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Table of Content: January 2010; 5(1)

January 2010

A characterization of the projective transformation

We consider the transformations preserving the asymptotic directions of hypersurfaces in n-dimensional Euclidean space and we obtain the following characterization of the projective transformation: In n-dimensional Euclidean space, a transformation preserves the asymptotic directions of hypersurfaces if and only if it is the projective transformation.   Key words: Projective transformation,...

Author(s): Yasemin Alagöz and Ziya Soyuçok

January 2010

Euler savary formula for the one parameter motions in the complex plane C

Müller (1978), in the Euclidean plane  introduced the one parameter planar motions and obtained the relation between absolute, relative, sliding velocities (and accelerations). During one parameter planar motion in the Euclidean plane , the Euler-Savary formula was expressed by Müller (Blaschke and Müller, 1956). Blaschke and Müller (1956) and Tutar et al. (2001) provided the relation...

Author(s): Melek Masal, Murat Tosun and AyÅŸe Zeynep Pirdal

January 2010

Modeling economic system with the use of matrix algebra (Leontief input-output model)

The purpose of the study was to determine the external industrial demand output, given a 3 x 3 matrix input values with prescribed demand values. The Leontief input-output model leads to a better understanding of modeling economic systems. The identity matrix and a 3 x 3 matrix was used to produce industry’s output unit for external demand. Of the 8619 external demand output unit turned out by a farmer, 0.4 unit...

Author(s): N. S. Amadi, C. amadi and N. Amadi

January 2010

Students’ representations of the cell concept from 6 to 11 grades: Persistence of the “fried-egg model”

This study aimed to display the level of students’ conceptual understanding of the cell concept. The study attempted to explore how students had conceptually constructed the general shape of the cell, the organelles and their positions within a cell and the definition of the cell and then compared grade 6, 9 and 11 students’ representations of the cell concept. A conceptual understanding test was developed...

Author(s): Nurettin Yorek, Mehmet Sahın and Ilker Ugulu

January 2010

Hydraulic jump in stilling basin with vertical end sill

Stilling basins with dentiated or continuous sills are frequently used as energy dissipaters downstream of hydraulic structures. In this study, experiments are conducted to evaluate effects of a single vertical continuous sill and its position on control of depth and length of a forced jump in stilling basin without considering tailwater depth which is variable and totally controlled by downstream river conditions. A...

Author(s): A. Alikhani, R. Behrozi-Rad and M. Fathi-Moghadam

January 2010

Parametric study on the effect of burial depth on the surface explosion resistance of cylindrical concrete oil tanks

In this paper, the effect of surface explosions on the buried cylindrical concrete oil tanks regarding various parameter changes has been studied. The finite element method has been applied to determine the structural target responses and ANSYS 11.0 macro file was utilized to model more than 7500 models. Moreover, an economical study was performed to prove the favorable effect of increase in the burial depth on the...

Author(s): M. Aboutalebi, M. R. Banan and M. R. Banan

January 2010

Estimation of different biologically effective irradiances at Visakhapatnam (17.7°N, 83.3°E) from standard action spectra

Measurements of solar ultraviolet radiation in the biological band (280 - 320 nm) using a ground based UV-B Photometer at VISAKHAPATNAM have been used to estimate the biological effects of the incoming radiation on various species like human, animals, plants etc. with the help of standard action spectra. A comparison is made with TOMS ozone data to find the dependence on column ozone at a subtropical Indian station...

Author(s): Narasipuram V. K. Prasad, K. Niranjan and N. Madhavi

January 2010

Correlation between electrical resistivity and soil-water content based artificial intelligent techniques

By using an artificial intelligent approaches, the purpose of this study is to compare water content of soils obtained from electrical resistivity in order to better results from conventional techniques system. The input variables for this system are the electrical resistivity reading, the water content laboratory measurements. The output variable is water content of soils. In this study, 148 data sets are clustered...

Author(s): Ferhat Ozcep, Eray Yıldırım, Okan Tezel, Metin Asci and Savas Karabulut

January 2010

Optimum designing of thin film filter layers of SiO2 and SnTe based on optical particle swarm opimizer

Optical design of multilayer filter has been carried out using a particle swarm optimizer algorithm. The filters are designed to work for wavelength in the range of 1550 - 1600 nm. Our calculation results show good convergence rate and higher performance in comparison with results based on genetic algorithm. The calculated result for band pass filter layers of Sio2 and SnTe have also shown that the transmittance...

Author(s): H. Arabshahi and M. Asmari

January 2010

Kinetic studies of adsorption of palmitate and laurate soaps onto some metal ores in aqueous media

The kinetics of adsorption of sodium-palmitate and sodium-laurate onto galena, hematite and cassiterite in aqueous media was investigated at various concentrations, times and temperatures. Experimental results were analysed using the pseudo-first and pseudo-second order kinetic models. The pseudo-first order model with higher correlation coefficient values described the adsorption kinetics better than the pseudo-second...

Author(s): Millicent U. Ibezim-Ezeani and Alphonso C. I. Anusiem