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Growth performance of broilers fed Moringa oleifera supplemented feed following challenged with a very virulent infectious bursal disease virus

A.G Balami *, J.J Ndahi, J.J Gadzama , S.J Enam P.A Abdu, A.M Wakawa, and T Aluwong

  •  Received: 11 December 2018
  •  Accepted: 07 March 2019
A study was conducted to assess the growth performance of broiler chickens fed Moringa oleifera leaf (MOL)feed supplement and challenged with a very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (vvIBDV).Two hundred and forty day-old Ross 308 hybrid broiler chicks were randomly assigned into groups A, B, C and D of 60 chicks eachandwere raised in deep litter housing. Broiler starter (BS) and broiler finisher (BF) mash were formulated each with 5% MOL included as part of the feed ingredient for broilers in groups A and B while BS and BF for broilers in groups C and D were formulated without MOL. Broiler chickens in groups A, B and C were challenged at 35 days of age with 0.05 ml of a livevvIBDV, while those in group D served as control. Daily feed intake (DFI), feed conversion ratio (FCR)andaverage body weight gain (ABWG) was used to assess the growth performance. At 42 and 49 days of age, significant difference was observed in the feed intake of broilers in groups A, B and C when compared with group D (p = 0.0001). At 49 days of age, broilers in group A and D significantly (p = 0.0001) added more weight than those in groups B and C, respectively. Broilers in group B had a significantly (p = 0.0006) lower FCR than those in group A, C and D at28, 35 and 42 days of age. Despite the challenge with vvIBDV, MOL inclusion in the diet of broiler chickens resulted in reducedDFI, good FCR, increased ABWG and final body weight and carcass weight.

Keywords: Moringaoleifera leaf, broilers, Daily Feed Intake, Feed Conversion Ratio, Average Body Weight Gain