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Ecology and The Natural Environment

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Table of Content: May 2010; 2(5)

May 2010

Resource sharing under hi-education agglomeration

In China, recent years have witnessed a trend of higher education agglomeration (HEA) which affects job markets and industries through diffusion, sharing, and matching mechanisms. The mechanisms in this new trend can be explained by some previous models in industrial agglomeration, but meanwhile have characters that deserve to be paid attention. Happening between educational and industrial sectors, as the following...

Author(s): Dai Xie’er, Dai Ming and Feng Guocan

May 2010

Ecological connectivity framework in the state of Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia: A potential conservation strategy in the rapid changing tropics

Ecological connectivity refers to the structural and functional connectivity of landscapes that facilitates suitable habitats for flora and fauna. The state of Selangor, peninsular Malaysia, is hosting a natural mosaic of landscapes ranging from montane, hill, lowland, peat-swamp, and mangrove forests to lake, river and coastal landscapes. This is a unique feature in the tropics and valuable habitat for diverse flora...

Author(s): Mohammad Imam Hasan Reza and Saiful Arif Abdullah

May 2010

Ecology of macrozoobenthos in Shallabugh wetland of Kashmir Himalaya, India

Macrozoobenthos comprise of an important group of aquafauna by way of their contribution to ecosystem stability, besides acting as potential bioindicators of trophic status. Being efficient energy converters, they constitute an important link in the aquatic food web. In view of importance of such an aquatic bioresource, on one hand, and scarcity of information about them, on the other, the present study aimed at working...

Author(s): Sameera Siraj, A. R. Yousuf, F. A. Bhat and M. Parveen