam - DSC) experimental results including axial forces in steel plates and shear forces between the layers are compared with full and partial interaction theories. The flexibility of shear stud connectors on both tension and compression faces are taken into account in the partial interaction analysis including the influence of frictional forces between the...

Author(s): O. Dogan and T. M. Roberts

November 2010

Energy-efficient channel estimation for multiband UWB systems in presence of interferences

Interference reduces the performance of a correct data signal detection and decoding. This problem becomes severe when interferences exist during the period of channel estimation. This will destroy the accuracy of channel estimation, and will eventually result to severe degradation in the performance of signal detection and decoding in the entire data packet/frame. In this article, we propose an improved channel...

Author(s): S. M. Riazul Islam and Kyung Sup Kwak

November 2010

Determining economic lot size and number of deliveries for EPQ model with quality assurance using algebraic approach

The conventional method for determining production-shipment policy is by the use of differential calculus and Hessian matrix equations with the need of applying the first-order and second- order differentiations, on the long-run average production-inventory-delivery cost. A recent paper used conventional procedure to solve the production-shipment problem with quality assurance. This paper uses an alternative approach to...

Author(s): Feng-Tsung Cheng and Chia-Kuan Ting

November 2010

Influencing factors governing paraffin wax deposition during crude production

In this study, influencing factors controlling paraffin wax deposition from its reconstituted wax solution to the pipe wall surface will be presented. An experimental methodology constructed to simulate wax deposition process was employed to investigate these governing conditions. Series of test were designed to determine the effects of temperature differential, flow rate, residence time and wax concentration percentage...

Author(s): Ekeh Modesty Kelechukwu, Hikmat Said S. Al Salim and Abu Azam Mohd. Yassin

November 2010

On curvatures of a frenet curve in the pseudo - Galilean space

In this paper, we study curvatures of a frenet curve in the pseudo-Galilean space and we obtain some characterizations.   Key words: Pseudo-Galilean space, frenet curve, curvature.

Author(s): Alper Osman ÖÄŸrenmiÅŸ

November 2010

Development of q-exponential models for tree height, volume and stem profile

New models for tree height stem volume and taper (stem profile) were developed using a q-exponential function in the symbolic computational language MAPLE. Three previously constructed models and a new q-exponential model for height stem volume and taper wereemployed to compare predicted values with empirical values of height, stem volume and diameter outside bark. Performance...

Author(s): Petras Rupšys, and Edmundas Petrauskas

November 2010

Clinical and genetic aspects of Turkish hepatocellular carcinoma patients: Results of a single center study

Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the most progressive and aggressive cancer kinds worldwide. In various populations, the pathogenetic link between genetic polymorphisms of matrix-metalloproteinases, vascular endothelial growth factor and hepatocellular carcinoma is variable and limited. The aim of the present study was to retrospectively evaluate the clinical and genetic post-transplantation results of Turkish...

Author(s): M. C. Kazimi, S. Nalbantoglu, M. Kiliç and A. Berdeli

November 2010

Use of zeolite in maize (Zea mays) cultivation on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus uptake and use efficiency

Concerns about unbalanced use of fertilizers leading to environmental pollution have been globally expressed. As a result, studies on how to use efficient methods to reduce nutrient applications at the same time increasing or maintaining crop yield, reducing nutrient losses and improving nutrient use efficiency are imperative. Nutrient loss due to leaching, volatilization and fixation upon fertilizer application to...

Author(s): O. H. Ahmed, G. Sumalatha and A. M. Nik Muhamad

November 2010

Estimation of horizontal pollution potential and mean ground level concentrations of air pollutants from an elevated source over Makurdi, Nigeria using wind data

This work estimates the horizontal pollution potential using wind impact area diagrams obtained by using standard deviations to calculate angles of spread of the pollutants, whose concentrations were thus determined downwind. The results showed that winds in Makurdi during the period under study were consistently south-easterly. November and February were marked with low concentrations of pollutants, while...

Author(s): Isikwue B. C., Tsutsu O. O. and Utah E. U.

November 2010

A look at design and application of fuel cell systems

Over the past few years, the direct conversion of chemical into electrical energy via fuel cells has been at the center of attention of electrochemical research and technology development. This is due not only to the complexity of fuel cell reactions and the general awareness of the technological potential of fuel cells but is also a result of society's strive towards developing environmentally-friendly power...

Author(s): Yousef Baba

November 2010

Personality analysis of Chinese patients with atrioventricular reentrant tachycardia and atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia

To explore psychological state in patients with atrioventricular reentrant tachycardia (AVRT) and atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia (AVNRT), patients with AVRT and AVNRT and health people were investigated with Eysenck personality questionnaire (EPQ) revised by Gong YaoXian. Results showed that the scores of N in women with AVNRT were significantly higher than those in the control and the AVRT groups, and...

Author(s): Lu Shao-Ping, Zhao Pin-Ting, Guo xiao-lan and Tang yan-ling