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Amira I. El-Kabbany , Rania S. Hamzab

  •  Received: 02 April 2016
  •  Accepted: 27 June 2016
Abamectin (avermectin) is a natural fermentation product of Streptomyces avermitilis and is widely used as a pesticide. Recently, it has been used as a molluscicide and as an antiparasitic agent. This study aims at assess the impact on Abamectin on hamster infected with S. mansoni. Parasitological, histopathological parameters, liver function enzymes and cytokines were assessed in an infected hamster model. Five groups of hamster (n=6) were used in the study; the first group (healthy control), the second group was given distilled water with LC25 of Abamectin, the third group was infected control (control), the fourth group was infected group and given drinking water with LC25 of Abamectin and the fifth group was immunized with SEA 6 wks before infection and treated with Abamectin (immunized control for immunological study). Forty-five days post infection, hamsters from each group of the experiments were sacrificed individually and dissected and parasitological, histopathological, biochemical, and immunological studies were done.The data indicated that a significant decrease in the number of worms in Abamectin treated group as well as in the number of mature and live ova in the treated group. Also, treatment of the infected hamster with Abamectin recorded no significant difference in all glycolytic enzymes (PK, GPI and HK). Furthermore, Abamectin recorded no significant difference in the level of LDH, AST and ALT (liver function enzymes) as compared to S. mansoni infected group. In addition, immunization caused a slight decline in granuloma diameter, an increase in the immunoglobulins and cytokines. Also, histopathological results showed that Abamectin caused multinucleated histolytic inflammatory giant cell with cytoplasmic engulfed foreign bilharzial pigment in the liver tissue without viable bilharzial egg. In conclusion, The present data indicated that significant decline of parasitological parameters and no side effects of most parameters compared to the normal healthy control group. Hence, Abamectin may be applied clinically therapy and preventive measure against schistosomiasis drug praziquantel with the ideal anti-schistosomiasis.

Keywords: Abamectin, Schistosoma mansoni, product of Streptomyces avermitilis, liver function enzymes, glycolytic enzymes,