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Soil Science and Environmental Management

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  • ISSN: 2141-2391
  • DOI: 10.5897/JSSEM
  • Start Year: 2010
  • Published Articles: 311

Table of Content: April-June 2021; 12(2)

April 2021

Fertilizer recommendations for optimal soybean production in North and Center Benin

In the traditional cropping systems of Benin Republic, soybean is mostly cultivated with no mineral fertilizer supply, despite the decrease of soil fertility. Furthermore, there is no specific fertilizer available for the crop, in spite of its cash crop character. This leads to weak crop yield in the farmers’ fields. The present study aims to determine the optimal doses of each N, P, K, Mg and Zn nutrient to...

Author(s): Faki O. Chabi, Gustave D. Dagbenonbakin, Emile C. Agbangba, Brice T. Oussou, Bérékia K. Agban, Mireille Dakpo, Léonard E. Ahoton, Guillaume L. Amadji and Saïdou Aliou

April 2021

Estimation of maize yield gap through soil analysis in small land holding fields at Livingstonia Plateau, Rumphi, Malawi

The study was conducted at Livingstonia Plateau in Rumphi District, Northern Malawi to estimate maize yield gaps through the analysis of soil nutrients during the 2018/2019 growing season. Soil analysis was done for one hundred and fifty soil samples collected from the depth of 0 to 100 at an interval of 20 cm from the top, middle and bottom landscapes of the plateau. Soil nutrients analysis was done at the Ministry of...

Author(s): Bernard Chizengo Gomezgani Kamanga, Deborah Mhone, Shekinah Lungu, Matthews Chimbaza, Shallonie Soko, MacPherson Makumba, Elizabeth Kasebele and Joseph Kalasa

April 2021

Effect of agricultural machinery on physical and hydraulic properties of agricultural soils

The study assessed effect of farm machinery on both physical and hydraulic properties of agricultural soils used for rice cultivation in northern Ghana.  Two tractor models were used for the field experiment with field tests and soil sampling points classified as tractor tyre passage area (TTPA), ploughed area (PA) and unploughed area (UPA). The study used Randomised Complete Block Design (RCBD) with 3 blocks, 3...

Author(s): Felix K. Abagale

May 2021

Arsenic uptake and toxicity threshold for lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa L.) grown in poultry litter amended soils

Poultry litter (PL) is used as a soil amendment agriculture, and can contain toxic As, which can accumulate in soils and absorb by plants. A greenhouse study was conducted to evaluate the uptake of As in Kirkham and Sunset soils which received PL for over 20 years. The soils received 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 mg kg-1 arsenic and black seeded ‘Simpson’ lettuce grown. At maturity, plants were divided into roots...

Author(s): Eddy L. Cadet, Desmond G. Mortley, Kokoasse Kpomblekou-A and Dennis L. Eggett  

May 2021

The evaluation of soil fertility status of open space in campus area and their suitability for tropical fruits production

This study aims to determine the level of fertility and the suitability of various types of tropical fruit from open space at Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha campus area in Jineng Dalem, Singaraja. 18 soil samples with 3 depth categories (25, 50, and 75 cm) were collected, and the properties analyzed are limited to the the following parameters: soil texture, pH, base saturation, organic carbon (%), DHL (µs cm-1),...

Author(s): Gunamantha I. M., Sudiana I. K., Sastrawidana D. K., Suryaputra I. N. G. A. and Oviantari M. V.  

May 2021

Vermicompost soil amendment influences yield, growth responses and nutritional value of Kale (Brassica oleracea Acephala group), Radish (Raphanus sativus) and Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L)

Greenhouse experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of various vermicompost amendments on growth responses and nutrient content of kale (Brassica oleracea Acephala group), radish (Raphanus sativus), and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L), using a completely randomized design with three crop species, four vermicompost treatments and four replications. The twelve treatment combinations consisted of vermicompost...

Author(s): Elsa Calderon and Desmond G. Mortley