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Table of Content: May 2010; 5(5)

May 2010

Investigation of the relation between heavy metal contamination of soil and its magnetic susceptibility

This study aims to reveal the extent of industrial pollution in the soil in the province of Kocaeli, Turkey. In order to determine the environmental damages caused by Izmit Waste Treatment, Incineration Recycling Corporation (Ä°zaydaÅŸ) which has been operating since 1996, the magnetic sensitivity method has been used to detect the heavy metal concentrations in an area of 1 km2. The sampling from the region is carried...

Author(s): Mücella Canbay

May 2010

Performance of ANN in determination of unstable points in leveling networks

Deformation analysis is important for a man-made structure or a natural phenomenon like crustal movement, vertical land movements, subsidence determination, etc. Deformation analysis generally depends upon determination of stable and unstable points relative to a reference network assumed to be located outside the movement area. However, a reference network itself needs to be assured free from movements. This can be...

Author(s): Cahit Tagi Celik

May 2010

A preliminary selection of regions in Mexico with potential for geological carbon storage

Using a compilation of information about Mexican surficial geology and recent tectonic activity, zones for possible geological carbon storage were defined. There were seven zones defined on the basis of volcanic, geologic, lithologic, seismic and tectonic features. Most importantly at this stage, zones of exclusion were defined in which geologic storage is not recommended. These zones will aid in further exploration of...

Author(s): Moisés Dávila, Oscar Jiménez, Reyna Castro, Vicente Arévalo⊃, Jessica Stanley and Laura Meraz Cabrera

May 2010

Geoelectrical sounding for estimating groundwater potential in Nsukka L.G.A. Enugu State, Nigeria

Sixty six vertical electrical soundings (VES) have been used to evaluate the ground water potential in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. The project domain lies within longitudes 7°13′00″ - 7°35′30″ and latitudes 6°43′30″ - 7°00′30″ and covers an area of about 480 km² over three main geological formations. The resistivity and...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. Ezeh and Gabriel Z. Ugwu

May 2010

Seismic refraction tomography of the periphery of an artificial lake in the precambrian basement complex of Northern Nigeria

In order to investigate the subsurface seepage conditions of the Ahmadu Bello University (A.B.U.) farm dam, we have recorded high resolution seismic profiles spanning the entire periphery of the lake. Seismic waves generated from multiple shots were recorded on large number of closely spaced receivers using a 24 channel Abem Terraloc Mk 6 seismograph and the high-quality seismic data were processed using REFLEXW version...

Author(s): Chii E. Chii and I. B Osazuwa

May 2010

Population saturation leading to optical limiting for two beam illumination in bacteriorhodopsin films using a four-state model

In this paper the optical limiting in the bacteriorhodopsin (bR) films is described using a four-state model and has been experimentally verified. The power limiting experiment involved two beam illumination of bR film. A He-Ne Laser of wavelength 633 nm is used as the probe and the 532 nm laser is used as the pump beam. The validation of the four-state model has been done theoretically using simulations as well as...

Author(s): Jagadish Chandra Saraswatula and S. Sivasankara Sai

May 2010

Design of feedback controller for functional projective synchronization of chaotic systems with disturbances

This paper considers the synchronization problem of chaotic systems with disturbance using a new feedback control scheme. Functional projective synchronization (FPS), which is a generalized synchronization concept recently developed, is investigated. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, a novel stability criterion for the synchronization between master and slave chaotic systems is derived. The proposed method is applied...

Author(s): Tae H. Lee and Ju H. Park

May 2010

Total ozone as a stratospheric indicator of climate variability over West Africa

In this paper, a study of the statistical analysis of total ozone concentration as released by satellite EPTOMS was used to show that annual coefficient of relative variability (ACRV) of ozone in West Africa over a period of 48 months increased gradually from 3.5% at latitudinal zone 0-5oN  to 6.1% at zone 20-25oN. A strong positive correlation of 0.99 was observed between the ACRV of ozone and average annual...

Author(s): M. L. Akinyemi

May 2010

Realization of HDWDM transmission system

Currently, many research topics in the field of optical transmission systems are focused on increasing the total data transmission speed of an individual optical fiber. Most of them are grounded on novel modulation techniques. An alternative but equally valid approach to increasing the data transmission is to decrease the WDM channel spacing to high-dense dimensions, while keeping the existing data transmission speed...

Author(s): Ä¢. Ivanovs, V. Bobrovs, O. Ozoliņš and J. Poriņš

May 2010

Determination of self - associated 5- caffeoylquinic acid and its complexation with sodium hydroxide using UV-Vis spectroscopy

The concentration dependent self - association of 5-caffeoylquinic acid and its complexation with sodium have been determined by UV-Vis spectroscopy. The self - association and hetero - association constants were determined by dimer model and Benesi - Hildebrand equations. The equilibrium con-stants for the formation of dimer and complexation with sodium at wavelength of 324 nm and 370 were 1813,...

Author(s): Abebe Belay

May 2010

Effects of thin film thickness on emittance, reflectance and transmittance of nano scale multilayers

Knowledge of the radiative properties of multilayer consisting of silicon and related materials, such as silicon dioxide (SiO2), silicon nitride (Si3N4) and gold (Au) with different thicknesses is required for many microsystem applications. This paper describes the study of the effects of thin film thickness on radiative properties of nano scale multilayer. The results showed that silicon dioxide and silicon nitride...

Author(s): S. A. A. Oloomi, A. Saboonchi and A. Sedaghat

May 2010

Spacelike -slant helix in Minkowski 4-space

In this paper, we give the characterizations of spacelike -slant helix by means of curvatures of the spacelike curve in Minkowski 4 - space. Furthermore, we give the integral characterization of the spacelike - slant helix.   Key words: Minkowski 4 - space, spacelike -slant helix, and Frenet frame.

Author(s): Mehmet Önder, Hüseyin KocayiÄŸit and Mustafa Kazaz

May 2010

Topological error correction of GIS vector data

The detection and removal of the errors and inconsistency of spatial data in vectors are the main concerns of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since the GIS templates in vector form are obtained from the raster maps and plans. In order to increase the accuracy and the reliability of GIS analyses, a thorough and reliable error detection and removal procedure is indispensible. In this study, the possible geometric...

Author(s): Süleyman Sırrı MaraÅŸ, Hakan Hadi MaraÅŸ, Bahadır AktuÄŸ, Erdem Emin MaraÅŸ and Ferruh Yildiz

May 2010

Comparison performance evolution of different transmission techniques with bi-directional distributed Raman gain amplification technique in high capacity optical networks

In the present paper, we have been modeled parametrically the comparison performance evolution of different transmission techniques such as maximum time division multiplexing (MTDM) technique and Soliton technique with bi-directional Raman Amplification technique in high capacity optical communication networks over wide range of the controlling parameters. Moreover, we have analyzed and investigated the soliton and MTDM...

Author(s): Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed and Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed

May 2010

Use of vegetation for slope protection: Root mechanical properties of some tropical plants

It is well documented that a bioengineering approach has recently regained a global recognition in preventing and controlling surface run-off, erosion and landslides. However, there is a lack of documentation on the root mechanical properties available especially in Malaysia. In this study, both pull-out and tensile strength of some tropical plants namely Leucaena leucocephala, Acacia mangiumand Melastoma...

Author(s): Faisal Ali

May 2010

Modeling of penetration depth of air bubbles entrained by sharp crested weirs using ANFIS

In rivers and streams aeration of water flows is very important to the quality and existence of aquatic life. Aeration is the process by which the area of contact between water and air is increased, either by natural methods or by mechanical devices. It is important in aeration process by which the area of contact and contact time between water and air. Increasing the contact time of air bubbles is proportional with...

Author(s): Mehmet Unsal

May 2010

A comparative study on prediction of sediment yield in the Euphrates Basin

Agricultural fields’ fertility decays and dam reservoirs are filled due to sediment movement. Sediment amount which is carried by a river depends on the river’s flow rate, inclination of its base and time. In this study, sediment estimations of Euphrates basin which was selected as the area for practice, is the largest basin in Turkey and contains its largest dams, based on classical formulations like Du...

Author(s): Kasım Yenigün, Mahmut Bilgehan, ReÅŸit Gerger and Mehmet Mutlu

May 2010

The effect of different ceramics on the abrasive wear behavior of coating surface produced by the plasma process

This study examines by the plasma method, the microstructure and abrasive wear performance of AISI1040 steel surface coated with 5% SiO2, 3% TiO2, 92% Cr2O, 60% Al2O3, 40% TiO2, pure Al2O3, 87% Al2O3 and 13% TiO2 ceramic materials. To this end, the surface of AISI 1040 steel was coated with the ceramic materials of 5% SiO2, 3% TiO2, 92% Cr2O, 60% Al2O3, 40% TiO2, pure Al2O3, 87%...

Author(s): Mustafa Sabri Gök

May 2010

Study of effect of rotor vanes to rotor-casing dimensions on performance of a zero pollution vane type novel air turbine.

This article describes a new concept of compressed air energy storage system using atmospheric air at ambient temperature as a power source for running zero pollution vehicle (ZPV) such as a motorcycle. The proposed air turbine transforms the energy of the compressed air into shaft work. The mathematical modeling and performance evaluation of a small capacity compressed air driven vaned type novel air turbine...

Author(s): Bharat Raj Singh and Onkar Singh

May 2010

Evaluation of the tensile strength of foundry cores made with hybridized binder composed of Neem oil and Nigerian gum arabic

Defined quantities of the vegetable oil extracted from the seed of Neem tree were mixed with each of four commercial grades of Nigerian gum arabic exudates as hybrid binders for foundry sand cores. The cores which were made with silica sand were classified and oven baked at 200°C for 1 - 3 h, oven cooled and then tested for tensile strength using standard universal strength machine to ascertain their level of...

Author(s): Nuhu A. Ademoh

May 2010

Mesogenic Schiff base esters with terminal chloro group: Synthesis, thermotropic properties and X-ray diffraction studies

A new homologous series of Schiff base esters comprising a terminal chloro substituent was studied. The chloro substituent contributes to the molecular polarizability, thus, affecting intermolecular interactions, hence, resulting in smectic polymorphism. The mesomorphic properties were studied using differential scanning calorimetry, polarizing optical microscopy and temperature-dependent X-ray diffractometry. Whilst...

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha, Lay-Khoon Ong, Yasodha Sivasothy, Guan-Yeow Yeap, Hong-Cheu Lin, Siew-Ling Lee, Peng-Lim Boey and Nilesh L. Bonde

May 2010

Development of a solid-phase extraction method followed by HPLC-UV detection for the determination of phenols in water

A gradient HPLC-UV method for the determination of phenol and 10 of its derivatives was developed. Optimization studies were performed on parameters such as pH, solvents ratio, column temperature, sample volume, run time and flow rate. Calibration experiments were tested for linearity and reproducibility. Milli-Q water (HPLC water) was spiked with phenols’ standard solutions for recovery studies using...

Author(s): B. O. Opeolu, O. S. Fatoki and J. Odendaal

May 2010

Equilibrium studies and kinetics mechanism for the removal of basic and reactive dyes in both single and binary systems using EDTA modified rice husk

The potential of using ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid modified rice husk (ERH) to remove different types of dyes, namely basic and reactive dyes were studied. Sorption characteristic of ERH showed that it was pH dependent. The kinetics of sorption for both dyes was rapid within the first 60 min regardless of its initial concentration. Using the pseudo-second order kinetics model, the predicted uptakes of Methylene...

Author(s): Siew-Teng Ong, Weng-Nam Lee, Pei-Sin Keng, Siew-Ling Lee, Yung-Tse Hung and Sie-Tiong Ha

May 2010

Lithologic discontinuity and pedogenetic characterization on an aberrant toposequence associated with a rock hill in South Western Nigeria

Pedons formed from hill creep and hill wash soils along an aberrant toposequence associated with a rock hill were studied to understand the morphogenetic properties influencing soil formation in Ile-Ife area, South Western Nigeria. Soil morphology, physical (including sand fractions), and chemical properties were used to characterize and classify the soils. The results showed that lithologic discontinuities were...

Author(s): O. T. Ande and B. Senjobi

May 2010

Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of 2 and 3D visualizations in students’ understanding of structures of organic molecules

Adopting quantitative approach using test as a key instrument, this study investigated the relative effectiveness of 2 and 3D visualizations on students’ performance in the study of organic molecules, structures and nomenclature. The instrument was administered before and after treating two experimental groups with 2 and 3D supplemental learning software following a conventional teaching. The control group was...

Author(s): Oloruntegbe Kunle Oke and Gazi Mahabubul Alam