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Table of Content: 18 October 2010; 5(13)

October 2010

A method of implementation of all optical logic gates based on two photon absorption in silicon wire wave guide

All optical logic gates NOT, NAND and AND gates using two photon absorption in silicon wire waveguide is proposed. Due to use of ultra short pulse there is negligible free carrier absorption effect and hence the operating speed of the gates is very high and has potential application in photonic processing. NAND gate is universal one and thus one can perform any logical operation using this. The device silicon wire...

Author(s): Kousik Mukherjee

October 2010

Pseudo-prime and pseudo-irreducible submodules

In this paper, we will extend the pseudo-prime and pseudo-irreducible ideals to pseudo-prime and pseudo-irreducible submodules in multiplication modules. After this, we give the correspondence between these submodules and prime submodules almost prime submodules.   Key words: Almost prime submodules, multiplication modules, pseudo prime submodules, pseudo irreducible submodules.

Author(s): Kürsat Hakan Oral

October 2010

Utilization of solid wastes in construction materials

The main objective of this study is to investigate the potential use of various solid wastes for producing construction materials. The paper is based on the comprehensive review of available literature on the construction materials including different kinds of solid wastes. The traditional methods for producing construction materials are using the valuable natural resources. Besides, the industrial and urban management...

Author(s): Md. Safiuddin, Mohd Zamin Jumaat, M. A. Salam, M. S. Islam and R. Hashim

October 2010

Potential of vermicompost produced from plant waste on the growth and nutrient status in vegetable production

Vermicompost contains plant nutrients including N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu and B, the uptake of which has a positive effect on plant nutrition, photosynthesis, the chlorophyll content of the leaves and improves the nutrient content of the different plant components (roots, shoots and the fruits). The high percentage of humic acids in vermicompost contributes to plant health, as it promotes the synthesis of...

Author(s): J. Theunissen, P. A. Ndakidemi and C. P. Laubscher

October 2010

Economic assessment of cured concrete by organic coating materials and double wall corrugated HDPE pipes in sewer networks

Resistance to deteriorations (especially corrosion) and initial price are important features in selecting the proper pipe materials for sewers. Among different types of pipe material used in Malaysia sewers, concrete and double wall corrugated high-density polyethylene (DWC-HDPE) pipes are more common. Laboratory tests were conducted using cylindrical concrete samples coated by polyurethane and epoxy materials to...

Author(s): Shahram Mortezania and Faridah Othman

October 2010

Analytical and experimental studies on infilled RC frames

Although hollow brick infills, widely used as partition walls, are considered as non-structural members, experimental studies revealed that hollow brick infills have favourable effects on strength and stiffness of structures. In this work, analytical studies were conducted to investigate the hollow brick infill behaviour, in which infills were modeled by diagonal compression struts. Results were compared with...

Author(s): Mehmet Baran and Tugce Sevil

October 2010

Complex variable solution of elastic tunneling problems

The ground loss problem occurs when a cylindrical tunnel is constructed in a soil with the radius of the tunnel being somewhat smaller than the radius of the cavity. The method used in this paper is Muskhelishvilli’s complex variable method considering conformal mapping of the elastic region onto a circular ring. The problem of an elastic half plane with a circular cavity was investigated, regarding the case that...

Author(s): Mohammed Y. Fattah, Mohammed J. Hamoud, Firas A. Salman and Ahmed H. A. Raheem

October 2010

New frequency-tracking control method for ultrasound welding system by the FPGA Chip

A new control method to catch the optimal working frequency (or driving frequency) for the high power ultrasonic welding system has been developed. During the high power operation, an ultrasonic resonant will induce high temperature and then change the working frequency. Therefore, a control method with a FPGA chip to track the optimal working frequency becomes very attractive and it has been practically implemented in...

Author(s): Wen-Chung Chang, Kai-Hsing Ma and Kao-Feng Yarn

October 2010

Face recognition using 3D head scan data based on Procrustes distance

Recently, face recognition has attracted significant attention from the researchers and scientists in various fields of research, such as biomedical informatics, pattern recognition, vision, etc due its applications in commercially available systems, defense and security purpose. In this paper a practical method for face reorganization utilizing head cross section data based on Procrustes analysis is proposed. This...

Author(s): Ahmed Mostayed, Sikyung Kim, Mohammad Mynuddin Gani Mazumder and Se Jin Park

October 2010

Integrating a cost reduction delivery policy into an imperfect production system with repairable items

This paper integrates a cost reduction delivery policy into an imperfect production system with repairable items for the purpose of lowering producer’s stock holding cost. The present paper reexamines a manufacturing lot-size problem studied by a prior paper, and improves its production batch size solution in terms of lowering its inventory holding cost. An n+1 delivery policy is proposed here in lieu...

Author(s): Kuang-Ku Chen, Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu and Ming-Hon Hwang

October 2010

Improvement in fire prevention performance of cork-gypsum decorative materials by applying porous waste

This study developed cork-gypsum decorative materials and discussed its fire prevention performance. The material modification method combined cork, calcium carbonate powder, gypsum, and water for pressure forming. By the production of materials and experimental tests, this study modified cork-gypsum decorative materials, which includes fire prevention characteristics, while retaining the cork-gypsum material...

Author(s): Kuo-Tsang Huang, Han-Hsi Liang and Ming-Jui Hung

October 2010

Metal contamination of soils collected from four different sites along the lower Diep River, Cape Town, South Africa

In this study, river bank and adjacent soil samples from four different sites, Milnerton Lagoon (Site 1), Lower Estuary (Site 2), Milnerton Bowling Club (Site 3) and Woodbridge Island (Site 4) from the lower Diep River, Cape Town, South Africa were evaluated for ten metals; cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), lead (Pb), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), aluminium (Al), chromium (Cr) and cobalt (Co). The highly...

Author(s): Ayeni, O. O., Ndakidemi, P. A., Snyman, R. G. and Odendaal, J. P.

October 2010

Evidence of second harmonic signals in poly[m2-L-alanine-m3-nitrato-sodium (I)] crystals

Poly[μ2 L- alanine- μ3- nitrato- sodium (I)] crystals have been grown by the slow evaporation at room temperature technique. The nominal size of the crystals obtained by the method was of 500 nm. The UV- vis spectrum shows a wide range where absorption is lacking around 532 nm, which is required in order to have incident radiation at a 1064 nm. This guarantees the possible use of the crystal in visible...

Author(s): E. Gallegos-Loya, E. Alvarez Ramos, E. Regalado, E. Orrantia Borunda and A. Duarte-Moller,

October 2010

Preventing of Ehrlich tumor metastasis in liver, kidney and spleen by electromagnetic field

The aim of the present work is to study the therapeutic effects of 4.5 Hz of electromagnetic radiation as a preventive agent on the metastasis of Ehrlich tumor which occurred in some organs. The tumor was implanted intramuscularly in the left thigh of mice. Sixty female Balb/c mice were used, twenty as normal group and the other forty were divided equally into 2 groups namely A and B. Group A was the control while group...

Author(s): Fadel M. A, R. El-Gebaly, A. Aly, A. Sallam, O. Sarhan and H. Eltohamy

October 2010

Performance of tobacco oil-based bio-diesel fuel in a single cylinder direct injection engine

In the present investigation, the high viscosity tobacco oil, which has been considered as non-edible oil as a potential alternative fuel for the Compression Ignition Engine (C. I.). Tobacco Methyl Ester (TME) was prepared by transesterification of raw tobacco oil. A two stage transestirification process was developed since tobacco is having higher acidic value. Transesterification was done using NaOH in the presence of...

Author(s): Y. V. V. Satyanarayana Murthy

October 2010

Development and validation of measuring instruments of contextualization of science among Malaysian and Nigerian serving and pre-service chemistry teachers

The purpose of this study is to develop and validate instrument for assessing Malaysian and Nigerian serving and pre-service chemistry teachers’ contextualization of science knowledge, skills and attitudes and their application outside classroom. Forty item test and twenty item inventory were initially developed. A panel of experts was used for content validity. Readability of the instrument was determined using a...

Author(s): Kunle Oke Oloruntegbe, Sharifah Norul Akmar Syed Zamri, Rohaida Mohd Saat and Gazi Mahabubul Alam

October 2010

A new hybrid module for skin detector using fuzzy inference system structure and explicit rules

Skin detection is a popular image processing technique that has been applied in many areas such as video-surveillance, cyber-crime prosecution and face detection. It is also considered as one of the challenging problems in image processing. Despite being a well known technique to detect human appearance within image, it faces a fundamental problem when using colour as cue to detect skin. It is difficult to detect skin...

Author(s): A. A. Zaidan, H. Abdul Karim, N. N. Ahmad, Gazi Mahabubul Alam and B. B. Zaidan

October 2010

Adhesive formulations with ternary blends using simplex lattice design

Three different polymer lattices (latexes) derived from natural rubber (NR), Acrylic (Ac) and Vinyl Acetate/Veova (VA/Ve) copolymer emulsions were blended to yield ten compositions using the principle of simplex lattice design, after adjusting their TSCs solids to 30% (v/v) by dilution with distilled water. The blends were characterized for the determinations of pH, conductivity and refractive indexes, after which they...

Author(s): Ochigbo Stephen, Roheem Fatima and Ajai Alexander Ikechukwu

October 2010

2,3-butanediol based liquid crystalline random copolyester, synthesis and characterisation

A copolyester was synthesized using 2,3-butanediol as one of the diols with phthaloyl chloride as Diacid chloride. 2,5-ditertiary butyl quinol, was used as another diols for the synthesis of random copolymer. A formation of copolyester was confirmed using Ultraviolet (UV), Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Infrared (FTIR), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) spectral techniques. Thermal studies were carried...

Author(s): G. Elango, S. Guhanathan and T. Venkataraman