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Table of Content: 4 September 2010; 5(10)

September 2010

MODIS satellite data for modeling chlorophyll-a concentrations in Malaysian coastal waters

This study is compared among four algorithms for mapping chlorophyll-a spatial variations from MODIS satellite data along the east coast of Malaysia. These algorithms are: (i) Aiken’s, (ii) Clark-3-bands, (iii) Gordon and (iv) Normalized Difference Chlorophyll Index (NDCI) algorithm. The results show that the Aiken’s algorithm is appropriate for accurately synoptic chlorophyll mapping distribution. In fact,...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

September 2010

Effect of low-dose gamma-radiation on concrete during solidification

Concrete containers have been used worldwide for its low price and good shielding performance for transporting and storing radioactive wastes. For this purpose, concrete must satisfy a certain property like density in particular. A series of 12 specimens were carried in this study to examine the effect of gamma radiation on compressive strength of concrete during solidification. Two types of cementitious mixes with a...

Author(s): D. Rezaei-Ochbelagh, H. Gasemzadeh Mosavinejad, M. Molaei and M. Khodadoost

September 2010

Lineament mapping using multispectral remote sensing satellite data

The main objective of this work is to design an automatic image processing tool for lineament mapping from LANDSAT-TM satellite data. In doing so, three procedures are involved: (i) image enhancement using histogram equalization technique; (ii) automatic lineament detection using Canny algorithm; and (iii) three-dimensional (3D) lineament visualization using SRTM data. The study shows that Canny algorithm provides...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

September 2010

Multiphoton angular distribution: Occurrence of an isotropic term and effect of light polarization

Within the framework of perturbation theory and of dipole approximation, the angular distribution for third order processes can be expressed for any state of quantum numbers (n, l) of the hydrogen atom as ; whatever the polarisation state (linear or circular). The explicit expressions of the corresponding angular coefficients are given for ns and np initial states. It is shown for the particular case of linear...

Author(s): Mamadou Faye, Sada Tamimou Wane and Samba Ndiaye

September 2010

The classical adiabatic constancy of PVg for an ideal gas as a quantum mechanical occurrence

In this paper we find a connection between the long lasting macroscopic classical laws of gases and the quantum mechanical description of non-interacting particles confined in a box, thus constituting an ideal gas. In such a gas, the motion of each individual molecule can be considered to be independent of all other molecules, and the macroscopic parameters of an ideal gas, mainly, pressure P and...

Author(s): Tolga Yarman, Alexander L. Kholmetskii, and Önder Korfali

September 2010

Simultaneous robot-world and hand-eye calibration using dual-quaternions and Kronecker product

Two solutions of the homogeneous matrix equation AX=ZB, that allows a simultaneous computation of the transformations from robot world to robot base and from robot tool to robot wrist coordinate frames, are proposed. The presented methods introduce the Kronecker product and dual quaternions to solve the rotations and translations problem, simultaneously, with no propagation error. The experimental results...

Author(s): Aiguo Li, Lin Wang and Defeng Wu

September 2010

Prediction of maximum swelling deformation for compacted bentonite

Maximum swelling deformation of compacted bentonite is the most important parameter for designing nuclear waste disposal facilities. A series of swelling tests were carried out in the laboratory using different percent of bentonite (30 ~ 90%) and different initial dry densities (1.29 ~ 1.95 g/cm3) under various loading condition. The experimental results showed that, the maximum swelling deformation of bentonite is...

Author(s): S. M .Shirazi, H. Kazama, J. Kuwano and S. Tachibana

September 2010

Comparing experimental deformations of steel-concrete-steel sandwich beams with full and partial interaction theories

In this study, experimental deformation results (that is beam deflection and slip between layers) of steel-concrete-steel sandwich beams (double skin composite beam - DSC) are compared with full and partial interaction theories. The flexibility of shear stud connectors on both tension and compression faces is taken into account in the partial interaction analysis including the influence of frictional forces between the...

Author(s): O. Dogan and T. M. Roberts

September 2010

A novel secure and energy-efficient protocol for authentication in wireless sensor networks

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are typically deployed in an unattended environment, where the legitimate users can login to the network and access data as and when demanded. Efficiency of WSN depends on the correctness of the information which has been collected. Consequently, verifying authenticity and integrity of delivered data is indispensable for security-sensitive WSNs. At the same time, security is most important...

Author(s): Farzad Nejati and Hossein Khoshbin

September 2010

Mapping and monitoring temporal changes for coastline and coastal area by using aerial data images and digital photogrammetry: A case study from Samsun, Turkey

Coastline and coastal areas are not only the supports for local economics based on fisheries and agriculture, but also, a source of food and energy, apart from offering diverse opportunities for recreation and tourism. Moreover, they provide protection to coastlines against storms and other meteorological perturbations. Coastline mapping and coastline change detection are critical for coastal resource management,...

Author(s): Faik Ahmet Sesli

September 2010

Application of Taguchi method to analyze the impacts of commonalities in multistage production under bottleneck and uncertainty

The work wishes to measure the individual and combined impacts of common parts and machines in manufacturing, under bottleneck and uncertain conditions. The system is characterized with multiple products, multi-period and multistage dependent demand. This research uses machine breakdown and quality variation to create uncertainty. The authors examined the delivery performances such as (i) throughput of the finished...

Author(s): M. A. Wazed, S. Ahmed and Y. Nukman

September 2010

Differential evolution algorithm for crop planning: Single and multi-objective optimization model

Single objective optimization for maximizing total net benefit from farming is presented in this study. Differential evolution algorithm which is a family of evolutionary algorithm for fast optimization is employed for the model. The single objective optimization is used to find a better solution using the results of multi-objective optimization of crop planning where three objectives are considered. The objectives are...

Author(s): Josiah Adeyemo, Faizal Bux and Fred Otieno

September 2010

Effects of different organic materials and chemical fertilizers on nutrition of pistachio (Pistacia vera l.) in organic arboriculture

This study was conducted under greenhouse conditions to investigate the effects of applied nutrients such as six organic materials (gyttja, alsil, humic acid, sea moss, straw and peat) and two chemical fertilizers (15-15-15 and 20-20-0) with different dosages on nutrient uptaking ability of one-year old and 7 cm long pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) trees by analyzing nutrient (mineral) contents of pistachio (P....

Author(s): Ali Rıza Demirkiran and Mine ÇiÄŸdem Cengiz

September 2010

Physical properties of active site of tubulin–binding as anticancer nanotechnology investigation

The discovery of numerous tubulin–binding anticancer agents raises the question of how and where the different agents bind on tubulin affect their antimitotic property. Antimitotic of vinblastine families binding site inhibit microtubule assembly. The ultimate action of this agent causes mitotic arrest by inhibiting normal dynamic instability at very low concentration. The investigation of vinblastine...

Author(s): M. Monajjemi, L. Saedi, F. Najafi and F. Mollaamin

September 2010

Study on interfacing of a nano-chip with brain tissue

The brain slice can be placed on the perforated substrate of the chip that it is supplied with nutrients, drugs and gas from both above and below. The nano – electrode (chip) can be used as a shape for larger contact area and stronger interaction with brain tissue. These electrodes should be penetrated the brain slice without damaging the tissue too much. There are two significant issues in nano-chip, such as...

Author(s): Ali Bahari