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Table of Content: 18 September 2010; 5(11)

September 2010

Inspiring a fractal approach in distributed healthcare information systems: A review

The structure of healthcare information systems (HISs) need flexibility to overcome modifications and maintain system requirements, such as quickly and accurately circulating and updating productive information among system units. This paper proposes the incorporation of fractal features in HISs. Fractal features can provide many solutions to improve the flexibility and quick adaptability of the system to environmental...

Author(s): Nawzat S. Ahmed and Norizan Mohd Yasin

September 2010

Unilateral left-side quartile algorithm based data processing scheme for 3D scattered point data

Currently, the data processing approaches for 3D point cloud data are based on the topology of the data in reverse engineering. A novel data processing scheme for the 3D measurement results with scattered, unorganized and unordered 3D point data is presented. An improved algorithm, namely, unilateral left-side quartile method is put forward in this paper based on the frequency method and quartile in statistics....

Author(s): Huipu Xu, Ying Hu, Zi Ma and Jianhui Nie

September 2010

Permeability and swelling characteristics of bentonite

Permeability and swelling characteristics of bentonite and bentonite-sand are the essential parameters for designing any type of waste disposal or in geo-environmental engineering applications. To design and construct these facilities accurate values of permeability for these bentonite-sand mixtures must be evaluated. For this purpose, a series of various laboratory tests were performed to investigate the coefficient of...

Author(s): S. M. Shirazi, H. Kazama, Firas A. Salman, F. Othman and Shatirah Akib

September 2010

Out-of-plane seismic analysis of Bozdogan (Valens) aqueduct in Istanbul

The Bozdogan (Valens) aqueduct in Istanbul is one of the most prominent water supply structures inherited from the Byzantine period. The paper investigates the out-of-plane seismic resistance of the aqueduct. The structural system of the aqueduct is composed of a series of piers connected to each other with arches at two tier levels. Taking advantage of the structural periodicity, only one pier of the highest part of...

Author(s): M. Arif Gurel, Kasim Yenigun and R. Kadir Pekgokgoz

September 2010

Effect of OPC and PFA cement on stabilised peat bricks

The paper presents a study of compressive strength, water absorption and apparent porosity of different types of compressed stabilised peat bricks. Peat soil, sand, PFA cement or OPC cement were steam autoclaved under different conditions to produce brick samples. The percentage of peat soil 20%, PFA and OPC cement was between 20 - 30%, and sand ranged from 50 - 60%. The effect of each component of the mixtures on...

Author(s): Sadek Deboucha and Roslan Hashim

September 2010

Development of drop number performance for estimate hydraulic jump on vertical and sloped drop structure

Hydraulic jumps primarily serve to dissipate the excess energy of flowing water downstream of hydraulic structures, such as spillways, weir, sluice gates etc. This type of jump is of practical importance when tail water depth is inadequate to give a good jump. The research conducted at the hydraulics laboratory aimed to obtain suitability of drop number (D) and an estimated hydraulic jump using the drop number. The...

Author(s): Mohammad Sholichin and Shatirah Akib

September 2010

An experimental study on fibre reinforced fly ash based lime bricks

The fly ash of ‘C’ category was used as a raw material to partial replacement of clay for `making fly ash bricks. Not only the affectivity of fly ash with high replacement, but also the mechanical properties of bricks with different combination were studied. It is observed that the compressive strength of plain fly ash and treated fly ash bricks (FAB, FALB) increases linearly and found to be maximum with 5%...

Author(s): J. N. Akhtar, J. Alam and M. N. Akhtar

September 2010

Traditional lands acquisition and compensation: The perceptions of the affected Aborigin in Malaysia

This paper reports the issues of land acquisition and compensation related to the aboriginal people in Malaysia called Orang Asli. Unfortunately, the rights of the Orang Asli traditional lands are not clearly defined in the Malaysian legal system. This research adopts a questionnaire survey as the method of study, and descriptive analysis to present the results. The research revealed that laws of Malaysia are inadequate...

Author(s): Anuar Alias, S. N. Kamaruzzaman and Md Nasir Daud

September 2010

A complete elimination of discontinuity in the flow curve of the thermoplastic vulcanized (PE/PB) by maleated polyethylene

Thermoplastic vulcanized polybutadiene/high density polyethylene (TPV) (70/30) was prepared using organic peroxide (3%) as vulcanizing agent. A maleated polyethylene (MAPE) was prepared by melt mixing. The percent of maleation found was (1.78%). The percent of maleated polyethylene added to the (TPV) was (0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10). The rheological properties were measured at temperature of 140ËšC. Discontinuity of the...

Author(s): Moayad N. Khalaf, Hussain R. Hassan, Raed K. Zidan and Ali H. Al-Mowali

September 2010

Assessment of aquifer vulnerability in parts of Indo Gangetic plain, India

Indo-Gangetic plain encompassed a large alluvial track consisting of multi-tier aquifer system. Due to stride developmental activities and agricultural advancement, shallow groundwater regime was under potential threats to get contaminated. In the present study, ‘DRASTIC’ methodology was adopted to demarcate the zones based on their vulnerability to contamination. In CGP, both quality and quantity of shallow...

Author(s): Mohammad Muqtada Ali Khan, Rashid Umar and Habibah Lateh

September 2010

The comparison of L11 and L22-norm minimization methods

L2-norm, also known as the least squares method was widely used in the adjustment calculus. The weaknesses of the least squares method were the effect of gross measurements error on the solution and the disturbance and absorbance of gross error on the solution. L1–norm, also known as the least absolute values method, was affected by almost none or very little from gross error. Therefore L1-norm method, used for...

Author(s): Sebahattin BektaÅŸ and Yasemin ÅžiÅŸman

September 2010

GaN/SiC heterostructure field-effect transistor model including polarization effects

Self-consistent Monte Carlo simulation are reported for GaN/SiC HFETs. Hot carrier scattering rates are determined by fitting experimental ionisation coefficients and the doping character of GaN is obtained from substrate bias measurements. Preliminary simulations for a simple model of the GaN surface are described and results are found to be consistent with experimental data. Planer GaN/SiC HFETs structures with a 60...

Author(s): M. Rezaee Rokn-Abadi

September 2010

The clay minerals observed in the building stones of Aksaray-Guzelyurt area (Central Anatolia-Turkey) and their effects

Characterization of Aksaray-Guzelyurt clays in the Central Anatolian region were carried out and the clay minerals used in the building stones and their effects were evaluated. The clay samples taken from Guzelyurt area located to the southeast of the city of Aksaray were investigated employing the spectroscopic methods. The differential thermal analysis (DTA) and the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) measurements have...

Author(s): Burhan Davarcioglu and Emin Ciftci

September 2010

The structure and function of complex Halobacterium salinarum metabolic network

Genome-scale metabolic networks are widely used in industrial and medical biotechnology and complex networks methods are increasingly becoming important in the investigation of these models. The present paper performed a study ofHalobacterium salinarum metabolic network by structural and functional analysis. First, we extracted high-quality H. salinarum metabolic network model from a recent reconstruction...

Author(s): X. D. Liu, C. W. Wu and Ding D. W. 

September 2010

Numerical calculation of the electron mobility in ZnS and ZnSe semiconductors using the iterative method

The electron mobility of ZnS and ZnSe semiconductor compounds were calculated by using the iteration method. We considered polar optical phonon scattering, deformation potential acoustic, piezoelectric and ionized impurity scattering mechanisms. Band nonparabolicity, admixture of p functions, arbitrary degeneracy of the electron distribution, and the screening effects of free carriers on the scattering probabilities are...

Author(s): M. Rezaee Rokn-Abadi

September 2010

Geophysical investigation in the lower Benue Trough of Nigeria using gravity method

Gravity survey in parts of Akataka and the environs in Abakaliki area of the Lower Benue trough was conducted over an area between longitudes 8°42′ E to 8°47′ E and latitudes 6°35′ N to 6°45 ′ N. Ninety eight gravity stations were occupied and the data collected were reduced relative to a base station. The geometry of the buried body was determined from the interpretation of...

Author(s): Ugbor, D. O. and Okeke, F. N

September 2010

Improved chemical deposition and thermal emittance of tin (iv) oxide (SnO2) thin films for photothermal conversion of solar energy and possible applications

Thin films of tin (iv) oxide (SnO2) were deposited on six polished sample plates of stainless steel 430 using improved chemical bath deposition (CBD) method at 302 K and pH value of 12.4 for different deposition time of 16 to 36 h at 4 h interval, respectively. Ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA) was used to stabilize the deposition at the required pH value. The thermal emittance values of the polished and coated...

Author(s): E. O. Igbinovia and P. A. Ilenikhena

September 2010

Novel multi-cover steganography using remote sensing image and general recursion neural cryptosystem

Steganography is defined as the art of concealing a sensitive data through other carrier to insure the confidentiality of the data. Four novel concepts has been presented on this paper, beginning with steganography, the prevailing methods, well-known is the use of a single cover to hide the data, in this paper, we invent a new concepts on Steganography which is “multi-cover steganography” using remote...

Author(s): A. A. Zaidan, B. B. Zaidan, Y. Alaa Taqa, M. Kanar Sami, Gazi Mahabubul Alam and A. Hamid Jalab

September 2010

The effects of weighted rope training on muscle damage of basketball players

The present study assessed the effects of rope training and weighted rope training on muscle damage sustained by basketball players. The study group comprised  36 male basketball players, all of whom have a minimum of 4 years experience of basketball.  Participants were aged between 17 and 19 years, and played in the junior league.  The Rope Group (n = 12) and Weighted Rope Group (n = 12) received one...

Author(s): Atilla Pulur

September 2010

StegoMos: A secure novel approach of high rate data hidden using mosaic image and ANN-BMP cryptosystem

This paper discusses a secure novel approach of high rate data hidden using mosaic image and bitmap (bmp) cryptosystem. The mosaic image used in this approach together with the neural cryptosystem that have been implemented for the first time and has been successful, this new method of hiding data is based on LSB in mosaic images. A mosaic is an image that is comprised of hundreds or thousands of other images to create...

Author(s): B. B. Zaidan, A. A. Zaidan, Alaa Taqa, Gazi Mahabubul Alam, M. L. Mat Kiahand A. Hamid Jalab