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Table of Content: 4 October 2010; 5(12)

October 2010

Remediation of heavy metals in drinking water and wastewater treatment systems: Processes and applications

In small quantities, certain heavy metals are nutritionally essential for a healthy life. The heavy metals linked most often to human poisoning are lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. Other heavy metals, including copper, zinc and chromium are actually required by the body in small amounts, but can also be toxic in larger doses. They have the ability of dissolving in wastewaters and when discharged into surface waters,...

Author(s): Akpor O. B. and Muchie M.

October 2010

Hypersurfaces with harmonic curvature in a space of constant Hessian sectional curvature and Betti numbers of Hessian manifolds

In this paper,  the notion of harmonic curvature for Hessian manifolds of constant Hessian sectional curvature is introduced and  two theorems are proved on this subject. Betti numbers of Hessian manifolds that have special features are also studied.   Key words: Hypersurface, harmonic curvature, Hessian manifold, Betti numbers.

Author(s): Münevver Yildirim Yilmaz

October 2010

Position vector of spacelike biharmonic slant helices with timelike principal normal according to Bishop frame in Minkowski 3-space

In this paper, we study spacelike biharmonic curves with timelike principal normal according to Bishop frame in Minkowski 3-space  and give some characterizations for curvature and torsion of a biharmonic curve in Minkowski 3-space . Moreover, the position vectors of spacelike biharmonic slant helices were obtained in Minkowski 3-space   Key words: Energy, bienergy, biharmonic curve,...

Author(s): Essin Turhan and Talat Körpinar

October 2010

Towards the selection of best neural network system for intrusion detection

Currently, network security is a critical issue because a single attack can inflict catastrophic damages to computers and network systems. Various intrusion detection approaches are available to adhere to this severe issue, but the dilemma is, which one is more suitable. Being motivated by this situation, in this paper, we evaluate and compare different neural networks (NNs). The current work presents an evaluation of...

Author(s): Iftikhar Ahmad, Azween Abdullah and Abdullah Alghamdi

October 2010

Fatigue characteristics of stone mastic asphalt mix reinforced with fiber glass

Asphalt modification/reinforcement has received considerable attention as viable solutions to enhance flexible pavement performance. This is mainly prompted by the unsatisfactory performance of traditional road materials exposed to dramatic increases and changes in traffic patterns. This paper presents the characteristics and properties of glass fiber reinforced Stone Mastic Asphalt. Laboratory tests were conducted to...

Author(s): Abdelaziz Mahrez and Mohamed Rehan Karim

October 2010

Effect of aggregate size and proportion on strength properties of palm kernel shell concrete

This paper presents information on the physical and mechanical properties of different sizes of palm kernel shells (PKS) used here as lightweight aggregates (LWA) and their influence on mechanical properties of palm kernel shell concrete (PKSC). Silica fume and fly ash were used as cementitious materials and all mixes had 1% superplasticizer on cement weight. It has been found that PKS consists of about 65 to 70% of...

Author(s): U. Johnson Alengaram, Hilmi Mahmud, Mohd Zamin Jumaat and S. M. Shirazi

October 2010

Analytical solution of two-dimensional model of blood flow with variable viscosity through an indented artery due to LDL effect in the presence of magnetic field

The present study is two-dimensional analysis of blood flow with variable viscosity through stenotic artery in the presence of transverse magnetic field in the porous medium. Blood flowing radially to walls of artery and axially through lumen has been determined through the solution of Navier Stoke’s equations and Darcy law. If deposition of low density lipoprotein (LDL) is taken into case, the coupled approach...

Author(s): Jagdish Singh and Rajbala Rathee

October 2010

Overview of textual anti-spam filtering techniques

Elecronic mail (E-mail) is an essential communication tool that has been greatly abused by spammers to disseminate unwanted information (messages) and spread malicious contents to Internet users. Current Internet technologies further accelerated the distribution of spam. Effective controls need to be deployed to countermeasure the ever growing spam problem. Machine learning provides better protective mechanisms that are...

Author(s): Thamarai Subramaniam, Hamid A. Jalab and Alaa Y. Taqa

October 2010

Different polarised topographic synthetic aperture radar (TOPSAR) bands for shoreline change mapping

This study introduced a new approach for coastal erosion and sedimentation monitoring. In doing so, the airbone topographic synthetic aperture radar (TOPSAR) polarized data is used with the conventional techniques of mapping shoreline rate changes, which is based on the estimation of historical vector layers. The main problem for shoreline identification is raised up due to speckles impact. Therefore, the speckle...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

October 2010

Mapping coastal geomorphology changes using synthetic aperture radar data

This study presents work to utilize multi synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data to map the rate of spit change along the east coast of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. Multi temporal SAR data are involved in ERS-1 and RADARSAT -1 SAR data. Two algorithms have implemented to extract the spit‘s boundary from multi-SAR data which are Lee and Enhance Lee algorithms. The two algorithms are applied to multi-SAR data with...

Author(s): Maged Marghany, Zurina Sabu and Mazlan Hashim

October 2010

Geostatistical modeling of interval velocity to quantifying hydrocarbon resource in multi-layer reservoir from TMB field, Niger Delta

Geostatistical modeling is performed on the “TMB field” in the offshore area of Niger Delta using 2D seismic data. The goal of the study is determine interval velocity by using geostatistical modeling; and calculate the volume of the reservoir according to different Oil-Water-Contact (OWC) whose uncertainty was characterized by a given probability distribution. The models are completely consistent with the...

Author(s): Mary T. Olowokere

October 2010

Velocity bunching and Canny algorithms for modelling shoreline change rate from synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

This paper presents a new approach for modeling shoreline change due to wave energy effects from remotely sensed data. The multi SAR data were employed to extract wave spectra information and integrate them with historical remotely sensed data such as aerial photography data to model shoreline change rates. A partial differential equation (PDF) of the wave conversation model was applied to investigate the wave...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

October 2010

Simulation of sea surface current velocity from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data

This study is done to solve the Doppler spectra equation by involving two -dimensional Fourier transform (2DFFT) to obtain a linear formula of sea radial component. The problem of influence of bandwidth on imaging moving ocean surface is analytically solved. Based on the maximum peak of Doppler spectra, the horizontal surface current is computed. The Doppler spectra model has been performed in the RADARSAT-1 SAR data....

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

October 2010

Pre-service teachers’ use of self-regulation strategies in physics problem solving: Effects of gender and academic achievement

The purpose of this study was to determine the extent which pre-service teachers use self-regulation strategies when solving physics problems, to establish the effects that gender and academic achievement have on the use of self-regulation strategies and to examine the factors determining the cases in which pre-service teachers use these strategies qualitatively. The research data were collected by...

Author(s): Serap ÇaliÅŸkan and Gamze Sezgin Selçuk

October 2010

Efficient calculation of boys integrals

An efficient procedure has been presented for the calculation of Boys integrals by dividing the integral region [0, 1] into several parts. The obtained formula includes factorials, exponentials and a well known auxiliary function that converges very well. A computer program has been constructed in Maple symbolic programming language for comparing our results with literature. It is seen that the computational results of...

Author(s): Mehmet Kara, AyÅŸe Nalçaci and Telhat ÖzdoÄŸan